the call me stacy

"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven"
  • Jessica: Darling, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Ashley: Nope, but it sure did hurt when I fell for you *winks*
  • ---------
  • Chloe: Becs, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Beca: No, but I scuffed my knees when I crawled up from hell *high fives Fat Amy*
  • ---------
  • Stacie: Hey Bree, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
  • Aubrey: Are you calling me satan?
  • Stacie: Yes
The Things We Do

Prompt: Beca catches Stacie and Chloe in the shower together

Beca knocked frantically on Jesse’s door. “Jesse I need to talk to you!” She heard footsteps before the door swung open.

“Are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost,” Jesse asked as Beca walked into his dorm room.

“I saw something worse than that,” she took a deep breath before looking at him. “I just walked in on Stacie and Chloe taking a shower together.” Her eyes widened as she relived that experience.

“That doesn’t sound bad at all actually,” Jesse couldn’t help but laugh.

“It was weird, Jess. How am I supposed to look Chloe in the eye now?” Beca hid her face with her hands.

“I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Chloe is pretty open minded and I mean didn’t you already see her in the shower before?” He smirked as Beca shoved him.

“Don’t be a perv. And it is a big deal! It’s going to be so awkward now” Beca sighed as Jesse sat on his bed.

“I get it. I mean you are in love with her,” Jesse said with a soft smile leaning to where his back hit the wall.

“In love with her? I’m not in love with her!” Beca half laughed, her eyes somewhat bulging out of her head from hearing that crazy thought. She started pacing back and forth.

“It’s okay, Beca. It’s not that uncommon to fall for your best friend,” Jesse said like this was some kind of normalcy. Like it was one hundred percent fine and logical.

“Jesse, I’m sorry, but that’s not what this is,” Beca’s voice was small yet somehow determined.

“Oh, well what is it then?” He arched an eyebrow at her trying to hide a smirk. Beca wanted to slap that smirk right off his smug little face.

“It’s just. It’s..” Beca didn’t really know actually. She stopped pacing and brushed her hair back with her fingers. “It’s just weird is all”

“And why is that?” He really was good at trying to get stuff out of her. His eyes locked on hers like he was daring her to blink.

“Because! I mean. Chloe and Stacie? What the hell?” Beca balled her hands into a fist.

“Okay, but didn’t she say something to you about experimenting? It doesn’t sound that weird to me,” he grinned at how frustrated Beca was getting.

“Yeah but that was just Chloe being weird. Like always. She just says stuff like that,” Beca tried to reason.

“Somehow I don’t think that was just a random thing to say, Bec” he shrugged patting the bed.

Beca rolled her eyes and reluctantly sat at the edge of his bed. Jesse sat up and put his hand on Beca’s shoulder.

“Hey, seriously. I think maybe you should think about why this is really bothering you. And I don’t think it’s just because it was embarrassing,” Jesse told her.

“I’m just being stupid. It’s not really that big of a deal. I was just in shock,” Beca shook her head and stood up. “I’m going to head out. I’ll see you later.”

“Alright. Well, I’m here if you need to talk,” Jesse reassured her.

“Not necessary, Jess! Bye!” She shut the door behind her and leaned against it.

What the hell just happened.

When she entered the Bella house, she was instantly greeted by Stacie. Of course.

“Hey Beca,” she winked. Beca’s face flushed and she all but ran up to her room while Stacie laughed behind her.

Beca closed her bedroom door behind her and plopped on her bed. She was not ready to face that awkwardness again anytime soon. She was wondering why it bothered her that much though.

She just really wasn’t expecting to see the two of them in the shower together. She had originally gone into the bathroom to grab Fat Amy’s car keys that the girl had left on the bathroom counter.

When she walked in she was faced with Stacie entering the shower Chloe was already occupying. The brunette had brushed Chloe’s hair back and leaned to kiss the redhead’s shoulder. Stacie looked up and locked eyes with Beca and that’s when she hightailed it out of there.

