Listen to Healing Tears on 8tracks!

Nice I finally stopped procrastinating and actually worked on this! Although school is over for most of us, it’s always good to stay relaxed during summer. I hope you all enjoy!!

Rose’s Fountain - Aivi & Surasshu

Be Wherever You Are - Zach Callison

Lion’s Ocean - Aivi & Surasshu

I’m Still Here - Aivi & Surasshu ; Jeff Ball

Rose’s Theme - Jeff Liu

1am - Animal Crossing New Leaf (Piano) - insaneintherainmusic

Stale Cupcakes - Animal Crossing New Leaf

Pokemon HG/SS - National Park - Pokemon Soundtrack

Pokemon XY - Jubilife City - Pokeli

By choosing to have a calm response to what seems negative you bring clarity and balance to your message. People not only learn from what you say, but how you say it. Each reaction we have is there to inspect us and reveal our own nature to ourselves and for ourselves; it is never about others. And remember, when you are speaking to someone else you are really speaking only to yourself. Everything you say to someone else is for your clarity, not theirs you are presenting yourself, to yourself, for yourself at every moment.
—  Bryant McGill