the camera never focuses on him when he sings that line :(

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I'm curious to know what you think about Zuko's character arc, like did you like him betraying Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 or did you find it OOC? Did you like how he wanted throughout Book 3, cause to me he looked like a douchebag yelling at Iroh, hiring an assassin etc, really looked like Bryke was trying to make him as bad as possible and pair him up with Mai, to cancel him as a love interest for Katara.

I believe his betrayal of Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 was entirely necessary for his character arc. Zuko always showed himself as one who needed to make his own decisions and mistakes before he learned from them. His uncle could preach at him all he wanted, but Zuko only ever recognized Iroh’s truth after he’d pursued a goal to no avail. 

For example, the greatest turning point in Zuko’s story during Book 2 was when he let Appa go. Now, he wasn’t planning to do so. He only released Appa after much urging from Iroh, and Iroh’s explanation of Zuko’s past failings: 

Iroh: So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask …
Zuko: [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you’ve found the Avatar’s bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would have figured something out!
Iroh: [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death!

Iroh is quick to tell Zuko that his lack of planning will ultimately lead to his downfall. He was never successful in the past because he never thought his schemes through. What did he really hope to accomplish by capturing Appa? What was his end goal? How exactly did he think revealing his identity in the Earth Kingdom’s only stronghold was going to play out? And this was after he went on a date with Jin, after his uncle had found some success in Ba Sing Se, and after Zuko had a taste of what a normal, peaceful life could be if he’d just let his destiny go. 

Zuko: I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?

He was happy in Ba Sing Se, but largely so, because he had no other choice. His life no longer followed the trajectory he had planned— he couldn’t hunt the Avatar because doing so would mean revealing his location in Ba Sing Se and he couldn’t return home because he couldn’t hunt the Avatar.

Jump back up to Iroh’s last line listed above: Is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you? That can easily be applied to his hunt for the Avatar, but look how easily can that also be applied to Zuko’s newfound life in Ba Sing Se! His actions — pursuing Appa the second he knew the bison was in the city, even after experiencing peace and success — prove that his life in Ba Sing Se was another destiny being forced on him. 

Now, I know you may be arguing in your head that Zuko’s metamorphosis proves that he had changed— but I don’t think so. I think Zuko’s metamorphosis proved he hadn’t, foreshadowed by this exchange: 

Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I’m begging you, Prince Zuko! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?

His transformation in Book 2 was his wrestling with this question: What do I want? Zuko didn’t know. He had no idea. Everything was conflicting in his head. Did he want the Avatar? Did he want peace? Did he want to go home? Did he want this new life? This is particularly evident in the warring dragons in his dreams: 

Blue dragon: It’s getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko: I’m not tired.
Blue dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon: No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it’s too late!
Blue dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they’re in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon: Sleep. Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa: Zuko! Help me! 
Zuko disappears through the floor.

Later when Zuko awakens:

Zuko: What’s happening?
Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
Zuko: What’s that mean? 
Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I think a lot of viewers take Iroh’s final comment as the end all and be all sign that Zuko was supposed to fully transform here and join the Avatar’s side, however, I do not believe this is the case. I believe Iroh’s comment wasn’t exactly wrong… it’s just interpreted incorrectly. Zuko did change when he woke from his coma: He didn’t change sides or soften or discern all of Azula’s lies, but as became evident in Book 3, Zuko woke from his coma and was able to finally recognize the truth in Iroh’s words

Let’s delve into the imagery of the metamorphosis… not only is he plagued by weird visions such as taking on Aang’s body, the dragons in Zuko’s dreams symbolize the two dueling sides of him. One part of him wants to enjoy the life he’s found in Ba Sing Se, evidenced by the red dragon warning him to get away from the influence of the blue dragon— 

[SIDE NOTE: Zuko may know that Azula always lies… but he always seems to fall for it i.e. that time she said father wanted him home. that time she said he’d be welcomed home. that time she gave him credit for killing Aang as a favor. that time she said the Agni Kai would be one-on-one]

—while the blue dragon represents his desires lying in the Fire Nation. He nearly succumbs to the blue dragon’s suggestion that he sleep, until the red dragon appears and warns him off. However, in the end, Zuko is charged by the blue dragon: He is swallowed by the blue dragon, and in the blue dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother (representing his long-lost childhood desires— to protect those in need and be gentle/kind/innocent) calling for help, before sinking into the floor. 

What does this mean? Well, I believe it means that Zuko gave in to the blue dragon, and it was meant to foreshadow him giving in to Azula’s seduction in the Crystal Catacombs, rather than foreshadowing him saving sides. It also foreshadowed his recognition of his mistake and his distraught emotional state following his choice to betray the red dragon (Iroh (and Katara)). 

Again, to break it down even more so: 

Zuko wants to give in to the Blue Dragon’s request to sleep. 
In the real world, Zuko falls prey to Azula’s bait, challenging her to an Agni Kai and being imprisoned. 

Zuko is warned by the Red Dragon of his choices. 
In the real world, Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to Azula. Twice, actually. Once when Iroh flees the palace and Zuko says he’s done running, and again, below the city, when Iroh pleads with Zuko to make the decision he knows is right.

Zuko is swallowed whole by the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko falls into Azula’s scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Azula is using him— she knows she cannot defeat Aang and Katara alone, so she entices him with the promise of being welcomed home a hero. 

Zuko panics over the vision of his mother (innocence), but is ultimately lost to the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko is completely absorbed in the version of himself he thinks he needs to be. He is angry. He is violent. He is a betrayer. He has lost all connection to the innocence of his childhood and the image of himself that he nearly reconnected with during his metamorphosis. 

Furthermore, being lost to the Blue Dragon symbolized Zuko’s emotional and mental spiral in Book 3. He was incredibly unhappy, even after he sold his soul to come home. He’d lost it all. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t want to blame himself— he wanted to blame Iroh for being right all along. Zuko’s behavior towards Iroh was unacceptable, yes, but it was in character when you consider Zuko’s complete and utter implosion and the destruction of his soul in his decision to betray everyone. 

I fully believe the betrayal was Aaron Ehasz’s idea. In my opinion, it was fundamental to Zuko’s character. As long as he had the support and guidance of his uncle, Zuko would never transform on his own. He needed to hit rockbottom. He needed to realign himself with what he wanted, and the only way to do so, was to have everything he wanted and nothing at all at the same time. 

I do not believe it was a ploy by Bryke to destroy Zutara, as the pair came back together in Book 3 and were closer/stronger than ever. 

What Avatar struggled with the most was the timing of Zuko’s arc. Book 3 spent too much time focusing on useless episodes that could have been utilized to showcase Zuko’s actions in the Fire Nation and his resulting decision to leave his place there. His treason could have taken place earlier and, as a result, we could’ve spent more time with the transformed Zuko and the Gaang.

I also think Avatar suffered greatly by cancelling Book 4. If we’d had a chance to see Zuko rule as Fire Lord, I believe his transformation would’ve felt complete. 

Unexpected (Ethan x Reader)

Requested : Yes, by the wonderful @kissdolan, thank you so much for requesting this

Summary : Ethan is chasing after a beautiful model until he notices her average, photographer friend. 

Word Count : 2665

Warnings : Fluff, very cute Ethan

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Tae and Jimin in “Spring day”

You can take this as a theory or as an AU

According to Blood Sweat and Tears, Tae shouldn’t be human. So we know, he’s probably not really there with bts and that the whole motel scene is probably just a memory.

Now I don’t exactly know what Taehyung is, but he’s different from the rest of the boys. And so is Jimin.

I want to go out on a limb here and say that since Jimin’s character seems a lot more gentle and reassuring, then maybe Jimin is an angel. That’s describing his natural nature. (If you scratch out when he was “tempted” in Lie.) He’s a creature like Tae but also not the same. They could possibly be beings that linger around bts.

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Eyes (l.h. imagine)

Summary: soulmate au where your eyes change color depending on how far away/close you are to your soulmate

