the caper man


Fave Robbie moments: Crystal Caper

When he gives Sportacus the fake crystal!

This scene is so great because it starts off with Robbie shakin that booty all over the place for so many reasons✨

Like the face he makes in the first pic?? is just too cute??? he’s a bit nervous awww AND THE GENUINE(?) SMILE WHEN SPORT SAYS “YOU’RE AMAZING” 😂😍 lookit that blinding smile he’s proud that his plan is working! (and also maybe because Sport is proud of him😊)

anonymous asked: do u feel about stanchez??

On a serious(/canon, in-character) level, I could write an essay about how Stan’s self-worth issues would only be exacerbated by Rick’s nihilism and cynicism, but on a fun(/fanon Rick) level, I love the possibilities for interdimensional crime capers and old man romance. 

Prompt: “Why did you think it might be a good idea to set that on fire?”

Jamison never thought he’d be the one to say something like that, but well… Overwatch did funny things to people. It was Jamison’s firm belief that it was no coincidence that Overwatch was filled with cowboys and ninjas and ridiculous old men in giant battle armor; it didn’t matter how sane you were when you started, sooner or later, something inside you just snapped.

Case in point, the Omnic monk floating sheepishly in front of a scorched server tower, the air pungent with the smell of ozone and burnt plastic. Normally, the tin can was about as passive as a doormat, and yet here he was, pulling exactly the same kind of stunt Jamison would be scolded for.

“It contained sensitive information regarding one of our agents, and I felt it was prudent to keep it from falling into the wrong hands,” Zenyatta explained, his voice soft as he kept his face tilted away, pointedly refusing to meet Jamison’s eyes.

“Couldn’t you have just, I dunno, deleted the files?” Jamison asked, raising his eyebrows. He scratched his head as he moved to inspect the ruined server, one hand coming to a rest on his hip. Normally, he wouldn’t mind the destruction of other people’s properties, but WHEW, did it smell!

“A skilled technician could easily recover any deleted files,” Zenyatta huffed, watching as Jamison crouched down and started poking at the server.

Once the side cover was off, a plume of thick, black smoke wafted into the air, causing Junkrat to cough, gag, and flap irritatedly until it cleared.

“In fact,” Zenyatta added, tilting his head to the side, “I believe the job title of “Data Recovery Specialist” refers specifically to individuals who excel at extracting data from supposedly deleted harddrives.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jamison waved him off, barely paying attention to the robot as he peered into the server. After a second or two of rummaging around, he pulled out a piece of circuitboard, his face contorting in a grimace, nose wrinkled up and tongue stuck out as he held it out at arm’s length. Yep, there sure was a lot of blackened bits and melted plastic alright. Anyone trying to get anything outta this scrap heap was going to have their work cut out for them, s’truth.

“Jamison,” Zenyatta murmured, his voice still soft but somehow louder than before. Jamison was startled to find that the Omnic had leaned down next to him, his creepy blank face just inches from Jamison’s ear.

“Whaaaaaat?” he yelped, unconsciously pulling away, his shoulders hunched up and arms pressed protectively to his chest. Jesus christ, bloody fucking Omnic’s sneaking up on him like that, making him jump damn near out of his skin, if it wasn’t Zenyatta, why he’d oughtta-

“Jamison, there are several more servers inside the facility in need of disposal,” Zenyatta said, a small smile in his otherwise mild and soothing voice. “Perhaps I could use a lesson in, ah….”

He sat back, his head tilted back and a thoughtful finger tapping the side of his chin. “…In “destroying the evidence,” if you be so kind?”

Zenyatta tilted his head to the side, head knowingly inclined towards Jamison. For a moment, he simply sat there, scowling in confusion as he tried to decipher the bot’s meaning. Zenyatta couldn’t possibly be asking him to blow something up.

……Or could he?

“You mean….?” As his eyes lit up with hope, Jamison trailed off, leaning expectantly towards the Omnic. With a chuckle, Zenyatta moved to the side, gesturing with one hand towards the door leading into a building, looking towards it, but glancing back as if to encourage Jamison’s interest.

