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A Definitely Incomplete List Of My Favorite Moments From The Lightning Thief (book), because I'm having Feelings
  • Percy very causally mentioning times he accidentally hit a school bus with a canon or dropped fifth graders into shark-infested water
  • Grover Underwood
  • Just everything he’s ever done
  • Percy running an illegal candy ring out of his dorm room 
  • “I was worried they found out I got my essay on Tom Sawyer from the internet and were going to take away my grade. Or worse, they were going to make me read the book.”
  • When Percy thought Grover was going to give him some deep, meaningful commentary on life to make him feel better but Grover just wanted Percy’s lunch
  • Percy tried so hard to do well on his Latin final and Chiron somehow thinks it’s a good idea to tell him he’s ‘not normal’ in front of the class my poor boy
  • That one part where Percy essentially went “Oh hey mom’s home!!! Better reschedule this panic attack I was having!!” 
  • When Percy did that weird hand sign (that was never explained) and the door slammed on Gabe so hard he flew up the steps
  • The fact that when Grover finally tracked Percy down he wasn’t wearing any pants. Like, there was literally no reason for him to not have the fake feet and the jeans on. No actual reason for him to be free balling it. Percy just needed a shock apparently. Showing up in the middle of a hurricane with no pants, dramatic ass satyr I love him. 
  • The SATISFYING DEATH of Gabe’s Camaro + Sally apparently learned bullfighting just in case because she truly is the best mom
  • Percy killing the minotaur with its own horn
  • Percy dragging Grover over the camp line while crying for his mom literally end me
  • You drool when you sleep.” could we get more iconic here
  • Percy teasing Annabeth about her crush on Luke
  • When Luke stole some toiletries for Percy and he got a little choked up because it was apparently the nicest thing anyone had ever done for him
  • The fact that Chiron basically told Annabeth that Percy was her destiny
  • The fact that a recovering alcoholic god of wine who hates children was deemed fit to run a camp for children
  • Not so fun: Percy, upon meeting Mr. D, immediately recognizing the signs of an alcoholic and going out of his way to sit far away from him ‘just in case’
  • The fact that everyone just expected him to hear ‘the greek gods are real’ and move on?? why would no one let this boy be in shock omg
  • Zeus apparently had a thing for the fluffy 80′s hairstyles
  • “the real world is where the monsters are” 
  • The fact that Poseidon could have claimed Percy at literally any moment but he apparently decided he really needed that dramatic reveal during capture the flag.
  • When Zeus was feeling Extra Dramatic™ after Percy’s claiming so he started making it rain inside the camp boarders and everyone was lowkey freaking out
  • When Annabeth pulls off her invisible cap and declares she’s going on the quest with him and Percy was like, beyond unsurprised that she was there and didn’t even attempt to fight her 
  • Chiron forgot to give Percy a sword from his father for like, an entire month. 
  • Grover with those freaking flying shoes oh my God
  • Annabeth blushing literally any time Luke talks to her 
  • lmao when Percy and Annabeth start bickering about something and Argus just winks at Percy because he knows
  • When they were playing hackey sack with an apple but it got too close to Grover’s mouth and he just ate the whole thing
  • The entire bus scene oh my God
  • “I was about to become the ADHD Poster Child of the Year” as he’s CRASHING A BUS
  • Annabeth on a fury’s back 
  • the explosion. just. all gr8. 
  • When Grover tries to play a path finder song and Percy just immediately slams into a tree. Also the fact that the path finder song was actually just a Hillary Duff number. 
  • “You two are giving me a migraine, and satyr’s don’t even get migraines!” 
  • Percy actually, truly trying to sell the story that the three of them are circus orphans who got separated from their ringleader 
  • Grover: hey guys this place is REALLY SHADY and we need to leave
  • Annabeth and Percy: but f o o d
  • Can you imagine walking into a store and finding your dead uncle’s body on display? Like????
  • When Medusa revealed herself and Annabeth’s running around invisible, Percy’s swinging a sword blindly and Grover’s flying around screaming and trying to whack her with a stick: everyone here is a MESS
  • When Annabeth was overly annoyed with Percy after that ordeal??? Sweetheart you fell for the trick too
  • Name something more iconic than 12 year old Percy Jackson mailing the decapitated head of Medusa to the gods on Mt. Olympus in an act of sheer pettiness. I dare you. 
  • When Percy was insisting on taking first watch while the others slept and Grover was basically like “hey kiddo listen to this” and played a song that immediately knocked him out so he could sleep all night 
  • “Percy. Say hello to the poodle.”
  • Percy seeing all the Greek creatures from the train window 
  • When Annabeth was dragging the boys to the St. Louis Arch and Percy’s claustrophobic ass Did Not Want To Get In That Tiny Elevator but he went anyway because he wanted Annabeth to be happy. That boy has had it bad since the start. 
  • “I am Echidna!”
  • “Isn’t…isn’t that a type of anteater?”
  • How many times has Percy actually been poisoned throughout all the series I literally want a count 
