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I know we were all super hyped about the Yuri on Ice cameo in the June Steven Universe but this came out in April and I hadn’t seen anyone mention it yet! Look at cute kitty Yurio ♡♡♡♡


consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

6 mile run with the new BNHA my conclusions are as follows:

  • every time Endeavor smiles an angel loses its wings. if you squint you can see them all plummeting to earth behind him
  • “Back then, for that moment, I just forgot about you” is the sickest burn Shoto Todoroki has doled out today and thats saying something for the boy who set an entire stadium on fire
  • Todo ur shirt
  • the class 1A kids not recognizing All Might kills me bad
  • Ochako, internally, probably, “Wow Deku’s dad is a beanpole.”
  • Deku being frustrated with himself for egging Todoroki on and losing more like “stab me in the chest right now its faster”
  • “Meddling when it’s not wanted…thats the essence of being a hero” i cant believe All Might has saved anime single-handedly 
  • Iida just scoots her on outta the ring
  • “All Might…you were Quirkless too…? “Yeah.” look okay All Might answers “yeah” in English like he just says “yeah” and it’s added 4 years to my life
  • Also Kirishima calls Bakugou “Explosion boy” and this is FUCKING IMPORTANT because for the ENTIRE TOURNAMENT Bakugou hasn’t been calling people by their names because he doesnt KNOW their names. Bakugou’s just been calling them by their QUIRK.Like a fucking TOOL. So what I’m saying is Kirishima obviously knows Bakugou’s name but he’s CALLING HIM “EXPLOSION BOY” TO MAKE FUN OF BAKUGOU AND FRANKLY. KIRISHIMA FOR BEST BOY. 
  • TetsuTetsu supporting Kirishima from the stands is the most important thing everyone go home
  • Look I love Todoroki I really do but also i get such pure satisfaction from seeing people fucking smack him so what im saying is that Iida walloping him with the recipro kick is easily Top 5 Anime Deaths
  • Iida, grabbing the back of Todo’s shirt and fucking running, “Taking out the trash, taking out the trash, taking out the trash a t  n i g h t
  • im not fucking ready for the Stain arc but also im so fucking ready for the Stain arc. Iida. My boy. My son. Oh God. 
These appearances are not all in one episode. I would be disappointed if these were just cameos and I can tell you these are definitely not cameos. We didn’t want to bring them back as just a quick appearance in one episode. We wanted to give them real storylines and real moments. The most important thing to me was to actually give them great moments where the fans would cheer.
—  Jeff Davis about returning characters (via teen wolf wikia)

So Lu and I went to watch Rogue One again today, and sitting in the row in front of us was this lesbian couple and their two sons. The younger son, who looked about 6 or 7 (although obviously it was pretty dark so I couldn’t be sure), talked throughout the entire film, and usually this would be annoying, right? Not this little guy. He was such a huge Star Wars nerd. He kept explaining things to his mum so that she’d understand what was going on, and it was so sweet?? 

(By the by, RO spoilers ahead)

He’d be like “That’s the Death Star. That’s important, remember that.” Or “That’s Tarkin!!! He’s a baddy.” But he also had the greatest reactions to things, like when the rebels all agreed to fly to Scarif he shouted “THIS IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER” and he actually fist pumped the air when C-3PO and R2 had their cameo. Like all kids, though, there were a few things that went over his head and he would loudly ask if one of his mothers would explain what was going on. My favourite of these moments was when he asked if Baze was sad about Chirrut’s death because Chirrut was his boyfriend.

But I think my overall favourite point was when Krennic flew into Mustafar, and upon seeing the familiar streams of lava this boy leaned over and said to his mum: “This is where Anakin Skywalker and Obi-wan Kenobi had a fight because Anakin had gone to the dark side, and Obi-wan Kenobi said he loved Anakin but Anakin didn’t say it back so he chopped all his legs off.”

Like, you’re not wrong, kid.