Warnings: some swearing
You lived in a world that seemed to hate you. Meeting your soulmate is supposed to be difficult, but you had a more than difficult time finding yours. At birth, your eyes are a normal color. By the age of five, your eyes turn a different color depending on how far away you are from your soulmate. Yours have always been a dark brown since then. Brown means that your soulmate is far away and gray means that your soulmate is close. They’ve started changing before, but it was just a trick. You could be in an empty room and they would change, getting your hopes up about something that won’t happen. You’ve pretty much given up hope of ever finding your soulmate at this point.
“Come on!” Your best friend yells, running towards the stadium. You sigh and run after her, getting in line behind lots of other girls. She wanted to see 5 Seconds of Summer and has dragged you along with her. You weren’t a huge fan of the band. Sure, they were good but you weren’t crazy about them like she was.
“Remind me again why you brought me along?” You ask as she hands the guard the tickets to get inside the venue. She grins at you. “Because you’re my best friend.” You laugh and say, “lucky me.” This makes her laugh, knowing you’re just kidding.
The sun is still shining bright outside, but it’s getting ready to go down. Colors of red and orange strike across the sky. It’s warm, but not too warm. You close your eyes and soak up the sun, then open them when you hear girls screaming. The band is walking into the venue from the side entrance, and they’ve been spotted. You lock eyes with the lead guitarist, Luke for a quick moment. He smiles a little at you and you wave.
“I love you, Ashton!” Your friend yells, trying to get the drummer’s attention. He grins and waves at her, and you swear she almost faints. You wince as a burning pain starts in your eyes. You cover them with your hands, biting your lip as the pain increases.
“(Y/N), are you okay?” She asks, concerned. You look at her after the band is gone and the pain fades. You smile and she smiles back at you, but her smile fades. “What? What’s wrong?” You ask, confused. Two seconds ago she was nearly jumping ten feet high to get the attention of the boys and now she seems worried.
“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that… (Y/N), your eyes changed.” She admits. Your eyes widen. “Are you serious?” She nods, handing you her phone so you can look at the camera. Your usually dark chocolate orbs have now turned a light amber. “Your soulmate is here!” She whisper-yells. You bite your lip.
This isn’t the first time this has happened. Your eyes have changed color before in an empty room. They had a habit of playing a joke on you; making you think your soulmate was around, only to reveal that he isn’t.
“They do that a lot. Don’t get your hopes up.” You mumble, handing her the phone back. She frowns. “Oh. Okay.” You give her a small smile. “Come on, let’s go find our seats.” She smiles and follows you inside the venue. It’s starting to get crowded, teenage girls standing around everywhere. You can feel the good vibes going around and it actually makes you excited for the show.
“Here they are!” Your friend says, pointing to two seats in the front row. You both sit down and take a few selfies while waiting for the show to start. “Is this your first time seeing them live?” A girl behind you asks. You smile and nod. “She didn’t want to come, but she’s going to love it.” Your friend says, giggling. “You will, the boys make sure you have a good time.” The other girl says. You look up at the stage as the lights go out and a black and white screen pops up. A countdown begins and your friend jumps up from her seat, pulling you with her. You laugh as the crowd starts to chant, “5SOS, 5SOS, 5SOS!”
You can feel the excitement building in your body as you begin to chant along with them. Your friend is jumping up and down and is screaming inaudible things, and her happiness makes you grin. She saved up for a whole year for these tickets and you’ve never seen her happier. The boys run on stage as guitar riffs scream through the stadium. Your seats are in front of Luke and you can see him up close. He’s wearing black skinny jeans and a black v-neck. A silver necklace hangs down from his neck. His hair is flat, unlike in all the posters (Y/F/N) has in her room. However, it’s getting a bit long and has started to curl on the ends. His lip ring is gone, which makes you a little disappointed.
He makes eye contact with you again and time seems to stop. Your friend is dancing beside you to whatever song they’re playing, but you’re too focused on Luke. The burning sensation is back in your eyes, and you rub them to try to get it to fade. You get some relief when Luke looks away, so you sing along to End Up Here as best as you can, not knowing all the lyrics completely.
“How you guys doing tonight?!” Ashton yells into his mic after the song ends. Screams erupt from all around you. “We’re here to make sure that you all have the best time of your lives tonight. Are you ready?!” Calum yells. More screaming. He laughs. You smile and look at your best friend, who throws her arm around your shoulders.
“(Y/N), your eyes are gray.” She yells in your ear, so that you can hear. You frown. They’ve never gotten gray before. “My soulmate is here.” You tell her, turning around to look all around you. You feel anxious, biting your lip so hard it feels like it could start bleeding. “Are you okay, miss?” A guard in the aisle asks you. “She’s fine.” Your friend tells him, looking around with you.
You eventually give up on searching after missing half of the concert. “He has to be around here somewhere.” Your friend mutters, but you shake your head. “Just forget it. My eyes are just playing a trick again.” You say quietly. She manages to somehow hear you over the screaming girls and hugs you. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).” You give her a fake smile. “They’re about to play your favorite song.” You tell her.
She screams, looking up on stage. “Luke, how are you doing, man? Are you good?” Michael is asking. Luke grins. “‘I’m doing pretty good, Michael.” Michael chuckles. “That’s good, because if you weren’t good then we probably wouldn’t be good.” Luke laughs and the sound makes you smile.
“You guys wanna know something?!” Ashton asks. The screaming erupts again. “Luke is very giddy tonight because he saw a cute girl outside before the show and now his eyes are gray.” Ashton tells everyone, which makes Luke turn a light pink. “Ash!” He yells, making everyone laugh.
Your friend turns to you slowly, her eyes wide. “No, it can’t be.” You tell her. “Your eyes are gray. His eyes are gray. (Y/N), Luke Hemmings is your soulmate.” She whispers. The girl behind you from earlier hears. “What?! Luke, your soulmate is right here!” She screams, desperately trying to get Luke’s attention. Your eyes widen as you shake your head.
Michael hears the girl and motions at you to Luke. Luke looks over as a spotlight hits your face. His mouth opens slightly as he sees your eyes. “Hi. I’m Luke.” He murmurs into his mic, smiling softly at you. His hair is sticking to his forehead but he looks like an angel. You swallow hard and run out of the aisle.
“(Y/N)!” Your friend yells, running after you. You run out of the stadium, kneeling over to throw up on the sidewalk. She appears beside you and holds your hair back. “Are you okay? What’s going on?” She asks, confused. You look at her.
“Don’t you get it? I’m not his soulmate. Luke is a beautiful human being who has so much talent. I’m not like him. This is just my eyes playing a joke again and getting my hopes up.” You say, sitting down on the curb. By now, there are tears running down your cheeks. She sighs and sits down beside you, wrapping her arms around you in a hug. “What if that’s not what it is this time?” She asks. You sniffle, lying your head on her shoulder.
“Your eyes have never turned gray before. That’s a sign, (Y/N). Your eyes burned when you saw Luke earlier, that’s never happened either.” She murmurs. “He’s just so great and I’m not.” You mumble, wiping away some stray tears. She glances behind you.
“Yeah, he’s pretty great.” You look behind you to see Luke standing there, a concerned look on his face. “I’ll wait inside.” Your friend mutters, running back inside. You stand up.
“Okay, I know you think I’m your soulmate. But my eyes change color a lot. It’s like a curse. This could be false.” You explain to Luke, who walks over. “What if it isn’t?” He asks. “Why does everyone keep asking that?” You mumble to yourself before sighing. “I mean, look at you. You’re a rock star. You sing and tour and have millions of girls thrown at you every day. You’re really talented and fuck, you’re also really good looking. I’m not really talented or good looking. This wouldn’t work. This can’t work.” Luke smiles a little and cups your face with his hands. “You’re cute when you ramble.” He murmurs. “I’m not rambling. Am I? My bad.” You say. He leans in, and you can feel his breath across your cheeks. “Luke, what are you-”
“Stop talking. God, you’re beautiful.”
“Thank you, but you-”
“Shut up.”
His lips touch yours and it’s like magic. Your body has a feeling of pure euphoria. You wrap your arms around his neck as his lips move against yours. Your eyes are burning, but you don’t care at this moment. His lips are soft and taste like mint and some kind of alcohol. Corona, maybe? Whatever is it, it’s delicious. The kiss is amazing and the feeling you’re having is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Luke pulls away after a moment.
“Shit, you’re a really good kisser too.” You mumble, which makes him laugh. “You’re my soulmate. That kiss proved that. Wait here for me after the show, okay? I’m taking you to dinner.” Luke tells you, kissing your forehead. You nod, giving in to the blonde angel.

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un-biased analysis on that jikook vlive in osaka of them possibly doing bro things while naked in the dark pLEASE

First of all, you asked for this

Second of all, I’m just gonna point out a few things because the whole video was just…weird and try not to shove jikook down your throats cause that’s not fun (and also because there’s no actual evidence of Jimin being in the room in the first place)

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Play (Single Father!Jimin)

Plot: Meeting single father!Jimin

Word Count: 1028

A/N: so someone requested this a while ago and it sounded like so much fun and I had to write it, I’m thinking I’ll either do youtuber!BTS as fathers or BTS as Disney Princes for my next series so hopefully one of those will be coming out tomorrow, if not then it’ll be the next day most likely, this involves single father!Jimin (all of the father related posts are here)

No one was surprised when the youngest Park had taken an interest in ballet, in plays, in singing, in anything musical. Her father was an idol after all, an extremely talented idol with a passion for both dancing and singing. She had been raised around it, sat on a couch behind the camera that filmed her father and her uncles dancing to their latest song, a bag of pretzels in her lap. She had always seen him dance, always heard him sing and she wanted to do it too.

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Into You (8/?)

Summary- Where Tom is kind enough to share his new ideas for you little game.

AN- Just gonna try and do one more chapter, who knows it may turn out good and then if it’s alright I might carry this series on, simply because it’s my favourite one I’ve written so far.

ALSO please don’t be scared to talk to me! I love getting random messages and stuff! And please inbox me if you wanna be in the tags for this series OR my permanent tag or I’ll forget to add you.


You hadn’t heard anything from Tom. Not a text, phone call or some indirect comment to the press. Nothing, and to be honest that’s what made you want his attention yet again. You didn’t like being throw away, whilst he was clearly enjoying his time with his new ‘chick’.

Yet at the same time you didn’t care he was with someone else, because he always came running back to you. Plus, it was brilliant watching him practically burning with jealousy whilst watching you leave with someone else. Of course, you’d much rather be leaving with him too, but for now Darren would do…

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CAN U DO 25 SOUKOKU ???? OMG 💖💖💖

Sure thing, hun :) (Mildly NSFW if you’re sensitive to that!)

25. When you love someone, you don’t give up. Ever. Even when people call you crazy. Especially then.

The camera clicks on, a blurry canvas smeared with red and brown showing up pixelated on the screen. As the lens is adjusted by tan fingers, the image begins to clear and shows a redhead laying in a tangled nest of sheets, his hair rumpled in the back and curling over the curve of his cheekbone.

“Tell the camera what you told me.” A voice chuckles, the one attached to those slender fingers from before, reaching out and brushing hair from the redhead’s cheek.

“No.” He laughs, twisting his head to look away, pulling the sheets up to hid himself.

“Come on, Chuuya.” The man chuckles. “I won’t show this to anyone. It’s just for me.”

“Pervert.” Chuuya retorts, but rolls back to face the camera, slowly sitting up. The sun dances over the movement, lighting his hair up like a bonfire.

“Chuuya…” The other voice whines, teasingly.

Chuuya rolls his eyes. “Fine, but you owe me one for this, Dazai.”

Dazai is silent, adjusting the lens as the camera focuses on Chuuya’s face and his pink-tinted cheeks. “Now, tell them what you told me.”

“I don’t want to.” Chuuya lets out a breathy laugh, ducking his head.

“Chuu-yaaa.” Dazai draws out the syllables, reaching out and grabbing Chuuya’s wrist. The redhead’s wrist is dragged behind the camera, the action following causing Chuuya to smile slightly and gaze lovingly at the person holding him.

“C’mon, Chuuya.” He murmurs.

“I said…” Chuuya shakes his head. “It’s embarrassing.”

“It was cute.” Dazai teases.

“Shut it!” Chuuya snarls, but the grin practically splitting his face says otherwise. “Okay, I said, and mind you I was drunk last night…”

“Go on.” Dazai’s voice is soft, breathless, a whisper in the darkness of the room.

“When love someone, you don’t just stop.” Chuuya drew in a shaky breath, focusing on the wall to his right. “Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then.” He suddenly swings his gaze up, not quite looking at the camera. His eyes have a softness to them that glistens and sparks as he finishes with, “Especially then.”

The room is silent as his words fade, the rising sun painting the room in scarlet and gold.

“Don’t just sit there!” Chuuya suddenly shrieks, pointing an accusing finger at the man behind the camera. “That was embarrassing as hell, and you can’t just-” He’s silenced, though by what the camera does not pick up at first. As it settles in the nest of the white sheets, the video focuses on a tall, slim brunette with his hands on the redhead’s cheeks and their lips pressed together.

As the brunette wraps his arms around the redhead’s slim waist, he pulls away just long enough to mutter, words barely caught by the camera, “I love you.” before he’s kissing Chuuya again, the redhead tumbling backwards with an uncharacteristic squeak.

They don’t turn the camera off as they continue to kiss, even when it turns more risque. They’re too enraptured in one another, hands soft and delicate on one another’s skin, gentle and loving. It’s almost sickening, watching them touch one another, the blatant affection lighting up the room.

