the camden crawl

eviljaffafish  asked:

Alex, I have a question, though it is something you may have answered before - top five pictures of Graham (from magazines and professional shoots)?

ahhhhhhh sophie!!!!!! im sorry this took so long to answer!! but this is a great question that i have never been asked THANK YOU!!!

okay, im gonna do fave photoshoots and so i might post a couple from some?!! (in no particular order)

1. the “i find dirt romantic” photoshoot (around 2001 i think)

2. golden d promo photos (2000, i think these are the same shoot)

3. A+E promo photos (taken by essy :D)

4. the levi’s camden crawl photoshoot (2012, aesthetically so perfect)


AHHH THANKS SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333


“…playing live, when I’m playing the song, it’s the greatest thing ever, but in between the songs I just don’t know what to say to audiences, you know some people are brilliant at that, I’m just…not very good at getting an audience, whipping them up into a frenzy, or whatever you’re meant to do. I’m quite good at comebacks to hecklers but umm, I really need a reason to say something otherwise I just feel…fraudulent and stupid…[laughs]” 
–Levi’s Craft of Music presents Graham Coxon: Camden Crawl, 2011 (x)