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Hiya! Do you know of any Richonne fics where Rick is super jealous of Michonne being with someone else? Or super possessive of her? Thanks!

Hi Anon!

Here is a link to our list of Jealous Rick/Michonne fics we’ve previously answered in the past for you. Plus, since we are always updating our lists, here are some new fics we’ve found for your request that we think you’d also enjoy:

In The Calm Before The Storm by jls62113

Just a quick one shot with Rick and Michonne at the Kingdom. They are there on business, but there is a little down time involved with just the two of them. Rick gets to see Carol, briefly.
Rated G

You’re so Jealous of Me by child_ofthe_sea

Au. Jealously makes Rick realize who he actually loves, but he may be to late to do anything about it.
Rated M

Green-Eyed Monster and Peppermints by 

Rick’s noticed that the men of Alexandria can’t seem to keep their eyes off of Michonne and he doesn’t like it one bit. When Daryl points out that he has no room to complain, will Rick stop his pouting and pull it together, or keep pining from afar?
Rated T

Sympathy for the Devil by TheBaeTide

The sheriff and the lawyer divorced two years ago and on the surface, they appear to be two exes who can’t stand each other, but underneath all the insults , there’s so much more going on. AU. No Walkers. 
Rated M

No Touch, ALL Talk, No Eye Contact by shaiwriter

Rick is feeling ignored. He wants all of Michonne’s attention and has thought of a brilliant way to get it. 
Rated E

Seasons Change by acuarella

Takes place in Alexandria. Season 5
Rated M

Opaque Tides by focusedOnProsperity 

Michonne is ready to relax in the Safe Zone, but she knows better. How will she and her group deal in a comfortable place, where walkers wait outside and humans scheme & plot?
Rated T

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Blood, Sweat, & Tears - Final (1/2)

The Calm Before The Storm 

Since the smut would make this about as long as the first part, I decided to split it in half, don’t worry though the smut part is a little less than half way done so you babes won’t have to wait too long🖤

Genre; Fluff with mentions of smut

Length; 1,300+ words

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Jin’s P.O.V.

As he quietly snuck back into the room toting a tray of freshly cut fruit and a warm cup of hibiscus herbal tea, a bright smile slowly painted across his face as you stirred- slowly awaking from your long nap. 

Strutting over to you and setting the tray down on his night stand, Jin took a seat on the edge of the bed beside you. Gently he rubbed the bruised flesh on your bum and thighs, smirking as his mind suddenly flooded with the gorgeous sounds of your wrecked voice. 

“Wake up babygirl..” He cooed in a hushed tone, massaging you tenderly, “You need to eat something sweet pea.” 

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  • watching episode 1 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
  • watching episode 2 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
  • watching episode 3 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
  • watching episode 4 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
  • watching episode 5 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
  • watching episode 6 of YOI: WOW IT CAN'T GET GAYER THAN THIS
You know Tokyo Ghoul is freaking crazy because...
  • *There's one happy chapter in like a hundred chapters*:
  • TG fandom: That's just the calm before the storm. There'll be so much pain and bloodshed next chapter.
  • Character: Let's get married.
  • TG fandom: That's a f***ing death flag.
  • Character: Let's go home.
  • TG fandom: That's a f***ing death flag.
  • Character: *Has a flashback*
  • TG fandom: That's a f***ing death flag.
  • Character: *is happy*
  • TG fandom: That's a f***ing death flag.
  • What do we call this situation? Trauma?
Day Fifty-Five

-Thirty minutes into my shift, I had only been visited by one guest. This was comforting at first, but then I realized this was simply the calm before the storm. I am going to savor every minute of this Black Friday Eve Ever as much as I can.

-I found an elderly woman spending her morning toying with me. Each time I would attempt to step away from my register to take care of something, she would begin to approach me, only to walk away again once I returned. She spent a solid five minutes playing at this game, pretending to peruse the endcap displays, leaving me looking like a chump time and time again. 

