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Omg I am in love with this blog 💕💕 I love how well written everything is!! So I read the rules and I wasn't sure if I could request only one character or if I had to do RFA+the characters I wanted;;; but I was hoping for some kissing headcannons (like how they kiss, etc.) of the RFA+V please and thank you!

Oh hi~! Thank you for your support! You can have individual characters or the whole gang when making a request. :) We don’t normally do Vanderwood (or Rika, or Driver Kim lolol), but for HCs, we usually write for the five main characters + Saeran and V. ♥

This was fun to write, so I hope you enjoy~!!!


Kissing HCs


  • You were surprised when he first kissed you at the party
  • He seemed so… confident.
  • But he becomes a blushing mess when you initiate kisses
  • Likes eskimo kisses, rubbing his nose against yours, and then finishing it with a quick peck on the lips
  • Attacks you with multiple kisses on the face when you call him cute
  • To the point where you’re already holding his face away from you and he’s still puckered up like a cartoon octopus, trying so hard to reach you
  • “Yoosung, nooooo~“
  • “But whyyyy, emshee jush one mooorreee pweeeeaaash“
  • Makes obnoxiously loud smooching noises until you give in
  • Will steal kisses when you’re super serious or unaware
  • Expect a moan or two when you bite him during makeout sessions
  • Loves it best when you’re cuddling and he reaches from behind you to kiss your cheek.
  • “I’m sorry MC, I just can’t help but want to kiss you ‘cuz you’re so cute!“
  • Yoosung, what’re you talking about you’re the one who’s cute asdfghjkl

Zen / Hyun Ryu

  • Good night kiss. Good luck kiss. Goodbye kiss.
  • Basically makes each and every excuse just to give you kisses.
  • Chooses the highest seat on the theater just to make out with you
  • “But Zen, we won’t be able to properly watch the movie from up here…“
  • “You don’t need to look at anything else but me, MC.“
  • Who needs 3d and 4d when you’re always having a very interactive movie experience™?
  • But he really lives for morning kisses
  • Chuckles at the sight of you since your hair is always a disheveled mess
  • Starts with kissing the top of your head and then tucks away some loose strands so he could kiss your forehead
  • You always automatically roll away from him, exposing his favorite part to kiss : the crook of your neck
  • Lmao Zen are you a vampire
  • He goes to wrap his arms around you, burying his nose at the junction between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent before he licks a path just below the shell of your ear
  • And then he goes back, peppering said area with small kisses
  • Doesn’t care whether you’ve brushed or not, nothing will stop him from kissing you on the lips when you turn to face him
  • “Good morning, jagi. ♥“
  • What a good morning, indeed.


  • Was really shy at first, so she wouldn’t kiss you much.
  • But she gradually gets used to it since you usually rain kisses on her.
  • Would give you a quick kiss when you least expect it.
  • And blush innocently.
  • Baehee what did we do to deserve you aaaaaaaa
  • Sometimes though, she would just rest her forehead against yours, and give you butterfly kisses, your eyelashes touching as you lazily kiss
  • She’d smile and laugh with you afterwards
  • There was one time when you had icing on your cheek and she was feeling adventurous
  • So she gathered her courage, and then…
  • “MC, there’s icing on your cheek.“
  • “Eh? Where?“ you ask, touching the opposite cheek
  • “No, no, not there. Here, I’ll get it for you“
  • She reaches out, and then licks the icing off of your cheek in a way that it made you shiver and feel light and tingly inside
  • There was an awkward silence right after, until she coughs and then carries on with work as if nothing happened
  • (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
  • You made it a point to smear some icing on your cheek from then on and pretend that you didn’t know you had it on


  • Tries so hard to act cute with you sometimes, it’s almost painful to watch
  • Jumin, please stop watching cheesy dramas and copying it; we’d still love you even if Zen calls you a bore
  • Pretty shameless when he kisses you on the lips during parties, much to his father’s disdain.
  • “As much as it’s a pleasure to meet your daughter, I only have eyes for my wife.“
  • He doesn’t kiss much, but when he does, it’s always the back of your hands first.
  • And then the forehead, then the lips.
  • Or forehead, eyelids, tip of your nose.
  • When you’re being intimate with him, he’d gently gather a few locks of your hair in his hand and kiss it
  • Also loves kissing a path from your knees down to your inner thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Hickeys on your neck, collarbone, chest, upper arms; he likes marking what’s his.
  • Would sometimes take you out for evening walks, and then kiss you under the fireworks or when you’re alone at an observation deck on a tower or a cruise ship
  • “Wha… what was that for???“
  • “Do I really need to have a reason to kiss you, my love?“
  • It usually leads you to melt on the spot, but he’s always there to catch you ♥

707 / Saeyoung

  • Spiderman kiss? Lizard kiss? Australian kiss?  ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ)
  • Name an unusual type of kiss, and he’d convince you to try it with him.
  • Saeyoung, stop trying to hang upside down from there, it’s dangerous pls stop
  • On a serious note, he’s more likely to casually flop on your lap when you’re on the couch and ask for a kiss.
  • Or he would distract you from a card or board game with a breathtaking kiss to win. Lmao you cheat
  • Biter. Also a tease.
  • His favorite part to kiss is your tummy, then making his way down, down, down… but then he suddenly backs up to give you a deep kiss when you think that he’d kiss there
  • Also loves kissing from your back down to the swell of your butt, where he proceeds to bite.
  • “Saeyoung!“
  • “Eheheh. Sorry, I got carried away, it’s just so soft and bouncy, I couldn’t resist!“
  • There are also times when he’d take you out on a drive
  • He’d spread a blanket on a dry, grassy patch and you’d just lie side by side, holding hands while star gazing.
  • When he thinks you’re starting to doze off, he’d hover over you
  • “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me, MC,“ he says, caressing your face and then tilting your chin upwards.
  • Proceeds to place soft kisses on your lips, moving to the corner of your mouth and then your jaw.
  • And then he stops and flicks your forehead.
  • “It’s getting late, we should head back home.“
  • ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ) ….

Unknown / Saeran

  • Polar extremes
  • You’d have to either coax kisses out of him, or he would slam you against a flat surface and aggressively kiss the crap out of you.
  • “Saeran, you rarely kiss me. C’mon, pleeeaaase? With mint chip ice cream on top?“
  • “Fine, but you better live up to your promise“
  • Gives you a half-assed side kiss, then carries on with his task
  • “Saeran that’s not even a proper kiss“ ( ಠ ʖ̯ ಠ)
  • “Beggars can’t be choosy, MC.“
  • He might say that while sporting a bored look, but he’s really screaming inside.
  • Very embarrassed bean. Give him space. Let him scream. Give the boy his ice cream.
  • Likes giving one-lip kisses, either kissing your upper lip, or biting your lower lip and then making a swipe inside your mouth with his tongue
  • But there are also times when he’d ask nicely for a kiss on the lips.
  • “Can I kiss you, MC?“ kiss. “I want to kiss more. Can I kiss you again?“ kiss. “Another.“ kiss.
  • This usually leads to heavy makeout sessions.
  • Lets you take the last weiner, cake, nugget, etc., but then he steals it from you through a french kiss before you could even chew
  • “It’s your fault for not swallowing quickly.“

V / Jihyun Kim

  • Will randomly pull you in for kisses when he’s in a happy mood
  • His favorite is when your back is turned to him and your nape is exposed.
  • Will hug you from behind and starts with a number of soft kisses on your nape, going to your shoulder.
  • And then he’d just rest his chin on your shoulder and smile at you as he watches you work.
  • “I would take a picture, but I don’t think I’d be able to perfectly catch this moment on camera, MC.“
  • Would usually lead to you accidentally cutting or burning your fingers when he does this during meal prep
  • “Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get distracted! Here, let me see your hand.“
  • Unconsciously puts the burned/bleeding area to his lips, lightly sucking on it.
  • “Uhh… V, the… the first aid kit… “
  • “Hmm? Oh. Oh, right. Just stay there while I get the kit.“
  • Likes to lightly nibble on your earlobe, neck, collarbone, shoulder, and hip
  • Showering together? He would kiss your back while you’re both under the shower spray.
  • Most likely to take you skinny dipping, and then make out with you in the water
Tim Drake dealing with a hacker

•For a while now Tim has been spending his whole day on the computer.

