the camera went took a picture by itself

Cherry Red; i

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Pairing: Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Genre: Fluff, mild smut implication

Word Count: 2.3k

Summary: Based on this prompt I got somewhere, I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure it’s from otpprompts

Imagine Person A saying to Person B, “If real life was a fandom, people would ship us.” Bonus: Person A, never one to quit while they’re ahead, continues to say “There would be porn of us.”


Weeehh, I’ve been into a lot of angst lately and frankly #JUSTICEFORANGST because the beautiful thing is so underappreciated y’all like how dare, but my friend’s been hurting a lot with me and she deserves some Yoonmin fluff heh + Also, I only realised after I finished everything that the prompt would be best portrayed if it were a Non-Idol AU but.. you know… I finished it and… yeah…

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Photograph (Dylan Klebold)

Ahh so this is my first imagine on this blog, I really hope you guys like it. Leave me more suggestions in my ask box or requests for other imagines!

The shutter closed over the lens of the camera, a sharp snap emitting from the device. She pulled her face back, looking over the top of the camera at the tall, blonde boy who was standing, zeroing the scope of his gun onto a tree. She smiled to herself slightly as she watched him, and she whistled to catch his attention.

“These are going to come out really nice, Dyl.” She called to him once he looked over, and he smiled back at her, letting his right hand go from the gun as he rubbed the back of his neck shyly.

“I forgot you were even taking pictures.” He admitted to her, chuckling and looking down at his boots. She waved her hand at him, as if to tell him to keep going and he nodded, picking his gun back up. Eric walked over, standing himself next to Y/N and watching Dylan as well, then looked over at her.

“What’s this for?” He finally questioned, causing Y/N to lower her camera so that she could look over at him.

“I have to take photos for my photography class. This roll of film only has 24 photos on it so we’re almost done.” She explained, looking at the counter on the top of the automatic camera that she held between her palms. Eric watched her curiously, and then bumped her with his shoulder, a small smirk playing on his lips.

“Why did you choose Dylan as your model, hmm?” He asked, his tone playful. Y/N’s cheeks turned bright red and she looked down at the counter on her camera again, shaking her head at him. It was obvious to everyone except maybe Dylan that Y/N had feelings for Dylan, but she was by far too shy to say anything to him about. A loud bang went off, causing Y/N to jump, not expecting the gun fire, and she whipped her head over to look at Dylan who smiled back at her sheepishly.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to actually pull the trigger.” He announced, causing her to giggle. Y/N shook her head, pulling the camera back up to her eye, snapping another picture quickly before he could look away, a smile on his face when she took the picture. She could hear him groan, but the film was already wrapping itself back into the roll, and she dropped the camera, the strap keeping it from falling to the ground, but instead gently hitting her in the stomach.

“Can we go get food now?” Eric asked, causing the two others to laugh. Y/N turned, walking back towards Dylan’s car and tossing her camera in the back seat.

“Only if I get to sit shotgun.” She announced, slipping her way into the front seat.

The rest of the day went on just like it normally would for them. Really shitty jokes that weren’t funny but would get a giggle out of Y/N, eating way too much food at Blackjacks, and smoking enough cigarettes to make any normal person puke. Dylan turned a corner sharply, causing Y/N’s shoulder to lightly hit the window. She rubbed it gently as Dylan’s car pulled into the drive way and he looked at her with concern.

“Are you alright?” He asked as Eric slipped out of the backseat and closed the door, waiting for the other two to do the same. Y/N nodded her head and opened the door, smiling at Dylan reassuringly and stepping out of the car. His house always felt more like home to her than her own, but she never had the nerve to say anything like that to Dylan.

When they walked into his bedroom, she instantly felt more calm as she sat on the end of his bed. The boys sat on the floor on either side of her, starting up the old Atari that Dylan’s father had given him at some point. She loved days like this, when they could all just sit around and hang out, but again, she couldn’t say this to them. She was too shy.

Absent mindedly, Y/N’s eyes scanned the room until they landed on an old polaroid camera that sat on top of Dylan’s dresser. Her eyes instantly lit up and she crawled off his bed, walking towards it. Dylan looked up when she stood and watched her curiously, a smile spreading across his lips as he watched her.

“I forgot to tell you, I found that at a goodwill and I thought about you.” Dylan told her, rubbing the back of his neck again. “I went and got some polaroid film too and loaded it in there, so you could take some pictures if you wanted to.” He added quickly, looking up at her as she excitedly picked up the camera and looked it over, her fingers touching it delicately.

Eric yawned, stretching his arms out and standing up, looking at the two. “I gotta go guys, it’s getting late and I don’t wanna miss dinner again, my mom will flip her shit.” He told them before turning and walking towards Dylan’s door to leave. Y/N called out a farewell, still looking over the camera happily, not caring that it was old and had visible scratches on it. It was more for her to love. Dylan looked up and waved, his nerves suddenly hitting him that he would now be alone with Y/N.

“Bye, Reb. Drive safe.” Dylan called and Eric looked over his shoulder at him and grinned.

“I’ll be fine, man.” He responded, closing the door behind him.

