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Seth x imprint!reader

Request: “i just discovered your blog and wooow, you’re v good!! can i make a request? Where imprint!reader moves from spain to la push because she loves nature and the views (she wants to be a photographer, too) and one day the pack and her meet because (+) they catch her making photos of them with her bigass camera (lol this is me) because she finds them so pretty and they match so well w/ nature as a background? (Sorry if its too much detail omg) (+)also reader can be seth’s imprint if it isn’t too much! sorry if i seem like a freak lol i just love photography and the nature of la push!! tysm i luv you a lot have a nice day! take care and good luck on school !!”

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OMG OMG did you see the Riverdale Instagram live video where Cole is trying to follow Madchen in the background as she moves the camera, and then he runs into Lily, and then she puts both arms on both of his shoulders to move him out of the way?


Ok with the height charts and everything I was looking back at the video and im almost positive now that Lewis is ALOT taller as a ghost then he was alive. heres some vague science to back it up :D

So Lew was tall in life, but not absurdly tall. In fact he was about the same height as his mom and duet

Now going by this height chart with the estimate of his height when he was alive and applying it to this next image with vivis shoulders and just bellow the top of her eyes giving us a foot measurement.

He shrank at the end of the video, not quite back to his normal height, but almost.  After he sees vivi he shrinks but also a foot in height. and we know hes standing flat on the ground, cause its shown when the heart drops.

Im curious as too why hes altered his height, or if he even knows he did it. Shrink back down to normal for vivi seemed almost a subconcious thing

theres alot going on here with the camera pulling back and he moves back…but he doesnt seem to have moved to far down the hall. I think he shrank here, cause right after is when he approaches vivi. So his size might come down to an intimidation thing, and he changed cause he didnt want to come off as threatening to vivi.


Recently I watched Red Velvet’s Naver V app show(?) on Youtube. I was very excited for their comeback and also for the show like I NEED MORE RED VELVET IN MY LIFE ok lmao. But however, there were a few things that make me uncomfortable..

1. I find that Joy loves to hog the camera. She would be like going infront of the camera and blocking the other members who were standing behind. I mean she’s the tallest in the group CAN’T SHE STAND BEHIND AND LET THE SHORTEST MEMBERS INFRONT? There’s was an article about this if you haven’t know. Basically netizens were calling her rude because she and Yeri kept interupting Seulgi when she was speaking. And also Joy would block Seulgi from the camera. Honestly, I agree with these netizens and I hope Joy would respect the older members more.

2. Yeri read a comment calling her a s*** and…..((read up pls i’m lazy to explain)) As you know, Yeri is a cheerful and bubbly girl. It’s sad that people would write a comment like that especially TO A 16 YEAR OLD GIRL!!LIKE SRSLY?? SHE’S ONLY 16! I really feel bad for her and pity her. She was looking really sad and hurt for the whole ep.((she was the only one who saw the comment)) Not the bubbly usually self she is. :-(

3. Not a complain or anything but I just gotta say that I LOVE WENDY SO MUCH OMG.  I really love how she takes care of the members. Like when Seulgi wasn’t in the camera((obviously blocked by joy)), she would ask Seulgi to move so that she can be seen by the camera. And when Yeri was down((cos of the comment)), she would include Yeri and try to cheer her up. Seriously Wendy just become my 1st bias. 

Some of you RV’s fans would bash me and  blah blah but this is my own opinion. I love Red Velvet but just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean you HAVE to worship and approve of their behaviour of something. Oh and please do watch the show and let me know what you think. There are only 4 episodes i think. 


Masterpost about Ziam staring

Even when they are not sitting next to each other they are always in contact

really good example

it looks like he takes a deep breath at the end which i understand

and zayn often replies with a caring gesture

He’s like “Hot damn, what is he doing?”


