the camera went off on its own


A Lamborghini Diablo made famous for featuring in Jamiroquai’s nineties hit single, Cosmic Girl, went for sale on Auto Trader this week, and as the name ‘Diablo’ suggests, it’s one hell of a car.

The viola-metallic coloured Lamborghini – priced at £549,995 and one of only 16 right-hand-drive models – was one of two identical cars that featured in the 1996 music video. The first was written-off following a crash on the video set and had to be replaced. The car currently advertised on Auto Trader, replaced the damaged Diablo, but also had an unfortunate incident of its own. During the filming a precision camera fell from a height, knocking out the car’s windscreen, but famously Jay Kay decided to drive the car for the remainder of the filming without any front windscreen protection.

Blurry Pictures (Jumin x MC)

You go through the photos Jumin has taken of the two of you and find something peculiar in the blurry pictures.

Word Count: 692

I haven’t got much to say again but I hope you enjoy and have a terrific day! <3


“Alright darling, smile.” Jumin hummed, lifting the camera to snap a photo of the two of you.

You knew the photo would come out blurry, it was apparent in every single picture he took.

Yet, in its own unique way, you found it absolutely adorable.

You held back your laughter, a smile stretching from ear to ear at the possibilities running in your head.

And as the small click from the phone went off, excitement bloomed inside of you.

“Let’s see it!” You exclaimed, leaning against him with wide eyes.

“You really want to?” He furrowed his brow. “You know that my photography skills…aren’t the best.”

“Well I think they’re fantastic,” You cooed, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “And I’d love to see it.”

He sighed, a bit of disbelief hinted in his tone. “Okay, if you really want to.”

You nodded, taking hold of his phone as he handed it you, unable to wipe away his tender grin at your joy.

And as you suspected the photo was incredibly blurry, your faces being the only truly visible thing in the photograph that you could make out.

And of your faces you caught something.

Jumin’s gaze wasn’t focused on the camera but instead you, adoration painting his expression as he looked to you.

It was as if you hung the very stars every night.

“Jumin…” You glanced up to your husband, your voice light and surprised. “You didn’t pose for the picture…”

“You noticed…?” He laughed lightly, pink dusting his cheeks. “I’m sorry, I suppose I just got a bit distracted.”

Your heart pounded a mile a second, hardly able to think of your words before they sputtered out.


“Of course, sometimes I’m just a bit in awe that I have an angel by my side.” He confessed, love, lacing his response. “It just surprises me how blessed I am despite my uncountable flaws.”

“What’re you talking about?” You narrowed your eyes, lowering the phone.

“I don’t deserve you. So remembering that you are with me…just sometimes leaves me a bit overwhelmed. In a good way.”

“You don’t deserve me?” You puffed out your cheeks indignantly, your body tensing. “You shouldn’t talk about yourself like that.”

“Is it a lie?”

“Yes.” You nodded, certainty drenching you.

“I don’t think so-”

“The only thing that determines whether or not you deserve me is if you make me happy, and you do. Moreso than I thought possible.” You took his hand, squeezing it fondly. “You deserve everything.”

His eyes seemed glossy, if just for a moment.

As if such a thought never crossed his mind.

“I make you that happy…?” A crooked smirk tugged at his lips.

“Yes!” You cried. “Without a doubt!”

There was no lie in what you said.

From the smallest things he did to the biggest and grandest, they all left you wondering if this was the happy ending they spoke of in fairy tales.

Yet it wasn’t because of the gestures.

It was because of him.

The fact that you got to be with him.

That alone would leave a smile on your face for the rest of your life.

You were snapped from your thoughts as your husband wrapped his arms around you, pulling you close.

He kissed your head, weaving his fingertips through your hair as you gazed up curiously at him.

“Perhaps I’m doing something right then.”

You cupped his face in your hands, tipping your forehead against his own gently.

“You are. No matter what you do.”

He closed his eyes for a second, letting out a soft breath, truly content beside you.

As if he wanted nothing more in the world than to just stay with you like that.

And his next few words only confirmed that.

“I only am because of you.”