•With less than 2 hours of sleep and about seven cups of coffee he was NOT a happy person.

•The reason behind this was the hacker that supposedly found all of their identities.

•It happened last week when a strange message popped up.

•"Who would’ve thought the Wayne’s would be the Batfamily!? - :-)“

•All that Tim knew was that whoever was the hacker didn’t reveal their identities.

•But that didn’t mean that they’re going to keep it secret forever.

•So at random times of the day messages would appear with a picture of another superhero that was revealed.

•"Do you talk to the Kent’s much because I got to say their undercover thing kind of sucks. - :-)”

•And just like that Clark Kent’s family was all found out.

•Now he didn’t want to call this in as a league issue because the signal of the computer was coming from Gotham.

•He could handle this by himself, he just needed to break through your complex coding for him to message back.

•So after a week of intense computer devotion he managed to message back.

•"I hate you so much"

•Was the first thing he said to the hacker.

•"Ouch! I was so proud that you broke through my coding and you said that you hated me?“

•"I spent a whole week on that single code… the password was my name. How insulting.”

•"Insulting? I could have major feelings towards you.“

•"Well I hope you don’t.”

•"Man, it must be all the coffee. Seven cups right? You look dead tired"

•Tim froze, did you had access to the cameras?

•"Why are you doing this?“

•"Hmmm. Just wanted to test my skills, Batman has the best security in the hacker world.”

•"We will find you and put you to jail.“

•"Cool! But here’s a map of where the Joker’s weapons are at, he’s not too good at hiding his footsteps on cyberspacee”

•"How do I know if this is legitimate.“

•"Because I’m trying to make you not follow my tracks, gotta throw someone under the bus. See you soon - :-)”

•Tim later checked the place and turns out you weren’t lying, Joker’s stuff was there.

•And oddly you would randomly give locations on where the next villains area would be.

•It took a while for Tim to actually appreciate your help.

•Batman and the others saw you as a bit of a helper to go to when they were in a fix.

•So after a couple weeks of good leads Tim thought he should thank you.

•You never gave a name or even a code name. All he knew was that you were in Gotham.“

•"Hey, The team wants to thank you on the help that you have been giving us these last few weeks.”

•"It’s nothing, the bad guys just suck hiding themselves online.“

•"We could employ you to work for us.”

•"A mask and a cape? I’ll pass, my major doesn’t allow me for nightlife crime fighting.“

•"You go to college?”

•"Nah, I’m a basement dweller…. Yeah Tim I have a life just like you.“

•After that Tim searched up the colleges around Gotham and got a list of the top students in the software engineering field.

•He had a plan and was going to find out who you really are.

•Under the Wayne’s company name he held a major software engineering and coding competition.

•Winner would get a top job at Wayne enterprises.

•The night of the competition he got a message.

•"A competition really? You know that I will win.”

•"That’s the point.“

•"Don’t favor! If you wanted to know who I was you could’ve just asked.”

•"I think I tried that already.“

•"Oh yeah huh, we’ll see ya tomorrow.”

•It was no surprise that the winner of this competition won within an hour.

•When Tim got up to see who you really were he was shocked.

•You were cute.

•And that was bad.

•You were cute and smart.


•He gave a nervous gulp as he went up to shake your hand.

•"Why do you look so nervous Red?“ You jokingly whispered into his ear.

•"You… look… not what a worldwide hacker usually looks like.”

•You cocked an eyebrow.

•"What does that mean?“

•"It means that Tim thinks your hot.”

•Dick appeared behind him and shook your hand.

•"Thanks for all the help.“ Dick said with a smile.

•Dick gave Tim a pat on the back and slightly pushed him towards you.

•"Sooo does the winner get a kiss from the famous Drake?”

•"What? No…. at least not here.“

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How about a HC of a MC that can change their voice depending on the song, ex: sad song deep/solemn voice, happy song higher/lighter voice. And the RFA +V and Unknown hearing the MC'S voice changes C:


  • he likes to listen to MC hum while he cooks or is near them in general
  • hearing them sing, however, is certainly much different than a hum
  • the first time, he almost thinks MC is playing a song on the radio
  • Because the song MC chose to sing is a sad one
  • and he was just not prepared for MC’s voice to turn deep and emotive
  • always amazed when MC finishes singing and then talks- their voice changes! It’s so cool!


  • Jaehee loves music, but the best part of it is the vocals to her
  • this is more than clear when seeing her love for Zen’s musicals
  • she’d heard MC singing a bit, but it’d always been some small mild song they heard in a comercial or something, not a real song
  • so when Jaehee and MC watch a musical together and MC knows the songs, they sing along
  • she’s surprised at MC’s voice adapting to the tone of the song and the ambience of the scene
  • compliments it a lot too


  • he and MC are the power singing couple
  • when MC randomly starts singing as they wash the dishes or something, Zen joins in pretty quickly
  • those who have heard these spontaneous duets would describe them as a chorus of angels
  • Zen’s trained voice and MC’s adaptive tone mix together super well and it makes Zen happy to be able to share a passion of his with MC
  • plus, he loves MC’s voice, so if he can make them sing just by singing himself and inviting them to join, he’s down for that


  • it’s no secret to most of us Jumin has the singing voice of a god
  • after MC asks him to one day, he agrees to sing a small fraction of a sad song that fits his voice
  • he’s a bit surprised when MC clears their throat and starts humming as he sings
  • he’s even more shocked when MC starts singing and it’s as if their voice had evolved
  • sometimes, he’ll just randomly ask MC to sing for him because he can’t get enough of their voice


  • he never turned on the audio capture on the cameras in Rika’s apartment
  • he felt like it was digging too deep into MC’s privacy
  • still, he couldn’t help it when he saw MC absorbed into something and their mouth moving as if they were speaking
  • so he turned on the audio, just for a second
  • and he heard MC singing to themselves
  • it was capturing, and even though he had promised to only listen for a second, he kept listening
  • it felt like MC was a siren, luring him in deeper with their alluring song


  • MC starts singing to him to help him sleep
  • at first he’s almost offended- does MC see him as a child of something?
  • he’s fully against the idea of being tucked in and sung to sleep
  • but MC still sat next to his bed and sang their heart out
  • he really wasn’t expecting that. It caught him off-guard
  • he also realized that he’s found a good method to sleep without much nightmares


  • as his eyes got worse, he relied more and more on sound to move around
  • MC’s singing voice is one of the best things he’s heard
  • their voice morphs so easily and realistically, V can almost feel emotions dripping off the words
  • it’s soothing to hear, and it’s a reminder that MC loves him
  • he’s not afraid to compliment their voice lots

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phil being obsessed with leaving hickeys on dan's neck and the phandom noticing one day during a liveshow (ending is up to youuuuu)

Phil loved leaving hickeys all over Dan’s body. There probably wasn’t a day where there wasn’t a purple or fading bruise somewhere on the man. Phil particularly liked Dan’s neck because it was such a sensitive spot and elicited a beautiful reaction from Dan. However, Phil was usually very careful to keep it contained to Dan’s collarbones and the lower parts of his neck that could easily be covered.

Sometimes, though, Phil was less careful. One night, things got particularly rough and Phil got carried away with marking up the curly-haired boy. He nipped at Dan’s neck, progressing higher and higher, leaving a trail of red and purple marks. Neither of them thought anything of it at the time, too lost in pleasure and each other.

“Phil!” Dan screeched from the bathroom, waking up Phil. Phil blinked his eyes open to find a very unhappy Dan in front of him. “What do you have to say for yourself, mister?”

“I have no idea what you mean,” Phil said, stretching.

“Oh, really? What about the six hickeys that you left on my neck?” Dan turned his head to show Phil what he had done.

Phil thought they looked positively gorgeous but knew that that wasn’t what Dan wanted to hear. “I’m sorry, Dan. I must have gotten carried away last night,” he said softly.