  • ‘Lemme just, uh….jump off the fucking St. Louis Arch and hope I don’t die when I hit the water.’
  • There is just something very aesthetic about Percy lighting a fire in the bottom of a river 
  • Percy’s got so much pent-up rage that he’s just immediately ready to wreck Ares upon meeting him omfg
  • Annabeth getting so worked up and flustered over going down there with Percy because it’s a love ride and Percy’s just like “you literally do not have to make this a Thing” lmao
  • Annabeth wouldn’t let Percy touch Aphrodite’s scarf because she didn’t want him getting infected by love magic but then…touched it herself lol
  • The entire sequence with the mechanical spiders and the cameras and the ride itself 
  • Percy’s plan to get off the ride!!!! He’s so smart okay can people stop calling him stupid!!! 
  • Grover trying to catch them both in mid-air but they‘re too heavy so the three of them just kind of slowly crash into one of those face-cut-out posters lol
  • Percy, turning to the camera’s broadcasting this shit on Olympus: “Show’s over! Thank You! Goodnight!” 
  • Everything about that scene omg. The animals they had to help. Trying to convince Grover of how great he is. The baby percabeth. my h e a r t
  • “What if it does line up like the Trojan War? Athena versus Poseidon?”
  • “I don’t know what my mom will do. I just know I’ll be fighting next to you.”
  • “Why?”
  • “Because you’re my friend, Seaweed Brain, any more stupid questions?”
  • Do you hear that sound? That’s me, ages 13-21(+) sobbing uncontrollably oh my God I love them so much
  • ‘let’s just set a fucking lion loose in Las Vegas’ 
  • “I put a Blessing of the Wild on them, so they’ll safely find food and shelter wherever they go.”
  • “Why can’t you put on of those on us?”
  • “It only works on wild animals.”
  • “So it would only effect Percy…”
  • “HEY!” 
  • When they get to the Lotus hotel and Grover starts playing that game where the deer shoot the hunters azxjhnhdjx
  • Percy physically having to drag his friends out of there once he realized it was the lair of the lotus eaters
  • When Annabeth gave the taxi driver her lotus credit card and he started calling her “Your Highness” lmao
  • Every time in this book Percy comes close to uncovering a Dark Truth the people around him are just like “let’s not worry about that :) “ and my polite boy actually shuts up it’s so wild because I would just keep going lol
  • Listen that entire scene has lowkey always been one of my Favs and I’m not even sure why but Percy chopping his head off was g r e a t
  • The entrance to the Underworld is DOA Recording Studios and I love it
  • “We, uh…all drowned in a bathtub.”
  • Poor Charon just wants his Italian suits he doesn’t need all this bullshit 
  • Grover almost getting dragged into Tartarus: not good. very bad. bad shit. 
  • Annabeth getting emotionally attached to Cerberus in the span of 3 minutes: RELATABLE 
  • ‘huh my backpack that I thought I got rid of five days ago is getting weirdly heavy, that’s not suspicious though, right?’ 
  • When Hades just starts monologue-ing about all the shit he has to put up with
  • “what kind of awful things do you have to do to get sewn into Hades underwear?” p e r c y
  • when Percy realizes the Master Bolt is in his backpack and he’s just like. tell me why. why. I’m a good person. what did I DO. 
  • When Percy has to sacrifice his mom to get Annabeth and Grover out of there I Cri Evey Tiem 
  • My cute lil’ baby yelling around on a beach to get Ares to show up 
  • ahdbsjznx when Grover gives Percy a crushed, half eaten tin can for good like and Percy is just like “Grover…I don’t know what to say.” I LOVE HIM
  • My sweet son kicking the god of war’s ass. bless. blessed on this day. 
  • The news crews who suddenly started backtracking and writing Percy as a hero 
  • Percy, choking back tears, giving Gabe’s store’s phone number out on national television and promising everyone free appliances IM STILL CACKLING I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH HE’S ICONIC 
  • Hades actually releasing Sally because he’s Not As Big Of A Dick As He Could Have Been 
  • Percy: hey I think there’s a really good chance that Kronos was behind this whole mess-
  • Poseidon rolling his eyes at literally everything Zeus says and does
  • Poseidon and Percy’s whole talk omg my sweet boy just wants his dad to love him and Poseidon’s trying to figure out how to show affection when he basically signed this kid’s death sentence I’m crying 
  • A man will never satisfy me as much or in the same way as Sally Jackson murdering Gabe Ugliano did 
  • Percy was spending months of summer stressing over who the friend that’s supposed to betray him was but like…Sweetie you had exactly three (3) friends and you knew two of them weren’t gonna hurt you
  • ahbdjsnx when Percy and Luke were having their conversation in the woods and like Luke’s acting shady af the whole time but it’s literally not until he litters that Percy is like “something…is Wrong.” this boy I s2g
  • Percy getting bit by a scorpion is Not A Favorite Moment but the nymphs helping him out was 
  • Percy making his Official Decision to go home for the school year only after Annabeth reveals that he actually did talk her into trying again with her family 
  • I didn’t mean to write out a summary of the whole damn book it’s six am listen I’m just feeling nostalgia for the original series in this chili’s tonight 
  • whoops
now or never || dylan o’brien au