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What is your opinion on Alluras vlog? I'm pissed off it's like she's not allowed to have a personality!

lol excuse me?

why do i keep seeing this? it’s not like coran’s vlog was an angst-fest either. from what it seems to me, keith’s vlog was an outlier in that it went kinda deep, but he’s just that kind of character, introspective and emotional and camera shy. allura… isn’t.

she’s just not the kind of person to spill her guts like that, even on accident. she’s rather withdrawn, she portrays strength, in her own words. if you expected her to break down like keith did you must not know her very well.

there’s a possibility “shiro’s” vlog will be angsty but aside from that if you’re expecting anything more than silliness and some brief cute character insight i have a feeling you’ll be disappointed

and she has?? plenty of personality lol? the vlog was adorable everyone just wants to use any excuse to hate on anything she does.

Let Me In

The room was silent. Jack took the moment to breathe. In the back of his mind, the echo of an insane giggle.

He gritted his teeth. “What do ya want?!”

Let me out, a voice, much like his, nagged. Let me out, and I can show ya everything.

Jack made sure the apartment was empty before giving in. “Fine. Show yerself.”

A computer, the voice prodded.

He scrambled to boot up an old laptop, listening to the soft dings as each application started. A beat, and then–

Anti-virus? the voice chuckled, and Jack felt a shiver go down his spine. Pathetic.

The screen went black for a second, then came back, washed in green. The ding of a Skype call, from–

“Antisepticeye?” Jack snorted against the building pain in his head.

Just answer. The words came with a jab behind his eyes.

Jack took a deep breath and hit the green button.


Every light in the apartment flickered. The recording setup, so carefully tucked away, suddenly flared to life. Every speaker blared, the camera flipped itself on, and the screens were awash with static.

Too late, Jack realized that the wifi was working on this old laptop.

“Stop!” He reached for the plug, about to cut off the power.

“No!” A scream, glitching through the laptop speakers. All at once, the recording room went quiet.

Jack’s heart beat heavily in his chest, his throat, his ears. The room went dark, lamp flickering twice before going out. The laptop screen in front of him the only source of light.

A face on the screen, in the Skype window. His own face, but smiling, a glint in his– its– eyes.

“Nice to meet ya, Jackaboy.” It spoke with his voice, but wrong– as if a broken record, echoing octaves higher and lower all at once.

“Who the fuck–” his voice was shaking, and he balled his hands into fists, and he swallowed his fear, and he looked the imposter in the eyes. “–are ya?”

“Call me whatever,” the thing on the screen said, static overpowering the speakers. “But I’m here to show ya what I want.”

Jack took a moment to realize how stupid this was. Here he was, a grown man, crouched on the floor of his room in front of a beat-up old laptop, talking to what seemed to be himself.

“I want,” it continued, screen now glitching dangerously, “you.”

“Yer not getting anythin’,” Jack growled, brain working as fast as it could. Whether this was a joke or really an evil entity, he wasn’t about to go along with its demands. “Just get out.”

The thing laughed, the static corrupting the image on the laptop screen. “Ya can’t get rid of me, Ja–”

He pulled the plug, shorting out the laptop. The lights flickered back on, everything back to normal.

Jack ran a heavy hand through his hair, taking a deep breath. The voice in the back of his mind, the ache in his head, were gone. Whatever that thing was– Anti, he decided– was gone, at least for now.

With that, he picked up the laptop to throw it out. Burn it, more like, he thought to himself, stomping out of the room.

The camera’s recording light was still on when he closed the door.

“Robin, you’re doing a great job of editing Anti!” he typed the message, reading it over before sending it. The past few videos had all been Robin’s idea, making the joke of Anti into reality. The community was buzzing, and he’d never been happier.

Robin, on the other hand…

“yeah,” came the reply, followed by another quick message. “gotta go.”

Had Jack not known better, he would’ve thought that something was amiss.

Jack was recording a silly pumpkin-carving video when he heard it again, the first time in weeks. A giggle.

“I swear I’m hearin’ things,” he muttered, getting up to investigate.

He felt it happen the moment he stepped off camera. Suddenly, he was a backseat passenger in his own body, watching the world unfold and his limbs move without his consent.