“Well I have to do my live show today because I said I would do it already and people would go crazy with theories if I randomly canceled last minute,” Dan said, turning to examine his neck again in the mirror. There was no way he could wear a high-necked shirt or a scarf, it’d be too obvious.

“Well, you could just not show that side of your neck,” Phil said, sliding behind Dan, “just turn the camera the other way.” And that’s exactly what Dan did. He hid the left side of his neck away from the camera and was extremely conscious of how much he turned his head. He must not have been careful enough though because, towards the end of his stream, the chat was filled with questions about his neck.

Dan chose to just ignore it all and just end the stream a little early, claiming that he had to make dinner and wanted to get a jumpstart on it. As soon as the show ended, he sighed, knowing that this would add fuel to the large fire of theories. He walked into the gaming room where Phil was and sat down.

“Well,” Phil asked, “how did it go?”

“I think people might have figured things out. But that’s okay,” Dan said, with a smile.

send me phan hc requests!

Svt reacting to their best friend being a really popular vlogger

@soft-smoll requested: “SVT’S reaction to their best friend being a really popular vlogger, please? Also thank you so much for being amazing people!!💕💕💕”

a/n: i really hope you like this i tried my best >~<

Seungcheol- Reallly interested. Will probably ask you a lot of questions and be amazed like all the time. Even after you’ve been vlogging and editing in front of him for years. Supports you to the extreme though, will buy your merch if you have any and watches all your vlogs. If he doesn’t have time, he’ll save and download them to binge watch on his many plane rides. Gets really excited when you do something cool or fun. 

 “Y/N!!! Wahhh, Switzerland looked really nice, you edited the colors really nice too!” 

Originally posted by choiseungchcol

Jeonghan- Simply gives you a “Wahh cool” and doesn’t think about it again. He’ll be really playful and pick up your camera to record himself and then not tell you. So you figure out when you’re editing and text him like “lmao Jeonghan what even” right away he’ll answer back, “what? what are you talking about *angel emoji*” even though he knows exactly what you mean because he’s observant and knows when you edit. but he’ll take care of you well, making sure you eat well, that you’re not staying up too late by sending a text like 

“Yah, why are you still awake? Go to sleep so you can look good in your vlog tommorrow!” 

Originally posted by jeonghney

Joshua- He would get really worried about you vlogging so much. “Y/N maybe you should take a break” or “go have some freetime without the camera” Honestly that worried supportive mom friend but not. He’ll get hype with you when it’s time to get hype and be worried about you working a lot. even if he works just as much as you. If he’s ever in a vlog, he’d say something really nice, 

 "Hii, my name’s Joshua, don’t leave hate comments because y/n is a really sweet person.“ 

Originally posted by liesunheardof

Junhui- Mannnn, you’ll probably never let this kid use your camera again because you gotta go through SO much footage of him just posing. You’ll get text messages like, "make that a photo for me because i look good in it,,please*blushing emoji*” If he ever gets a chance to be in a vlog it’ll just be like, “Hi I’m her best friend Junhui” //flips hair and looks at the viewfinder// But honestly, he’s always excitedly supporting you. 

 "Y/N!!!! THATS GREAT! Everyone should be jealous such beautiful people are best friends.“ 

Originally posted by junhuipie

Soonyoung- “Wahhhh” so amazed like will stare at you editing for hours like ‘HOW DID YOU ADD THAT EFFECT??” the most curious ever and ya know, curiosity killed the cat hamster. Definitely the type to brag about you to the members like "Did you see how Y/N vlogged the Netherlands, it was like watching a movie.” If he ever pops up in a vlog he’ll just start dancing the most recent Seventeen song which you’ll help him promote by keeping it in the vlog. 

“You should all support Seventeen because we’re really cool and I’m sure as y/n’s fan you guys have good taste." 

Originally posted by jeonheart

Wonwoo- Shy about it tbh, because he didn’t want to seem like he was using this popular vlogger. So he’d support you quietly at the side. Like watching your vlogs, showing your videos to the members, buying anything you make. But he’d come out from his shell and all that so you’ll be flipping the camera to him randomly lol. He’d be a little surprised and give a wave to your viewers. You’ll be like "Wonwoo say something” and he’ll start recommending books or sing a song LOL. 

 “ ‘ulgo sipji anha~’ you guys should go listen to it, it’s a really nice song aha" 

Originally posted by visual-17

Jihoon- Like Seungcheol, would be really interested. Probably has a lot of questions but won’t ask them. You’ll catch him staring curiously at the equipment once in a while and tell him to ask away. And he goes in, with all the questions about editing and the lifestyle, just because it’s so similar but different to him. He knows this is your art, and he has his own art so he has a lot of respect for you. Won’t really watch your vlogs though because he already knows where you’re at lol. But I mean when he has time, he’ll watch a video of a place he finds interesting. 

 “Wow Europe looks so,,,beautiful, your vlogs are definitely the next best thing.” 

Originally posted by yoondexd

Seokmin- This guy is naive and so innocent like he could have known you for 20 years and his reaction will still be the same everytime you vlog. "OMO OMO OMO!!” Never misses a vlog lol, he’ll be watching them everywhere, like on the way to music shows. And start blowing up your phone about every detail in the vlog. Its adorable. On the inside though, he’ll really take care of you lowkey. You guys will text a LOT, more than other bffs, so he always knows whats going on in your life and you know his. 

 "I know you’re going to Paris tomorrow so rest well!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FOOTAGE!!“ 

Originally posted by rappershua

Mingyu- It’s really cool to him honestly. But like he picked up your camera once and dropped it, but it somehow didn’t break. But you are like "don’t touch my camera unless I’m there to supervise you kid.” Mingyu is very artistic himself so he’ll probably pick up on some editing or video skills from you and make some Seventeen compilation. This guy is a foodie too so whenever he sees the food from different countries, he gets so excited. 

 "WOW OH MY GOD THAT LOOKED SO GOOD. Can you find out how they made that for me???" 

Originally posted by hanwooz

Minghao- REALLY CARING. Like that strict caring. Because he understands so well all the fame, how your life is for everyone to see, etc. So he makes sure you take care of yourself. Really though, he always knows where you’re going bc he’ll ask or you’ll tell him, so he doesn’t watch your vlogs much. but he’ll never tell you when he is, just sending you texts like "that vlog was littt” Legit you getting a scolding if you’re awake too late even though you’re editing. 

 "Yah you need to make sure you rest well okay? You can’t be vlogging your life with dark undereyes.“ 

Originally posted by minghaon

Seungkwan- HA LOL. he’ll stay updated and sees all your vlogs. note sees. probably wouldn’t even watch one minute but reads the word ‘Paris’ before hitting your phone up like, “YAHH! WHY DIDN’T YOU TAKE ME” “dude i wasn’t allowed too” “oh right…well buy me something please” then hangs up. this guy would stay wanting to be in your vlogs. like if you guys, are say, bowling together together, the second you turn on your camera, even if it’s his turn to bowl and he already walked all the way up to the lane, legit he’ll just throw the ball randomly and come running back over to you and steals the camera 

 “HI! look how much I’m winning by, y/n sucks right?” 

Originally posted by lunarjun-archive

Hansol- Thinks its so dope. Like everything that you’re doing. Also helps you pick out any music you put in the background. And lowkey gets you to slide in some Seventeen songs. He’ll watch all your vlogs like a movie. "I like watching them because they’re relaxing” Plus all the funny moments he’ll be laughing and send you an “LMAOOOO THAT RECENT MOMENT IN THE VLOG” via text. And especially when you’re videoing some food. Immediately hits you up like, 

 "Dudeee I live for your food B-roll, mind mailing me some?“ 

Originally posted by sneezes

Chan- Still amazed honestly. You guys are out eating or something and he’ll give you the okay to vlog look because he’s very understanding. And you pull out your camera and just in your zone, talking so entertainingly. So he just kinda stares at you with his mouth half open like WOW. Because as an idol he knows its not easy, it’s like MCing or other things he does except full time. Chan wouldn’t really go in with watching all your vlogs but he does pay attention. He’ll watch a couple and be like 

 "Your latest vlog was really entertaining!! Good jobbb, even all the hyungs were crowding around watching.”