In his bedroom, four years later, Osamu Dazai exits the video on his laptop, staring out the window. He touches his lips, feels them tingle with phantom memory, remembers what it felt like to kiss the redhead.

His hands could still trace the arch of his back, could still remember exactly where he had to tug on his hair to get him to open his mouth, still knows just exactly how the redhead likes to be kissed, where he likes to be touched when his mind was too filled with turmoil.

He remembers what he tasted like in the morning, his morning breath a bearable obstacle if it meant holding Chuuya for a couple of seconds. He could sketch out exactly where the flush on Chuuya’s cheeks appeared when he said something right. He can feel Chuuya’s fingers tracing the scars that lined his arms, tracing the memories carved into him. He can hear Chuuya’s laugh, and his soft voice singing at night. He can still remember Chuuya like he is right next to him, like Dazai never left. Like they stayed together - maybe even ran away together.

But Chuuya isn’t here. And Dazai doubts he ever will be.

Blush (Tyler X Reader)

Request- Can you lik write a cute tyler down imagine maybe were you are like the new girl and you love to take pictures but montgomary is bullying you and takes your camera and throws it on the ground and tyler comes and says to leave you alone and maybe he like gives you his camera of something just lots of fluff and cuteness

Ooooh my first Tyler imagine I shall try my best, in still new to writing imagines!

So today was your first day at a new school, you were extremely nervous. You obviously didn’t know anybody there so that made you even more nervous. You had never been the outgoing type, you tend to keep your friend circle small and you enjoy things such as reading or photography which you loved. You wanted to be a photographer so bad but you knew you had no chance at that. You wondered if your new school had any clubs that included photography, because if there was you would definitely join. As you walked in through the doors you immediately got even more nervous seeing how many people there was.

“Um excuse me—” You tried asking someone where the office was but they just pushed you away. You sighed, you spotted a lanky boy with a camera around his neck. He seemed kinda awkward but he was also kinda cute. You went up to him.

“Do you know where the office is?” You asked, he looked at you for a couple of seconds seeming like he didn’t know what to respond with.

“U-uh yeah, um I’ll walk you.” He said as he started walking, you soon following. You looked at his camera and smiled.

“You like photography?” You asked.

“Uh yeah, I’m in yearbook.” He stated while grabbing his camera and taking a picture of you, you laughed.

“I love photography! Is there still room for me to join yearbook?” You ask.

“There definitely is, and really you like photography?” He asked shocked.

“Yeah, why do you look so shocked?” You asked, he became tense and scratched the back of his neck.

“Pretty girls like you are never into stuff like that.” He said, his cheeks had turned into a light shade of red and so did yours. Before you knew it, you guys had arrived at the office.

“Thanks a lot, I’ll see you around.” He smiled and walked off. You said smiling. You entered the office, and got your schedule. You somehow made it to your first class without getting lost. You saw— crap you never got his name! You saw him smile when he saw you and he gestured for you to sit next to him.

“I never got your name, I’m sorry.” You said as you sat down next to him.

“Tyler, what’s yours?” He said while smiling. You never noticed how beautiful his eyes were. They were an ocean blue and you could get lost in them for hours.

“Y/N” You said he smiled.

“I like it, a pretty name for a pretty girl.” You could tell that he had gotten comfortable around you because now he was flirting with you, you blushed. Class soon began, you honestly weren’t paying attention you were too busy thinking about something, or maybe someone.

“Y/N!” You were snapped out of your thoughts and came back to reality. You saw Tyler waving his arm in front of your face.

“You seemed so focused, what were you thinking about?” He asked.

“Honestly I’m not even sure myself, shall we get to our next class.” You guys had two more classes, only one class was with each other the other wasn’t. Then was lunch. There was so many people you didn’t know, some of them looked at you and smiled while other just rolled their eyes and looked away. You sat down soon enough so did Tyler. You looked around a spotted a table that was filled with jocks and cheerleaders, basically what always happens. They’re probably the popular kids.

“There’s Bryce, Zach, Justin, Montgomery, Alex, Jessica, Courtney, there probably more but those are the only ones I know.” Tyler said following your gaze.

“Montgomery is always bothering me, he’s a dick.” You nodded. The rest of the day went by slow as ever. You met some other people who were nice. When school was over you saw Tyler and walked up to him.

“Hey.” You smiled while waving. He always seemed tense when you walk up to him. He nodded his head and you guys made small talk.

“Hey, um do you maybe wanna I don’t know hang out today like at 6pm?” He seemed so nervous.

“Sure I would love too” you smiled sweetly. He smiled back. You guys exchanged numbers and soon departed and went your own ways.
Your parents asked how school was and you said the same answer as always. You told them how you were going to hangout with one of them today in the evening. They obviously bombarded you with questions but they were happy you made friends. You had gotten a text message from Tyler.

“Hey Y/N dress casual were going to a carnival if that’s okay with you?”

“Yeah it’s fine, I love carnivals.” You said. Soon enough it was 6 and you were nervous as hell. You never really hung out with guys like this on dates. Was this even considered a date?

“Honey, your friend is here.” You heard your mom yell from downstairs. You ran down the stairs before they attacked him with questions and before your dad gave him the “You Break My Daughters Heart I’ll Break You.”

“Okay bye mom, I’ll be back.” You said walking out the door. You and Tyler walked to his car, like a gentleman he opened the door for you. You thanked him and buckled up. He turned on the radio and you gasped. Your song was playing and in no way were you not going to sing. You burst out singing the lyrics that you knew from heart. Tyler just laughed, but soon enough he started singing the lyrics too. You let him sing some parts and you sang other parts. At the stop lights he would always look over to you and smile. You would always blush and try to hide it. You guys arrived and you acted like a child running and laughing. Tyler had brought his camera saying he was gonna try and get some pictures. You guys got your tickets and decided to not get on the roller coasters because of Tyler’s camera. So you guys went to the Tea Cups first. You started spinning it as fast as you could, with Tyler’s help of course. You guys kept on laughing while spinning it. Soon you stopped because you felt like you were gonna throw up. You guys got off and Tyler had to hold you because you were so dizzy. He bought you some lemonade. You guys decided to eat, you had gotten a pizza and he had just gotten cheese fries. Every now and then you would steal his fries when he wasn’t looking. As you reached for one he turned back to look at you.

“HEY THOSE ARE MY FRIES!” He said. You just shoved it into your mouth and smiled.

“You’re lucky you’re cute.” He whispered thinking you wouldn’t hear him but you could. You smiled and he smiled back. So he took a bite of your pizza you gasped.

“Nooooo not my pizza.” You fake cried. Which resulted in you guys bursting into laughter. You guys walked around until you begged him if you guys could get on the Ferris Wheel. He was okay with it and you guys got in line. You have the man your guys’ tickets and you guys went in and sat down. Each of you on one side. He took out his camera and pointed it towards you.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

“Taking a picture of this beautiful view.” He said, you blushed. Gosh this boy loves making you blush. The ride went on and once it was over you guys got cotton candy afterwards. You guys shared one and you kept feeding pieces to him. He had his arm around you and you honestly didn’t mind it. You smiled while looking at him and he did the same. You guys got to his car and once again he opened the door for you. The ride home was pretty calming. You guys got to know more about each other and every now and then he would make you blush. You guys arrived at your house, again he opened your door and walked you up to your door.

“I had fun.” You both said at the same time. You guys bursted into laughter which soon died down.

“Hush honey they’ll hear you.”
“Is that her boyfriend?”
“Are they gonna kiss?”
You guys quickly looked to see your parents peeping threw the curtains. As soon as you saw them they ducked down.

“Oh my gosh they’re gonna attack me with questions!” You laughed. He chuckled.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he smiled and walked back to his car. Sighing you walked in preparing for the questions. Questions flew from all directions as soon as you walked in. You laughed and told them everything and you went back to your room and got ready for bed. Tyler had texted you saying goodnight and that he had fun. That night you definitely fell asleep with a smile on your face.

The next day you woke up and did your morning routine. You grabbed a light snack and headed off to school. You had taken your camera today seeing as you were going to sign up for Yearbook today. You met up with Tyler at his locker and soon this boy came up to Tyler. He pushed him up against his locker. Was this the boy Tyler had mentioned who always bothers him? I believe his name was Montgomery.

“Leave him alone!” You yelled at him. He stopped in his tracks and looked over. He scoffed once he saw you,

“What are you gonna do about it?” He said. You stuttered and just looked up at him. He yanked your camera and threw it to the floor. You looked to the floor to see pieces of your camera scattered all over the floor. You felt like crying, this was your most prized possession. Montgomery just smirked and said,
“That’s what I thought.” While laughing and walking away.

“I’m so sorry this happened you shouldn’t have said anything.” You looked at him but then he became blurry because of the tears.

“No please don’t cry.” He said even more sad. He hugged you and obviously you hugged back. You wiped your tears on his shirt but then apologized. He looked at you with sympathy.

“It’s fine I guess I can always get a new one.” But you knew that would take a long time because your family doesn’t have a lot of money so you always have to save up for whatever you want. He just hugged you again. The rest of school time you just spent extremely sad and quiet. At the end of the day, once again you found Tyler he gave you a ride home. During the car ride he kept trying to cheer you up. You didn’t want him to feel bad so you pretended to laugh and smile.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said while looking over at you, you just smiled and blushed like always.

-A Couple Months Later-

You and Tyler were going out today for your birthday. He said he was going to take you out for dinner and then you guys were gonna go somewhere that was a surprise. Your mom called you down saying that Tyler was here. Your parents
loved Tyler now, they called him your boyfriend even though he wasn’t, but you wished he was. You greeted Tyler and like always he opened the door for you.

“Happy Birthday Princess” Tyler had began to always call you cute nicknames like that. You smiled back at him, he reached toward the back of the car and took out a cute bear.

“OMG ITS SO CUTE!” You said in utter awe.

“Like you;)” He said which made you turn crimson red. He laughed and started driving. You guys got to the restaurant and once again you thanked him for taking you out for your birthday. You guys are the food which was amazing. Next was the surprise Tyler didn’t want to tell you about. You guys got to the car and for like the millionth time Tyler opened the door for you.

“Such a gentleman since day one.” You said letting out a small laugh.

“Always for you princess.” He turned on the radio and for the rest of drive you guys were just singing lyrics. Treasure by Bruno Mars came on you got so excited, you loved this song so much.


“YOURE WONDERFUL, FLAWLESS, OOH YOURE A SEXY LADY!” Tyler sang back while looking at you the entire time. You just kept laughing and sang back more bits of the song.

“TREASURE THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE! HONEY YOURE MY GOLDEN STAR!” He sang to you during a red light so he was able to cup your cheeks while saying that.

“PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, PRETTY GIRL, YOU SHOULD BE SMILING! A GIRL LIKE YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK SO BLUE. YOU’RE EVERYTHING I SEE IN MY DREAMS! I WOULDN’T SAY THAT TO YOU IF IT WASN’T TRUE!” He sang back. You just laughed and smiled whenever he sang to you. He made you so happy. The song ended and you were pretty sure Tyler had lost his voice because of how much he was yelling. You guys arrived by the lake. You smiled, Tyler remembered your love for the lake. You guys got out of the car and before you guys began walking toward the water he got something out of his trunk. It was a box neatly wrapped, you wondered to yourself what it could be. You guys say down near the water an she handed the box to you.

“Open it,” he said smiling. You grabbed it and started unwrapping it. Once you opened it you gasped. He had gotten you a new camera.

“Tyler! This must’ve cost you so much!” You said while hugging him.

“Eh I had some money saved, and it kinda was my fault yours broke.” You could kiss him right now, you wanted to. You kept on saying thank you so many times until he said.

“But wait there’s more.” Like those guys in commercials that are showing products. He took out this book that was under all the wrapping paper. You opened it, inside were pictures of you. The first one being the one he first took of you on the first day of school, other photos were once you never noticed him take. You looked up at him with the biggest smile.

“I love it!” You said, he just smiled back and looked at you with awe. You guys just say there enjoying each other’s company but soon it was time to return home. The drive back was more calm, you guys were both quiet but not to the point where it was awkward. Once you guys arrived to your house, he opened your door and handed you all the presents he had gotten you. You thanked him and he walked you to your door.

“Thank you so much for tonight, I had so much fun.” You smiled, and he said it wasn’t a big deal. You guys just stood there for a couple more seconds until he started leaning in. You leaned in as well and your guys’ lips connected. You had been wanting to do this for so long.

“HONEY LOOK THEYRE KISSING!” You heard your mom through the window, but you couldn’t care less. You guys disconnected your lips and looked at each other.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Tyler said.

“Me too” you said.

“So what are we now?” Your asked wanting him to ask you out right there.

“Um do you maybe wanna I don’t know be my girlfriend?” He asked nervously while scratching the back of his neck.

“Yes!” You said so happy. You kissed him again. You sensed a flash go off and you turned to see your mom taking a picture. You blushed and looked back at Tyler who was waving at your mom. You both laughed and soon your parents opened the door bombarding both of you guys with questions. Tyler came in to help you put your presents away and before he left. Your dad gave him the talk, Tyler looked scared shitless but he promised not to break my heart. He looked at me while saying that and I just blushed like always.
I’m sorry if this was trash or too long I’m new to this!

Alone Together

Relationships: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

Summary: You’re Tony Starks little sister who he’s extremely protective of. And he’s not the only one. But When Bucky Barnes comes to the tower, are you going to be able to listen to your brother and take his advice or are you going to do what you want?


“Y/n, I know you are old enough to make your own choices.. Where you buy your car from, getting your nails done. Even the.. take interest in. But sweetheart, does it have to be him?” He looks up at you, pausing his work to toss one of his tools into a bag.

You rolled your eyes, bitting the inside of your cheek. Thinking long and hard about your choice of words toward your brother. Tony crossed his arms rubbing his chin, awaiting your reply.

You knew this day would come.

“Tony.” You sighed sweetly, leaning on one of the tables, “My brother from another mother, you know I love you…” rounding his work area, you dragged a finger over the back of his shirt.

He pushed his safety googles up, raising a brow, “Ok. This can’t be good.”

“Let me finish… ” you raised your hands in front of you with your palms up, “I understand. Truely I do. I understand your hesitancy for me to be involved with him. Steves weird motherly intuition hovering about and Nat making sure I’m always armed as I go about my daily activities throughout the tower…”

“Good.” Tony reached his hand to pull down his glasses, “I’m glad you see it my-”


“And there it is.”

You placed a reassuring hand upon Tony’s. “I like Bucky, a lot actually. and I know what you say, it’s not some stupid crush.” Making air quotes, you rolled your eyes toward him. “Or whatever you old folks call it, ‘puppy love’?” Tony let out a boisterous laugh while you continued. “I’m serious. It’s more. You know.. how you feel for Pepper-”

“Hey now,” Tony pointed at you, “You’re getting ahead of yourself.” He walked past you, retrieving another tool. “No one feels for each other like we do, we’re.. well-” he blew out a bit of air making his lips flap.

“A CLASSIC. TIMELESS. I know!” You threw your hands in the air turning to follow him. “Historians will write poems of your love that will put Shakespeare’s earliest work to shame, and women will tell their children of it as bed time stories.” You placed your hands in your hips, unable to hide the smile gracing your face making Tony laugh as well. You had hoped to have a love one day that would come close to what Tony and Pepper have. Deep down you were praying it would be Bucky.

“Yeah…Damn right.” Tony beamed, crossing his arms against his chest proudly.

Sighing you kept a serious demeanor. “Please. Just give him a chance. Ok?”

“I have no problem about giving him a chance-”

“Oh thanks T. I’m glad we’ve had this talk and everything’s gotten out-”


“And there it is.” Taking a deep breath you met Tony’s eyes, bracing yourself for what would come next.

“You can do all the sweet talkin’ in the world, there’s gonna be no relations in my tower.”

“Wait.. what?” You crossed your arms, perusing your lips. “Tony you-”

He wagged an oil coated finger in your direction, “No little Winter- Starks running around while there is breath in my body.” turning heel Tony headed back toward his chair, feeling victorious.

“TONY!” Yelling you followed him around the lab, “I’m not saying…That’s not FAIR!”

“Uh uh.” He rolled his eyes turning around to face you, “I’m the only one that gets to doodle Pepper wherever I see fit. ”

Continuing to follow him, you felt your face redden. “You’re not MY dad ok?!”

He abruptly turned wide eyed facing you, your words catching him off guard, “It’s not like I’m some teen, I’m a grown ass woman! I too should be able to, as you so eloquently put it, 'doodle’ who ever I want.”

In that moment you felt like a child. Tony wasn’t your dad but the closest you ever had to having one. He had done a lot for you, and you had never known there was line until you had crossed it.

Gripping a chair and exhaling, Tony spoke, “Then do it y/n! Fuck 20 men, or women, ya know… if that’s your thing, I don’t judge. Just- just NOT him.” Tony took a deep breath looking you over, noticing the frown etched on your delicate features. “Barnes. He’s been through hell-Literally. I know you’ve heard him screaming at night. And I- I just don’t want you to have to deal with-”

“I can’t believe how childish you’re being.”

“Moi’?” Tony pointed toward himself, “You’ve gotta be joking.”

“Is this how everyone feels? Did you take a vote amongst the Avengers collective and picked the short straw so you get to tell me I can’t be with Bucky?!” Your voice squeaked, “And I get no say?! typical Stark fashion!”

Tony grunted focusing on his current tinkering obsession,“I’d hate to disappoint darling. Besides, deep down- you know I’m right.”

You huffed, leaning on his table.

“LOOK.” Tony groaned, “ I’ll admit, overall, he’s taken well to living here. Working with Sam for his PTSD, Steve- well, being the ever so clingy weird uncle, Nats informed me of his tactical control progress. Hell! Even Barton is singing his praises. ” he let his hands clap around.

“Wait” you smiled shaking your head. You couldn’t believe this.“Ok. So haven’t they convinced you enough?” The plea in your voice make Tony’s heart sink. There was no avoiding it, you were working his patience.

“That doesn’t mean you go jump the bones of EVERY SOLDIER with a sob story-” Tony looked up to you realizing what he had said in haste to resume his work. “Shit.”

Your mouth was agape at his harsh words, “Oh really?” You questioned, “Why don’t you tell me how you really feel?”

“Y/n, I-”

“This is about me and Rogers isn’t it?!” Your eyes began to water, damn. You told yourself you wouldn’t waste anymore tears on that man. Yet here you were at the mention of your past together and you are barely able to keep calm.

“No!” Tony spoke, quickly untangling himself from his current obsession. “Just. Ok. Time out.” He rested both of his hands on your shoulders.

“Yeah Stark, you don’t want to go there with me.” You spoke through gritted teeth.

“I know.” Tony exhaled, resting his forehead to yours, racking his brain to come up with anything to say to fix His remark. “That was completely out of line. Forgive-”

“Save it.” You forcefully pushed him away, “I’m going out..” Hurrying towards the lab exit, you heard a loud clang of tools hit the flawless white floor.

“HEY- ” Tony barked, chasing after you,“I told you from the start to let Steve handle Barnes. I gave you a DIRECT ORDER and you disobeyed. In a way, YOU bought this upon yourself.”

You took a step back as if his words slapped you in the face, “Really?! You’re ORDERING ME now?”

“YES. You’re the one being childish. ” Tony swallowed hard searching your eyes.

“Talk about an abuse of power.”

You shrugged reaching for the
Lab door handle. “We are family Tony, right? That authority shit may work at Ol Stark industries but not me.” You jerked the door back entering into the quite hall.

Tony hastily made his way towards the door before it shut fully, catching a glimpse of you before you turned the hall corner.


You stormed off an elevator, into the main lobby. Your hair bouncing off your shoulders, making your way towards Wandas wing. Rounding the corner you felt an arm grab you by your waist, yanking you into a vacant hall.

“Hey, what’s the big-”

Your voice cracked, releasing your knife, coming face to face with your boyfriend. The deadly, most feared winter soldier.. More like the worlds biggest teddy bear when it came to you.

“Hey doll. ”

“Shhh!” You straightened your clothes, looking around, “You have to be careful. You know Tony has cameras all around this place!”
Finding the area clear you relaxed into his touch, resting your head upon his shoulder. “where are you headed?”

Bucky adjusted himself to see your face, “To find you Ofcourse…” his smile faltered noticing your dampened cheeks, “Someone’s been talking to Stark I see.” Your eyes were glossy while fresh tears clung to your lashes.

“Bucky, he treats me like a child,” you played with the material of his shirt. “ I feel like even if we tell him about us that he won’t even give you a chance.”

“Stark is ..well, your brother. I don’t want to speak ill of him because of that, but in a weird way, he’s trying to make sure you’re safe.” Bucky pushed a few loose strands of hair that clung to the side of your face. “I understand where he’s coming from. Maybe he’ll turn around, hopefully.”

“Yeah, you don’t know a Stark if you think that.”

Bucky leaned over you, resting his arm against the wall. He sightly shook his head, “Don’t get all worked up, once Tony sees how much I love you..”

“What?” Your expression faltered when he met your eyes.