On the way out of the cinema I could still hear him babbling excitedly about Princess Leia and how cool he thought she was, and how he wanted to watch A New Hope when they got home, and how much he’d loved the film. It was so sweet. I enjoyed the film ten times more than I would have done if that boy hadn’t been there, I’m sure. Honestly, god bless that gay Star Wars family.

“I want a little sugar in my bowl”: narrative deconstruction in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Earlier this year (Link), we presented the first half of our takedown on the sugar bowl mystery. Now that we’ve gotten all the plot elements out of the way, it’s time to approach the solution in on a literary level. If there is, indeed, a solution to the sugar bowl mystery, what kind of solution a writer such as Daniel Handler would choose? Studying the series on a more thematical level gives very interesting results. If there’s one thing “A Series Of Unfortunate” does well, it’s making sure that the narrative fits the narration, that the plot fits the style (and vice-versa). Lemony Snicket uses absurdist humor, and his characters live in an absurd world.

We can’t prove that the sugar bowl really is empty, of course. What we can prove, however, is that an empty sugar bowl wonderfully suits the hallmarks that made  “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” such a literary sensation.

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NEW VIDEO: “Goofy & Tipsy Messes In Amsterdam” - had the BEST time in amsterdam with all my youtube friends… speaking of which, reblog with your fav youtuber cameo!! there were SO MANY that were part of my adventures :]


Roman Gold Ring with Onyx Cameo, 3rd-4th Century AD

A gold ring with onyx cameo with bust of woman with hair pulled back into a bun.

Cameos first became popular during the Hellenistic period and continued to flourish under the Roman Empire with a mixture of images mostly comprising religious symbolism or busts of private individuals and members of the Imperial family. Cameos were produced with the same basic tools and techniques as intaglios, though inverted, that is to say by cutting away excess stone around the image to create a raised relief. The time and effort needed to carve a cameo is considerably greater than that required to produce an intaglio, not just because more stone must be cut away but also in fashioning a cameo in relief there is considerably less surface contact between the rotating circular tool and the convex surface of the gem.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you do RFA reacting to MC on her period/trying to hide her period from them? Thank youuu!

Oh my gosh periods are the absolute worst. This one was still a lot of fun to write so thank you for requesting it! I hope that you like it!! :3 


  • You and Yoosung both finally had a day off together and deiced to sleep in
  • You woke up before Yoosung and felt his arms wrapped around you and you snuggled into his chest
  • But you felt something wet down by your legs and carefully moved the blanket away to see that your period had started and bled through your sleep pants onto the bed sheets
  • Completely embarrassed, you shook Yoosung violently telling him to get out of bed
  • “Wah what’s going on MC?” A very confused and sleepy Yoosung asked as you kicked him out of the bed
  • You didn’t respond, only blushing bright red as you carefully moved the blankets so he couldn’t see the mess
  • But Yoosung caught a glimpse of bright red blood on the sheets and his eyes went wide
  • “MC are you okay?! Did you hurt yourself?! Should I call a doctor?!” Yoosung asked as he started panicking
  • You sighed saying “I’m okay Yoosung, my period just started. Sorry about the sheets, I’ll clean them up right away.”
  • As you tried walking away, Yoosung grabbed your arm and hugged you, rubbing your lower stomach
  • His mother and sister made him learn about how much period cramps could hurt and how women could become very emotional
  • So to your surprise, Yoosung knew exactly what to do and treated you like a princess
  • Yoosung threw the dirty sheet into the washer and quickly put a new one on so that you could lay down
  • He told you that he had to make a quick stop at the store and when he came back, he had pads and tampons, heating pads, your favorite snack foods, and a new movie for the two of you to watch
  • Yoosung took such good care of you that there was hardly any pain and lots of comfort, making you not worry about period pains ever again