Jack screamed, but not a sound escaped him, and no one heard.

The giggle sounded again, but this time from the driver’s seat of his mind.

Anti, he thought, feeling his heart sink.

In tha flesh, the reply came. Jack felt his body wiggle its eyebrows.

How? Jack almost whined, struggling to keep his head.

You’ve already lost yer head, the voice said, chuckling, reading his thoughts. They gave me life. They helped me do this.

His body was pointing at the camera now, and Jack fought back panic. The viewers couldn’t have this much power.

…could they?

Anti finished the episode for him, and Jack screamed as Anti slit their throat.

There was so much pain, and so much blood– and Jack realized, curled, sobbing, in a corner of his own mind, that he was going to die.

He was forced to watch the blood drip down his chest, the camera now turned off. Anti giggled from the drivers seat.

Had enough, Jackaboy?

Jack retreated deeper into himself. I… yes. Please. He was begging, pleading to be let go.

Weak. Anti snarled, laughing. It echoed around his mind like coins in a tin can, and Jack forced himself to think.

If I die, so do you, he bargained.

That’s where yer wrong. Flashes, visions of Anti’s own experiences. It hurt Jack to look at, pictures corrupted by glitches, static and binary. Images of Robin forced to edit, and, like an echo of his own screams, Robin begging Anti to get out.

I’ll live on with a host, Anti bragged, stretching Jack’s face into a smile. But you? Yer done for.

Please. He was begging for his life. I’ll do anything.


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(S.Coups) 1/? Her eyes half-closed as soon as his lips made contact with her own, both eyes were moving a lot between his face and the camera. But due to the camera being far away, it seemed she had her eyes full closed. She grew a bit anxious when the camera held its ground, not moving nether turning off, the red light shined proudly as if it was challenging her - both of them - to continue further than the kisses. Trough her mind ran an idea, but she was unsure how it would go -♪

(S.Coups) 2/? But in the midst of all the trouble she got into, her shame went flying trough the window long ago. Her lips moved away from his own and she started to travel kisses down his face, until the exposed skin under his jawline, since she couldn’t reach his neck due to the shocking collar that place would be the one. “Just dont move away. I won’t go further than this.” She spoke truthfully, before reaching out to suck on the spot, abusing it with all the kissing -♪ (S.Coups) ¾ This took around 30 seconds before her eyes darted towards the damn camera, desperately needing it to be turned off as quick as possible,or else all the act would fall apart in the matter of seconds. Just as she thought she would have to ask him to do something aswell, the camera’s head was turning down, the red light from it long gone into the darkness of the white room and she moved away from him, catching her breath from all the things she had done in his skin -♪ (S.Coups) 4/4 Her eyes darted towards the spot under his jawline, the red bruise that was left there was standing out due to his pale skin tone “Sorry, I gave you a hickey. But there’s no more camera, so let me go and I can take the collar off of you first.” She said, looking at her pocket knife that was into the ground, she was sure that it would be able to cut trough the material of the collar, with a bit of work. -♪  

His fingers around her neck loosened the minute the sensation of her own lips was leaving his, trailing wetly to the underside of his jaw,  his head tilting to the side to allow her access causing the collar to dig into his neck uncomfortably, his brows burrowing at the sensation but not moving as she instructed him not to. He wasnt sure what he was suppose to do, eyes opening only slightly, enough that his long lashes made it seem to the camera that they were still closed despite him looking up at the camera to see if there was any change. She had been suckling on the skin on the underside of his jaw for much too long when the camera had finally turned away, the red light lingering for a moment before it was fading out. He let out an exasperated sound before he was stumbling back, letting her drop down back on the floor as he retreated to the other side of the cage, hand moving up to brush the pads of his fingers over the sensitive spot,   “Yeah, uh- you definitely gave your all into this fake performance, ” He grunted as an involuntary shiver ran down his spine at the feeling of his own fingers gently moving over the bruise. He lifted his gaze up to hers for the first time since moving away, one brow raising in question,  “Ive tried it all to get it off, so good luck, ” He laughed without humour, fingers tugging at the uncomfortable collar thats been adorning his neck for months on end, something hes fidgeted with with the only result being an uncomfortable rash forming underneath.  “But by all means, go ahead, try. ”

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Preferences #9 You Get Separated in a Mob


Niall: Niall and you were at the beach, splashing and giggling at each other. His glowing smile warmed your heart as the sun warmed ur skin. He was finally on a break and you couldn’t be happier to see his smiling face and his crazy bed-head each morning. 