Suddenly there was a small knock on the door. “Beca can I come in?” It was Chloe.

Beca groaned. “Yeah” she tried to make her voice sound normal.

When Chloe entered the room, Beca busied herself by getting out her laptop and opening up one of her mixes she was working on

“Hey. Can we talk?” Chloe asked as she made her way over and sat at the end of Beca’s bed.

“Yeah, sure” Beca’s eyes were still on her computer.

“So, I know you saw me and Stacie in the shower. Stacie said you freaked out a bit,” Chloe’s voice was soft.

“What? No, I didn’t freak out. I mean it’s whatever,” Beca was fooling around by clicking on random things.

“Then why won’t you even look at me Beca?” Chloe asked sadly. “Does it weird you out to be with a girl?”

Beca turned her head towards Chloe so fast it almost caused whiplash.

“No, Chloe. Of course it doesn’t weird me out. Why would it?” Beca looked at Chloe with concern.

Chloe licked her lips. “Well, it kind of seems like it weirded you out”

“No, that’s not it. I just wasn’t expecting it is all,” Beca shrugged.

“So that’s all? You just weren’t expecting it?” Chloe’s eyes searched Beca’s.

“I mean.. I don’t know Chlo. I figured if you were serious about experimenting you would have picked me” Beca mumbled. She didn’t like feeling vulnerable.

Chloe looked down at the bed spread. “Look I only mentioned it to Stacie because I didn’t think you wanted to. I mean you called me weird. Then when Stacie got in the shower with me-”

“Okay I really don’t need details,” Beca stopped her not wanting to hear this at all.

Chloe looked up at Beca. “Would you let me finish? When Stacie got in the shower with me it didn’t feel right so we stopped”

“Oh” Beca let out a sigh of relief.

“So, you did want to experiment with me?” Chloe asked hesitantly.

“Who wouldn’t want to experiment with you, Chlo,” Beca smirked.

Chloe smiled brightly before moving Beca’s laptop out of the way. She then crawled over Beca who was now laying down. Chloe leaned down their lips barely touching.

“So this is okay then?” Chloe asked.

Beca wrapped her arms over Chloe’s neck, pushing her down to capture the girl’s lips with her own.

Outside of Beca’s door Fat Amy and Stacie highfived. Of course Fat Amy left her keys in the bathroom on purpose. Stacie had only agreed to do that with Chloe because she knew the girl would end up stopping her.

“The things we do to get those idiots together” Fat Amy grinned.

All Alone - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: embarrassing dancing, sexual innuendos 

Word Count: 530

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

The whole team was on a mission except for you. You had been told by Steve that everyone would be gone, you would have the compound to yourself. You decided that that meant you could safely turn up some music and dance around the compound in only a sports bra and some very short shorts. 

You thought that this would be okay. Boy, were you wrong. 

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-They call me “hell.” They call me “Stacy.” They call me “her.” They call me “Jane.” That’s not my name.

–Me: What is your name?

-That’s not my name.

–Me: What is your name?!

-That’s not my name.

–Me: What’s your name?!?!

-That’s not my name.



The Girl Who Cried Wolf: Peter Parker Short Fic: Part 3

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Peter Parker x Stark!Fem!reader. (Described as curvy but obviously can be any body type and gender, just changed the words in ur head x)

Warnings for all parts: Mental Health, swearing, probs some violence at some point, emotional/physical/sexual abuse, sexual nature (consent), emmm emotional rollercoaster throughout. I think that’s it?? Please tell me if not.

Some of this will be in Peter’s p.o.v. That bit is also poorly written as it’s mostly Peter rambling.

If part has triggering parts for sensitive reads I will say.

Mentions of abandonment and physical abuse. Please tell me if I forgot anything x

Reader’s p.o.v

I walked through the cafeteria with everyone’s eyes on me, I guess everyone heard what has happened. I gripped onto my tray as I looked for a table to sit out, even though I said I would go to class I didn’t. I stayed in the library all morning just staring out of a window, thinking about how I lashed out so quickly. How could I let that happen?

