the capital of cool

It blows my mind that if all women collectively woke up and forgot about all the things we had been taught were “wrong” with us then a multi-billion dollar industry would come crashing down. It also blows my mind that everyone is just kinda perfectly okay with the fact that there is a massive industry that by definition profits off exploiting women’s insecurities, & therefore needs those insecurities to be perpetuated through generations in order to create profit, and across the board everyone is just like, “oh this is so cool:)”

And it REALLY blows my mind that the beauty industry can turn around and co-opt feminist language and be like “see, this product that you Need To Buy to become more conventionally attractive is actually all about fighting the patriarchy” and everyone is like “ooh yeah that’s so cool! I love marketplace feminism!” as if capitalism isn’t inherently anti-feminist…

I just honestly feel so frustrated that women are being so obviously and aggressively manipulated and no one really seems that bothered by it. Like, come on, are we ever gonna get tired of being corporate pawns? Are we ever gonna tell them to stop inventing new things to be wrong with us? Or is being exploited just the cool new thing now

RPG Idea

AU where bard colleges are basically fantasy modern colleges. Form a party of bards who went to college together and decided to go adventuring to defeat capitalism

So we all know that Sasuke had a dinosaur plush when he was little. This not only means that dinosaurs canonically existed in the Naruto universe, but that Sasuke likes them! Since no one completely loses all the knowledge from their childhood interests, what if, one day on a d rank where they’re digging a trench for some farmer they find some HUGE dinosaur bones and Sasuke’s SO EXCITED!! They get in touch with some paleontologists from the Fire Country capital, and Sasuke tries to play it cool the whole time they’re there, but he can’t help but puff up when they ask who found it and he gets to say it was him. They tell him his name is going to be on the plaque next to “discovered by,” and it is hands down the best mission of Sasuke’s life. 

Magi development
  • beginnig: oh just two guys going on an adventure in a fantasy arabian world, it's nothing too complicated
  • middle: the conflict between different states with different economic systems and different views about how to make the world a better place which ends in a war between capitalism and comunism, well this is cool actually
  • end: a war between gods which are constantly becoming more powerful and I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING OHTAKA WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS

my own personal view on religion, and i feel a pretty standard position among communists, is that personal religion is cool and not really a problem post-capitalism but that there is some danger (at least in the revolutionary transformation) for religious institutions to have sway in society. it’s a more complex issue than a lot of people think, which isn’t helped by the fact that “marxs theory of religion” generally has nothing to do with what marx was obviously saying because the whole thing gets reduced down to a single-sentence comparison between religion and opiates. but anyway that’s my Hot Take i guess

oingo boingo only a lad analysis

little girls: sounds real bad if you think its not satire
pefect system: i dont like this one danny
on the outside: this one’s a cool song about being a fucking loser
capitalism: danny is a baby boomer
you really got me: NO
only a lad: danny yells at a little gangster and sends him an oddly specific death threat
what you see: danny tries desperately to tell you that its the 80s and calls you an idiot and a little fool all in the same sentence
controller: this one’s actually really good
imposter: uh, okay
nasty habits: any song that opens with the line “heres something to think about:” automatically assumes the title of Good song no matter what kind of ancient curses it contains when played backwards

anonymous asked:

*chin-hands* I have never read anything about your OCs but do tell me more

*dances in place*  

Okay that’s probably because I talk about them all of never, I actually think I’ve only mentioned two of them and only once for each character? Yeah, I just dug through my old posts, I wrote one thing about Ed a while back and sent Ander a thing about Ric a few weeks or months ago or something (btw Ander I did just get your ask that’s next)

(I’m gonna throw this under a read more because pROBABLY most people don’t want to have their scrolling interrupted by me screaming about my brain babies)

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  • Me: It's not cool to exploit workers and they deserve enough money to like you know... live.
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if it's a small business?
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if the cost of my fast food cheeseburger is going to go up 36 cents?
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if this CEO doesn't want to pay them more?
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if they're "just flipping burgers."
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if they're going to be making close to what this other job makes?
  • Them: But isn't it okay to exploit workers if they're teenagers and/or uneducated.

Some Bad Post: A Virtuous Poor Person is allowed to shoplift 1 (one) loaf of bread and 1 (one) hunk of cheese per three starving orphans that they are responsible for but ANYONE who steals ANYTHING else, like clothes or makeup, is obviously not a Virtuous Poor but is in fact a rich entitled spoilt brat who needs to grow up and go to jail


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A leprechaun story or something

Nah, joke’s on you. This is the farthest thing from a story relating to a leprechaun. I don’t know much about Gaelic Mythology, and I doubt the reader does too. I also don’t know much about Ireland, or St. Patrick for that matter. But as we glorify drinking and feasting on a holy day for a people we do not understand, nor care to understand, we show off how vain we are. Making prompts about leprechauns. HA. Do any of us know about other fairy figures of gaelic lore? We probably don’t. Doesn’t it feel wrong to make a mockery of a figure like this? To reduce a day to leprechauns and rainbows and gold and drunk Irishmen? 

If you ask what is this commentary about, the easy interpretation is capitalism’s rampant desire to make things catchy and cool, and to monetize everything without giving the good context. 

I should end this on a funny note or something. I mean, this story is a joke. Eat bread, make sandwiches? Or if we want to make it truly Irish: Eat potatoes, make fries? Know what I’m saying? Cause potato famine? Huh? Huh?