the canon that actually wasn't canon

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I just remembered now, how Nico di Angelo was the only one of the main characters from hoo who stayed at chb, and how flippin happy it makes me, that he found other friends he chose by himself, got a boyfriend and is in the healthiest, nicest, gay relationship with him, where they seem to equally complement each other. my son is now happier than ever and calls his bf his ‘significant annoyance’.
I can rest in peace

The mental gymnastics people are going through to say that The Final Problem ‘actually happened’ and ‘it all made sense’. Like seriously, ‘it’s all in John’s head’ is about 10x easier. No character assassination needed either.

Ok so I watched the RGU movie..

and i noticed this on the picture frame in utena’s room:

and i just..


Not gonna lie, Light and L slightly drunk slow dancing to songs that weren’t really meant for it is my weakness

When people say that artists who draw Kylo with his actual body type (big and tall), or writers who describe him like this, make him hyper-masculine and non canon I want to shove 50 pics of Adam Driver in their faces.

Being emotional and conflicted doesn’t depend on your body type as far as I know, like you can be a big beefy man and still be sensitive. Also besides the torn apart side Kylo has the very canon intimidating, cruel, monster in mask side.

The whole discourse is happening only because some people either see him as an emotinally unstable disney princess Kylo with beautiful hair, or the cruel and agressive beast Ren and refuse accept his other side. He’s both. If he’s bottom in fic it doesn’t mean he can’t be tall and thicc, or intimidating when he’s outside the bedroom, If he’s a top it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any emotions or internal conflict.

Also if a fic is written from a certain point of view, let’s say if the pov is a sub Hux who thinks Kylo is just a simple brute, and the whole time Kylo is described as one, it doesn’t mean that Kylo actually is said simple brute. It’s only how Hux sees him. Kylo could be crying internally that moment, but Hux doesn’t know that, so we also don’t. 

And AUs are there to be fun not to replace canon. They are more popular now because we don’t have any new canon material to work with, and writing or drawing the same thing over and over would eventually get boring.