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Summary of Adams Foster story lines in 4B

  • Jesus: physically and mentally struggling with his rehabilitation. 
  • Brandon: … just chillin’
  • Mariana: … just chillin’
  • Jude: … where he at? oh he’s with noah, just chillin’
  • Callie: … has a life changing court date coming up and shouldn’t be chillin’ but hey, still managing to be chillin’
my talented friend callowyn

by the way, i finished both my things last night

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determination >:U
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I wrote a poem about you for this very reason

yes omg

my nayme is liz
and wen I hurt
or wen lyfe push  
me to the dirt
I use my salt
to fight the curse.
I stay up late.
I write the verse.

“And with your hand in my hand I am closer now to finding Neverland.”

Callie leans against the door frame of their living room, bag left in the hallway as she’d let herself in from work and gone off in search of her family. It had been a long, long day of surgery when she hadn’t even been on call and all she wanted was some snuggles with her favourite people.

Finding them, she soon snorts with laughter, putting her hand to her mouth so not to disturb the scene in front of her

Silently, she eyes Sofia as she leaps from the sofa, screaming about fairy dust and triumphantly shouting that she believes. She’s wearing an old sheet fashioned into Wendy’s nighty that looks suspiciously like it’s from one of Callie’s best bed sets. Arizona is dressed in green leggings, an old baggy green top she had clearly let Sofia cut and something Callie assumes is meant to be a hat. She’s spinning their 3 year old daughter around and around above her head, fairy wings, a tinker bell dress and the delighted squeals make the blonde haired, blue eyed girl look angelic.

In his bouncy chair, chewing his hand and looking like he has not a care in the world, Callie spies her four month old son, dressed in a red and white jump suit and something she’s pretty sure is supposed to be a parrot on his shoulder.

It’s all kinds of ridiculous.

“I cannot believe you made our four month old son Captain Hook.”

Arizona spins around, grinning widely, “well Mark was called in so we had to make do with Zachy, right Sof’?”

Sofia high fives her in response, nodding, “Right mommy!”

“You’re a bunch of goofs.” Callie grins at her wife, scooping Maddie from her arms, and holding her in the air in front of her, “hello tinks.” She spins her around and warmth fills her heart at the laughs she receives before placing her down again.

On the floor, tinkerbell and Wendy keep Captain Hook occupied with a rattle and a dummy and so Peter Pan takes the opportunity to woo her wife, wrapping her arms around the taller woman’s neck, “hello pretty lady. Would you like to take a trip to Neverland with me?”

Callie grins, leaning in closer and kissing soft, pink lips, “baby, with you I’m always in Neverland.”

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top 6 grey's anatomy characters

I will literally make a list of all main characters in Greys over every season if you ask me to.

2. Christina Yang
3. Jo Wilson
4. Miranda Bailey
5. Lexie Grey
6. George O'Malley/ Meredith Grey