  • The two of you decided to go on a date night to see a movie that Zen made a cameo in
  • You two were able to snag the last two tickets, much to Zen’s delight
  • Just as the two of you were about to enter the theater, you felt something off
  • You told Zen that you had to use the bathroom quickly and when you got there, you found out that your period had started
  • The emotions were already getting to you as you felt yourself start to tear up
  • You left the bathroom trying to think of an excuse for only you to head home so Zen could enjoy the movie
  • As soon as Zen saw you, he noticed something was off and asked “What’s wrong babe?”
  • You burst out in tears and whispered to him that your period has started
  • Zen immediately goes into protective boyfriend mode and walks behind you so no one can see any blood coming through as he leads you to the car
  • The entire ride home you were crying and told Zen between sobs “I-I’m so sorry that I ruined our date night.”
  • He honestly couldn’t believe that you could become so emotional just because of your period but he shushed you saying “It’s no problem at all MC. You can’t control it and we can have our own fun date night together at home.”
  • Zen carried you inside bridal style and helped you clean up then laid you on the bed as he got you some pain medication
  • You were completely exhausted and Zen completely understood so the two of you ended up cuddling for the rest of the night until the two of you fell asleep
  • When you woke up the next morning, you found Zen in the kitchen making breakfast a a bouquet of your favorite flowers on the table along with some heating pads
  • Zen really was the best boyfriend ever


  • The two of you went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate your anniversary 
  • It was the first time either of you were able to go to such a high-end place so it was an even more special night
  • You and Jaehee were killing it in your brand new dresses and you both looked like goddesses
  • But when the two of you were seated at your table, you felt what you only assumed was your period start
  • Panic built up inside of you, it was such a special night and you didn’t want your period to ruin it for Jaehee
  • So you sucked it up and decided to pretend like nothing was wrong
  • But you and Jaehee were together for a reason because she knew within a couple of minutes that something was up
  • You were getting increasing hot to the point of sweat dripping down from your forehead and the cramps started to come
  • When Jaehee saw you wince in pain and hold your stomach, she knew that your period started
  • So Jaehee helped you up and lead you back to the car while you apologized profusely
  • When you two got home, you nervously asked her “Was I really that obvious Jaehee?” as you got out of your dress and into more comfort clothing
  • Jaehee giggled and made you lay down as she got you a heating pad and said “Sort of. But what you had were pretty similar to my own period symptoms so I knew. And don’t worry about tonight, I’m always happy as long as I’m with you MC.”
  • You smiled gratefully at your amazing girlfriend The two of you spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching Zen’s musicals on DVD
  • You both ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms, with you feeling a lot less pain thanks to Jaehee
  • You were so grateful that you had someone else who understood the struggle of having your period and you made a mental note to take extra good care of Jaehee when hers started


  • You had convinced Jumin to go out on a simply yet fun ‘commoners’ date with you
  • The two of you went to a local park and packed a picnic and the day had been going well, you and Jumin talked about your future together, stared at the clouds, and even made him laugh at a couple of your jokes
  • Jumin seemed to be having such a good time that you felt like nothing could possible ruin your mood
  • But Mother Nature had different plans
  • You were laughing at one of Jumin’s attempts to make a joke when you felt your period start
  • To make matters worse, you were wearing a light colored dress making the blood stand out on the back of your dress Jumin noticed you looking uncomfortable and asked what was wrong
  • “My um period started Jumin.” You said awkwardly to Jumin You attempted to stand up but you could already feel the cramps coming on
  • Jumin noticed the back of your dress was staining with blood so he quickly wrapped his jacket around your waist to hide it and walked you over to Driver Kim
  • He had never dealt with women on their period before but all Jumin knew was that you looked like you were in pain and he needed to stop it
  • So when the two of you got back to the penthouse, Jumin cleaned you up and made you lay down in bed with him calling out to the chef to make your favorite meal
  • He laid down next to you and gently rubbed where your cramps were hurting telling you sweet words of encouragement to try and help you feel better
  • You eventually fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to see Jumin curled up next to you sleeping
  • The cramps were almost completely gone so you settled yourself back into Jumin’s arms
  • For a guy who’s never experienced a girl with her period before, Jumin sure knew what he was doing