“Lunch now?” You laughed at Niall’s question and nodded. You waded through the water to shore with Niall close behind who couldn’t help but stare at ur cute butt in the bikini. How did he get so lucky to have you? 

You each grabbed a towel to dry yourselves then sat and got lunch out. As you opened the bag Niall grabbed your hand stopping you. The small group of girls coming over made you gulp. 

“I guess we’ll have to wait a little for lunch.” Niall went over to the girls but made sure they stayed aways from you. Too many people around made you nervous so Niall always tried to protect you from the crazy ones. 

The sight of Niall interacting with his fans made you smile. You knew how much he loved them all for making this his life joyous and exciting. Narrowing your brows, you noticed that more people were coming around and it was beginning to be more of a crowd. Where were all these people coming from? 

Nervously you put everything back in the bag, wanting to leave. Niall tried to stay calm but people started pushing and shoving and the only thing he could think of was you and your safety. The girls got louder, shoving each other to get to Niall in desperation as some noticed you packing. It was too much. 

Niall ran to you, grabbed ur arm and raced to the parking lot of the beach as the crowd followed screaming Niall’s name. As Niall held you close you could feel him trembling, his breath heavy against your shoulder as the crowd caught up. In seconds you were swarmed with girls screaming and pulling at you and Niall, wanting a pic or a simple hug. Everything around you was loud and it felt like you were being suffocated by bodies and noise. Niall even though scared himself kept you close in his arms as he pushed his way through the crowd, going any way he could. 

He just wanted out and you safe. He soon felt something firm under foot and not sand. In all his might he tried not to cry. To feel like he was helpless. He knew he should have asked his bodyguard to come along, but he didn’t think it was necessary then. In the parking lot, Niall found it harder to even stay on his feet. The crowd seemed more erratic and annoyed that you two were leaving. Girls were ripping his shirt and shorts from tugging so much. But through all the worry and doing his best to protect you he hardly noticed that he was losing his grip before the last second. 

“Y/n!” All the fear consumed him. He felt like he was enclosed in a box and everything was closing in him suffocating him. Girls pressed up against him, grabbing at him like he was the last cookie in a jar. But in all that and his laboured breathing, he kept screaming ur name. “Y/n! Y/n!” You were also trembling and shaking as screaming girls pushed you out farther away from him. 

“Niall!” You tried looking overhead, hoping to spot that glint of blond somewhere. Behind you, loud sirens went off and police showed up yelling through megaphones over the crowd. Slowly the crowd broke apart and one of the officers realized who you were and tried to pull you away. You tried to fight his grasp wanting to find Niall but he wouldn’t let you go. All you could do was wait it’ll everyone had left. 

The crowd cleared and there on the ground was Niall, curled up and hyperventilating. 

“Niall!” You pulled way from the officer and dashed to his side, slowly helping him to sit. He hugged you tight when he realized it was. 

“Oh god. Princess are you ok?“ 

“I’m okay, Niall, are you?” You pulled back wiping the tears from his red face. “Breathe deeply love. You’ll be ok.” Niall nodded and did his best to follow you breathing till he felt okay to get up. You thanked the officers for their help and good Niall to the car, still slightly shaken up after everything. Both of you sat in the car, holding hands, trying to calm the nerves. 

“Feel better?” Niall nodded with a sigh and looked you over. There were a few scratched on ur arms and side but you seemed to be okay. 

“Are you?“ 

"Yeah.” You nodded. “They took my beach towel, though.” Niall laughed and pulled you close, pressing a sweet kiss to your temple. “We’ll get you another, Princess. I can replace that. But I’ll never be able to replace you." 

