the camera really might have just gone off

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So my guess on Tom's dead sister is that she hatched out of the egg like all the others, was too weak and therefore killed by the parents, cause that's the way nature rolls. Am I correct here?


Tom: ……..

Edd: Um, Tom…?

Tom: You’re a right sick fuck, anon. Fuck you if you think a parent is barbaric enough to kill their own child. We’re not fucking barbarians.

Matt: Tom–

Tom: She was dead when–she was dead. She never hatched. She never breathed. She never saw the world outside. My parents had to crack that egg open and find the lifeless corpse of my sister in there. And as much as I can’t fucking stand my family, nobody should have to experience that. So fuck you and your sick fucking ideas. Just–fuck you.

Matt: Tom, it’s all right just–oof! *he looks startled as Tom flops into his lap and Tom hides his face in Matt’s shoulder* Oh dear, you’ve really gone and upset him now…

Tord: Maybe we should leave off asking about family matters, mm?

Edd: I think that might be best for everyone.