word count: 11,502

warnings: cursing, fluff, and soul crushing angst (y’all can thank soph @sincerelystiles for that one)

author’s note: this is a 50′s era au and it is so long and i am genuinely so proud of this! thank you to my girls @sarcasticallystilinski @dumbass-stilinski @sincerelystiles @mf-despair-queen @sabrinas-wolves @thelittlestkitsune @dylan-ohbrien @ninja-stiles and @minhosmeanhoe for letting me constantly tease them with sneak peeks! enjoy! :)

paring: dylan o’brien / reader


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Not Mad, Just Annoyed


The sound of another alarm jolted you out of the sleep you were just about to drift back in to.

“Joseph Graham Sugg!!” You groaned as you pulled the blanket over your head hoping the sound would turn off by itself. 

When it didn’t, you tossed the duvet off of your body and left the room, not even bothering to find and turn off the source of the alarm. 

“Where you going love?” Joe asked once you made it into the hallway, his vlogging camera in hand. 

“To bed. Turn that off.” You said pointing towards your shared room as you made your way down the stairs and to his guest bed room. 

The time was currently 5:45 in the morning and all you wanted to do was have one day, just one day, where you could sleep in and cuddle up next to your boyfriend like the two of you had done when you first started dating, but recently he has found a new target for his pranking which involved him not leaving his own flat. 

“Joe quit it please.” You said after you had snuggled into the guest bed hearing his footsteps on the wooden floor. 

“Oh come on love, its only a prank.” 

“Yeah a prank that involves waking me up on my day off.” You said tossing a pillow at him. He had ditched his camera so he was luckily able to catch it.

“Not a very successful prank.” You heard him mumble as the bed dipped down beside you. “You know, you’re not very fun to prank.” 

You laid in silence for a little bit, your back turned to him as you tired to drift back to sleep. Once again, you were moments away from blissful sleep when his voice brought you back to reality.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, just tired.” You said quickly, hoping he’d get the message and leave you alone. 

You felt a hand run up your back before moving up to push the hair that had fallen out of your messy bun out of your face. A pair of lips came in contact with the now exposed skin and you snuggled into the bed even more as you were finally able to drift back off to sleep. 

You woke up to an empty bed a few hours later. You weren’t sure if you Joe had even fallen back asleep next to you or not honestly. You sat up in bed as you stretched and redid your hair before starting your quest for Joe. 

That quest didn’t last very long as you caught a glimpse of him sat at his desk looking at his laptop in the next room. 

“Did you not go back to bed?” You ask as you made your way into his office. 

“No, I tired but I couldn’t. I decided to film a few gaming videos and now I’m looking through some old clip I can upload for tomorrows video.” He said spinning around in his chair, opening his arms up for you to sit on his lap.

“Sorry about that.” You said leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“No love, I’m sorry. Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t broken up with me with all the shit pranks I’ve pulled on you.”

“Me to.” You said sarcastically.

“You are mad aren’t you?” 

“Annoyed is a better word. I really don’t like it when you mess with my sleep schedule.” You said sitting up to look at him. 