Liam you’re on camera

admiring his bf

alright there’s probably a lot more but i will move on to zayn

always looking at the lips



look at that smile

nice, nice

licking the lips

Zayn you’re supposed to be sad, not to bite your lips

just so much fond

External image

zayn can’t control himself, he just has to touch liam


External image

sorry fetus liam staring

serenading is their thing

External image

no control

zayn, keep your mouth shut


External image

just kISS alReady

looking at that torso

External image

they both know what to do after the interview

so this has gotten way longer than planned but ok

D&E Tour Saitama - Day 3 :

➮  Hyukjae wiping sweat for donghae with tissue and put the tissue at donghae’s mouth .Hae pick up the used tissue from floor and wipe hyuk sweat and also squeeze into hyuk mouth

➮ Donghae threw Hyuk’s jacket on the floor and Hyuk told him to pick it up lol so donghae picked it and placed it over Hyuk’s shoulders ㅋ.Hyuk took away his jacket and put in on hae, so he was wearing his jacket on his back and hyuk jacket on the other side
He kept turning around and say “donghae” “eunhyuk”

 ➮ Donghae carried Hyuk over his shoulders. Hyuk pat Hae’s butt and Hae squeezed Hyuk’s butt .Then after that Hyuk said he feels good  XD 

➮ Hyuk said “did u buy our album” ? Really? Then lets do a test"
He started singing “you r my precious” but we didnt follow so he turned away and said “the concert is over”
He tried again and we failed hahaha so he went to sit on the floor&made crying sounds .Hae says he’s speechless.

➮ Hyuk:i dont know if there’s recording today so when you see camera, pls show expression and lip sync. hae was singing “ur my precious…” And hyuk was miming elf singing and being cute XD

Hae:if all of you dont remember the lyrics today i am not letting you go home.only if you remember then i would let all of you go one by one.otherwise i will “chu” you all at the side non stop!

Hyuk:watch your lips!!

Hae:did everyone buy our album? 


Hae:so why is it that all of you dont know our songs?did you all buy them to use as tables to eat ramen??

 Hyuk:you all just want to use the albums to exchange for the photocrads,you cant be like that!you have to listen to it if you buy the albums!

➮ Hae:you all our mothers,you must be very happy that your sons are so grown’s nice to raise us isn’t it?
Hyuk:thanks you everyone for giving birth to us.
Hae:there are so many mothers ,where were you born from?
Hyuk:..from under a foot…

➮Hae : when singing mother I think of my mum and all the ELF mums, the feeling comes . They both smile with tears in their eyes TT

➮ donghae carried hyuk over his shoulder again. Then after that they were holding hands going around the stage.

➮ DH: do y'all know why I wrote 1+1=Love?

HJ: to earn money 

DH: the meaning of 1+1 is SJ+ELF=.. 

HJ: equals 2! 

DH:  it equals love!

➮ donghae and hyukjae trying to put their face inside the box.Both squeeze into the box to picked the video. No distance between them! donghae picked up a paper with his mouth and passed to hyukjae..

➮ for the lottery hae put his head INSIDE the box for soooo long searching for a good paper ! Then hyuk also wanted to put his head inside the box but no place so he pushed haes head with his own head and they were so close omg
Then hae took a paper with his teeth and hold it like that XD

➮ Hae said ‘joudan’ that means joke, and hyuk act like Michael Jordan bcs the pronounce is similar XD

➮ Hyuk say doremi song is too cute and now they cant perform cute songs anymore due to their age.He said bcs there’s a rule in korea ppl more than 25 years old can’t have cute stage. He keeps saying that they’re 25 years old hahaha

➮ Hyukjae telling fans to sit and stand repeatedly and donghae said that he’s crazy

➮ Hae was making a kiss noise on the mic but hyuk slapped him XD the noise hae made was so strange XD

➮ Hae was staring at hyuk butt during oppa oppa

Hyuk: the concert has ended 

Hae: it has not 

Hyuk: it has ended

 Hae: no it has not 

Hyuk: wait and see 

Hae: please wait 

Hyuk: Wait 

Hae: Wait

➮ Hae said that the concert theme is 'surprise box’ then hyuk said sorry bcs hae is weird lol

➮ Hyuk kicked hae and he collapsed    

-hae on  the floor-  

hyuk: he is dead

 -then hyukjae poured water on donghae and he jumped up-   


➮Hae said that he has a present for us and pushed hyukjae out. Hyukjae did the same 

➮ They trying to speak in English accent again.

Hyukjae: My god! 