“I…I love you, Y/n. And I think when he realizes that-”

You pulled him close, cutting his sentence short. Holding him captive within your kiss. He inched you both around a door frame, roughly slamming the door behind him.
You giggled excitedly breaking away from him, his embrace tight around your lower back kept you in place.

“Doll. I. Don’t want to make you feel like-”

“Like what? I want this with you Buck. So bad.”

“So have I, but Tony…He won’t be happy about this.”

“I don’t care how he or even the others will feel. It can even be our secret. No one has to know.”

Bucky embraced you tighly against his body, you were growing hot with desire, feeling his hands wander over you, he untucked your shirt, resting his hands on your hips he groaned into your mouth.
You smiled, yanking the buttons from his shirt-
“Hey. You bough that shirt for me, it’s my favorite.”</p>

“I’ll sew them back on.”

“You can’t sew worth a damn babe.”

“Then I’ll buy you another!” You ran your fingers through his long, chocolate colored hair, wrinkling your nose when the strands tickled your face. His fingers trailed across your stomach to gently cup your breast, squeezing your nipple, drawing a quick breath from you.
“Someone likes that.”

You pushed Bucky against the wall now, shrugging off your shirt, he followed suit yanking his belt and pushing his pants down. He pulled you against him once more, moving a finger into your wet folds.


He shifted exchanging places with you. Pushing you up against the wall, he tugged your pants around your hips, leaning forward he continued kissing and nipping at your flesh on your neck, swirling his wet fingers around your nub.

“God Bucky.”

“Just Bucky is fine.”

“Stop being a smug ass and show me what you’ve got.”


“Who knew our first time would be in an random office?” You snickered, tossing Bucky his shirt. You watched the muscles flex under his smooth skin.

“Well when the occasion arises.. ” Bucky spoke with a smirk, meeting your eyes. “And here I thought you liked surprises.” He walked over, handing you your boots planting a kiss on your lips You blushed,
“How long have we been gone before they send a search party out for us?”

“By they you mean big brother?”

“Please we are completely out numbered.”

“No! It’s all of them? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been dong everything and I mean everything to earn their trust.”

“They trust you Buck, just- Tony he, he’s been betrayed so much. It’s just difficult for him, give him time.”

“If You say so.”

You left a chastened kiss on Buckys lips when you heard something drop from the ceiling.


“Hey! I was going to ask if you kissed your brother with that mouth then realized how bad that sounded.”
He coughed, handing you your bra,
“Y/n you forgot this.”

You stormed up to him snatching your bra, you pinched his elbow.

“Oh uncle,UNCLE! Geez woman!”

“Don’t woman me! What are you doing here?

"Please you know why I’m here. Hey Barnes.”


“NO! NO PLEASANTRIES! Tony sent you didn’t he?”

“Well you’re not wrong. Actually, they all sent me. Your tracker led to this room and since it’s locked…”

“Wha- a tracker? Tony put a tracker On me?!”

“I know. You two really need to work on your Communication and the trust issues you two have, man! Unbelievable!”

Bucky huffed, walking up behind you, “That’s one word to describe all this.” You turned clutching Buckys hand tightly, swiftly making your way to the conference room, pulling him closely behind you.

“Doll calm down. ” Buckys voice echoed in the hall along with the sound of your boots hitting the thinly carpeted floor. “You know Starks just protective of you. ”

“Protective is one way of putting it.”
Pushing the large, metal door aside with such force, Maria Hill jumped in her seat. You stomped into the conference room with Bucky trailing behind. “LISTEN UP because I will not be repeating myself.”

Oh shit.“

"Y/n I don’t think this is the best time to do this-”

“Bucky Barnes right here, is my boyfriend,”


“And we just had sex and it was awesome.”

“You did what?!”

“And we are going to have sex, multiple times, because we are together.”

“Fucking Christ.”

“And there is nothing that any of you can do about it because he loves me.”

“He loves you?!”

“You love her?!”

“I do.”

“Let me up, I’m gonna kill him!”

“This is just too good.”

“Well, that was a riveting speech there Miss Stark but as you know, the conference room is no place for your relationship gossip or family disputes.” Your turned immediately becoming overwhelmed with the need to disappear seeing Fury push himself up from the side wall. You quickly let Bucky’s hand drop and averted your gaze to the floor.
“Apologies director.”

“Now besides Mr. Barnes and Miss Stark, can anyone brief me on the events of the mission from earlier this week?”


“What has gotten into you Y/n?”

“Nat, let it be.”

“No! I care for you, your like my sister. Barnes.. yes ..he’s improved, dramatically but.”

“You’re telling me you couldn’t have waited a year or twenty, Y/n?! damn it!”

“T, I love him!”

“You’re just a child! You don’t know what that entails!”

“What?! Fuck you!”

“Y/n, wait..I’m not saying don’t be with him.”

“Oh really? That’s new.”

“I’m just saying he’s still healing and I just think-”

“Think what, Steve? I don’t have all day.”

“I think he’s a rebound, that you both are using one other as a crutch.”

“Wow Steve, tell me how you really feel.”

“Fuck doll! how do you expect me to feel? my best girl-”

“Umm…try that again? Your ex best girl.”

“I just think you’re still hurting..from us.”

“Mighty full of ourselves now aren’t we?”

You waved Steve off quickly headed towards your room before tears threatened to fall. You heard your door creek open revealing Bucky nearing you. Leaning into him, he surrounded you with his warmth.

“They all don’t get it. ”

“Well declaring our activities to them wasn’t really the best way to go.”

“I know. I’m so sorry Buck.”

“Don’t apologize, I’m sorry I didn’t know they’d all swarm around you when I was meeting with Fury. I should have been there. What we do is none of their goddamn business!” His arm hissed and whirled beside yours. “Don’t worry about them, alright?”

You rubbed your eyes finding comfort in his enbrace.

“You know what?”


“I love you Y/n Stark,”

“And I love you.”

“Then that’s all we need now won’t we?”

Never date a singer!

So, my loves… this one is inspired by Shawn’s performance at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Hull, England. Hope you enjoy!

“Never date a singer. Or an actress.”

“But whatever happens, Shawn, don’t fall for a singer!”

Shawn has been used to do what his management told him.

Do that photoshoot!

Go on that TV show!

Smile for the cameras, Shawn! Yes, beautiful!

But when it came to his dating life, he didn’t accept any intrusions. Not from his friends, and surely not from his management.

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Cookies (Youtuber!Taehyung)

Plot: Youtuber!Taehyung baking cookies with his daughter

Word Count: 1233

A/N: so ik I’m supposed to write werewolf!Tae, I really genuinely meant to and I will tonight I promise tomorrow, it’ll be out but this past hour or two, I’ve just been swimming in father!Tae feels and this exact scenario was playing in my head and I had to write it or it was gonna make me scream from being so fucking cute sounding, this got pretty long bc it’s been stuck in my head for a good few hours, the links for this post are youtuber!Taehyung (here) and father!Taehyung (all of the father related posts are here)

He wasn’t expecting his video to turn out like this. What had started as him trying to film a video on him attempting to cook lunch had somehow turned into him baking cookies with his daughter. He had gone to the store especially for the video, buying all the ingredients for his lunch, only to have to go back to the store and buy ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. He had gotten dressed just for the video, ending up switching his jeans and button up shirt for baggy plaid pajama pants and an old t-shirt because his daughter had wanted to wear matching outfits.

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My very first Gerard x reader… oh boy…

Prompt: Imagine being a background dancer in the Helena music video and catch a certain someone’s eye…

Warning: Fluff. Tons of it.


I sighed, looking up from the floor I was sprawled out on.

That was the fourth run we’ve had in the last fifteen minutes and I clearly wasn’t the only dancer annoyed at this. It was hard enough to learn the moves and dance perfectly in sync with one another, but to to it in these costumes? Really?

I will admit, I did look somewhat flattering in the sleek black dress they had put me in and it was certainly cool to be working with a band that I relatively enjoyed but it didn’t make me any less desperate to just finish up this damn shot.

Suddenly Andrew, one of the other dancers, called out, “Can’t we take five?”

A chorus of agreeable murmurs came from the other dancers, myself included.

Marc, the director, wasn’t actually that bad of a guy. He knew that most of us were tired and got little sleep last night so he was fairly lenient.

“Alright… fine. Take five”

I stood up and walked back over to my chair, happy to have at least a few minutes of rest. After plopping down in the chair at the corner of the church I flattened out my dress, taking several sips from my water bottle.

Then I caught a glimpse of messy dark hair in the corner of my eye.

Looking towards the center of the room I spotted the lead singer of the band we were filming. Gerard Way.

I had listened to some of My Chemical Romance’s music once I actually landed this job. It looked fairly interesting and their album was actually pretty incredible. It wouldn’t surprise me if they got seriously popular over the next few years.

But one thing that caught my eye in person was the lead singer, Gerard.

He was, to be honest, pretty fucking hot. With his dark hair that constantly got in his deep brown eyes, it was no wonder people were attracted to him. I was not exempt from this.

Sadly I knew that the closest I would get to him would be later today while we filmed the scene of him singing with the dancers in the background. And I sure as hell would enjoy it but there was no way I could actually talk to him.

He must’ve felt eyes watching him because he turned around and for a brief moment we were staring directly towards each other. I felt my face heat up and quickly looked away, pretending to be engrossed in something else entirely.

He saw me… didn’t he? Shit I must look like some creepy stalker… dammit Y/N, this is why you’re single…

Who was that?

The dancer looked away from be but I couldn’t stop staring, a bit distracted by who she was. Only when Marc snapped his fingers did I spin around.

“Gerard? Are you even paying attention?” Marc huffed, crossing his arms. I nervously tucked my hair behind my ear, “Not really…” I admitted.

Frank snorted and looked at me cheekily, “Pretty girls were always your downfall, man” I rolled my eyes and tucked my hands back in my pockets, determined to actually pay attention to what Marc was saying.

The director shook his head, “Can’t you two at least try to act professional?”

Frank laughed lightly, “Sorry Marc, you were saying?”

“I said that during the next take you have to be careful not to move to much, try to stay in one place. The number the dancers are doing is a bit all over the place and we can’t have anyone getting hurt” He finished, looking at me specifically.

“So… What would happen if someone was to get hurt?” I asked. Marc uncrossed his arms and gave me one of those scary-serious-director looks. “We only have a week checked out for this place. If a dancer, let’s say… broke their foot? We would have to find a new dancers, teach them the number, and reshoot everything in six days"

I wolf whistled at his rant, “So… pretty bad”

“Yeah. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go finish up that number with the dancers. Once we’re done it’ll be the chorus scene. Don’t screw this up…” Marc muttered darkly before walking back to the center of the set.

