the camera just turned on i am not a model

Model Behavior

Requested: The Reader is a photographer, and when she sees how insecure Reid gets around the models she shoots, she sets up a little photoshoot just for him.

The dark corner of the studio is a refuge for him. Far enough that the blinding flash of the camera lights are a little dimmer, but close enough to hear the faint echo of her voice as she directs her subjects.

“Now run your hand through your hair and tilt your chin down a little bit more,” she says to the man in front of her. “No, a little more this way.” She leaves the camera to position him herself, her hands moving his. “Like this. There you go. You’re perfect.”

Reid tries to distract himself. Absent-mindedly he opens up his phone and scrolls through the photo album. There isn’t much he takes pictures of. Grocery lists or case information are quickly deleted, and while he sometimes feels moved enough to snap a photograph of a sunset or a flowers in the park – airplane window views have long since lost their appeal - they’re overwhelmingly photos of her. The two of them together. Selfies of Y/N in the afternoon, when he’s left his phone behind and she’s decided to make funny faces on it. Pictures here and there that he’s taken when she’s not paying attention; making coffee or lost in a book or laughing at something. A few of her in the morning, fast asleep in his bed. There are photos of them together out at restaurants, plays, posing in silly ways in front of museum exhibits. He flips through months worth of photos in the hopes that they’ll keep him from focusing on the shoot happening at the moment.

He’s jealous.

It’s irrational, and he knows it, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling what he feels, watching Y/N spend hours with gorgeous models. They’re all so beautiful, practically flawless. The man posing before her now could practically be Photoshopped. It’s her job to make them look beautiful, to see them in a way that brings out their potential. Still, he can’t help but worry that with so much of her attention on these perfect people, she’ll someday realize there’s something wrong with him.

Despite his best efforts, it’s still difficult to tune out her voice. It makes sense, psychologically the mind has the lowest attention threshold for that which is most important. One’s own name, warnings like “fire!”, and other relevant information. She is a flame, and he is moth, drawn towards her light and her warmth, unable to turn away.

A few other male models filter in and out, and eventually she bids them farewell, with a few hugs – one even exchanges cheek-kisses with her before parting. She then strolls over to join him in the corner, falling into a chair beside him.

“Goodness, those boys wear me out,” she says. “They’re beautiful, but they need a lot of direction.”

“Mmhmm,” is all he offers.

“You alright?” she asks.

“Yeah. Fine. You just seem awful friendly with them.” The instant he speaks, he wishes he could take it back.

She raises her eyebrows. “Spencer, are you… jealous?” Almost incredulous at his words. “You know it’s strictly professional.”

He sighs, crossing his arms. “I know. And it’s not that I think you’d ever cheat on me or anything, it’s just that, well, they’re all so perfect. You spend all day with these handsome men, and I can’t help but feel inferior. I’m just afraid that one day you’ll realize you’re making a mistake with me.”

“That’s never going to happen,” she says softly. “You’re the most intelligent, kind, and wonderful person I’ve ever met. Sure, those guys are conventionally attractive, but some of them have about as much substance as water vapor. Others think they’re so great you should automatically feel grateful for their presence.”

Reid has always been humble, partly because he never felt he had anything worth bragging about. Except maybe her. From the moment he met her, he hasn’t been able to shut up about her. Rambling to Morgan, asking JJ for advice, mentioning her on cases. As though there is a need for her name to always be in his mouth, as though she’ll disappear if he doesn’t keep talking about her.

“I know. But your job is to work with models. And Y/N, you’re so pretty. I just don’t want you to feel embarrassed by me.”

She laughs, but it’s a gentle sound, and she gently caresses his cheek. “My dear, you don’t realize how absolutely stunning you are, do you? I could spend hours staring into your eyes. Your smile is immaculate. And don’t even get me started on that jawline. You’re absolutely beautiful. Honestly, you could be a model if you wanted to.” At that, her eyes light up with a familiar spark of mischief. “You know what? Maybe you should model!”

“Wait, what?”

Before he can ask for clarification, she’s already dancing around the studio, shuffling around her equipment and fiddling with props. “I want you to model for me!” she tells him. “It’s easy. Just stand in front of the backdrop, then do what I say.”

Hesitant, he complies, having learned long ago not to question her when her artistic vision takes over. He stands awkwardly on the set, shifting his weight from foot to foot, while she stares right through him, her eyes combing over every inch of him. Then she steps towards him and instructs him to stay still, loosening his tie and undoing the top two buttons of his shirt.

“There we go. You need to relax, that’s all. You’ve got such a good face, but you’re stiff as a board.” With gentle, steady hands, she moves him this way and that, maneuvering his limbs into various positions and running back to the camera to snap quick shots. All the while she’s shouting encouragements, telling him how great he looks, and slowly his uncertainty melts away.