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~ admin seri

10 million celebration.

Requested: Yes.  “Hi! Can I have an imagine where the reader is married to markiplier (since 2015) and she’s a famous YouTube and they celebrate her 10 million subscribers with a husband and wife tag!”

Fandom: Markiplier

Pairing: Markiplier/reader

A/n: I actually thought this was really cute! I had fun writing it too!

Originally posted by markired

“Mark, I just hit 10 million!” You ran downstairs with a hop in your step. Mark had been downstairs watching whatever was on while you stayed upstairs to finish editing some videos. It was only when you had uploaded the last one that you had realized that your subscriber count had gone up to 10 million.

“Woah, wait. Really?” Mark’s face lit up when you frantically nodded your head. You had been a pretty well-known YouTuber even before you married Mark in 2015. Since then your subscribers seemed to be popping out of thin air.

“We need to do something to celebrate. We have to make a video to say thank you to all of my watchers and-“ Mark cut your rambling off with a light chuckle.

“Slow down, babe.” Mark held both of your hands in his. “We’ll figure something out.”

You did. You both agreed to do a truth or dare challenge with a wife and husband tag. You had gone onto twitter and asked your followers for questions and dares for the video before you sat down to record, which was where you are now. You started with your intro and introduced yourself before making Mark introduce himself.

 “Alright Mark,” you started, “truth or dare?”

“Dare! I ain’t no pussy!” Mark snapped his fingers with sass and you rolled your eyes.

“Um, @Shippingyou said ‘I dare you to flash your nips.’” You paused for a moment wondering why you chose this one. “I don’t know how to feel about this…”

“I don’t either.” Mark said giggling. “Why was the first one you picked this one?”

 “I don’t know.” You and Mark attempted to survive a large fit of giggles together. “I just picked randomly.”

Mark managed to breathe and slowly pulled down the front of his shirt. Attempting to be seductive, he flicked his tongue out and licked his lips. Once his nipple showed, he quickly pulled his shirt back up and acted bashful.

“I’m turned on.” Was your only response. Mark bellowed with laughter while you simply stared at the camera with a straight face.

“Alright, your turn.” Mark took your phone. “Truth or dare?”

  “Truth. I don’t want to show my nipples.” Mark scrolled through your phone before picking one and giggling.

“How many times have you guys had sex?” Mark laughed and your eyes bulged. A blush rose on your cheeks and you thought about leaving the room. Sadly, you didn’t.

Things stayed intense like that clear to the end. The last dare, however, was pretty sweet. It was your turn and you had chosen dare to end it with a bang.

“I dare you to kiss the other.” Mark looked to you and wiggled his eyebrows. You sighed and pulled him in for a kiss, you could still feel the fireworks go off almost as if it was your first tome, before pushing him away and acting disgusted, even if you weren’t. Mark frowned when he saw this and gave you a like glare.

“Oh, I’ll get you back for that.” He muttered lowly, being sure that the audience could hear it as well.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that. Anyway, thank you guys so much for watching, thank you for 10 million subscribers and pat yourselves on the back for be such great people. I will see you all in the next video! Bye!” You and mark waved to the camera. You stood from the couch that you had both used for the video and turned off the camera. Mark gave you an evil smirk and you looked to the door to see if you could run for it. Unfortunately, or not, when you tried to run past him, he gripped you by the waist and pulled you back down to the couch before peppering your face in kisses. You groaned and tried to push him away.

“Happy 10 million subscribers celebration.” He whispered into your ear.

Just wanted to post some cute stuff from a while ago.

Cole just taking lazy photos of Kj on set with his camera while they were hanging out.

And then someone took the camera and turned it around on him and took the last photos of Kj and Cole together.

Just love Cole randomly photographing Kj. Like he was just sitting there and Cole was just snapping pictures of him every once in a while.

The one of Kj smiling is so adorable. He looks like he did in the video where Cole calls him a beautiful work of art, he gets all smiley and shy.

And even in the one where Kj is looking at the crew, it’s like Cole just thought “I want a picture of my boy look at him he’s mine”

Such a cute couple thing. And someone obviously saw and got them both in the picture instead of just Kj and we got these masterpieces.

Bringing back some adorable photos. Enjoy.

tous les mêmes (preview)

Originally posted by baehkkyun

❝ Baekhyun was just an escort, and not even the one you’d ordered at that, but for some reason he’s standing before you, case in hand and about to sue your company to the ground.

❝ characters; byun baekhyun x you
❝ genre; romance, fluff, slight smut?, office au!/kinda
❝ part one

a/n; this has been sitting in my drafts for a month so i might as well post it, because i’m seriously stuck, so here’s a taster of what’s to come.


This wasn’t exactly what you’d pictured you’d be doing on a Saturday night, surfing the internet for male escorts.

“Come on Y/N, just pick someone“, Your best friend complained over your shoulder, hand gesturing randomly at your laptop screen, “What about him?”

She’d pointed at a man. He seemed to be beaming at the camera, both ears protruding from either side of his face, he was one of the most normal looking guys you’d scrolled past, that is until your eyes landed on the obnoxious pastel hair colour he sported.

“Really Sona? He looks twelve”

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a Jungkook scenario? We Got Married kinda thing? Thank you!!!

Originally posted by holy-yoongi

Hey anon! I’m sorry for making your request so late! I had finals T_T so I couldn’t do it till last night!! I tried my best to give you a cute scenario with Jeon on wgm!! I wasn’t sure what to write since it was supposed to be a show with a virtual couple lol, but I hope you like it :) Thank you for requesting!

Genre: romance/fluff
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 1760 words
Summary: You and Jungkook on We Got Married as a Married Couple.

You got on set of the filming for that reality show you film each week. We got married was such a weird reality show ,since it was all new to you. You never asked for a husband nor a virtual marriage, yet your company judged you were perfectly fitted to promote them by going on that show. You got famous after  having played in Descendants Of The Sun along with Song Joong ki and Song Hye Kyo.You got to meet your husband Jeon jungkook from BTS three months ago when you were on set to film the Show. Time went by quickly and   You actually found yourself enjoying filming as the times goes by. Jungkook was  very shy and awkward at first and wouldn’t even dare to stare into your eyes, but as you guys got more comfortable around each other , he became quite sneaky with you . He was intimidated by your beauty at first, since you were a well known actress, but after a while he got used to you since he got to know you were a very down to earth girl. You were filming with your brothers-in-law today and you knew you would have lots of fun, since you got quite close with all of them.

You reached the dorm where you met Jungkook at the front door

“ You came?”, he kicks the ground before grabbing your hand and lacing it with his

You simply nodded still flustered by how Jungkook turned into such a bold man only after 3 months of filming. He was getting quite wild on set, doing things like pulling you randomly into his arms or whispering things in your ears.Doing this on tv was fine, but the guy was doing it even while cameras were off which made your heart throb quite frequently

You followed him inside where you were welcomed by the members of his group

As soon as you got in , Taehyung’s little grin showed up

“ It’s sister-in-law guys!!!!”, Taehyung pulled your arm

“Oh, y/n!! What’s good?!”, Jimin leaned his elbow on your shoulder casually

You turned around only to chuckle at his silliness

“ Nothing much, jimin! We just came to see you guys”

“ y/n came guys , its real??!”, jhope peeked through the room next to you “Oh she really did come”

“ OMG! My daughter-in-law is over !!”, jin came out of the kitchen wearing his pink apron

Jungkook left to his room to check out if Namjoon was anywhere near and you were there awkwardly sitting between Taehyung and Jimin

That’s how the two boys started interrogating you

“I heard , he’s been pushing you against corners nowadays?”, taehyung threw his arm around you

“What do you mean?”, you blinked twice

Jungkook indeed has been pushing you in corners nowadays trying to make you die with feels

“He should just throw her on the bed next time “, jimin giggled

You raised a brow at this perverted behavior coming from your brother-in-laws

“What?! Hey, Park Jimin!”, you pinched his cheek harshly

“OWWWWWWW”, the latter whined

Jungkook may have been acting quite wild nowadays, but he was such a sweet boy to you. You thought all of this wild side and skinship was to make the show interesting, but the guys we’re actually truthful about how their maknae seemed to have taken quite a liking to you

“So did you guys kissed yet?”, jhope winked at you this time

“Stop pestering her , you perverts, and let me sleep”, yoongi’s head raised from the couch and you got the shock of your existence

“Hyung stop sleeping! You’ll probably sleep your entire youth ,if you keep doing this !”, Jhope pointed at his hyung

“ What does it matter to you? I’ll live my youth however I wish”, Yoongi

Jungkook finally came back and frowned at how his band mates were sitting way too close to you for his liking. Especially in Jimin’s case.

