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First trailer for Red Nose Day Actually a.k.a. the Love Actually Reunion.

Reading Movie Scripts To Get Better At D&D...

Hi Guys and Girls,

After watching a lot of movies and getting back into reading, I’ve realized how movie scripts can help you get better at writing your stories…

Movie Scripts are great at describing the scene, with audio and visual descriptions that can create some amazing imagery.

And by writing my stories like movies, I’m able to create great stories that can stay well within the 2 hour mark of a D&D Session.

So, sometimes on this page, you may see a random script or two pop up, whether the original script for some of the greatest movies, to the weird and wonderful scripts from the more “unusual” writers…

So if you like reading and movies, and D&D of course, then take part in suggesting scripts…

And this is personally something I do regularly and enjoy doing, so if you want to see more and read some weird, wonderful and really amazingly written scripts…

…then leave a Like, Reblog for fun, or leave a Comment or Suggestion!

So, this has been short, but thanks for reading!

And remember… HAVE FUN!!!

what kind of wlw are you based on taylor swift’s albums

taylor swift: small gay. probably dreams of moving to a ranch with her future wife and running it together. loves animals. wears a lot of sundresses and denim. kind of lacks a filter.

fearless: makes scrapbooks for her gf filled with pictures of them and plenty of gay quotes. makes a of speeches about how being gay is wonderful and everyone will get their happy ending. LOVES florals.

speak now: wears flowing dresses and flower crowns, super sweet to everyone. really likes fairytales and campaigns for a disney movie where two princesses end up together. dreams of a Very Big and Very Very Gay wedding. knows a lot of inspirational lyrics.

red: reads a lot of books and insists that every female book character is a lesbian. writes a lot of gay poetry. ideal date is drinking coffee while walking down a street with their gf in the middle of autumn. wears a lot of plaid. cooks for her girlfriend a lot.

1989: makes a lot of straight people jokes. thinks the “boys and boys and girls and girls” line is the best thing taylor’s ever come up with. only hangs out with Not Straight people and tries to be a supportive, big gay sister to her younger WLW friends.

*Me, with the smuggest grin I can muster*

Episode 5: Destructive Bench Agreeable- Karate Kid/Tournament Theme. Each round will give me chances to use developed Characters. 

*Realizes it’s still going to be more than half a year from any chance I could use them*

*Continues grinning, but at a dimmer degree*