Frank shoved me, a smile playing at his lips, “He has a point. You especially have the issue of walking everywhere during the shoot”

I raised my hands in defense, “I swear, you guys treat me like I’m seven. If Marc said that I shouldn’t move around during the take I won’t fucking move during the take”

“Alright guys, that was perfect! I’ll give you a few minutes to rest up then we’ll finish up the last scene of the day” Marc clapped, happy that we had finally managed to land the cut after a solid thirty minutes of failed attempts.

We all let out a unanimous cry of relief, wobbling to our chairs and routinely drinking almost an entire bottle of water.

Just as I was about to pull out my book and maybe breeze through a few pages before the next shoot, a voice shook me from my stupor.

“Hey there” Said a familiar, yet very unknown voice.

Turning to my right I was shocked to find none other than Gerard Way standing at my chair.

“I… Well I kinda wanted to let you know that you were pretty awesome. The dance, I mean” A feint blush tinged his cheeks and I could finally get a close look at his face.

When I noticed that he was fairly hot on screen or twenty feet away paled in comparison to the reality of the singer and I was suddenly lost for words.

“Thanks. You’re amazing too. Your voice is really… really good” I mentally kicked myself for sounding so winded and immediately thought of what to say next. Even if I would never get the chance to talk to Gerard ever again I still didn’t want to embarrass myself.

He cleared his throat before speaking, “So what’s your name?”

“Y/N,” Dammit I probably said that too fast, “And I obviously know what yours is”

He smiled and I could feel my heart melting just a little bit faster. Goddammit, it’s not fair for him to have a perfect smile. Gerard grabbed the armrest of the chair behind him and scooted it closer, taking a seat beside me.

“Y/N is a really nice name…” He sounded so incredibly awkward and I couldn’t help but want to try and strike up a normal conversation with him. If not only to deflate the thick tension between us.

Gerard shifted in his seat, “Hey, would you maybe want to-” He was cut off by Marc who was making an announcement.

“Alright guys! Last shoot of the night, line up!” I cursed my luck and wished I could’ve gotten a few more minutes with Gerard but it was sadly shortened.

“Dammit…” Gerard murmured before looking towards me one last time, “We can keep talking after the take, alright?”

I had no idea how to respond to that so I just said, “Sure” I didn’t know what he wanted form me or why he even wanted to chat with me. He didn’t look like he was playing the whole ‘I’m a rockstar so sleep with me’ card and even if he was there are tons of better catches in this crew. So what was it?


I twisted my body in the way Jim described, trying to act like I was reaching out for Helena’s coffin. It felt oddly correct in some weird way, like I was really in tune with the music playing from the boombox. Eventually I was working off of only muscle memory.

Then I was finally able to turn my body towards Gerard, who was singing the song he wrote with the band.

I was taken aback from the glances at his movements. He looked like he wasn’t even acting, or even singing. He was genuinely at this girl’s wake, pouring out his feelings to the camera. It was stunning. He was just so undeniably passionate that I forgot to move back at my que. Before I knew it Gerard had moved back towards the dancers and the heavy sole of his shoe had stomped on my hand.

I let out a scream and my other hand flew to my wrist, trying to pull the fingers from the ground.

The music still played in the background but Gerard had stopped singing, instantly springing off of my hand with an expression of fear on his face.

“Cut! CUT! Goddammit Gerard!” Marc cried from the side.

I could barely hear anything as I clutched my throbbing fingers, watery tears clouding at the corners of my eyes. I felt hands clutch my shoulders and I only now realized that they were Gerard’s.

“Hey, are you okay? Jesus, I’m so sorry…” He frantically looked down from my blistering fingers to my face and I couldn’t help but get lost inside his deep brown eyes once again.

“N-No… It’s fine, they’re fine…” In reality my fingers felt like they were on fucking fire. When Gerard was moving to his second que he was instructed to just walk back. But Gerard being as passionate as he is, had chosen to stomp down, crushing my digits.

He shook his head, looking back at the crowd of onlooking staff, “Can we get a medic here please!?”

The crew seemingly broke out of their shock, scrambling around to reverse the music and get everything set back up. In the confusion Gerard managed to look back to me and say, “Are you okay? Where does it hurt?”

I shakily held out my hand towards him, “M-My hand…” 

“Shit…” He whispered, taking my hand in his, carefully inspecting the reddening flesh.

By this time Marc had marched over to us, looking both angry and confused at the same time.

“What the hell was that? I thought I told you not to move!” He shouted towards Gerard, completely ignoring me.

“Actually sir… I think it-” Just as I was about to confess to being the one who forgot to move, Gerard stepped in.

“It was my fault, I know… I’ll take responsibility” He said with a knowing glance in his eye. Something that said ‘I’ve got this’

Upon his silent request I kept quiet, focusing only on the intensity of his eyes.

Marc growled, “Dammit… L/N, are you alright?” He asked, looking down at me with a slightly more sympathetic glaze in his eyes.

I nodded with clenched teeth, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Gerard, who looked really guilty about the whole thing, “I’m okay. It just hurts… We can do the shot again in five, ‘kay?”

Marc sighed, looking like he wanted to disagree with me. He obviously knew that my hand hurt and didn’t want to injure it further. But then again there was the issue of time and money and needing to get the scenes done on time. Eventually he agreed.

“Alright… fine. But we’re going to be changing up the ques so that way something like this doesn’t happen again” He said with his eyes narrowed angrily at Gerard.

He had called for some time to talk with Michael, while a medic ushered me over to a chair, Gerard not far behind.

The medic let out a hum, gently turning my fingers to get a better look at them. Finally she said, “I don’t think you’ve broken anything, thank God, but I wouldn’t recommend moving them too much”

I scoffed, “You did see the scene we’re doing, right? Hand movement is kind of required”

The medic pursed her lips, “Well perhaps you should miss this scene then”

“Not happening” I said firmly. No matter what I wanted to do this scene. I wanted to be able to look at the finished product and say that yes, I was in fact a dancer in this music video.

Gerard cleared his throat from the sideline, getting our attention.

“Maggie, can I have a minute with Y/N please?” The medic, who’s name I now know is Maggie, huffed and promptly strutted away.

Once she had gone Gerard visibly deflated, taking the seat Maggie was previously sitting in. “I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to do this” Said Gerard while he looked down at his hands. Shaking my head, I immediately cut in, “Come on, this is my fault and you know it. I was supposed to move back on time and I forgot to, plain and simple”

His guilt was replaced with confusion, raising an eyebrow towards me. “Why didn’t you move?”

At his question I began to blush, the memories before I got hurt still fresh in my mind. “I guess I was… watching you…” I said slowly, as if I had to force the words from my mouth.

“Me?” For some reason I felt incredibly uncomfortable in that moment, wishing to disappear from the conversation/

“Well… Yeah. You were really amazing, Gerard” The singer looked shocked, as if he hadn’t ever heard the compliment before.

He laughed lightly, “Thanks… Hey, would you maybe like to get a coffee later? I’ve never really had Los Angeles drinks before”

The smile returned to my face, “Never been to California?”

“Nope. I grew up in Jersey, myself” He said with a homesick grin.

“New Jersey, huh? What was that like?” I said, genuinely curious.

The dark haired singer anxiously looked at me again, “You still haven’t answered my question”

Oh right. Coffee, “Sure! I mean, just as long as you don’t accidentally spill coffee on my hand”


But how was it? Personally it was a lot of fun to write and I can’t wait to do more for Gerard but if anybody has any other requests I’m open for ideas!

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Change - Dean Winchester

Summary ;; in which y/n’s life was lost and dean can’t move on with his life, not without her.

Warnings ;; mentions of character death, sad dean, angst

Words ;; 1.6k

Published ;; 7th may, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🦉

Dean wasn’t always like this. Well, not when you were around to keep him from slipping or to ensure that he was being the best version of himself that he could be.

He used to wake up with the glint of a smile on his lips, the unfamiliar but pleasant feeling of happiness swelling in his chest when you slept soundly by his side. He used to wrap his arms around your dainty waist and bring your body closer to himself, his protective side was always showing - no matter how much he knew that you could look after yourself.

His fingers used to instinctively come up and gently push a stray hair that had fallen from the messy bun on top of your head behind your ear that was peppered with various small piercings. He used to trace random, tender patterns on your skin, the pads of his fingers running over your features ever so faintly.

After a particularly bad hunt or a haunting anniversary from your rough past, you used to twist and turn under the covers, pained whimpers of terror falling from your agape mouth. Dean was always there, shaking you lightly and calling your name from where he leant worryingly over your sleeping figure.

You used to shoot up, gasping pants escaping past your lips and hot, heavy tears making their trek down your rosy cheeks. He used to hold you tightly in his arms as you cried. “I’m here; I’ve got you.” He hated how plagued your mind was; you didn’t deserve the shit that you had been through. But, he stuck by you, nevertheless. Just like you had done to him.

And when you were able to sleep dreamlessly, he used to feel so glad. He thought you were beautiful when you slept. Well, he thought you were beautiful whenever and wherever - without a shadow of a doubt. But, when you slept without the burden of your night terrors, he couldn’t help but fall in love with you all over again.

The way your eyelashes rested delicately on the tops of your flushed cheeks, soft breaths falling from your smooth lips and your arm casually slung over his waist as you nestled your face in the solace and safety of his chest or the crook of his neck. The way that your body cuddled up to his despite Dean’s incessant growling that “Dean Winchester does not cuddle.” You and him both knew that was a lie - Dean Winchester loved to cuddle as much as the next guy, especially when it was you that he was cuddling.

However, he thought that the best part was always when your eyes slowly fluttered open, exposing the deep (y/e/c) colour that he used to often find himself getting lost in whenever your eyes met. “Good morning,” His breath getting caught in his throat as you would gaze up at him with your big, doe eyes, a soft smile appearing on your lips even at the brink of the early morning.

You said it more often that Dean did, but you didn’t mind. Those three words that Dean was so scared to say were shown through his actions and his words. Like the way that he would always have you with him whenever you, him and Sam had to split up on a hunt.

“(Y/N), you stay with me.”

Or the way that he would always have his eyes on you and only you - even before the two of you had gotten together, he wasn’t interested in any other woman; it was always you.

“I think I’ll stay in tonight - do research with (Y/N/N) instead.”

It was shown in the way that the two of you argued, when he was adamant to throw himself in the line of fire to save either you or Sam, or when you had gotten hurt on a hunt. In the end, you both knew that those arguments happened because you both care. Because you both love each other.

“You need to be more careful, dammit! I could’ve lost you tonight and I can’t- I just can’t… I can’t lose you, (Y/N). Not you.”

And even though he knew that you knew he loved you, he now knows that he should have said those three words more often than not.