“Oooh~ Seems like our youngest is becoming a man~”, Jimin nudged jungkook, while the latter only sent him a death glare

“Don’t look at me like that jungkookie~ You know, how much hyung loves you~”, jimin puckered his lips

“ Ah, hyung stop this! Whoever saw you would think you’re the one i’m getting married with!”, jungkook cringed at the older

“ That’s basically jimin’s fantasy”, Taehyung chukled

“hey~ No need to say it like that~”, jimin nudged taehyung

Jungkook rolled his eyes in despair and you laughed with the other boys

“You should buy the snacks this time , Jeon”, Jhope pushed jungkook as he collided with your small frame

Jungkook seemed quite flustered as usual, but kept his cool since he was in front of his hyungs.He smiled before pulling your small hand in his, with an apparent blush on his cheeks.

You both left for the supermarket walking hand in hand as you picked the various foods for lunch

“What should we get this time?”, you looked around “Maybe this?!”,Your eyes twinkled as you saw That POCKY package

Jungkook turned around to tower your small frame from behind to stare at the snack you just picked before he  retreated his hand and blushed three shades of red after realizing what kind of food you just choose.

“You really want this?”, he laughed shyly

“ Yes of course! It’s super yummy! Especially when its strawberry flavored!”, you smiled at him

You didn’t knew that buying pocky would imply trying to kiss him, since the directors of the show we’re very demanding

“ Aren’t you doing this with a motive?”, he raised a brow

The playful husband was back this time and the blush on his cheeks was not there anymore

“ Motive? I’m just hungry…aren’t you? Let’s share this!”, you nudged him

“ Whoah….did you do this often when you filmed for your drama in greece?”, he teased

You tilted your head cluelessly

“ What do you mean? There weren’t any pockys in greece! I mean… I couldn’t really eat those”, you pouted and he found this expression of you adorable.

“You’re sure? You’re not using these as a reason to give me a kiss?”, he smirked

Wild kookie was back and he took this opportunity to lean his face extra close to yours

“ Yah!”, you hit his arm ” Why are you so sneaky!”

“Y/n , lets be honest! How many guys did you kiss on your job?”, he tilted his head

“ W- Why are you asking me this?!”,

“Why are not replying?”, he quirks up an eyebrow” Oh…so you did kiss a lot of guys back then while filming?”

“ N-No! Why are you saying such things!! I never did anything!”, you took a step back

“I saw it”, he sighs

“What?!”, you frowned

“ Your kissing scene on descendants of the sun”

You bit on your lip out of frustration for being getting caught red-handed

“Was Song Joong Ki that good of a kisser?”, he replied in annoyement

Of course you did had a kiss scene with this outstandingly handsome actor who made all actresses weak to their knees. Not that you hated it, but you were not the lead of this drama anyways,so its not like you shared many kiss scenes with him. In fact there was only one kiss scene with you and it was only to demonstrate that he did had a past with another woman before meeting Dr.Kang.

“ Hey! That wasn’t even a real kiss scene!”, you argue “ We just pecked that’s all!”

“ How dare you lie to me!”, he pouts “ Did you like it?”

Of course he was a great kisser, but here you were trying not to hurt your husband, You may have never kissed Jungkook, but you sure weren’t doubting his kissing skills.

“ I-I…no, jungkook”

“ You totally did!”, he points at you” My little heart feels broken right now…how am I supposed to keep on watching your drama if each time I’m reminded that my girl was kissed by someone else!”

You smiled at his natural cuteness before tapping his cute nose with your finger

“I’ll make sure to heal your little heart, so don’t worry about it~”, you put your cold palms on each sides of his warm cheeks

His cheeks turned even more hot and red

“How will you heal it?”, he grabs your small hands from the side of his cheeks

“Like this?”, you replied before tip-toeing yourself to  press your soft lips on his cheeks , but he took the opportunity to turn his face to side and the kiss was reversed . Lips locked on lips,Lips pressed on him,lips pressed on yours with a very satisfied Jungkook looking at you.This little bastard was enjoying this way too much

You weren’t expecting this and leaned back while touching your lips

“What was that!!! That was cheating!”, You complained

“You did cheat too”, he replies

“What did I even do?”

“You stole my heart”, he nudged you while laughed as he walked away to pay the food

“Yah! Are you searching for your death, come back here Jeon Jungkook!”,

“Catch me if you can, y/n”, he smirks” Maybe then ,  I could give you back the  kiss I’ve stolen from you“

You reached him and slapped his arm

“Why did you do that?!”, you frowned at him

“To erase Song joong Ki’s mark from your lips, since you’re mine ”, he replied smugly and you swear feeling the heat invade your cheeks

Jungkook was quick witted one, and he must have had watched many dramas to pull out such gestures and lines. What was sure is that you were under his spell, wether it was a show or a reality.

You can request ANYTHING from my blog :) REQUEST BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN !!I’m open to answer anything whether it be ships/bts reactions to “___”/scenarios/drabbles/ bts fb status/bts text conversation/ bts snapchat AND MORE !!! IM LITTERALLY OPEN TO ANYTHING just please ask me what you want and I’ll make it come true 

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I'm here for the fact that park jimin knows just how powerful and charming he is like you can't tell me he doesn't use that tone and pretty face everytime he wants to have it his way with kook or if he just wants anything, like that shit right there is quality content and looks very natural, he legit just randomly and suddenly turned to kook to ask him that.... i mean come on... these 2 are driving me crazy, poor kook was like "must resist we are on camera" and awkwardly turns his face away lmao

honestly. jimin knows how whipped jk is, and he loves to take advantage of that. it was an automatic thing for him to turn to jungkook with his hooded eyes and his low tone of voice and just be like “vote for me” and it’s likek so natural??? i love that jimin knows and is aware of the affect he has on jk when he does it too. like, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s unashamed. a king. 

ocean waves and beautiful boys ( park jimin )

estimated word count: 1.2k
summary: you just wanted to go to the beach to take pictures, not knowing that you’d meet someone who is worth taking every picture of instead.
warnings/notes: reuploaded!! contains mild swearing, cliffhanger ending, other than that this should be fine lmao


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And now onto my love, my sunshine, my bby, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae tae aka can we talk about how this kid is the definition of whiplash for a second bc this is something I deal with on the daily like one second he’s fucking adorable as hell, with his cute lil giggle and his smile oh my god his eye smile is my actual favorite his eyes in general are my fave like I'm a total eye girl and his are just wow but then oh wait he’s not a kid at all he’s a man with the fucking tongue and the hips and the h an ds and it’s just :) haha this is great I love this but then hey guys don’t worry he goes right back to being an actual angel immediately after he gets off stage