-A woman stopped mid-payment to stare at the sky and remark, “I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s everyone my age, but sometimes I just have to stand here and shout out my phone number.” She did not shout out her phone number at any point, leaving me somehow with more questions than if she had. 

-I befriended the single #1 most adorable baby in the history of the world. She emitted a very excited squeak as I handed her a sticker, eagerly repeated the word “dog,” clutched it to her face, and immediately fell asleep on it.

-An older woman sprinted into my lane in slow-motion, throwing her arms in the air as if praising a miracle and announcing to me that my wait has ended. I was waiting for something to change my life forever, and she was right. 

-I went to retrieve an abandoned cart left at the end of my lane, but just as I was about to start pushing it, the elderly woman who had been taunting me earlier in my shift jumped up from the ground to claim it, having been entirely unseen. Clearly, my store has a poltergeist who is far too committed to tormenting me and my too-tired-for-an-opening-shift self.

-A man became upset as he found that he had to use the chip reader. He adamantly refused to do so, telling me that “the Internet says chips are dangerous.” I attempted to reason with him, telling him that the Internet also says that the Holocaust never happened, but rather than seeing my point, he stared at me and told me that he already knew that. 

-From an adjacent lane, I heard a man tell the cashier that “Y’all here will never be Cracker Barrel.” He is not wrong by any means, as retail and dining are entirely different industries and it would be definitively wrong if our establishments were the same. Having said that, we would undoubtedly crush them in any competition.

Cosmic Horoscopes🌙🚀🌟🔭🌠

(among other advice you’ll find among out There.)

♈  aries: they speak of mars and anger, but they’ll never know the inner calm that comes with being the eye of the storm. or before the storm. or outside the storm. or when there is no storm. 

♉  taurus: so special and perfect and loving. like the earth, they search and search for another one like you. but you know in your core they’ll never truly be able to replace you. you hold onto this knowledge and you take them down where they struck you. 

♊  gemini: mystical and mysterious, they only glimpse you in the twilight between rays of the setting sun. you are not eclipsed by it, you revel in its heat and blinding light. they were never meant to see. 

♋  cancer: endlessly circling them, only showing the side of yourself they know, an ever present moon. the more they care for you, the harder it will be for them when you leave, or show the other half. which will you do?

♌  leo: lion mane or solar flare, no future is to be feared for you. unless you fear success. which you do. you don’t know it yet. those that gravitated to you, you will keep them at arm’s length, for their protection. it might have been kinder just to destroy consume them. 

♍  virgo: boiling hot and splintering cold, you maintain the volitile emotions, my little mercury. useful and deadly. keep them neat, keep them organized. take care to never mix them up. but if you do, you’ve got a fantastic excuse. 

♎  libra: sometimes they mistake you for the moon, lovely venus. who knows how they managed to, but this is yours to make the most of. what you’re capable of isn’t always good. ask yourself it you care. 

♏ scorpio: so they left you, dearest pluto, they’ll always want you back. you’ll be alright. so fuck it up gloriously and it still will be. there’s nothing you can do to make it terrible, and for some, that’s the true horror. what nerds. 

♐  sagittarius: immeasurable jupiter, one day you’ll learn you are the only one who thinks that red spot is blotchy. or worth staying home about. you’ll never know how many are captured by its wonder, or will be destroyed by it. perhaps it’s better you stay home. 

♑ capricorn: you are more foolish that i might safely admit. i will admit myself to being foolish, and come away unscathed, a better person. when i decorate myself in rings like saturn, my saturn, not yours, i will teach you a lesson i have both already learned and refuse to learn. 

♒ aquarius: they will say your name wrong and laugh, uranus. when you teach them to say it right they will laugh all the same. your life only matters if you lived if for you, in which it will be insignificant. fuck that shit, live and die for the aesthetic. 