“Smile,” she urges him. When he comes up with a frog-like grimace, she begins reciting lame puns and telling him funny stories to make it more genuine. “Remember the night you walked me home from dinner? And I made the world’s lamest Carl Sagan joke? You laughed and laughed and if I wasn’t already head over heels, that smile of yours sealed the deal. I don’t know why, but I just knew I had to kiss you right then, with that beautiful grin on your face.”

At the memory, he can’t help but smile now, an echo of a past gesture. Of course he remembers. It was the very first time they’d kissed, and even now with several months and countless kisses between them, he remembers that first sensation of her lips against his, and how very perfect it felt.

A flash goes off. She’s grinning now too, happy with the shot. “That’s a good one. God, that smile of yours is just dazzling. I am henceforth committing myself to making you do that more often.”

“And how exactly do you intend to do that?” he teases. She smirks at him, a challenge, and fiddles with her camera for a few seconds before strolling over to join him on the tiny set.

“With anything and everything,” she answers. “But this seems like a good place to start.” With the same gentle direction she uses with the models, she guides him back onto the prop armchair, pushing him down before climbing into his lap. Turning his cheek, she runs the tips of her fingers over his face. A flash goes off, and he looks towards the camera, startled, but she redirects his attention back to her. “Don’t worry about that. Just relax.”

Her skin is against his and she’s staring up at him through her eyelashes and he’s finding it hard to remember what about those other guys bothered him so much. So he does as she says and lets her distract him. Her hand on his chest, around his waist, running through his hair. At some point, she leans in and brushes her lips against his. It’s a soft gesture he returns with intense passion, the sound and flash of the camera fading away.

Briefly, she pulls away, pushing his hair away from his face. “I swear, you’re a work of art,” she murmurs. “How can you not see that?” In response, he kisses her again, pulling her closer. Because with her, he finds that just maybe he can start to believe that.

Later when they sit down together, she shows him the results. And he decides that maybe she’s the magician in the relationship, because somehow her camera has transformed him into a version of himself he actually doesn’t hate. For once, he doesn’t mind the way he looks. His favorites though, are the images she’s captured of the two of them. The way she looks at him, that’s magic.

She uploads several of her shots onto his phone, and he instantly makes his favorite of the two of them his background. And each time he sees it, he’s reminded exactly what kind of man he wants to be. It doesn’t matter much if he’s a cover model or a bodybuilder. The person he is when he’s with her though - that’s who he wants to be.

That’s what he wants to capture. A snapshot of the way he makes her feel. And he never intends to let her go.

She’s the artist. He’s her muse. But what they are is a masterpiece.

“All for Charity”- A ML One-shot

Synopsis: Ladyblogger Alya has an idea. A photo charity shoot featuring Paris’s favorite heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir! Just how well will things go for a girl who’s never modeled and model trying not to be discovered?

Notes: I’m catching up as promised! VICTORIA of AO3, here’s your photo-shoot request! I died laughing at Chat’s antics and poor Ladybug had no idea what hit her in the face. Anyway, I hope it’s what you expected and I hope everyone enjoys!


When the Ladyblogger of Paris had approached the two teen heroes about having a charity photo shoot to raise money for the young boys and girls in the local hospital, superheroes Ladybug and Chat Noir couldn’t find it in their hearts to say no. After all, how could they? They’d gone by the hospital multiple times in the past year or so to talk to the children and see how they were doing and the state most of them were in broke their hearts. Several times they’d gone back and children were missing. Without a good reason. Ladybug had to admit that she’d gone home and cried over the situation a couple of times. Chat too. The photo shoot was therefore right up their alley (Chat wiggled his eyebrows at the two girls who both groaned and face palmed).

In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t such a good thing.

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As requested, here is my attempt at a “Hot Guys on the Pens” post. YMMV. 

Top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Sidney Crosby, Actual Disney Prince ™
  2. Evgeni Malkin, giant Russian bear man
  3. Kris Letang, “I’m not a model the camera just turned on”
  4. Carl Hagelin, Swedish bikini model
  5. Marc-Andre Fleury, smiley like SO smiley and also French-Canadian
  6. Matt Murray, somewhat controversially but I am always a slut for the hipster-barista boys and it’s my post dammit
  7. Conor Sheary, “not Clark Kent but an amazing facsimile”
  8. Bryan Rust, for all your “hot guy on the Appalachian Trail” needs
  9. Brian Dumoulin, for all your “snapback-wearing hockey bro” needs
  10. Patric Hornqvist, Swedish fitness model
Le Reve
     Maybe things would have been different if you knew that the glitter is simply a distraction, that the lights hide the darkness, and that the pretty face a facade…

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Looking at screenshots of The Little Mermaid II like:

“Don’t talk to me. I’m a princess.”