  • Okay but tae is easily youtube material
  • Like his personality is so unique and so him
  • And he’s so genuine
  • Like I really do truly believe he is the way he acts on camera
  • I’m sure he has days where he isn’t as energetic or outgoing, just like everybody does
  • But I think for the most part, he’s pretty happy and ready to go
  • His personality would be the reason he gets popular
  • Of course it doesn’t hurt that he could pull off being a male model without even batting an eye
  • Like have you ever actually looked at him that man is honestly beautiful without even trying to be so when he does try it’s like too much for my lil heart to handle
  • His laughter is contagious so even if his joke sucks, you still gotta laugh bc he’s cracking himself up
  • He is funny as fuck in his own lil cute way like he’s just got a natural way of being really funny that could make just about anyone smile
  • Like Tae’s the youtuber you go to when you’ve had a bad day or just need someone to make you laugh
  • He treats his subscribers like best friends tbh
  • Like you know the way he’s so present with us like he’s constantly updating us all on what he’s doing and shit and he just makes lil random videos to say hi
  • VLOGS 
  • More like v-logs am I right
  • He’d totally make that joke and we all know it
  • Hobi’s the only one to laugh at it though
  • But his specialty is actually vlogs
  • He makes random sit down and talk videos too of course
  • But most people know him for vlogging
  • He vlogs literally anything and everything
  • He could honestly make talking about paint interesting so I have no doubt he could handle vlogging 
  • He lives with you so you’re constantly in vlogs
  • Okay but if you were comfortable with it, you’d be in basically every video
  • Whether it’s just a quick “babe, say hi” or a full on “this entire video is about my love”
  • You two met in school, back when he was just starting out so you’ve been there since the beginning
  • Head canon time ready set go
  • He vlogs the process of getting engaged
  • He of course doesn’t upload them right away bc then you’d know and that would ruin the whole surprise idea behind his proposal
  • He tells the viewers all about his plan, how he wants to take you to Japan and take you to your favorite restaurant there and then propose after dinner
  • He films himself finding the ring
  • He randomly turns the camera on, ready to tell his viewers that he didn’t have any luck finding anything yet
  • But then you just see his eyes light up and he’s all excited
  • He calls Jimin over and is like dude this is it, I found it holy shit
  • Jimin’s equally as excited since they’d been looking for like a week or two
  • And Jimin’s been able to watch your relationship develop from barely being able to say hi to each other without getting all smiley to being able to helping Taehyung find a ring to propose to you with
  • The next clip is tae looking all nic E in a suit and he’s like mumbling about how he has no fucking idea on how to tie a tie
  • He’s rushing around bc he’s two minutes late and that isn’t okay with him
  • He says goodbye to the camera and it just kinda fades to black
  • At the very end of the video, this lil message pops up
  • “Btw, I’m engaged now. My love said yes”
  • Youtuber!Tae is just a total sweetheart who loves his subscribers so so much and would do anything to make them smile
EXO Telling You They Want to Start a Family


One day while you and Minseok were out, the snow would begin to fall steadily. Of course, Minseok being Minseok would absolutely love it, you would too. 

Originally posted by xingblingmi

As you two both play around in the snow, a million thoughts would run through his mind. He’d see the amount of fun that you were having with him, and the amount of fun he’d be having as well, and wonder what it’d be like to share that fun with a little family of your own with him. 

He’d be staring at you then you’d stare back at him. He’d raise your eyebrows at you, causing you to laugh. You’d look at him and ask him what’s up. He’d simply reply with:

“Y’know Jagi, I’ve been thinking. How much fun do you think it’ll be if we go here with a family of our own?”

Originally posted by wugalaxy


You’d see that Luhan has been more quiet than usual, seeming to be more distant and seeming to be thinking over a ton of things. You’d, of course being the caring girlfriend you are, would go and ask him about it. He’d reply with this:

Originally posted by elaysium

You’d be pretty upset that this was his response, and he’d immediately feel bad that he responded to you that way. He’d go and have a real talk with you, and explain why he’d been so distant. 

I think that Luhan would feel conflicted with his feelings about starting a family. He’d really want it, he’d want to start a family more than anything. But he’d think practically, and he’d think that if he would start a family, then he’d be gone from you most of the time with him on tour and all of the stuff like that. 

“I want to start a family with you, more than I want anything. But I want to be there for our baby’s life every step of the way, and I don’t want to miss out on anything because of work. But I swear to you that when everything settles down, then I’d ask you for real.”

Originally posted by whenyouleftthem


Yifan would be on stage, and during a commercial break he’d be looking around into the crowd. He’d see a small little family all waving at him, the little baby in the mother’s lap while the mother used her hand to make the baby’s little hand wave at Yifan. He’d look and smile at the cuteness, then his thoughts would go to you. 

Originally posted by exo-wufan

Kris would really be happy with that thought. He’d imagine every situation possible of you and him together with a little family. The second he gets home to you, he’d go and hold you close. You’d ask him how everything was, but he’d sound a tad bit nervous to talk to you, and he’d really avoid eye contact.

But, a wide smile would be on his face, and he’d begin to tell you what’s been on his mind while he was at the show. 

“So…uh Y/N…I saw this adorable family at the show today….and uh I really think that we should start one as well…”

Originally posted by pangguk


Joonmyun would be doing a “V” cast while you were at work, and he’d be asking everyone a whole bunch of different questions. He knows that you weren’t watching because when you’re at work, there’d be too much things to do to watch a V cast. 

He’d ask the fans many questions, and one question that he’d say would be something pretty personal.

“Okay guys, serious time now. If Y/N and I start a family, would the family be the cutest?”

Originally posted by visual-jongdae

This question would probably break the internet, because there’d be so many responses so quickly. He’d read over some then he’d be completely convinced. 

When you’d get home from work, he’d sit down with you and he’d tell you that he wants to have a serious talk. You’d be a tad bit nervous, but you wouldn’t know why because you haven’t done anything to make him mad at you. 

“Y/N…I just asked this question, and so many fans agreed. And so, I think I should ask you about it too though. I was wondering, if we were to start a family, would they be the cutest?”

Originally posted by asstheticsuho


Yixing would be at an interview, just talking about current events, about what he’s planning to do in the future with the other EXO guys, and most importantly, about you. They’d ask him about his future with you, if he was planning to marry you, or better yet start a family with you. The second they come up with that option, he’d immediately blush. 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

But, it’d be a thought that would stick with him throughout the rest of the interview. You and him starting a family. You being the mother of his children. His children. 

The moment he gets home to you, you’d ask him how the interview went, if he was hungry, all of the things like that. But randomly, he’d say:

“Y’know, I’ve been thinking. How cute do you think our children would be? I mean, I want to know really badly, but the best way to find out is to actually start a family, right?”

Originally posted by princeyiixing


You and Baekhyun would be going out on another late night date together to the carnival that was happening near by, and he’d really have so much fun riding all of the little rides, wearing the little bunny ears he won, all things like that. 

Originally posted by wooyoung

While he’s walking around after the rides, he’d see almost everything around and wonder what it’d be like to be there with a family of his own. He’d want to know what it’d be like to ride the little carrousel with a little version of you or him, he’d want to know what it’d be like to go and act like a child with a child of his own. 

He’d be smiling for the rest of the night with a really wide grin, because he’d be thinking of all of those little thoughts. Even as you two go to sleep he’d still be thinking of it. When you wake up, you’d wake up to his smiling face, then you’d finally ask him what’s up. He’d finally tell you, smiles never ending on his face.

“Jagiya I’ve just been thinking. How happy do you think our babies would be if we take them to that carnival?”

Originally posted by parkchny


You and Jongdae would be at the grocery store, just getting the things you needed for the week. You, since you knew exactly the stuff you needed to get, would be getting the important stuff while Jongdae would be running around the other sections just looking at cool stuff that he would think you guys needed  but really didn’t. 

You’d get everything you needed and you’d go look for him so you could collect what he got and can pay for the stuff and go. You’d find him in the baby aisle, holding one little stuffed animal up and smiling at you. 

Originally posted by everybodyloveschen

Jongedae would have probably gone around the store, and really not find anything that interests him, but when he’d go past the baby section and immediately his mind would spark. He sees all of these cute little things, all of the matching onesies with cheesy little sayings on it, he sees the cute little toys with the little rattles on the bottom, and all of the cute stuffed animals, he’d just see all of the cute little things. He would really want to go there one day with his family, and buy those things for his baby. 

You’d eye him mysteriously as he shows you the little stuffed animal, then you’d ask him why he was in the baby section. 