Liam: A simple walk in the park with Liam always made you feel better on bad days. Today was a bad day. You had excepted Liam’s offer in moving in with him. That would be normally a really good thing, but your family was forbidding it. Something about living in sin and saying you’d have sex with him before marriage and all that just cause you lived together. 

Liam respected that you wanted to stay a virgin till you got married and he’d never let you stray from your promise. Even when he told your family they still said no. Liam’s kind words helped you through what your parents told you that morning on the phone. 

At the end of the park, a few girls approached Liam and you to take selfies together. Most of Liam’s fans were so nice to you and even you found that they made your days better. 

"Coffee?” He pulled you close and took your cold hands in his, rubbing them to warm them from the cool London air. 

“I’d love some.” You wrapped you arm around his and made your way to the coffee stand down the street. Now in the city part of London, more people were noticing Liam more often. At first, just adults who wanted pics for their kids but then it was lunch time and the high school not far from where you were got wind of it. Screaming girls were swarming in from everywhere. Liam pulled you close and tried to run but there was no escape; they had you surrounded. The piercing sound of screaming Liam’s name over and over made you sick. The sound was almost deafening. It was like the number of people had doubled in the last few minutes. 

You covered your ears and tried your best to stay close to Liam when you were suddenly shoved to the ground. You screamed as some of the trampled you to get to Liam. On the ground, it seemed a bit easier to get out of the crowd. You crawled, pushing your way through till you were out. 

Liam though was overwhelmed. He was shaking and somehow backed himself up against the building wall. He was trapped. But through all the screaming of girls, he held it together. He couldn’t bear the thought of upsetting the fans if he started crying; even though he felt he was about to. 

After a while of wondering what to do, you decided to go back in. You stuck close to the wall, pushing yourself through with all your might to get to him. When you got close enough, he was pressed against the wall with his hands over his eyes, trembling. You reached out to him and pulled him toward you and kept going forward till you were out of the crowd. You hailed a taxi and got in, Liam now clinging to you. He was still shaking and clenching his eyes so he wouldn’t shed any tears. 

“Shhh, Liam were okay. Everything’s okay.” You rubbed his back and told the driver the address to Liam’s home. Since the road was blocked by the crowd the driver had to take a long way home. You played with Liam’s hair and smiled when he looked at you. 

“Thank you for making me feel better and for saving me. Are you alright?” He gently held you arm but you gasped in pain pulling ur arm away. He pulled your sleeve up and gasped at the bruises. He did the same with the other and shook his head. “I’m so sorry, baby. This all my fault—" 

"No.” You shook your head. “No, it’s not. This isn’t your fault okay. They just got a little excited. I’m okay, okay?” He sighed and nodded and carefully hugged you. 

“I need a nice long nap after all that.” He leaned against and you laughed and rubbed his head.

Louis: You were at a football game with Louis having the time of your life. It wasn’t really the game you were interested in or the fact that people were coming by to ask for pictures with him and you. No, it was the fact that Louis always had something funny to yell at the opposing team or the ref when he said something about a player on the team Louis was rooting for. He just knew how to make you laugh, and laugh you did till you could hardly breathe. 

In the end, the team he was rooting for won and it was time to get home.

“That was so much fun!” He walked behind you keeping you in sight as you both went to the exit of the stadium. It was a big game and people were in a hurry to get home to beat rush hour, but the stadium had its own rush and people were already starting to push and shove their way to the parking lot. 

The flashing cameras of paps and fans caught Louis off guard and had him stumbling with you through the crowd. He wasn’t gonna let them ruin the day for the two of you, but with all the people around he found it hard to get a good hold of you. 

“Y/n stay with me!”

“I’m trying; there’s too many!” As you got closer to the car someone pushed you away from Louis.

“Y/N!” He pushed through the crowd, going the way he saw you shoved and prayed that nothing bad happened to you. He knew how some fans thought of you and he could only hope. he kept going one way then the other and he was starting to lose hope. He yelled out your name.

 “Y/N!” His hope of finding you was melting away with every passing second and it had him sick to his stomach. What if you had gotten trampled. A sob emitted from his mouth and he screamed again. “Y/N!” he could feel his phone buzzing in his pocket but he just assumed it was one of the boys and ignored it. He decided to go back towards the car. His heart leaped in his chest when he saw you by the car unharmed and with a security guard. the guard stopped him before he could reach you.