  • Seven had been working hard the past couple of days making you extremely bored
  • You were laying on the couch, mindlessly playing on your phone when you felt something seep through your pants
  • You groaned as you saw that your period had started
  • Luckily none of the blood had gotten on the couch so you quickly passed Seven’s work room in order to get a new pair of pants
  • You were in the bathroom trying to clean the blood out of your pants when you heard the door open
  • “Aw my poor MC’s period started. Come on I’ll clean those up later, you need to rest now!” Seven said as he dragged you into the bedroom
  • “But how did you know Saeyoung? I’m sorry I know that you’re busy working and it’s so embarrassing.“ You said as Seven tucked the blankets around you
  • He smiled and kissed your forehead saying “I’m the Defender of Justice MC! I know everything! But seriously I keep track of your cycle so I always know when you’re due to start.”
  • Seven got you a heating pad and laid down next to you rubbing your back and whispering how much he loved you
  • You fell asleep to Seven’s loving words and woke up the next morning to find a Seven had made you a messy cake saying ‘I love you’ on it as well as some of your favorite snacks and more heating pads
  • You were honestly so grateful for him and gave him a huge hug when you saw him
  • Seven smiled telling you that you deserved it and how he would take good care of you until your period was over
  • “Hey MC quick question, I never looked it up or anything but a period is when you pee blood right?” Seven asked as you were about to cut into the cake
  • Seven was lucky that you loved him and that you weren’t too emotional at that point to punch him
viii. “what the fuck happened to your face?”

This has been sitting in my ask for a few weeks. I apologize for not being able to write this anytime sooner but you know, college sucks. Please, don’t feel like I’m ignoring you, I promise I’ll be finishing everything I’ve got left. Anyway, here it is. I hope you like it. Please let me know if you don’t like it, or if you think the smut part wasn’t right. I don’t usually write smut that’s “explicit” but I want to give it a try, and I need to know what direction to take.

“What the fuck happened to your face?” you asked, bewildered.

“Not now, love.” Harry warned you, avoiding your eyes for all he’s worth. Even if he had succeeded, you had already seen it. His face was a mess, his hair was disheveled and he had an horrendous purple eye.

“’Not now’? The fuck is wrong with you! You’re not pulling that ‘not now, love’ when your face looks like shit!”

“Charming to the last, aren’t you?” He asked, raising his bloody eyebrow with a hint of annoyance in his gaze, only to be replaced by a look of pain.

“At least let me help you, you ass.”

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So apparently people were shitty enough to Ed Sheeran that he deleted his account… if you just needed a reason that people are mean, shitty, and entitled af. I saw the hate, I saw how people were attacking him personally. After the news that he deleted his Twitter broke, I then saw how people kept being even more mean and cruel because “he’s a celebrity, he should know how to take criticism.”

Good job Twitter bullies, you just took something someone loved and twisted it and made him hate it. Just because he is a celebrity does not mean he has to sit there and take your shitty ass attitudes and comments. It also doesn’t mean that he’s not a person without actual feelings, self doubt, and insecurities. So no he does not deserve how utterly despicable people are being. And it’s not just a couple here and there, it’s literally thousands of them on twitter. There’s articles being made about it just keeping on fuelling the hate, and adding salt to the wounds. Ed Sheeran’s a singer and guess what? The singing part he did amazingly. That’s why they limited his acting to almost nothing and no that scene wasn’t as disastrous as people are making it out to be. They just need an excuse to be vile and to be mean to people who are financially better off than they are.

Even if Ed Sheeran didn’t delete his Twitter because of his cameo, the response was so much harsher than warranted. There’s criticism and then there’s just ripping apart someone because what? They’re richer? More successful? Kinder? Famous?