“Jongdae, why are you in the baby section?”

“Well you see, Y/N, I was thinking, all of these things are so cute! I wanna comeback here one day and buy these things for a child of our own! Don’t you?”

Originally posted by exoxoolf


You’d be visiting your home for the holidays with Chanyeol, and of course Chanyeol would get along with each and every one of your little cousins. 

Originally posted by myfakingit

You’d see that Chanyeol has everything under control, so you’d leave him with the little ones for a bit. When you would come back to check on him, he’d be covered in face paint, but a huge smile on his face. 

You’d say to him, “Y’know Chanyeol. You’d make a really great Appa.”

He’d reply quickly and say:

“Wanna make that a reality?”

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek


Kyungsoo would be at a concert, and during the time when each member could say something to the fans, he’d update the fans about you and him. One of the members would shout out “Kyungsoo’s been thinking about starting a family with Y/N!” Kyungsoo would turn to the fans and bring his finger up to his lips while they went crazy.

Originally posted by kaisoh

This would immediately go viral and Kyungsoo would go home to a really confused you. You’d be shocked to hear this, but then he’d formally ask you. 

It probably would be a thought that has been on Kyungsoo’s mind for the longest time. From the time you two began dating, he knew that you were the one. He knew that he couldn’t let you go, and he knew that you were the person Kyungsoo wanted to start a family with. 

He’d probably have a hard time telling you, but he’d still tell you.

“Jagiya…ever since I met you I knew you were the one and… I really want to start a family with you.”

Originally posted by essentyeol


Tao would be playing a game of drunken truth or dare with his friends, and Tao being Tao would probably be a bit afraid to choose anything but truth. One question they’d ask him is if he wants to start a family with you. He’d hide himself, because he’d probably have a hard time saying that he really does. 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

When he gets back to you, he’d talk to you about it, because I feel like he’d hate being embarrassed when they’d ask him about something that he really wants to do with you. He’d ask you if you’d really love him, and if you love him enough to want to start a family with him. 

“Babe…do you love me enough to start a family with me?”

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld


Because of the success of Kai and Taeoh together, they would have another episode, Jongin having a blast each and every time he would be with Taeoh. 

Originally posted by intokai

You see the way Jongin acts around Taeoh and the way his sister says he hangs around with his nieces. Jongin would be a good appa, hands down. Every time that he’s with the little ones, he’d always think that he wants to start a family with you, he’d want to be able to play with a child of his own, to see the cuteness of the baby he’d create with you. 

He’d take you out one day to just talk and to spend time with you. But randomly, he’d turn to you and ask you seriously:

“Yknow, do you ever have the thought about starting a family with me? Because honestly, right now that’s really all I can think about. 


Jongin and Sehun would be together on camera. Jongin would be constantly teasing the maknae and you together, mostly bringing up things about what Sehun would do if you would come to him one day and say that you’re pregnant. He’d just laugh and hide behind his pillow while Jongin continues to tease. 

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

But these things would really hit him hard. That thought has always been in the back of his head, and he never really addressed them because he wouldn’t know how to tell you. But the more he thinks about it, the more he wants to tell you, until it gets to a point where he plans out every detail of how he’s going to tell you, and how he knows a way to make sure that you won’t reject it. 

He’d get home before you do from work, and he’d make sure everything was in place. He’ make sure that everything he was wearing was perfect, so he could use his charm the second you walk through the door and you won’t say no. 

“Y/N….I’ve been thinking about this a lot…and I want to start a family with you. And to be honest, it would be best if we start now, so let’s go.”

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I’m sorry i didn’t plan Sehun’s to be like this…

oh and idk if it works for you…but is the first Chanyeol gif working? bc i saw it move literally yesterday and it was working fine, but now it’s not for me…so idk if the problem is mine or if it’s just a little bug. 

ANYWAYS i hoped you guys liked it…and this really took me longer to write than i expected.. but oh whale :D

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mikasa's actress likes to pick on levi's actor's height (or lack thereof) and levi's actor is just like gurl you're a freaking titan and proceeds to have this freaking ridiculous argument with her


SO, when they’re on set, the director calls for the female titan to be on set and Levi’s all like, “I’ll get her,” and randomly picks Mikasa’s actor up from whatever she’s doing and places her on the set, nonchalant, and is like ,”Here she is.”

Mikasa’s actor, not even prepped up yet like half her face is done and she’s in a robe, turns to the camera and flips Levi’s laughing actor off.

Then, she turns to the camera, all smirking and stuff, and says , “At least I don’t have to stand on a box for the camera.”

Everyone just starts cracking up and saying ‘OOOOH! BURN’

I’ll literally be getting dressed or something, I turn the corner, and WHAM there’s the cameras. ‘Ah, they got me again.’ It’s like Where’s Waldo, you never know where they’re gonna be. And for me when I’m backstage, preparing, getting ready, it’s not something I wanna be bothered with. So sometimes you’ll just randomly hear guys cursing, like that’s gonna get them off of the show, like they can’t use that scene or something because, ‘there’s that guy, he’s just cussing in the background. A lot of guys just, they all just duck their heads and walk off. So that’s something that we deal with but that’s the world of entertainment.
—  Roman Reigns on Total Divas
He, Him and I (Part 1)

Rapmonster (Namjoon BTS) & Lay (Yixing EXO) series, He, Him and I

Genre: Exboyfriend. Angst, anger and maybe a little smut.

Characters: Rapmonster x Reader, Lay x Reader

Word Count: 5,693

A/N: This is the first part in a EXO/BTS mashup. I’m a fan of both groups, so no hate please! The background goes that you (reader) are the exgirlfriend of Lay in EXO, but bestfriend of Namjoon in BTS, and again your fate intertwines as you meet Lay on a charity event, and Namjoon really wants to help you, seeing as you are feeling so inferior to Lay and his new girlfriend. But does he make things worse? Or do things go as planned? 

Also, I’m going to incorporate gifs/images in this short series, just because i can >)

(Here is part 2: X)

“I don’t think I should go..” You said, gazing over the thick white paper, engraved with black letters. Your name was handwritten on the top, it was a personal invitation to the charity banquet that was going to be held on the weekend to come.
V narrowed his eyebrows, and Hoseok made a disappointed pout.
“Why? All of us will be there, we could dance, drink and have fun!” V pointed out, with an uncertain smile.
“I just don’t know..” You said, flipping the card to the table in front o you, you heard someone come up behind you, and then a pair of hands grabbed the card, It was Namjoon. He scanned the card quickly, standing next to you now, before turnings his eyes towards you, he put the card back on the table again.
“She doesn’t want to go because Lay will be there.” He always knew what was up with you, almost like he could sometimes read your mind. He said things you couldn’t bare to say out loud.
The room came together in a unisont ‘Oooh’ Lay was your ex boyfriend. Heavy emphasis on the ex part, it hadn’t ended well, at least for you. He managed fine, especially since when you two broke up, your bestfriend started dating him. 
Namjoon went over to the small couch, and sat down next to Jimin. The boys fell silent, they wanted to cheer you up but didn’t know how.
“But you can come with us!” Jungkook exclaimed, from his place below the sofa, sitting legs crossed on the floor with a gaming console in hand.
All eyes turned to you again, looking hopefully. These young men were the closest friends you had at this point, after the awful breakup last year with Yixing, you had found the old classmate and friend, Namjoon randomly in the street. You talked, and you reconnected. And then his bonus family also, became yours. They helped you through some pretty tough months.
“She can’t just go with us, Jungkook. We are performing at that event, and expected to walk through rows of photographers and cameras, we can’t just walk around with a girl in our arms.” Jin corrected, looking apologetically at you. It was true though.
Jungkook nodded in thought and you sighed loudly, was there even a point in going? The only reason you even got an invitation was because it was a mutual friend of you and Yixing that held in the event. A rich man which you had befriended his daughter, their family was nice, you had been over to their house a couple of times with him.
“Maybe we can take her anyway?” Namjoon suddenly spoke up, caressing his lips thoughtfully with his indexfinger. He looked relaxed, but alert. He was always so caring.
“What do you mean?” Jin asked, looking from the TV to Namjoon, and then giving up looking at the screen because he was getting his ass beaten by the youngest, he threw the console over to V.
“Well, let’s speak to PD-nim. Take her as a plus one, a friend or whatever. The magazines will leave her alone, plus it’s a pretty closed up event, there can’t be to many cameras there. It’s supposed to be pretty hardcore security.” Jin nodded as Namjoon spoke, it didn’t sound completely impossible. Something like hope sparked in your chest, but also regret, fear.. anxiety. His face turned up before your eyes.
“I’ll escort her. You don’t even have to see him. I’ll make sure of that.” Namjoon said, voice low and serious, suddenly that image of Yixing absolved itself, sometimes you were sure that Namjoon was some sort of guardian angel to you.