“I know, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t sound too sorry. I’m sure in a few weeks you’d decided to wake me up early on a Saturday and shove a camera in my face.”

You watched Joe frown at your statement, catching the sadness in his eyes before he moved to look down at his keyboard. You hadn’t meant for it to come out so harshly like that but when you first started dating Joe, you realized that the only way to get through to him was to be honestly and sometimes blunt.

“I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, its just this constant pranking is exhausting and my reactions are getting more and more harsh. A prank here and there is okay and I know thats what everyone wants to see but its a bit much dontcha think?” You said trying to bring his attention back to you. 

“Yeah I saw that this morning so thats why I decided to stop filming. Ugh, I’m sorry Y/N really. Please don’t hate me.” He said as his eyes flickered up to meet yours before moving down to watch his fingers aimlessly traces shapes on your leg.

“Joe I don’t hate you, and I’m not mad.” You said lifting his chin up so you’re eyes met again. “I’m just slightly annoyed” You smiled. 

You leaned in to kiss him, letting your lips linger for a moment before pulling away. “Okay, come on.” You said getting off of his lap and taking his hand in yours as you turned towards the door. 

“What are we doing?” He asked as he let you pull him away from his desk. 

“Going to get changed so we can film a video, a proper video.” You said looking over your shoulder. 

“Can I do your makeup?” You heard Joe’s voice shift back to its normal cheery tone as you made your way up the stairs. 

“Only if I can do yours!” You turned around and smiled knowing that he won’t be up for it. 

“Looks like we’re doing a Q&A then.” He said rolling his eyes as he finished climbing the stairs.


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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: Barry has two enemies. You during the day and a mysterious somebody at night.

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Barry didn’t think anyone could be worse then Julian but then you came along. You were his fire to ice, his Joker to Batman, you were his enemy. He hated how you thought you knew everything. He hated how you would nit pick at everything he did. He hated how you would make him stay late. You were a thorn in his side. By day he had you that would get on his nerves but by night he had this mysterious metahuman that would get on his nerves.

This mysterious metahuman would always come in and catch the bad guys before Barry had a chance. Even with his super speed. No one knew it was as no one could capture you to get an ID so they were dubbed as ‘Mystic Girl’, due to their powers of telekinesis, by Cisco. Barry didn’t know that you were the allusive Mystic Girl and you didn’t know that he was the Flash.

Today, Barry had hoped that you weren’t going to annoy him but of course he spoke to soon. He was on his way out for the evening, coat on and bag in hand. Before he could step foot over the threshold of the lab you spoke, not even looking up from your paperwork. “Where do you think you’re going, Mr Allen?” You asked. Barry groaned knowing exactly what you were going to say. The two words he dreads the most. “You’re staying late tonight. You still have that paperwork to finish.”

“But they’re not needed until t-” He started but stopped when you glared at him.

“I’m sorry, was that a question?” Barry gulped and shook his head. “Great. The paperwork isn’t going to finish itself.” You said before carrying on with your work. Barry sighed and trudged back to his desk to start on the paperwork.

Both of you were working in silence until you had to leave to check something leaving Barry alone in the lab. When he knew you were out of the room he used his speed to quicken the process of paperwork but got interrupted by his phone going off. He stopped what he was doing and answered before you came back. “Cisco, nows really not a good time.”

“Well, make it a good time because we have a robbery in progress down main.” Cisco told him. He heard Caitlin down the end of the phone asking where he was. “Barry is stuck at work. His evil boss is keeping him late. I swear she’s trying to leach away Barry’s happiness.” Cisco said talking to Caitlin but Barry could still hear him. “Can’t you just, I don’t know, sneak away somehow?”

“No, I can’t just sneak away. I swear she has eyes everywhere.” He replied, looking around the lab suddenly self conscious of any cameras that may be about. Barry hid the phone when he heard your heels coming. You gathered your things before turning to leave, not saying a single word to Barry. “Where are you… where are you going?”

“Home.” You answered. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Barry was about to grab his things and added. “But you’re not. That paperwork isn’t going to finish itself off.” And then you left leaving a grumbling Barry. When you were gone he ran to Starlabs before heading to the robbery. However, when he got there Mystic Girl was already there, rounding up the robbers.

Out of the corner of your eye you saw the Flash speed over to the intersection. “Too slow Flash.” You pouted before leaving. Normally, Barry would just admit defeat and go back to Starlabs but tonight, tonight he was pissed and he finally wanted answers.