“I’m not a model. The camera just turned on.”

“ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lmao”

Beautox gone wrong.

“heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa! i said hey! what’s going on”

me on my way to steal yo man

“um mom can u not this is rrly awkward”

stealin yo man w/ my bedroom eyes

“the little mermaid 2 is srs business”

Day 21 - Victorias Secret Show

Word count: 1927

mature content? yes/no

(this is for @tayvin-oneshots / @tayvinfanfiction ‘s Fanfiction Festival)



Burns and I are patiently waiting for the show to start. We’re at the Victoria Secret Fashion show. I am here because Taylor is going to perform, I wanted to support her. And Burns is here to support me while I’m supporting Taylor. Well, probably he just wants to see models in lingerie walking around with giant wings.
We’re sitting on the front row, right beside the catwalk. The show is going to start in a few minutes. The cameras are ready and the background music is playing softly. It’ll get turned up once the show starts.

Then the voice of my good friend Ellie Goulding sounds through the room. She comes from behind the coulisses and walks down the catwalk. I cheer and applaud for her, just like everyone else. She’s singing Love me like you do, a big hit of hers. Soon the first models start walking down the catwalk. I’m not really paying attention, i’m nervously waiting for Taylor to come up on stage. I keep looking around if I can catch a glance of her anywhere. She hasn’t told me what song she’s going to perform and what she’s going to wear. She wanted it to be a surprise.
“Don’t you ever regret being in a relationship?” Burns asks me as he looks at the models walking down the runaway. He’s almost drooling.
“No, never.” I answer.
“Not even when you see all these angels walking past you? With those hot bodies and perfect faces?” He asks frowning.
“No, I don’t think I’m missing on anything.” I smile.
“You’re so cheesy.” Burns laughs and hits my arm.
“I have my own angel man.” I grin at him widely.
And at that same moment my angel enters the stage. She looks incredibly hot, she’s wearing crimson coloured lingerie with a lacy black kimono. Her makeup is dark but at the same time really sweet. She looks so perfect. I grin at Burns to show him what I mean. He rolls his eyes at me.
Then I look back at her again and wait for the music to start. The intro of her song wildest dreams starts playing. Then her beautiful voice sounds through the room. Models are walking down the runaway, I see Karlie, Lily, Gigi. Taylor dances a little with her friends. I can’t keep my eyes off of her.
Then she catches my eye and gives me a playful wink. I groan softly, I don’t know for how much longer I’ll be able to control myself. I just want to run onto the stage and kiss her right there. I can feel my hardened bulge inside my jeans. The effect she has on me is unbelievably strong.
“Dude, control yourself.” Burns says, laughing.
“Oh, shut up.” I whisper underneath my breath.
After the last tones of wildest dreams, she starts singing style. She moves her hips on the beat of the music. I shake my head softly, I know she does this to drive me crazy. When I look at her again I see her smirking at me. I chuckle. Then she walks towards us, standing almost right in front of me. She starts dancing sexily and I can see that her eyes are filled with passion and lust when she looks at me. She’s taking my breath away. She knows exactly how to drive me nuts.

After the song is over she glances at the audience - me - one more time and then she leaves the stage. I need to force myself not to walk backstage immediately. 


I enter the backstage room a little out of breath. I gave everything I had for the performance. Not just for myself, I also wanted to impress a certain person in the room.
“Taylooooooor!” I hear Karlies voice calling me. I quickly turn around and she immediately gives me a hug. “You did amazing girl!” She yells enthusiastically.
“You did an amazing job too! It’s great that we’re actually working together.” I smile widely.
“It’s the best thing ever. You’re coming next year too right?” She laughs.
“If they still want me. I’m getting older too…” I say with a slight smirk on my face.
“Oh shut up, I bet you’ll stay this beautiful for the rest of your freaking life.” She chuckles.
“Oh stop it.” I say, kinda embarrassed. I never feel comfortable getting compliments, I rather give them. “Anyway, I’m going to change.” I say to her.
“You can keep your outfit you know?” She says to me, smiling.
“Oh, that’s great.” I say. I like this set. 
“I bet you’re boyfriend will like it…” She smirks now.
“Okey I’m leaving now, bye!” I call at her, laughing. Softly shaking my head.
Then I head to the dressing rooms. I take off my kimono and I’m just about to unclasp my bra when a thought crosses my head. What if I’d just leave it on. Adam would like that, I’ve seen the way he looked at me today. I smile at the thought of that memory. I liked watching him suffer while seeing me in my outfit. This is the least thing I can do for him. I put on my clothes, leaving the set on underneath them. 