Because you had been taken from this harsh world. One, simple hunt gone horribly wrong. You’d been snatched from life too early and no one had been ready for it – Dean especially; he had lain with you when you choked out the words “I love you.” He’d kept shaking his head, burning tears tumbling down his cheeks and denial running through his veins as he stared at the girl he loved with his whole being. “It’s okay,” You had told him, your voice a broken whisper. Then, your shaking hold on his hand loosened and your body fell limp in his shaking arms.

He hadn’t been the same since.

Now, he wakes up and is immediately reminded that he’s lost you as he stares solemnly at the empty side of the bed that you once slept in; the void of your presence is always haunting him. Cas, Sam, Jody, anybody they had made acquaintances with had phoned or had come and gone through the bunker - repeatedly telling him they’re sorry, that you shouldn’t have died, that you were an amazing hunter and person in general. Dean didn’t need to be told this. He knew this; he knew this better than anyone.

His green iris’ settle on the photograph that he pulled from its permanent place, tucked nicely in his wallet; it was a picture of the two of you, leaning against the Impala which was parked in a layby on the side of some dusty road, the sun shining down and illuminating the both of you with its warm rays.

Your hair was up in a messy ponytail and you were clumsily holding a beer bottle in your hand as you laughed at something that Dean couldn’t even remember. Your head was thrown back with joy and the happiness was radiating from you and him. Dean’s eyes were focused on you, a wide, elated smile instead of his usual, cocky smirk on his lips as he peered down at you lovingly.

There had been many photos taken that day; Sam had found a disposable camera and had been snapping shots at any opportunity given, but, Dean liked that one the most and so he asked for it to be developed. He thought you looked absolutely and breathtakingly beautiful. He’d never told you that he had done it, though, or that he kept it safely hidden in his wallet at all times.

Looking at the slightly crumpled and discoloured photo, he’s struck with the dreaded realisation that he should’ve said those three words that seemed to always bring him bad luck and anguish. He should’ve allowed himself to love you further. You gave your full self to him and he only ever gave a little back, and that’s his greatest regret of all time.

He was scared to admit his love for you, even though he adored the absolute crap out of you and you were the best thing to ever waltz into his damaged and deranged life, but you were now void of life, nevertheless. His often declaration of love to you or his decision to never speak those words instead wouldn’t have changed the dreaded outcome.

This fucking sucks, he concludes sadly to himself. He wants to see that smile again as you sing obnoxiously loudly to the blaring rock music playing from Baby’s radio.

“Your singing is shit - don’t stop.”

He wants to hear your laugh again as you watch the brothers bicker stupidly over nothing in particular or when you catch Dean watching Dr Sexy MD on the motel’s tv.

“What the hell are you watching?!”

He wants to hold you in his arms again like how he used to when you or him were having a bad day.

“C’mere, baby.”

He wants to feel you again like before, when Sam left to do research and you had the bunker or the motel room to yourselves.

“Don’t smirk at me like that, Winchester.”

He wants you back here, with him.

You wouldn’t have wanted him to stay inside all day and sit with his toxic thoughts, he knows that. But as he continues to peer at the photograph that’s held in his shaky hands, memories whirling around in his messy mind; his throat starts to burn and he feels the tears settling on his waterline, ready to cascade. His head pounds profusely as he chokes out a sob.

People say that change is good, Sam had told him that multiple times; he said that a little change is always needed. But, he couldn’t disagree more as he sits in your shared bed, his heart feeling heavier than ever. The bunker is eerily silent; the sound of your contagious and joyous laughter is missing.

And yet again, he’s reminded; you’re gone.



Music Series: How I Know by Rusty Clanton

Oh my goodness! You don’t even want to know how in love with this song I am right now!

Thank you to the Anon who sent me this request! I had never heard this song, never heard of Rusty, but now, after listening to the song, going over the lyrics, and watching the Youtube video, I totally want to be friends with him! How frickin’ adorable is this song?!

Here is my little story for this sweet little love song called, “How I Know” by Rusty Clanton, which you can NOW find on my Spotify playlist called I Love You Long Time right HERE!

Mwah to you, Anon!




I can tell you’re mine.

Just like a bell the lines all around your nose ring out to me when I get closer.

Here’s how I know I’m yours:

If I’m a shell I’m shore you would be the sea, always within reach to wash on over.

“Hurry! Come sit, love!” Harry hollers into the kitchen to you from the living room.

You quickly walk in, holding a large bowl of popcorn, handing a bottle of water to Harry and sitting next to him.

“I had to wee, sorry. What are we watching?” you ask, ready for your weekly movie night with the man you love.

“It’s a surprise tonight!” he says with a huge smile. “Something I picked out especially for you.”

“Hmm,” you think. “I’m guessing a rom-com,” you giggle. “No complaints, love them!”

“Yes, it is definitely a rom-com!” Harry laughs. “A rom-com like you’ve never seen, I think.”

“Excellent!” you say, setting the bowl of popcorn between the two of you, only for Harry to pick it up, scoot closely to you so that your bodies are meshed together on the sofa, and setting the bowl on his thigh.

“Ready?” he smiles.

“Ready!” you return with a smile to him, accepting the kiss he offers to your lips.

And you don’t have to speak a word to me.

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

As Harry pushed the play button on the remote, he watches your face to see your reaction to his choice. You look at the large screen of the tv hanging over the fireplace, and gasp happily as you see video of the two of you, playing in the snow from your last winter holiday. Living only part of the year in England, and part of the year at the other homes you shared with Harry, you had loved this holiday in particular, spending time with Harry’s family during a big snow.

“Where did you get this?” you exclaim questioningly.

“Had mum send it to me,” Harry said. “Been so fuckin’ hot here in LA lately that I thought we could use a little winter.”

Harry moved his arm behind you and pulled you against his side, kissing your cheek.

“We had loads of fun that holiday, didn’t we, love?” Harry asked, as you kept smiling at the movie. “Getting snowed-in was never so fun as it was then!”

You both laugh, watching the snowball fight you, Harry, and his family had had that day, and the snow town you built with several snow people around.

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

You look at Harry as the movie switches to the trip you took together for a long-weekend getaway. The TV projects Harry’s own home movie he had taken from the balcony of your private beach house, the ocean in the background as he scans your bikini-clad body up and down, giggling on the film, followed by his giggling next to you.

“Harry!” you shout and laugh.

“For posterity, babe!” he laughs. “Need our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren someday to see how beautiful you’ve always been.”

You watch as Harry’s video zooms in on your ass then moves upward to your breasts.

“Going to share this with our babies, are you?” you ask with a hiked brow.

“Well, maybe not that part,” Harry giggles, his hand moving up and down your side. “Can’t have them thinkin’ their dad and grandad is a sex-driven perv, now can I?”

“But you are a sex-driven perv,” you tease.

“Only for you, baby,” he says, a kiss planted below your ear. “Only for you.”

It’s how all your words sound right.

Every hello goodnight sings me off to sleep

and puts me on my feet when it comes morning.

And if it’s love I’m in I’d much rather sink than swim.

I’m over board. I might be far from shore but my heart’s soarin.

As you step out of the washroom after getting ready for bed, you start to walk to the bed, where you see Harry lying, recording your every move into his phone.

“Harry…” you scold, but with love. “What are you doing now?”

“You’re so beautiful, baby, and I love you so much,” he says sweetly. “Just want to keep as much of you as I can for the future. It’s why I pester the shit out of you, taking photos and videos of you all the time. Have to preserve you so I can always have something to look at when you’re not around me. Reason to sit on the sofa next to you with my arm around you, watching together, for years to come.”

You smile at him, sitting next to him, then kissing him sweetly.

“Alright then,” you say with teary eyes. “Let me have the camera a minute.”

“What? Why?” he says, not wanting to relinquish it to you.

“Because I have a moment for posterity for you,” you say. “Hand it over.”

Harry giggles as you turn the camera on him.

“So what is it then?” Harry asks, looking into the camera and making a silly face. “What’s so important that you need to get my ugly mug on video?”

“Your gorgeous mug…is going to be a daddy!” you say excitedly, as you watch his face go from possible misunderstanding, to confusion, then from shock to excitement, and finally tears.

“I’m gonna…be a dad?” he asks you, his hands reaching for you as the camera view becomes a crazy mess of ceiling, picture on the wall, and Harry’s hair, as he holds you tightly. “Oh my god! I’m goin’ to be a daddy! Oh, I love you, baby! Thank you!”

Harry kisses you, laying you on your back with him over you, then grabs the phone from your hand, focusing it on him kissing you, then the two of you looking into the camera as he speaks.

“And this, my beautiful babies and grandbabies, is where you all started.”

No you don’t have to speak a word to me

I already think I know… (ooh-ooh)

I feel it in the way you wrap around me.

I know it when you’re running down my spine.

It’s how you always let me know I still belong to you.

That’s how I know you’re mine.

Is It Arranged Love? Chanyeol x Reader [Requested] Pt. 1

By: Gen

Word Count: 3344

Genre: Fluff

Request: Female reader x Chanyeol or Baekhyun where in you are an international idol and you were paired to them in We Got Married and ends up falling for you. A little fluffy in the end if it’s okay. Thanks!

A/N: I got you fam!! Sorry for the long wait. Lots of research and switch up of writers… Here it is!! Part 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Originally posted by chanshine

Chanyeol POV:

My legs shivered as they came in contact with the cold bench. I made sure to have a content look on my face at all times. It would be on broadcast soon, many fans are already angry when they found out I was gonna be on the show, We Got Married.

I fiddled my fingers, thinking of the mystery girl I am supposed to be married to. Well, at least in the show.

“I hope she’s nice…and beautiful,” I remember admitting in the interview, “I hope she can take care of herself, but at times I can be the one to care for her,” I shared.

Waiting for the camera crew to get ready, a man brought me a box. I muttered a quick ‘thank you’ and curled my linen-covered fingers around the edge of the box cap. As I started to pull it up, a makeup artist almost screamed. I look up with panic, she bows and apologizes, realizing that she had caused a scene in the small park.

“You can’t open it until we film, Chanyeol,” she voiced.

“O-ok…” damn, why am I so awkward, I think to myself. I let the box go and put it to the side of me. I clasped my hands together, attempting to avoid looking in the box.

“Okay,” the director says, “let’s get this started.” I stand up. I brush the imaginary dust off of my coat.

“ACTION,” yells the director. A big grin shines on my face. I have to present myself well to my fans.

“Oh, I’m so nervous,” I say, honestly. I hear my stomach growl faintly, but it seems like the entire film crew could tell I was hungry.

“Maybe once I meet my wife, we can go get something to eat,” I anticipated.

I shuffled around quietly, trying to figure out what to do.

“Chanyeol-shi,” whispered the same makeup artist, “get the box.”

