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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

Hinata with his rivals from Nekoma and Datekou

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I work in a smallish inbound call centre with about 20 agents and I swear to God it feels like the Hunger Games in here! We've had 4 people quit, with another 2 taken off inbound calls for some other campaign for new customers all in under 2 weeks. As a result, I've been working 10 and a half hour days, as well as another 4 hours on Saturday to cover the gaps and I'm exhausted. Please send help!


It’s out there you know, that big beast with a thirst for life.  It’s coming for you and you know it. When it catches you, you’ll be Right Back Where You Were Before.  You’ll be ordinary. You’ll be starved for art, you’ll be wading through the muck of every-single-day-the-same-fucking-thing. Chained in your cubicle, growing pale under florescent lights.  Waiting for payday, waiting for the weekend and that two week vacation when you’ll swear you will change your life someday.  But the Beast found you there, didn’t it? It found you wandering aimlessy, and bouncing off walls. It found out you’re not who you thought you were. It Knows The Truth.  Doesn’t it?  We’ve called the Gods, they’re bringing your Prozac.

Callout Post: Lizzy

this bitch @usaigi has been lowkey sending me memes and when i asked why we didnt talk as much anymore she posted a pic of herself in bed. saying it was nap time. at 8 pm. what the fuck? why do you need that much sleep? you can’t nap 24/7 why are you such a lazy hoe lizzy give me the details of your BULLSHIT. 

Also refused to kick me into the sun because its “too much work” 

Since we’ve had a lovely rain, I thought I’d share something rain related that makes me smile.

That wonderful smell that comes with a new rain is called petrichor. It loosely means the blood of the gods from the earth.

During dry periods, some plants release oils that soak into the soil and rocks. These oils tell their seeds not to sprout yet. The plants are protecting their babies until the conditions are right to grow.

When the rain comes, these oils are released, along with earthy bacteria and ozone from lightning. These aromas are petrichor. You are smelling lightning, earth, and the chorus of new life!

If that’s not enough to make you smile, consider this. There is no obvious reason for humans to react so pleasantly to plant oils, bacteria, and lightning, but we do. Scientists believe this is because our ancestors were much more affected by the fickle whims of weather, and stood to starve during dry periods. That smell told them that life was returning, that the crops would grow, that everything would be okay.

The smell of rain stirs in us an ancestral, generic memory of safety, sustenance, and peace. A great primordial sigh of relief. No wonder it’s so relaxing. ^_^

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Here's a problem with the Tony haters. Tony is bad for wanting revenge, yet you people are fine with T'Challa, who was reacting violently to Bucky as a HEAD OF STATE, putting on a suit and turning into a vigilante thug. At least Tony tried to compromise. T'Challa just started attacking people for a really flimsy reason.

really, dude? you come into my inbox to defend a white war profiteer and to call a black person a thug? god, you people are really that transparent.

flimsy reason??!! honestly, what the fuck. t’challa held his father’s dead body in his arms. tony’s parents died almost 30 years ago and t’challa watched his father die in front of him like the day before and for some reason you think that tony’s violent outburst is justified but t’challa isn’t allowed to grieve without you reducing him to the racist “aggressive black man” stereotype.

t’challa went after bucky because he believed him to be completely guilty. he had evidence of “bucky” planting the bomb at the building. tony knew bucky was innocent and he still tried to kill him. i’m sorry, but that’s unforgivable. once t’challa realized that he’d made a mistake and bucky had been set up, he tried his best to fix it. he didn’t even let zemo die (you know, t’chaka’s actual killer who, unlike bucky, was guilty) because he wasn’t going to let vengeance consume him anymore. tony let his anger get the best of him.

anyway if you’re a tony stan, you’re not allowed to talk about t’challa. you can’t even think about him. you can’t even look at him. sorry, i don’t make the rules. stick to worshiping your trashy fave and don’t touch other characters.

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One time my friends wrote up a concept and called me to tell me about their new show, where gods come out of a hole in the sky and humanity had to fight the gods in giant mechas. They were extremely excited by and proud of this idea.

They called it “godhole” and They had never seen neon genesis evangelion.

I’ve got a three way dilemma going on here, because Rizumo’s cute, BONRIN IS SO CUTE, and Ridaiin IS MY NEW OBSESSION. FUCK ME SIDEWAYS AND CALL ME SUSAN *thats the only god I could find of Rin and godaiin lol.

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I love your """shitty""" art its so fucking good im actually thinking of getting one of those tattooed, LIKE HOW CAN YOU CALL THEM SHITTY THEY ARE SO FUCKING GOOD OH MY FUCKING GOD

oh my gosh thank you so much!
this made me smile. i really appreciate this.

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She literally broke one relationship off, 6 months in before moving to the next and coincidentally all of them were either costars or friends of friends and it's like back to back to back relationships here.. I just hope Dylan doesn't get hurt, everyone on instagram and twitter just say "oh you're just jealous and bitter cause Britt can ride his dick and you can't" "get over yourself you lowlife scum-- yada yada" like what are they? 6 years old? God I'm just so frustrated, they even call anons-

-they even call anons cowered and to fess up, like just because a lot of people don’t like and hate Britt for obvious reasons, doesn’t mean they have to shove her down everyone’s throats.. I’m sobbing now cause it’s all too much

That’s just pathetic and all the more reason to not like her. I hope he doesn’t get hurt too, I hope he can come to his senses sooner, rather than later but…love is blind I guess. Not everyone is going to like someone and people just need to learn to accept that. I think sometimes part of it is an age thing too, the older fans seem to be more understanding, but not all of them. 


Nice au where Keith has a cool motorcycle and Lance think he is really smart at flirting. Keith is falling hard for it anyway.

mutual pinning? more like mutually being dorks and getting flustered all the time 

I just wanted to see them riding together :3
Also, helmets are really important kids