“Cisco, don’t lose eyes on Mystic Girl. I’m going after her.” He instructed Cisco through the intercom.

“Copy that.” Cisco replied and then started firing off directions of where you went. He stopped however when a notification came in of a meta. “Barry, you’re going to have to put this little escapade on hold. We’ve got a meta attack downtown.” And with that Barry sped off. To no surprise you were already there and fighting them but you were struggling. The meta was overpowering you and Barry jumped into action sending punches their way. They managed to throw you into some boxes, injuring your hand. Barry then landed next to you.

“Damn, that’s one tough meta.” You breathed, out of breath from the fighting. Your voice was distorted by a device you made that was apart of your suit.

“They sure are.” Barry replied, just as out of breath as you. “You okay?” He then asked noticing you cradling your hand.

“I’m fine.” You told him before jumping back into action. You and Barry finally took him down. You even let him take this win, leaving as soon as you could.

The next day you got into work and Barry was already there. You had your hand wrapped in bandages. It wasn’t broken just sprained. “Good morning, Y/N.” He greeted sipping some coffee. Your head snapped up. You knew you recognised that voice before. Last night the Flash spoke to you but forgot to hide his voice. Barry’s voice. Barry Allen was the Flash. It all makes sense now. Why he’s always late. Why he’s always wanting to leave early. It’s because he’s the Flash. You cleared your throat and turned around. “Good morning, Mr Allen.”

The moment you turned around and Barry saw your wrist it clicked. You were her. You were his enemy during the day and during the night. You were Mystic Girl.

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Alone - Part 9.5

Warnings; violence

Words; 588

A/N; I wanted this part because it’s crucial to the story line but I wanted it to be a cliffhanger because the next part will be very in depth!! Hope you like it! Feed back is always appreciated ♡

Steve and Bucky were standing on either side of you, the three of you staring at the firefly in your hands. 

You grinned up at Bucky who smiled down at you, placing a kiss on your head before whispering into your ear. “I love you (Y/n).”

“I love-” Your sentence was cut off by a severe shooting pain on your stomach. Time moved slowly as you looked down at what seemed to be a small metal disk attached to you. You looked up at Bucky, shock on your face as you crumpled to the ground.

It was a small tazing disk that one of the men from the tree line had thrown at you. Your body convulsed in pain as Bucky knelt beside you and Steve looked around to see if he could find where it had come from.

“Baby, baby are you okay? No, doll. Come on, Please! I just got you back please no!” Bucky begged desperately while grabbing your writhing form and pulling you into his lap.

You tried to reach for his face but found you couldn’t move. You heard a rustling and three men stepped out of the trees.

Bucky growled, he laid you down quickly and stood up facing the men. “What did you do to her!” He screamed at them.

“Just a little electric jolt, that’s all.” Bucky leaned down desperately looking for the source of your pain. He quickly found the disk and pulled it from your body. You laid there panting, relief filling you as the pain ceased.

He lifted you up and set you on the chair by the fire pit before he turned back to the three men who stood there patiently.

“How did you find us?” Steve asked.

The largest man pointed a finger at you. “When she was shot, a tracking device lodged itself into her. Smaller than any camera could see. That’s why your genius Stark didn’t find it.”

“If you think you’re getting her you’re sorely mistaken.” Bucky fumed.

The men looked at each other, quietly chucking. “I guess we’ll see about that.” One of the smirked.

They ran towards Bucky and Steve who were only yards away. It was a fight for blood, Bucky hit one so hard you were sure his jaw was broken and Steve stealthily avoided a kick to the side.

There was a whirring sound, you looked up to see a jet above you. You turned and locked eyes with Bucky, the second he was distracted one of the men punched him hard in the face, immediately splitting his lip. The man grabbed his arms and held them behind him, Bucky tried to get free but it was no use. He was stuck. Steve ran at the man holding Bucky but was tripped and landed face first on the ground, a large combat boot holding him in place. His head turned to look at you. You glanced between the men who were desperately trying to get free, they looked scared, angry and helpless. You rose to your feet trying to get to them but a wave of severe nausea knocked you to your knees.

Without warning there were arms grabbing you from behind.

NO!” Bucky cried out trying to reach for you.

You were being pulled into the air far away from the men you loved. All you could hear were desperate cries and screams coming from below you. The last sight you saw before everything went black was a gun being held to each man’s head.

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