Dylan rubbed his hands together nervously, his eyes flicking over as Y/N slid onto the floor next to him and leaned against his arm, a small smile on her lips.

“This is awesome, Dyl.” She told him, looking up with a large grin on her face. His eyes scanned her face, looking for some sign that she was being sarcastic. Once he couldn’t find anything, he smiled back and felt a small blush on his cheeks.

“I was hoping you would think so. I remembered that you said something once about how you wanted to find one like this, and when I saw it I knew it would probably be gone once I told you where it was.” He explained to her, rubbing the back of his neck again. Her eyes flickered up to his, slightly widened. She had forgotten that she ever even told him about how she had wanted one.

Y/N looked up at him again, a large grin on her face. “Let me take a picture of you.” She demanded, scooting away from him and holding the camera up. Dylan fake groaned, smiling at her slightly, waiting for her to snap the picture. The shutter closed and a smile spread over her lips, and she pulled the camera down, watching as the picture came out of the camera. She crawled back towards Dylan, pulling the picture out and shaking it so that the picture would show up.

“I’m so excited!” She squealed, looking up at him with a toothy grin. Dylan chuckled and looked at her through his lashes, his breath catching in his throat as she got closer to him. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion as she leaned in closer, her lips not an inch from his own. Her eyes met with his and his face turned more red by the second as her lashes batted at him.

“Kiss me.” She said in a hushed voice, closing her eyes. Dylan sat there for a moment, not sure what to do, his heart pounding in his chest, but he did. He leaned forward, lips pressing to hers hesitantly, but as soon as they were, his hand reached for her neck to deepen the kiss. Y/N smiled as he did this, the photograph of a smiling Dylan finally developed in her hand.

Never Let Me Go

Chapter: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] 10 11 12
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairings: Adrien/Marinette, Adrien/Chloe, Marinette/Chloe
Word count: 11905 words
Author’s Notes: Based on the movie Never Let Me Go. @runningoutofink​ helped me so much this chapter, so THANK YOU, BEE.
Chapter Summary: In which the titanic happens AND BY THAT I DON’T MEAN I SINK ANY SHIPS. No ships are sunk. This is The Happy Chapter, I swear. Also, an unexpected appearance.
Warnings: Nothing this chapter! Everything is happy and almost nothing hurts. 

Chapter Five - Read on AO3

Marinette glances into the rearview mirror for the third time, and just like the first and second time she looked in the mirror, she catches Adrien watching her. He pretends to look away when she sees him, but the smile on his face and the red on his ears give him away. She looks back at the road, smiling to herself a bit too.

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anonymous asked:

I found the idea of Candy finding Castiel's phone with photo of her on it, pretty cute! May you write it please?

Of course, dear! Thank you for the request! I hope you like it!

Candy stared down at the phone in her hands. She knew the right thing to do would be to turn into lost and found or maybe even the Office. However, something compelled her to keep it. Perhaps it was the skull case. It’s probably Castiel’s, she mused as she looked the phone over. He’s going to be mad when he realizes he lost it… Maybe the best thing to do would be to return it to him herself. He’d be happy I found it, she reasoned.

…But it is Castiel’s phone… She knew Castiel. He always acted like he had something to hide, especially when it came to his phone. He never even let her use it. It could be her chance to see what was so special about the phone. A small devious smirk grew on her face as she pressed the button on the side of the phone, causing the screen to light up. She wasn’t the least bit surprised that the lock screen was the Winged Skulls logo, but what stumped her was the lock on the phone. It was a simple password- there was no pattern or numbers, just letters. It could be anything, she frowned.

She typed in the first thing that came to her mind. Castiel. It didn’t work. Winged Skulls. It still didn’t work. Her frown deepened as she continued to try various words and phrases. Sweet Amoris. Hard rock. Nothing was working until finally she used up all the tries, causing the clue to pop up.

I love ____.

I love blank, she repeated, I love… What does Castiel love? She typed in everything that she knew Castiel loved. Music. Myself. Guitars. Lingerie. Demon. Nothing worked. There was just one thing left that she wanted to try. She bit her lip and carefully typed out Candy, but her finger hovered over the enter button. It’s stupid. This won’t work…. But this is my last choice. She held her breath as she pressed the enter key. She never expected it to unlock… But it did.

Her breathing labored a bit as her hands shook. Why did Castiel have that as his password? Why is it I love Candy… No… It can’t be my name, he just actually really loves sweets. She gathered control of her emotions as she reasoned through it. Now what is Castiel hiding on this? She looked down at the phone and her eyes widened. His background wasn’t the same as his lock screen.

It’s me, she ran her thumb over the screen gently, I’m his background… Her heart pounded in her chest as she observed the picture. She was winking at the camera and making a silly face with her tongue sticking out. The picture itself was a bit blurry and it didn’t catch any of her good sides. When did he even take this picture? Is that from last year? It’s not even a nice picture, she thought horrified before she got an idea. She went to his camera and holding the phone up, took a silly selfie which she then set as his new background.

There, she smiled smugly before locking his phone. I’ll give it to him tomorrow, but I bet he’ll be surprised when he sees that.