➮ Both jump down pit to dance choki wa.Hyuk said they maybe get scolded if they do chokiwa one more time but bcs we’re happy then its ok" Hae say he knows we like choki wa and he feel good. We may sing in osaka. Hyuk: Cannot!  

➮ There was a male fan who shouted donghae. So Hyuk was like I see that there are many male fans  and that they are looking handsome at the cam so he made a pout face kk 

Hyuk: seems like there’s a no.of fanboy. They look good. Of course I look better.
Then he asked if the up floor could see sth and a guy screamed so loud from up there and they laughed 

➮ Hae drank water then moved his tongue out of his mouth so much on the cam omg Then eunhae kissed their mic togethee
Hae then kissed hyuk shoulder and blowed a kiss at him and laughed so much

➮ hyukjae making kissy face to the camera while donghae was facing him and make kissy face while closing his eyes

 ➮ at the end when donghae was doing kissy face towards the right then hyukjae closed his eyes and “waited” for the kiss .then donghae realized what happened bc he saw the screen and he pushed hyukjae and shouted “what are you doing!!” HAH

➮ cr:Mininin_87 ,sj_iriszhu ,Luvh3art ,lovelocked89,youngxbae,duckhae , ddaalki.hyukarmpits

EXO react to playing five nights at freddy's

All I can say is thank goodness for wikipedia.


Xiumin: When Foxy the Pirate Fox runs in and gets him with a jump scare. “SHIT!”

Luhan: During the second night shift. “Oh my god, I hate this game! Why are we - AAAH!! It’s right outside the door!!”

Kris: When he keeps dying in the first night shift: “Why’d you make me play this? Horror videogames aren’t my style.”

Suho: Rapidly shifting through all the video camera screens, “I hate this. I hate this so much. If one of those things jumps out, I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

Lay: “Why would you want me play this game, baobei?!” He’d be near to tears if you make him play for any substantial amount of time.

Baekhyun: He’d scream every single time one of the animatronics moves, babbling. “OMG, no. Why did you do this to me?!”

Chen: He’d get really into the game, even talking to it. “I got my eye on you, Bonnie Bunny - the second you move, I will know it!” He’d probably get the furthest in the game.

Chanyeol: “No! Why’d the camera stop?! Where’d it go??” After just a little bit, he’d get paranoid and try to keep the doors closed the whole time.

DO: “That is the last time I ever take your recommendation on anything.” After you leave and the others tease him for screaming. “I’m going to kill that girl.”

Tao: After one of the animatronics moves for the first time: “No! NOOO!! Turn it off! I’m not playing anymore!”

Kai: He’d jump out of his chair at every jump scare, eventually just running out of the room and giving up halfway through the level.

Sehun: He’d laugh really loudly when the animatronics keep getting closer, but it’s to cover up that he’s actually really nervous and twitchy.

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80s Glam Power Speed Hair Death Metal Band Logo - “GOAT”

High quality version here:

Did you guys ever hear about that awesome Glam Power Speed Hair Death Metal Band from the 80s named “GOAT”? Man, they had such a killer logo. That I just invented. I also invented that band. Just now. In my head. But seriously, I would listen to them, if they had a stylin’ brand image like this.

There were 4 steps in the production on this one.

  1. Playing with Photoshop to create an original greyscale word with the “Flat Fan” brushes - which were new to me. I’m going to have to practice some more (cough) calligraphy like this in the future.
  2. Taking that mask and using as a mask on a plane in Blender, then moving some Magenta and Cyan lights around behind that mask, shining toward the camera - This is where most of the animation came from.
  3. OMG SO MUCH POST PROCESSING AND COMPOSITING . This is what added the space and the rainbows and the blings and the VHS look. This part was done 100% In the Blender compositor.
  4. Added the scan-line pattern in Overlay mode at 30% opacity in Photoshop, and saved as GIF.

My inspirations for this piece were the Daft Punk “Discovery” Album Cover, and “Love” by UziCopter. I freakin’ LOVE what uzicopter did with the colors on that one.

Retrospectively, I searched for a band named Goat. Turns out they are Swedish - EDIT - and their music is not exactly my style, but due to the quick reply, apparently it’s totally DaveBees’ jam. Right on.