As if he needed encouragement.

With a manic little giggle, Jamison was on his feet, bounding towards the door as quick as his peg leg could carry him. “Oh, you’ve picked the right man for the job!” he enthused, grinning from ear to ear and waggling a finger in Zenyatta’s direction. “By the time I’m done with ya, not only will we have blown this building sky high, but we’ll have you plotting capers man can only dream of!”

“I would be satisfied with just the data servers, if you don’t mind,” Zenyatta replied, sounding amused as he floated along.

“Nah, see, you’re doing it wrong already! You gotta think big! BIGGER! There’s a whole world out there in need of explosions, you can’t just settle for what’s right in front’a you!”


6 super salmon recipes:

  1. Asian Salmon Burgers with Wasabi Mayonnaise
  2. Grilled Salmon Filet with Cucumber Dill Sauce
  3. Greek Salmon Gyros with Tzatziki
  4. Slow Cooked Salmon with Lemon Meyer Relish
  5. Asparagus and Zucchini Stir Fry with Salmon and Soba Noodles
  6. Smoked Salmon Latkes with Lemon Caper Sour Cream

Richard Newton, An annoyed man wearing a red nightcap aims a gun from his bedroom window at a sprite dancing in his garden (Aquatint over etching with hand-colouring), 1792.

Pitch Perfect University

Come one, come all and get your Barden education!

Select spots given to those with an affinity for Lady Jams, Olden Dance and Remixes.

Freshman Orientation will begin shortly with a screening of both movies, a dance class (PP choreo), and a vocal class.

Campus Courses include, but are not limited to:

- ‘Embracing Your Inner Bella’
- ‘Writing fanfic 101: how to complete a fic’
- ‘Triple Treble and the Art of A polyamorous life’
- ‘Writing fanfic 102: Proper Spelling of Character Names’
- ‘Writing fanfic 103: Just Because It’s Not Canon Does Not Mean It Can’t Be Written’
- ‘How To Avoid Muffgate in the Performance of Life’
- ‘Understanding You Inner Beca While Embracing Your Outer Chloe’
- ‘Ear Monstrosities: Why Spikes Are A Bad Life Choice For The Everyday Woman’
- ‘Let It Out: How Not To Choke It Back’
-’“Snow” Angels, Upside Down Sleeping and Whisper Talking. Lessons by Lilly’
- ‘Other Kinds of Music To Be Made With One’s Mouth’
- ‘Gynecologists: When To Listen and When To Ignore’
- ‘Mermaid Dancing (floor mats required)’
- ‘Girls Who ‘Hang Out’: A Sapphic Travel Through Time’
- ‘Putting The ‘Butch’ In Bass: When You Secretly Love Your Best Friend’
- ‘Triple Treble: The Real A,B,C’s’
- ‘The Language of a Bella, from Aca-scuse Me, Dude Seriously, to Totes’
- Triple Treble, the A,B,C’s and other cunnilingus Tricks’
- ‘Shower Acoustics and Other Water Activities’
- ‘Crocodile Wrestling Certification’
- ‘Bringing The Pain: Tips for Telling Your Boyfriend that You’re Secretly in Love With Your Best Friend’
- ‘K Cup Wizard: Tricks of the Trade from a Coffee Go-Getter Extraordinaire’
- ‘Grooming Today: How to Tame Your Hairy Situation’
- ‘Residual Heat: Your Lady Doctor Was Correct’
- ‘Physical Education: Vertical Running and other Horizontal Lessons’
- ‘Gingers and the Hearts They Break’
- ‘Blondes with Bluetooth’s:  The New Commodity’
- ‘Short Stack, Shawshank and other Prison Names’
- ‘Mariah Carey and Lady Chart toppers’
- ‘Measuring The Behind of a Prince’
- ‘Lady Jams A-Z’
- ‘A Capella: The Proud Nation’
- ‘Acapella, A Capella, Ac-apella: Knowing The Difference’
- ’Braids and Gold Spandex: Privilege Not A Right’
- ‘Butt Confidence: Chi or Stank’
- ‘Truth or Myth: Everyone Loves A Good Bloe’
- ‘How To Live on the $20 Stolen From Your Best Friend’s Purse’
- ‘Flightlight Etiquette’
- ‘Fairies, Sprites and Trolls, oh my!’
- ‘The Junk Legacy: Perfecting The Syncopated Booty Shake’
- ‘Capers: One Mans Salty Peas, another’s Delicacy’
- ‘G# and What Comes Next: The Dangers of Nodes’
- ‘Confused Sexuality and Collegiate Affairs’
- ‘How To Hit The Sweet Spot’
- ‘No Diggity: Awakening your Homosexuality Through Rap’
- ‘How much Does It Cost To Mail A Small Moose’
- ‘ ‘Cornelius!’ The Hazards of Saluting The Flag’
- ‘History of the Laser Dragon Ninja League’
- ‘20/20: An Insider Scoop on John and Gale’
- ‘Portable Podcasts and You’
- ‘A Capella: Misogyny and other Outdated Practices’
- ‘Muffgate: Awakening The Desire of Middle Aged Men’s Fantasies’
- ‘Snap Your Fingers If You’re Feeling Frisky’
- ‘Lady Bits, LAdy Jams and Other Things To Say About Your Junk’
- ‘Sorority 101: Where To Leave Your Backpack’
- ‘Can This Shirt Go Into The Pool? A Lesson In Laundering’
- ‘Conversational Showering 2.0: Sarcasm, Suds and Sexual Overtures’
- ‘Breaking Free of the Shrink wrap and Getting the Hell out of Kuwait’
- ‘What The Hell Are We Watching: A Lesson In Fresh Maid Pornography’
- ‘Mayer & Tina = Tayer’
- ‘Oral Magic: The Guide to Barzillians’
- ‘Feelings Something: What Should and Should Not Go Up Your Bum’
- ‘Kissing Vs Crystal Meth: Which Path IS Right For You’
- ‘How To Make Your Sweat Smell Like Cinnamon’
- ‘Captain America’s Home Cookin’ Channel (live filming daily)
- ‘Feeling Joy: A Pyromaniacs Cautionary Tale’
- ‘9 Miles: A Treble Journey’
- ‘Remixing This Business: The Art of Vocal Layering’
- ‘Burrito Launch for Dummies’
- ‘The Modern Day Hipster: From Saracha to Bassoon Cases’
- ‘Bumper Allen and Why He was Not YouTube’s Next Justin Beiber’
- ‘The Wars’
- ‘Blue Toenails, Messy Buns and other Shower Chic Looks for Serenading Your Lady Love’
- ‘’ “Not Doing Anything Crazy” and Other College Lies To Tell Your Parents’
- ‘Ginger Self Flagellation Through The Ages’
- ‘Dixie Chicks: Why So Serious? An Evolution of Lady Chart Toppers’
- ‘I Blew It Before It Was Actually Happening’
- ‘Drunk, Blurry and When To Worry’
- ‘Gingers: Turning Your Dreams Into A Reality’
- ‘The Minstrel Cycles Give Girls of Today a Lesson In Teen Hygiene’
- ‘Look Who’s In Treble: An A capella Guide to Teen Pregnancy’
- ‘Jiggle Juice, Toners and Experimentation’
- ‘Les-Be-Honest About Gambling Addiction’
- ‘Thumb Rings and Other Gay Red (rainbow) Flags’
- ‘Economics 101: How It’s Ebbin’ and Flowin’’

So step right up all of you crazy youngsters, your education is just around the corner


Last night my friend and I,


​ and I began a simple joke. We decided that friends of ours, who were not Awesome Nerds, needed to be ‘educated’ in the totes awesomeness of the Pitch Perfect femslash fandoms.

At first we decided that we should begin a camp and soon it became a university. 

One thing led to another and this happened.

I’m not sure if we’re both proud that we came up with all of these in an hour last night off the top of our heads but either way, this is a school that needs to happen!

What are your class suggestions?