“No, its okay, he’s my boyfriend.” Louis rushed to you hugging you close to him like the gust of wind could take you away. 

“I was so scared.” he buried his face in the crook of your neck and breathed in your perfume. It's light scent calming him.

“I’m okay, Louis, really.” You soon got in the car and through the whole drive, he couldn’t let go of your hand. you knew he was still thinking of what could have happened. When you got home you reassured him that you were okay with a make out session that eventually turn into something more and the bad events of the day soon forgotten.

Harry: Harry Being into healthy stuff and what not took you to his favourite café that had all his favourite healthy foods. Eating healthy wasn’t one of your strong suits but you wanted to try the things he liked.

A few fans had stopped him on his way in and that seemed to be all. No one else bothered you while you guys ate.

"How do you like it?” You shrugged at his question and leaned back in your seat.

“It’s pretty good. It tastes a lot better than I expected.”

"I knew you would.” He smiled. The two of you soon finished and just talked about the things you did while he was away on tour. Even though you didn’t sit by the window, you could see and hear a loud crowd outside. The crowd looked about 200-300 people waiting—some banging on the locked doors outside. The only customers inside were you and Harry. 

“Oh my gosh.” You stood to your feet to look but Harry pulled you back down.

“Stay here.” He got up and went over to the counter while you start stared out the window at a number of people you would have to go through to get to the car. 

When Harry came back with one of the people who worked there a number of people seemed to have doubled. 

“Harry, how are we gonna get through all of them?” Your hand trembled as he took it and helped you to your feet. He could feel almost feel the fear in your body as he held you close.

“We will get through it, I promise you. I'll protect you.” he pressed a kiss to your head and held you close as the person who worked there opened the door. Harry held you close to his side as everyone tried to get to the two of you. Paps and fans yelled his name and yours made you clutch him for dear life like the screaming could tear you from him. 

Harry held on to you and kept pushing through the crowd, unsure of the way he was going was the right direction to his car. For one second, he tried to look over the people. But for that one second the he didn’t have his eyes on you someone shoved you aside to get closer to him. 

“Y/n!” He darted around, shoving his way through the mob, calling you over and over. He couldn’t lose you. Not like this. His biggest fear was losing you in a crowd and that was happening. 

“Harry!” His head darted around. “Harry!” He heard it again. Everyone was calling his name but one distinct voice he knew. He could pick it out from any crowd. “Harry!” You screamed as hard as you could struggling to move your way to him, you arms stretched out to grab his shirt. you could see him, but he couldn’t see you, only hear you. 

You groaned, reaching out as far as you could. you were so close caught the tail end of his shirt and pulled yourself towards him. 

“Oh gosh.” Harry’s strong arms wrapped around you tightly and kept you moving towards the parked cars. Once at the car harry let you in on the drivers side then climbed in himself and locked the door. You both sat panting and watched as people kept banging on the glass.

“You okay?” Harry panted, sweat dripped from his temple and has hands still shook. you nodded and hugged him, Feeling at ease. Everything that happened seemed to melt away as he held you tight. Even with the screaming fans and banging on the glass, the sound of everything just seemed to disappear, and you felt safe in Harry’s arms.

A/N: hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this preference, I had an interesting time writing it. Let’s just say it was hard to find the right words for showing fear :/ oh well. Also, I’ve decided not to put zayn in the future preferences cause he’s not really in One Direction anymore… so yeah. If you have any requests go ahead and send them to my ask and I’ll try to get them out as soon as I can.

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In An Adventure in Space and Time there’s this really great scene which shows the cast and crew recording in the studio for the first time. It really highlights the struggles and limitations that the early teams had, and captures how dedicated and hard working they all were. The scene focuses on how cameras crashed into objects as they had no room, how the doors kept opening and closing on their own, and how when it got hot the sprinklers went off mid take. Even looking at the gallery and the studio, its impossible to imagine they managed to do such a great job in such a small and basic studio.