♓  pisces: man, neptune, pisces, you just can’t get away from the fish jokes. i have nothing else to say for you. 

Witch au in the fahc universe

Edit because I should have put this stuff in the post and not the tag:   storm/weather witch Michael who creates lightning to strike people down or a tornado to wreck the streets behind them to help lose the cops

Animal witch Ryan who lets loose animals in the zoo and convinces them to tear apart someone once he’s done with them, it’s an easy way to dispose bodies

Jack who uses her magic to heal them just enough until they can get to Caleb. She’s a white witch and her magic is suppose to be used for good and it is. It helps Geoff when he’s stressed over a heist and Ryan when he can’t sleep. It help Michael control his magic when he’s pissed and keeps Gavin from fainting when he has to use his magic. It helps Jeremy keep from getting too anxious about a job especially in the beginning and herself when things get to much and she needs to keep herself sane and calm. It helps them all from going mad when someone gets captured. 

time/fire witch Geoff who turns back time when something goes horribly horribly wrong and one of them dies and lights shit up when need be

Necromancy  Jeremy who gets ghost to help distract people and bring people just long enough when he’s not finished with them. Jeremy can only bring somebody back for so long before it drains him and they aren’t fully back to themselves they’re, well, a zombie which is why Geoff has to turn back time instead of Jeremy just bringing them back. 

Blood witch Gavin who hates his magic and only uses it when he has to

Garden witch Mica who makes vines grow from the ground to tie people up

Space witch Trevor who creates black holes and stars just hot enough to burn a person when Geoff isn’t around to do it

Eclectic Witch Lindsay who is basically the crew Jack of all trades 

Creation witch Matt who makes new weapons and vehicles for the crew

and divination witch steffie who they all go to before a job to see how it goes

Another edit because something was pointed out by @whatdoyewant :  ryan using mangy cats and dogs, wild forgotten things that prowl the alleys and scrap for scraps. who are starved and half crazed and more wild than any zoo animal. zoos are precious conservation programs with rare species that are well taken care of, and he wouldn’t touch them. He’d summon the cats left behind, the dogs who ran from fighting rings and abuse, the rats that fill every crack of every dilapidated apartment and every sewer.

Thank you very very much!

Shrewd Slytherin

We are Slytherin.
We are green and silver.
We are the crushing of the waves.
We are shadows and currents.

We are the calm before a storm and suggestive smirks in class.
We are the legends that linger forever.
Sometimes our tounges are sharper than our knives.
Sometimes our smiles are more cruel than our revenge.
Our condolences.
We are the heroes that lived too long.
We are the Kings and Queens of Kings and Queens. And heavy weighs the crown.
We are the moon in the sky and the snow on the ground.
We are the ballet dancers that rock.
We are the northern lights in the polar night.
We are beautiful and sharp and crystal clear.

And breakable.

We embrace our shadows and keep our chin high.
And sometimes the dark comes seeping in.
Sometimes our own weapons turn against us.
Sometimes it’s hard to keep the head clear.
To focus.
Sometimes our control crumbles.
And is taken away.
Sometimes it’s impossible to hold on.

Sometimes I realise my mistake.
And sometimes I ponder if I am one.
And then they are there.
Yes, you are…
Someone who can’t even do this simple task.

Sometimes I hide from them.
In my room.
I can hear them scream and yell downstairs.
On the other side of the door.
And sometimes I am happy that I am so lonely.
Because at least I don’t have to listen to them.
And sometimes I think:
Why bother?
At all?

But then there you are:
The calm after the storm.
The boulder in the stream.
My rock.
And your voice is soft:

“Want to feel alive?”

And I chuckle.
Because you have come to know me so well.
And you take my hand and lead me away from them.

And we conquer the world.
We hoist our colours and take a gulp of freedom.
We are the snake with its cunning and wisdom.
We are the sea.
A roaring and a calm.
And we will write history and prophecies.

Because we want to.

{However, please, don’t push me.}