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[ Jared extended imagine ] Outernet.

Original imagine: Imagine: Jared randomly taking pictures of you; he puts his favorite one in his “notes from the outernet” book.

Written by: A.Wölf.

{ Anon request }


Jared had suggested hiking in the Woods that morning.

As you walk in front of him you hear a familiar sound and turn around.

You see Jared with a camera in his hands, taking your picture.

-Don’t mind me, keep walking.

He says with a mischievous smile.

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LOOK HEADCANONS OF HARUKA AND TAKANE LIVING TOGETHER or we could also call them things I wanted to write and never did but who’s doing the math here

•Takane is very uncomfortable with touching people or when someone is invading her personal space. And living with someone so clingy was frustrating for a while. But even if it took time to get to that point, she started enjoying Haruka being all over her. And this goes to the point that when he’s away from her, she starts feeling uncomfortable.

(It’s like an imaginary battle of who’s the clingy one, to be honest.)

•Takane somehow breaking one of her arms or whatever and Haruka writes and draws on her medical cast every morning.

•They can’t watch horror movies because even if Takane is generally okay with them, Haruka has nightmares at night. So when they have to pick movies, they end up being romantic or animated. Takane always falls asleep.

•At first, they didn’t share a room. And if Haruka had nightmares he would go straight to Takane’s room, without even doubting about it. She would always let him stay with her.

•And some nights Takane herself had her own nightmares, and was brave enough to go to his bedroom. This was probably one of the reasons of why they decided to start sharing one.

•Both of them are extremely heavy sleepers. If one of them is late for work, so is the other.

•And they have blankets with dinosaur prints. And also pajamas with more dinosaur prints. guess whose fault was this

•Haruka randomly blows Takane’s ear while she’s playing because he thinks it’s funny how she shivers or jumps.

•Haruka likes taking pictures. He does it for art reference, but to be quite honest, almost all of the photos are of Takane. Even if she is completely oblivious to the camera or is just waking up, all of the photos of her turn out to be perfect. At first, when she did notice the camera, Takane scolded him and told him to delete them, but for some reason she stopped caring. All she started to do was say to him to not post them online. (But he definitely went a bit too far when he started taking photos of her face during sex–)

•Takane owns a bunch of those tshirts with sarcastic references and stuff and Haruka never gets them and he is so frustrated over it.

•Haruka starts needing glasses but he doesn’t say anything because he thinks it’d be annoying to have them, and being clumsy as he is, he’ll probably break them quickly. But he bumps into things a lot (mostly Takane), can’t read, sits really near the tv to watch it and when he draws, his face is practically against the sketchbook. Of course that Takane finds out because bae has been acting kinda weird lately huh.

•Takane tends to talk in her sleep and Haruka likes listening her babblings.

•Haruka’s literally a giant monster and he can’t sleep without hugging something or someone and he won’t let go until he’s awake. And that’s why Takane can’t go to the bathroom at night. She is imprisoned.

•Takane being aphonic for a couple of days for yelling too much. The apartment was quiet but Haruka really missed her screaming at him and just hearing her in general so he was extremely impatient to her voice to come back.

•Haruka opens the door of the bathroom without knocking because he forgets to. If we’re talking about the toilet, (because in Japan they divide the toilet from the bathtub/shower? Weird but true) when Takane is using it and Haruka opens the door, she instantly kicks it and yells that she’s in there. But if we’re talking about taking a bath then Takane throws at him the nearest thing at the moment. while yelling of course

•Takane has a foot stool because she hates receiving Haruka’s help to reach things. She has to move it around the apartment because there are lots of things she doesn’t reach. Haruka thinks it’s cute but he tries helping anyway. (And he ends up covering with stickers the foot stool.)

•This is a really famous headcanon (well, at least as far as I’ve seen?) that Takane can sing. She always refuses to do it for Haruka when he asks her to, but he can listen to her while she is subconsciously singing or humming.

Dating Taehyung

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-there’d be kisses everywhere! forehead kisses, pecks on the cheek, and of course on the lips

-the two of you always bickering over random things

-“excuse you, Sehun is obviously the hottest EXO member?”

-“Tae, have you even seen Baekhyun?”

-“girl, Sehun and his abs”

-“whatever, Baekhyun’s still my fave”

-“…oh I know why you like Baekhyun. it’s because he looks like me” tHAT SMIRK HE GIVES YOU



-oh and those dubsmashes, he’d do those EVERYWHERE. walking on the street? dubsmash. ready to watch that movie? dubsmash. he’d pull you into the shot and turn the camera to you when it’s your turn to lip sync the lines, but it’d be so hard to keep a straight face when his expressions were so funny. he’d save all of them on his phone and send them randomly to you, especially when you’re feeling down to cheer you up

-with Taehyung, what’s yours is his and what’s his is yours. that ice cream you just bought? his. the nice set of Muji stationery you got? his. even the puppy you recently adopted? ALL HIS.

-but of course he lets you take his stuff too, like those comfy crewneck sweaters he owns (even the ones with the holes, which you find so amusing but you wear them anyway), those rings that he loves to wear (even though they’re nearly all too big for your fingers), and his hats

-you’d be pretty envious of his ability to smooth-talk or charm his way out of any given situation

-“Tae, are you sure we can go out tonight because you still have that assignment due tomorrow.”

-“I got an extension on it”

-“you WHAT? but he’s the strictest teacher ever and never gives extensions to anyone???”

-Tae shrugs “I just listed off the reasons why I should have an extension and he gave one to me”

-“like what?”

-“like seeing you tonight” ≖‿≖

-he can be a shameless flirt sometimes when it comes to you

-he’s the type of person who’s well-liked by everyone, so it’s not surprising he has such a large group of friends. he’d introduce you to all of them though and happily show you off

-until you start getting along a bit too well with his friends, especially when Jungkook goes to teach you his Meme Dance™

-Tae gets a bit jealous and low-key hovers by your side the rest of the time, but you secretly enjoy seeing him jealous because it rarely ever happens and because he’s so cute when he’s all pouty

-late night calls that last until the early hours of morning because every time you guys try to leave, something comes up and you end up talking for another two hours



-“okay for real, bye, Tae”


-“…Tae, why aren’t you hanging up?”

-“okay, I will”

-“okay then, bye”


-“…you’re still there aren’t you?”

-“no I’m not”

-“Tae, please tell me this ‘bye’ thing isn’t going to be our thing like 'always’ was for the couple in The Fault in Our Stars”

-“Y/N that book was so sad, now you’re making me sad”

-then it just keeps going

-one of the best parts would be his hugs because he squeezes you so tightly like you’re his lifeline, the only thing holding him together. there’s the way he rests his head at the crook of your neck and buries his face in your hair, and how he holds on and never wants to let you go. and at those times, you can see how delicate he really is

-so you solemnly swear to never break his heart. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

-there are those times when he just stares at you randomly like you’re the best thing that happened to him and you always forget how to breathe because it should be the other way around. sometimes it’s hard to believe that you’re dating the popular boy Kim Taehyung who’s loved by everyone and is a literal angel

-but a second later, he’d probably be teasing you about liking Baekhyun

A/N: what it would be like to date Taehyung, as requested by anon~ thanks for requesting! Enjoy ;D 

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