Then I catch up with my friends who also walked the show. We take a lot of pictures together and keep telling each other how great it all was. We also eat some snacks. All the models are happy because the show is over, they can finally eat all this junk food again. I smile as Karlie attacks a hamburger.
“Stop laughing at me.” She groans, “You don’t know how great this feels.”
“I think I can imagine just by looking at your facial expressions.” I grin at her. 
She smiles and continues eating. I grab some fries myself. Then my phone starts ringing. I grab it out of my bag and look at the caller ID. It’s Adam. I smile slightly as I excuse myself to the girls and walk to a more quiet room.
“Hey babe, what’s up?” I say as I pick up the phone.
“Where are you?” He asks directly.
“I’m backstage, why?” I frown a little.
“Because I can’t get in there. I’m not allowed or something. Isn’t that ridiculous? I just want to see me girl.” He complains.
“I guess you’ll just have to wait. I think i’m gonna stay here for a few more hours.” I tease him.
“If you don’t come to me right now, I might have to come get you myself. No matter who wants to stop me.” He impends.
“Alright, alright.” I laugh. “I’m coming babe.”
“See you in a minute love.” He says happily, before hanging up the phone.

I hug all my friends goodbye. Then I walk towards the exit.I leave the building, looking around for Adam. I frown, isn’t he supposed to be here? Then I feel two arms wrapping around my waist. I yell softly in surprise. He lifts me up from the ground and me spins around. Then he puts me down again and I turn around. He presses a kiss on my lips, pulling me closer to him. I let out a relieved gasp and kiss him back.
“Finally.” He whispers as he softly pulls away from the kiss. I grin at him. Then we get into the car and drive to my place. He keeps one hand on the steering wheel and the other is laying on my thigh. Electric pulses run through my veins the whole drive. I let out a sigh of relief as we’re finally home. We vastly get out of the car and almost run to the front door. Once I closed the door behind me, Adam presses me up against the wall and starts kissing me. We start softly but the pace speeds up and it gets more and more intenser. Adam pulls my shirt over my head, leaving me in the bra I got from the show. His eyes widen a little and a smile appears on his face.
“You’re so beautiful babe.” He whispers huskily. Then he places his lips on my neck and starts kissing it softly. I lift my head up a little to give him a better angle. Then he moves his lips down, towards my cleavage. I softly pull him away, he frowns at me. I laugh at the expression on his face. Then I grab his hand and lead him upstairs, to my bedroom. He closes the door behind us and we immediately continue our kissing. He presses me against the mattress. I move my hands to the hem of his shirt and lift it up, pulling it over his head. I let my hands slide over his chest, down to his abs. I still can’t get over the fact how beautiful and muscular his body is. Then I move my gaze to his eyes and we exchange a look before kissing again.

He moves his hands to the hem of my skirt, slowly pulling it down. I kick it through the room and then wrap my legs around his waist. I move my hands to his belt to unbuckle it. Then I unzip his pants and pull them down. He frees himself from them. He starts kissing my jawline, my neck, my shoulders. Then he reaches my bra. I lift my back up a little, making space for him to unclasp it. Then he caresses my breast gently. Slowly moving his hands to my underwear. I groan softly as he starts playing with the hem, before pulling them down. I know that he’s trying to tease me. He starts caressing my thighs. But I’m growing too impatient. I move my hands to his boxers and quickly pull them off. He chuckles softly when he sees how restive I’m getting. Then he starts sucking gently onto the skin in my neck. I moan softly. I press my hips onto his, showing him what I want. Then I feel him sliding inside me. I let out a soft gasp. He starts thrusting in and out of me and he gets deeper each time. I moan as he hits my sweet spot. I can feel that I’m almost coming.
“Adam.” I moan softly. That is a sign for him to speed up the pace. I can feel his thrusts inside me and it drives me to the edge. Then I can feel a warm pulse running through my body. My hips press up onto his and my hands claw in his back. I press my head back onto the mattress. Not long after that he comes too. I feel him releasing inside me, softly groaning. Then he falls back onto the mattress, next to me. I cuddle up to him and we just lie there in silence for a while. The only sound in the room is our own heavy breathing.
“I really needed that.” He says, smirking at me. I chuckle.
“I could tell.” I answer, grinning.
“I’m already looking forward to next year’s show.” He smiles.
“Maybe I’m not performing…” I say, looking up to him.
“Then I’ll buy you a set myself.” He grins and presses a kiss on my lips.
“Deal.” I say as he pulls back. Then he pulls the sheets over our naked bodies.
“I love you.” He whispers to my hair.
“I love you too.” I whisper back. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around me. Then we peacefully fall asleep.


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