I’m not guilt free. I have succumbed to this type of thinking before, but you know what? Growing up helped me recognised how despicable these acts can be. And I admitted what I was doing and thinking was wrong so now I aspire to be a better and kinder person. The world’s shitty enough as it is, I don’t need nor do I want to add to that shittiness.

Reveling in Richonne

#78: The Eight

Did y'all know we were in “Say Yes”!? We made a quick cameo as the dumpster that Richonne have their cute little banter behind. 😂😋

Lol but for real this scene is so fun and memorable and such a great insight into the adorably lighthearted dynamic of Richonne. 👌🏽 

I told myself I was going to try and stop over reveling in how playful they are in these posts cuz I say it so much but I can’t not mention it in literally their most playful scene to date. This whole little sequence was so playful and amazing. I adore their banter. 😋

So it starts with them behind us the dumpster and I love the framing of the way Michonne is behind Rick. Like they just look so perfect together and so like a unit.

Then they step closer and start strategizing about how to best go about this walker situation. And at first it just seems like business as usual, like this is just the Rick and the Michonne all up close and personal and making a plan and following along with what the other is saying perfectly. The norm.

And if you watch Michonne she’s very intently listening to her man with a plan lol but then she hears something that makes her sort of smile. And we find out that this change in reaction is because of the sort of uneven tasks that Rick has just assigned.

Rick is going to go take out one walker and Michonne realizes “You’re leaving me eight.” I absolutely positively adore this. 😋

Like she’s not asking a question she’s making an amused statement that her man has just suggested she take out eight walkers on her own. You know she has no problems doing this but I love that she says this sort of teasing him about it and just to acknowledge the humor in this situation.

Like I love that she’s so amused by this and probably low key flattered. It’s funny too cuz like walkers are life threatening things (as much as they’ve become more like nuisances) and so for anyone else, taking on eight walkers would be a risky thing but Rick knows that’s a walk in the park for Michonne.

And it’s funny how Rick then proceeds to give an explanation as to how he’s come to this conclusion that it should be eight vs. one.

He said it’s about doing it quiet with the sword and for some reason I really like that he says “with the sword” cuz it just reminds you that Michonne has a dang sword. And not just that, she’s also a pro at using it and low key you know that’s super cool to Rick lol. 😋

Like literally who else has a sword, but his wife? And then I love the way that Michonne is looking at him while he’s trying to explain. Like it’s so cute and hilarious cuz she’s doing that subtle head nod that says “Okay riiight, keep talking”

Originally posted by thewdead

It’s just so playful and you can’t help but smile at seeing this side of their dynamic. It’s cute cuz they’ve been doing this flirty teasing long before canon and now they’re pretty much pros at it.☺️ 

And then as Michonne listens to see how many words Rick is going to use to try and explain himself he eventually realizes there’s actually a much simpler explanation. So as Michonne starts walking he tells her, “You can handle eight.“ 

That moment is such comedic gold. 😂Also, it’s literally him acknowledging that she’s a pretty impressive warrior in this apocalypse so I’m here for it.

And the way he says it is just so hilarious, like he knows she had no issue with this and was just trying to see how he’d justify it and so now he’s just telling it like it is.

I also love that he knows his woman can handle this. Like it makes me realize there must have been plenty of times throughout the seasons where Rick had taken note of and been impressed by Michonne’s fighting ability.

And when he says this Michonne looks back at him sort of like "Duh. That’s all I was waiting for you to say” lol. 😂

And then I love that it’s then her turn to call shots when she whispers to let him know that she’ll go first and then he can go. And then she’s off to swat these flies real quick cuz that’s what killing walkers has become to them. 😋

It’s funny cuz not only is Homegirl going to take out more walkers but she wants to go first to give him time. Rick’s got himself the realest, y'all. 🙌🏾👸🏾

What makes this scene so great is that it had all the Richonne elements in one. There was the playfulness, the strategy, and the adoration, hence why I love this scene so much. 👌🏽