I saw Peter, Ned and Michelle sitting down together at a table near the back, I took a deep breath and started to walk over. None of them had noticed me yet.

“Hey Y/N, you want to sit with us?” A voice said from next to me, I looked over to my left and saw the jocks and the cheerleaders smiling at me the girl who asked was called Stacy I think. She was Liz Allen’s friend before she moved.

“Em, no sorry. Thank you for offering, maybe another time” I smiled at them, they all nodded and turned away incept a couple of girls.

“If you ever need to talk to anyone, just ask” Stacy said again, I sent her a genuine smile with a nod as a thank you. I started walking again and soon reached the table I was planning on sitting at today.

“H-h-hey” I said standing awkwardly, Michelle looked up whilst Peter and Ned turned around. I noticed Ned and Michelle looking down at my purple hand which was gripping my tray.

“Y/N! Hey, sit down!” Peter practically yelled causing a couple of people to look over at us, Michelle let out a snort.

“Thank you” I whispered and sat down next to Peter. It was awkward as all of them stared at me, I felt Peter brush his fingers over my knuckles. I snatched it away and hid it under the table.

“S-sorry, I was just going to ask if it hurts at all” Peter said blushing, I nodded looking away.

“It’s okay, just a bit of a shock” Was all I said and I started to eat my fruit salad and crips.

“Y/N right?” Michelle asked somewhat sarcastically making me a bit confused, I looked over at Peter and Ned. One laughing and the other glaring.

“Em yeah, Michelle isn’t it?” I asked with a smile, see Michelle seems like someone who I’d be friends with. She nodded.

“Yeah, and I heard what you did to Flash. Bastard deserved it, even if he didn’t harass you and all he did was walk past you and you sit did it. I would of been there cheering” She said with a shrug and went back to doing something in her notepad.

“Thank you Michelle” I smiled, she looked up again.

“MJ, you can call me MJ”

The next week went by fast but each day I felt sicker and sicker as mum still isn’t back, no call or text. I walked into mums room and started to rummage through her drawers to try and find some money as there is no food in the house. I let out a groan when I saw no money where she normally keeps it.

I walked back out and sat down on the couch, I stared at the blank screen of the tv. My phone soon beeped and my heart stopped, mum?! I picked it up and saw a text but it wasn’t from mum it’s from Peter.

‘Sorry, going to have to cancel our study session already told Ned. Stark internship called last minute. Sorry! X’

I sighed and texted back.

'It’s okay, have fun x’

I blushed when I left the kiss but he put one as well, I found out this happens a lot with Peter. He cancels a lot for the Stark Internship, I wonder if he’s actually met dad.

I unlocked my phone and went into my contacts and stared at my Dad’s name with a heart emoji next to it. I looked around the empty apartment, I felt tears develop in my eyes. How could mum just leave me? I pressed on the contact as I started to sob uncontrollably. I hope he picks up, he normally does when it’s his personal phone. I heard it ring three time before I heard his voice.

“Hey Princess, what’s up- Y/N why are you crying?” He asked immediately noticing my quiet sobs.

“I-it’s m-m-mum, she-she wa-wasn’t here when I-I came back from yours and she still hasn’t come back! I’ve ran out of money and food and I don’t know what to do!” I cried into the phone trying to calm down but when I heard him cursed to himself.

“Okay sweetheart, calm down I’m coming. I’m bring the helicopter, I’ll be there as soon as I can” He said and I heard mumbling in the background.

“When’s the kid coming? Alright I’ll be back by then” I heard him say to someone.

“Princess, you still there?” He asked, I nodded but remembered he can’t see me.

“Yeah” I whispered. I soon heard him running around and ordering people what to do and to get the helicopter ready.

