the caper


So, sejak akhir tahun lalu kan kayaknya hidup gua nano-nano banget ya. Yang namanya masalah katob lah, urusan magang lah, kampus lah, kepanitiaan lah dll dll sampe sekarang kayaknya bertubi-tubi banget. Sampe rasanya kayak kalo gada masalah tuh ganjil.

Udah gitu kan gua alay dikit-dikit nyampah keluhan di tumblr (EHEHEHE), terus tadi mami nyamper ke kamar. Gua lagi gambar gitu sambil tiduran di kasur.

Like always, doi langsung nimpain badan dia ke badan gua. Tau kalo kucing minta di elus gimana capernya? Nah emak gua kayak gitu kalo lagi caper sama gua, tapi doi lebih gede dan lebih berat daripada kucing. Gua megapmegap.

Iya, I know, emak gua manja sama gua dan gua gamau kalah lah ya. Jadi gua lebih manja lagi sama dia.

Tau banget gua kalo doi kek gitu ada maunya. Eh bener. Lagi mau curhat dia.

Mulailah dia cerita ini itu, segalaan curhatan bapak gua doi ceritain juga ke gua yaelah mak.

Intinya doi lelah. I saw it in her face. Dari cerita mak gua sih bapak gua juga lagi lelah.

Seketika itu juga, gua ngerasa masalah gua upil doang. Ajaib gan.

Terus doi nutup curhatannya dengan kata-kata pamungkas:
“Kita keluarga, harus saling bantu mau gimanapun juga. Sampe kalian berkeluarga, sampe kalian tua. Saudara kamu tuh tanggung jawab kamu, sepupu kamu, keponakan kamu, harus saling jaga. Ih aku cantik bener.”

Idih kan? Abstrak bener mak gua. Lagi serius gua dengerin. Rusak udah wejangan momennya -_-

Gua sautin, “iya iya kamu memang tercantik, BEUH!” sambil gua cium tangannya dan tiduran di pangkuan doi.

Hangat. Kalo punya emak kek gini, kalo punya keluarga serekat ini, gua rasa gua gaakan masalah ngadepin seisi dunia pun. Halah.

Keluarga tuh emang rezeki yang luar biasa ya. Alhamdulillah ya Allah, You are the best.


Semoga nanti kita semua dipertemukan di tempat terbaik.


OK, so, here’s the thing about Hail, Caesar!

I love this movie. I love this movie so, SO much more than I probably should. But I do. And reading reviews, wow did everybody else seem to see a completely different picture that I did. They talk about meandering plots and character cameos and how it’s a movie about faith, but they don’t seem to get it. They think it’s a wacky, sardonic comedy that doesn’t quite do what they think it’s supposed to do. But well… they’re wrong.

Hail, Caesar! is a caper. It’s set in a styalised, hilarious version of the tail end of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and it’s hilariously funny in ways you have to see to believe. 

Bu even ast it’s an entertaining caper, what it is to me is the story of a man who is trying to make a decision that would be smarter, healthier, and better for him in the long run in every single way–except the truth is that he utterly and completely thrives on the chaos of making movies. And so he has to choose between what looks amazing on paper, versus what feeds his soul. He has to choose what should make him happy, over what does make him happy.

Um… I may over-identify with Eddie Mannix.

Also, at no point is the entire mirror narrative of Hobie Doyle not perfect in every single way, and if anyone says differently so help me I will fight everyone in this bar. Because while Eddie 100% sincerely believes in Capitol Pictures with the kind of belief normally reserved for religions, Hobie doesn’t take any of that stuff seriously at all. Because he’s a real person with a solid sense of self who knows he lucked out and that’s about it. And Hobie Doyle may not know what to do in a Noel Coward drawing room, but straight up knows exactly what to do when it comes to people. Because he pays attention and he effortlessly understands people. 

There’s just this AMAZING moment when for no reason at all, Eddie tells Hobie something he really probably shouldn’t ought to have, out of a sincere moment of “wtf do I do?” and THE ENTIRE MOVIE TURNS ON THIS MOMENT in ways I can’t describe. But let’s just say that every time I say “Hobie Doyle has seen things. Hobie Doyle has seen some shit.” it’s for a real solid reason.

i’ve seen people making fun of ben’s name bc like, seriously? you name one kid after a goddess and the other one is ben? and, agreed. ben steel sounds ridiculous

but benjamin steel? not half bad

and bonus. guess what benjamin means in hebrew.

“son of the right hand”

right as in “favoured hand”

ben’s name was “favoured son”

“favoured son” and “goddess of protectors”