A box? Oh! The box!! I remember. I pick it up and finally get to lift the red covering off. In the box was an iPhone, a red scarf, and a tiny note with a poem:

'Use the tech
to find me
as I am the one with the freezing neck’

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Tsukista TV Ep 5 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Washio Shuuto, who plays You, and Tani Yoshiki, who plays Yoru. Read under the cut for the summary, screencaps, and gifs! I have to say, I knew Tani was the type of person who goofs off, but this episode really exemplified that to an even greater extent. Shuuto is also a precious cinnamon roll who puts up with Tani’s antics all the time. You’re always welcome to correct me on anything or ask me stuff if my writing isn’t clear! (Side note: next week’s Ep 6 notes will be delayed due to my final exams, but Ep 1 will be posted shortly after the Ep 6 notes.)

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Love Is An Open English Book

Youngjae (Got7) x Reader

-by Admin Bee

A/N: Thank you to another lovely requester for this prompt. This one was a lot of fun to write, even if it meant listening to the Frozen soundtrack over and over and over and over and over again. Bonus ahgase points if you knew Youngjae’s favorite movie was Frozen. A quick note, the admins’ school finals are coming up in a couple of weeks, so we’d like to apologize in advance if the posting schedule gets a little messed up~ We’re also accepting video and photo submissions as prompts now, so send in those requests!

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RFA + V + Unknown: Cuddling scenarios

(Very mild spoilers for Jumin and Unknown and mild spoilers for Seven)


  • You’re both in a field, somewhere he claims hes been hiding from you for a long time and he wanted to surprise you tonight because it was a ‘special night’
  • You’re pretty sure its just because he wanted to ride his bike but
  •  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who’s asking
  • He brought along a whole picnic too and you cant help but be impressed
  • Even if its just store bought food and goldfish bread but still
  • Cmon with that loving smile he could feed you insects and you’d still willingly eat it
  • You’re lying down next to each other, your head on his chest as you both look up at the sky, or so you thought
  • Hes staring at you, but you’re too lost in the stars to even realize
  • He probably does the “the view is great thing” while looking straight at you lets be honest here
  • But honestly though, how did he get so lucky with you?
  • You smell like strawberries and marshmallows and your eyes are so bright and alive and your lips are so pink and look so soft and
  • Oh whoops hes hugging you
  • You burst into giggles and he swears that his heart stops for a second because your laughter is the best sound hes ever heard and he would give up acting in a second if he could hear it for even one more second.
  • So he decides to continue hearing it, and tickles you
  • Zen you little shit
  • After you regain your breath again, you look at him once more only to find him staring at you with the most adoring look
  •  And that’s when you know you found the one


  • Of course hes playing LOLOL
  • Look is anyone really surprised?
  • And normally you’d play with him but you stopped because somEONE (COUGHS YOUR OWN TEAM MEMBER) DIDN’T LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTIONS WHEN YOU CLEARLY SAW THE ENEMY TEAM AND KNEW WHATS UP  you just didn’t feel like playing anymore uwu
  • You’re craving cuddles but hes playing the game which basically means hes not sleeping for a few more hours smh this nerd
  • But you’re persistent, and before you know it you’re pulling his chair away slightly before just plopping down onto his lap
  • Oh hi there
  • He blushes and smiles at you
  • “hey ther-WA TCH OUT FOR THE ENEMY”
  • You roll your eyes at him playfully but you also snuggle in
  • To your surprise he turns off his microphone???
  • Hes still playing tho but hey turning off his microphone is a big step ok
  • He smells fruity with a tinge of detergent to your relief because you love him but spending a long amount of time at the computer does not normally make people smell good, but he also smells like-
  • “yoosung?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “why do you smell like the cupcakes I bought for my friend?”
  • “…oh”
  • Smh this child.
  • you both laugh though, and your night continues with small talk and small kisses pressed to the underside of his jaw and he can’t imagine it any other way.


  • The first time you two cuddled it was bc she was really stressed.
  • Bc omg she needs to make paperwork for the café and try to import some high quality beans and wheRE is that furniture magazine oh my god how is she supposed to know what shade goes best with white sand??
  • Spoiler alert its province blue
  • You literally have to pull her to the couch, but shes still insisting that she has to get up and work and fill up more forms and
  • Oh
  • You’re on her lap
  • You’re rubbing her back softly and just humming and her heart beats so fast its like the time she saw Zens Zorro poster for the first time
  • She smells of her paperback notebook, cinnamon and, of course, coffee, and holy shit you wish you could just buy her scent as a candle
  • Turn out you can its literally called cinnamon coffee candle
  • You buy it and paste her name on it. Its ur mini jaehee. u cover it in a blanket when its extinguished and cry when it finishes
  • She actually relaxes????? You did the impossible??
  • She grips on your waist like you were the last cup of coffee on earth and its quiet except for your humming and if someone had told her past self of this scenario she would have never believed it
  • But its real- you’re real and shes never been more blessed.


  • He was reading alone in the living room
  • You had gone to bed earlier, and he had decided to settle down with a glass of wine and, of course, Elizabeth the 3rd.
  • He didn’t get very far, before you emerged from the bedroom, hair a mess and eyes slowly drooping.
  • He really needs to pay for a photographer to capture you at every moment because even now you still make his heart ache with your beauty.
  • “What are you doing, still awake?”
  • “I can’t sleep, can we cuddle?”
  • He throws everything away (rip Elizabeth) and brings you back into the bedroom
  • You’re both lying down on the bed, and he can’t help but be happy because he loves talking to you at night when theres no one else to disturb the both of you.
  • “Why can’t you sleep?”
  • Silence.
  • …shes already fallen asleep hasn’t she.
  • If he knew what smh was he would have used it.
  • But instead he takes the time to fully appreciate her.
  • He always believed that he didn’t need a woman.
  • After all he had Elizabeth the 3rd. Isn’t she enough?
  • Look at his father. He loved him, yes, but to see a woman so clearly take advantage of him and have everyone realize but him? It was his worst nightmare.
  • Yet she came into his life, and she actually cared about him.
  • Rika had V, and this girl could have had anyone else in the RFA, but she chose him.
  • Even when he wasn’t acting rationally, making mistakes when he should always know better, she stayed by him. Took care of him. Loved him, even.
  • He had all the money in the world, but she was worth every penny.
  • She moves slightly in her sleep, grabbing onto him as if to ensure that he stayed.
  • But she didn’t need to worry.


  • Its late and you’re tired
  • There was one particularly annoying guest that you had to spend the whole day talking to explain every single detail of the party
  • Of course, at the end he found your service horrible and refused to go
  • :))))))))
  • You’re lying on your back on the bed with your eyes closed because you simply cant be bothered with moving. This is who you are now. If Seven wanted to talk to you he needs to get in line because now its time for-
  • Wait a minute
  • You cant hear his keyboard clicking away
  • Somethings w-
  • And before you know it you feel a very familiar body on yours
  • -rong. Godammit Seven
  • He smells like, to no ones surprised, Honey Buddha Chips and Dr Pepper, but by now the smell is comforting to you.
  • “its noth-“
  • ..
  • Did he
  • Did he really program the cat to play airhorns to the tune of Darude Sandstorm?
  • You cant help but burst out laughing, and although he laughs too, he cant help but feel relieved that the stressed look is gone from your face, even if just for a little.
  • He may joke a lot, but he genuinely cares about you so much.
  • You’re one of the only constants he has in his life. One day, if he disappears, he knows that you’re not going to give up, that you’re going to follow him and disappear too, and while that makes him feel guilty beyond relief, it also makes him feel unbelievable happy and loved.
  • Hes felt so alone for so long, but now he has you.
  • He feels his throat get restricted, and to hide his face he just hides his face in your hair, blowing raspberries to make that smile stay on your face.
  • He doesn’t go back to work that night.
  • You’ve always been there for him, so now he’s going to be there for you.


  • He loves cuddles bc he loves you so much??????????? Like oh my god im allowed to hug you close and just hold you. you’re real and you want to be with me and v.exe has broke
  • you both had spent a couple of hours in the forest, before the rain had interrupted.
  • now, you’re on his lap on the couch, looking over the photos hes taken.
  • with the rain falling outside, how you looked in an oversized sweater and your cheery comments at each photo, he had never felt so calm.
  • His hand was tracing shapes onto your thigh and he wasn’t even paying attention to the photos, he was just staring at you.
  • Your hair was so fluffy, your skin looked so soft, your eyes were so focused yet they were shining, your lips pulled back in a soft but warm smile and
  • Whoops he didn’t even hear what you said.
  • You had asked him his plans for these photos, but he was just staring at you with such a beautiful smile how on earth did you not start sobbing at that moment?
  • He smells like the rain and pine trees, but he also smell like warmth, if it had a scent.
  • You just put your arms around him and squeeze because oh my god you love him so much hes so adorable??
  • Hes blushing because hes pretty sure hes been caught staring at you but he hugs you back and you both just stay like that, giggling and talking, the camera forgotten on the sofa.
  • Hours later you wake up only to find that you are trapped. Hes asleep and he is not budging. 
  • Hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life there.
  • Though you have a feeling you are.


  • It was still late at night, but you were still up doing work
  • Or, as others saw it, watching the seventh season of Modern Family, but still
  • You were so into the show that you didn’t see the man coming out of the bedroom, a small hint of fear hidden in his eyes.
  • He closes your laptop, but before you could complain he grabs your hand and drags you to the bedroom.
  • You’re still confused, and slightly annoyed because that was a good part of the episode, but that was when you notice it.
  • The way he’s holding you so tight? The way his breathing is uneven, as if he’s run a marathon? There was only one answer.
  • He had a nightmare.
  • Of course, he denies it when you say it out loud, but the fact that he’s still holding on to you tells you that it was the truth.
  • You feel your heart swell when you realize that he wanted to be with you after he had a nightmare, but you quickly realize: you have no clue how to comfort him.
  • ????? Dr Phil never thought me these things
  • So, you start to sing, because hey, that’s the only plan you have.
  • He hated nightmares, and hated the fear and the feeling of weakness they brought him.
  • His first thought was to be with you, because being with you always made him feel safer  so you just being there would be more than enough.
  • Except he quickly realizes he’s wrong when he hears you sing.
  • O h my god is he dating a reincarnated siren.
  • Your voice is beautiful, soft and melodic as you sing the first lullaby you could think of.
  • It happened to be a song about a sky, and as you sing, he catches himself seeing a sky in his mind and hes decided that if he were to die now, he would die happy.
  • Had he known that day he sent you that message, that you would be the one to calm him down and help him through thick and thin, that you would have shown him love that he wouldn’t have known existed, he would have scoffed and said that he already knew that love didn’t exist.
  • But, as he hugs you even tighter, listening to your voice, he realizes he was wrong.
  • Boy was he wrong.