the calm storm


nikolai_fraiture Congrats to @acesmyth on this collection of blast from the past photos he found somewhere down memory lane. This one feels like the calm before the storm. Check out his book The Strokes: The First Ten Years out on Oct 10th with words by our friend Claude R Franques.

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Sav i wanna hear your emo thoughts on that pic of Niall that mark jarvis posted 😏👀

it’s just! like! man! i know he was probably just looking at the empty arena and referring to the way it’d soon be filled with audience members, but it’s incredibly emo to me to imagine mark was referring to niall’s whole career, in a broader sense, as well? like 1d was such a whirlwind there was no way anybody could’ve looked at them in their x-factor days and thought, ‘the biggest band in the world.’ so idk, i just love the idea of being able to look at niall now, no. 1 song in the country, album getting such good buzz so soon to dropping, great big tour on sale now, and taking a deep breath and going, ‘here we go again!’ the calm before the storm. 


Social Media AU: Jeon Jungkook is a famous KPOP idol and Park Jimin owns a fan account that seems to catch Jungkook’s attention. (11/?)


Emma, Regina, Red and Belle from OUAT in Disney style

I get excited when I manage to catch the likeness! That’s the easy part - it takes way longer to draw all the princess hair, ho boy.