the camden market

At the moment, there is nothing I crave more than to travel. And the desire to see the different parts of our planet actually causes me a physical pain in my chest
It doesn’t even has to be the world, just crossing a few borders around and seek for adventures would be enough.
I want to spend a late afternoon at Montmartre in Paris, with the sun rich and heavy, admiring the art of unknown artists and re-reading Patrick Süskind’s “Perfume”, sitting on the steps in front of Sacré-Cœur and taking in the sight of the city as a whole.
I want to go back to London to sit at Trafalgar Square and listen to the best street band I have ever seen, to spend hours and hours at Camden Market and find beautiful vinyls in old record stores.
Let me visit Amsterdam another time because my heart will never grow tired of this place with its canals that resemble a net of veins, pumping art through the whole city.
I want to spend more hours at the Van Gogh Museum, sitting in front of the Almond Blossoms and getting inspired.
But most of all, more than anything, I want be by the sea, breathing in the heavy scent of salty water and wet sand, reading crime novels and writing poetry, the infinity of the ocean reminding my that I am, in fact, free.
That somehow, my wish to travel and escape everything else will always work out in the end.
—  // in my native language, there is the bitter sweet word “Fernweh” which does not have an English translation but means something like “distance pain” and (metaphorically) describes that almost painful feeling in your chest when you think of all the places you want to visit or just generally feel the desire to travel
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Gorillaz Aesthetics
  • Murdoc: Leather jackets, bruised knees, high heels, lips red from biting, piña coladas, Berlin, a rain soaked cigarette, old telescopes, scratched vinyls, whips, broken guitar strings, grandfather clocks
  • Russel: A slightly deflated basketball, marching bands, wheat, the embers of a campfire, the smell of cologne, stacks of CDs, used bookstores, skyscrapers in sunset, static on the TV, velvet jackets, silent films
  • Noodle: Fireworks, sequinned skirts, laughing so hard your chest hurts, bubblegum, a freshly sharpened carving knife, sailing boats, Polaroid photos, modern art, cat fur, smiling in anger
  • 2D: The smell of thrift stores, video tapes, Froot Loops, crumbling red brick factories, Camden market, humming quietly, silk shirts, Lego, bits of weed ground into the carpet, battered Converse, Sunday roasts, handwritten notes, diners

neriesle  asked:

Hey Ivy! I saw you were just in London. I'm going at the end of May/beginning of June! Any recommendations? I've already done the main sites (Tower, Crown Jewels, St Paul's, & Westminster Abbey). Did you do anything a bit off the beaten path? Something maybe most rushing tourists would miss? I'm collecting suggestions from anyone I can, & I feel like (based on your blog) we'd have common interests lol. Thanks! :) 🇬🇧

Oh this is my favourite question ever! Do I have recommendations? Gosh, I have a few…

Let me know if you need more! I could go on and on…