the cameos were a

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other


there’s a reason growlithe has been put on hold, and this was it! (amongst other real life stuff)…

when i was putting my halloween decorations up this year, i got inspired to whip up a trainer outfit that i could wear while giving out candy. i have so many costumes i could wear on halloween, but not many of them are kid friendly ^^; i was thinking about making this anyway for a nice ‘casual’ costume for conventions, so why not!

the jacket and romper were made from modified versions of the mccall’s trainer pattern. the hat was painted. i realize there are no blue hats in the game, but i think it’s silly there’s not one for every team. the belt buckle is wood and D rings. i patterned the gloves and they have embroidered details on them. the backpack was bought but i modified the straps to make them thinner because they were waaaay too big. the rest is bought also.

cameo by my cat lily.

happy halloween!

Here’s how I want Sarah Wright on NCISLA: some sort of BBQ thing backyard at Sam’s house and he invites his SEAL buddy who uses a cane, played by David Olsen. SEAL buddy brings his wife, played by Sarah. There’s a super brief but hilarious interaction when Kensi and Deeks come up. Just a fun cameo like when the moms were on. Team super other in-laws!

This would make up for a lot of s5 for me. :)


Fun fact it’s been 18 years (19 in November) since The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time was released in North America and that was the last game the Gerudo Theives were prominently featured as major plot heavy characters. Majora’s Mask they were pirates… and they made small cameo appearances in the DS games and they didn’t pop back up from that point forward Until last nights Switch Trailer for The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild!

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So I watched Danganronpa 2.5


Danganronpa 2.5 was pretty okay. What I learned from it:

Makoto says Koneko-chan to Maizono and she fangirls.

Komaeda hates talent.

How Sonia and Souda ship can be decent without Sonia hating him.

The cutest thing was how Kuzuryuu cared so much about Souda that he considered him like his brother. 

Poor Souda, Kuzuryuu, Peko and Sonia.

The only characters you were featured from the DR1 cast were Makoto, Maizono and Mukuro (cameo). Also, there’s Leon. With Makoto and Maizono actually having short dialog and voice lines.

And at the end of whatever the first part was with the fun free life that Komaeda was experiencing didn’t even matter, cause that was all in his head. An illusion.

Oh and at the end Komaeda is even friends with everyone, despite what he had done. 

Yeah, DR 2.5 was pretty okay. 

Thoughts on Rogue One

1. Fit so well into the time just before the OT! The little cameos were fun and smart and emotional, it was good to see expanded roles from a few of the recognizable people, and just generally fit in well.

2. Or rather, it fit well in the cracks between. It’s very much a story about how a lot of hard, dirty work gets done outside of people being heroes with destinies for a story to have its eventual happy ending. From pretty much the first time we meet Cassian that becomes extremely obvious, and it’s reinforced down to the fact that for the first time I can remember, we see stormtroopers whose armor is dirty when there wasn’t a battle to dirty it up.


4. More under the cut because spoilers.

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That was the real Josh, wasn’t it? Michael Jacobs son, towards the end. His cameo + the two Morgans were pretty great.

Overall, that seemed like a pretty lackluster finale. They only gave them 30 minutes, and the BMW cast only showed up for a little bit of that. It’s okay, though. There’s a high chance that they’ll get picked up, so a huge finale wouldn’t have been necessary. World Meets Girl felt like a more proper send off, whereas this was left open ended enough for them to continue on another network.

But shit, did y'all see how dirty they did them? They fucking minimized the little Girl Meets World outro the moment it hit the end credits. Smh.

Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 5- Favourite tiara

The Cameo tiara is an unusual one, set in gold and featuring pearls, which makes it stand out amongst the diamonds and sparkles. The individual cameos were created in the 19th century and were never intended to be paired together on one piece, hence their varying sizes and shapes. The piece was given to Empress Josephine 1809 by her husband, Napoleon. She passed the tiara to her granddaughter Josephine of Leuchtenberg. When Josephine married King Oscar I, the tiara travelled with her to Sweden and has been in the family ever since. Princess Sibylla, the king’s mother, was given the tiara as a wedding present by her husband’s uncle so that the tiara could once again be held by the Queen of Sweden. The cameos show the stories of myths including Cupid and that romantic quality has made it the go to tiara for Swedish weddings. It has been worn by Princess Birgitta, Princess Desiree, Queen Silvia, and Crown Princess Victoria for their big days. 

Just got back from the LEGO Batman Movie!

It was much better then I expected! I’m not really into comic book stuff, but the trailer hooked me to go see this and I was glad I did!

I started laughing before the opening logos were over, the colors were absolutely amazing and the amount of cameos was something I hadn’t anticipated! I couldn’t take the climax seriously at ALL, but it fit the movie well and really brought the LEGO aspect into play.

And yes, I was freaking out as my theater played the trailer for the Ninjago Movie!

“How the hell did we get out of those waters alive?” 
“A mermaid wanted to eat you, but I convinced her that your skinny ass couldn’t offer the nutrition she deserved, so she helped me save you instead.”

so i’ve been caught in the worst art slump trying to actually use color and paint and i haven’t really been inspired to do anything until this idea i had during the bilgewater event. i really hoped nami would show up, but she didn’t and like COME ON, she could easily have had an cameo when these assholes were half drowning. so i fixed up a story for myself :’( 

i also want to do nautilus and miss fortune, but i didn’t mean to finish this today, it is almost 4 am, and i really,,, neeed to sleep,, if anything’s fucked up i’ll fix it when i wake up good niiight

Cameo Contest Selection!

Howdy everyone!

All your OC’s were super interesting and pretty, and we had a hard time deciding on just 4 :( We are very thankful for all your submissions and to those of you that took the time to draw your character with the yukata! We had a ton of fun getting to know all of your creations!

After much deliberation and tough decisions, we managed to select our favorite 4 out of everyone!

They are, in no particular order: 

Shizuka Kurosawa by Mi

Epiphany by L.L.

Dragnfly by Dragnfly

Kiyoko Satori by S.G.

Thank you to everyone that participated! We will get in touch with the creators of the selected characters in the future for your approval of the dialogues and to show you the art progress!


In Puyo Puyo Tetris, dropsets are used in specific modes, including Mini Puyo and Fusion (PuyoTetMix). An interesting detail is that the Tetris characters recycle dropsets from past characters, those that were playable in Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary but only cameo in Puyo Puyo Tetris.

  • Onion Pixy → O
  • Dongurigaeru → Ai
  • Rider → Ess
  • Yu & Rei → Jay & Elle
  • Ocean Prince → Zed
  • Ms. Accord → Ex

But interestingly, Tee is an exception. By process of elimination his dropset should of been based on Carbuncle, who similar to the others was demoted from his playable status, but instead Tee sports a unique dropset not shared with any other character.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Tetris characters also use the same AI as their respective characters when they play Puyo Puyo. For example, since Jay & Elle are based on Yu & Rei, they will stack Puyo on both the first and sixth columns when a match starts