the canopy project

Want to make your own reading fort!!!!  Many times you can just buy it online.  If you can’t find one with the price you like…..make one:

You’ll Need:

A large hula hoop
A couple large sheets
3 small sections of Rope
What to Do:

Start by tying the three ropes and tie one end of each rope to the hoop so you have three ropes hanging from three different spots on the hoop, then take all three sections and connect them together at one point above the hoop and tie them together, you can now hang it from the ceiling by getting a hook and hanging it on there.
Next you’re going to throw the sheets over the hoop and pull them through the center of the hoop.
OR if you want it more durable you can fold over a small 1 or 2 inch section of the sheets over the side of the hoop and through the middle then sew it so that the hoop is on the inside of the small sheet section.

Check youtube for better instructions.


Recap Day Six (St Lucia) - Caribbean Tour 2016

November 25: Prince Harry started his day with an exhibition cricket match at the Daren Sammy Cricket Ground in which two teams, one representing Harry and the other representing the Prime Minister of St Lucia, participated. Harry got in on the action and bowled the final over against the Prime Minister. Next, he traveled to Pigeon Island, one of the country’s national landmarks, to attend an outdoor exhibition highlighting various conservation projects run by the young people of St. Lucia. Harry also unveiled the dedication plaque designating the Castries Water Works Reserve and surrounding rainforest as Saint Lucia’s contribution to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project. Harry then traveled by boat to the south-western town of Soufriere where he arrived to the sights and sounds of a St Lucian street festival with traditional food and drink on offer at local markets stalls. Harry met members of the public, youth leaders, and local school children with a St Lucian band providing the soundtrack. 


Recap Day Four (St. Kitts and Nevis) - Caribbean Tour 2016

November 23: Prince Harry received an official welcome to St. Kitts and Nevis while inspecting the Guard. Between engagements, Harry made an impromptu visit to Half Way Tree Primary School to greet children who had missed their chance to see him due to the heavy rains. At his next stop, Harry attended a youth rally at Brimstone Hill Fortress where he watched traditional dances, heard Caribbean songs, and listened to local poetry recitals, all led by the inspiring young people of the country.  He also unveiled the St Kitts and Nevis dedication to The Queens Commonwealth Canopy Project during which he made a speech emphasizing the importance of the island’s youth. Next, Harry traveled to Charlestown Pier where he was greeted by crowds of local residents who had the opportunity to meet him on a short walkabout. At the local turtle conservation initiative on Lovers Beach which  is dedicated to developing a Sea Turtle Conservation Programme, Harry was able to inspect turtle nests and release baby sea turtles into the water. That evening, Harry held an investiture and later attended a reception hosted by the Governor General at Government House where he was able to meet young leaders and people from St Kitts and Nevis.