“I’m on my way now, get your school stuff and whatever you need. Remember you have got things at mine as well but get what you need okay? I need to turn off my phone now. If anything else happens call Happy” I let out another sob.

“Okay, I love you dad” I cried, he said it back and hung up as I heard the helicopter start. I put my phone down and let out a scream feeling pathetic that I had to call my dad to fix everything. I’m fifteen I should be able to look after myself.

I stood up and stumbled to my room and started to pack my weekend bag with all my school things, my charger, sketch book and art things. I also put all my makeup and some jewellery in as well. Once I was done I locked my bedroom door without looking back. I sat down on the couch for a couple more minutes until I heard the helicopter get nearer, I knew he is going to land on the roof because that’s where he normally does.

I waited for about another five minutes, I felt numb and I couldn’t move. Why would mum do this to me? Is she hurt? Has she gotten herself in trouble? Has-

“Y/N sweetheart, you in there?!” I heard my dad shout. I let out a shaky breath as more tears ran down my cheeks.

“It’s open” My voice croaked and I heard the door handle turn, I looked over to the door to see dad out of breath and scanning the room for me. Once he saw me in the state I was in he let out a sigh.

“Come on, come here” Was all he said and I ran into his arms and started to cry.

“I’m sorry I called-” I tried to say but he cut me off.

“Y/N you should of called me as soon as you found out she wasn’t in.” He mumbled into my hair as he held me. All I could do was nod.

“Come on let’s get going, Stan is waiting for us” He said after a couple of minutes of hugging me, I nodded and went to get my bag.

“Got everything you want?” He asked and took my bag off me.

“Yeah, it’s mostly my school things” I answered as we walked out with his arm around my shoulder, once the door shut I didn’t even look back.

The ride back to dad’s was quick, I loved going in the helicopter. I remember when I was eight and going in one for the first time, I smiled at the memory.

“Come on then, let’s get you settled then we’ll try and find your mother” Dad said and nodded to Stan as a thank you as he held the door open for us.

“Miss Stark, welcome back” Vision said to me as soon as I walked in. I looked at him sigh my tear stained face.

“Thanks Vision” I mumbled, I noticed his face fall.

“Are you sad? Is there anything I can do to help?” He asked turning to Dad, we both shook our heads.

“Everything is fine now, isn’t princess” All I could do was nod.

“Now sweetie, I’m sorry but I’ve got an unofficial meeting with someone. If there’s time I’ll let you meet them” Was all he said, I smiled with a nod.

“That’s fine dad, I’ll see you later” I said and we walked away with a wave.

“Would you like me to take your bag to your room Miss Stark. I’m sure Mr Rhodes will be happy to see you as well as Miss Romanoff, they are in the training room” Vision said taking my bag off me.

“Okay, thank you Vision” I smiled, he nodded to me and set off to my room. I started to walk down to the training room also smiling and waving at people who said hello to me. I typed in the code and gave my finger print when I reached the elevator that takes you to the training room.

“Welcome back Y/N” I heard F.R.I.D.A.Y say to me as I played with my jumper and tried to hide my yellow, green and purple bruise.

“Hey Friday” I smiled, soon the doors opened and I saw Nat and Rhodey training, Nat with a punch bag and Rhodey walking up and down steps. I smiled to myself watching him, last week he couldn’t do it with help and now he’s doing to without help.

“Looking good uncle Rhodey!” I yelled giggling, he looked over at me with a grin.

“Hey mini, what you doing back here?” He asked and slowly walked down the stairs as I headed over to him. I saw Nat stop what she was doing and she also came over.

“Hi Y/N” She said with a smile and pulled me on for a hug.

“Ugh you’re all sweaty” I groaned and pushed her away.

“I want one too” Rhodey said and wrapped his arms around me.

“What happened to your hand!” Nat cried grabbing it making me pull away from the hug.

“It looks worse than it looks I promise” I said, both of them looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“What?” I asked taking my hand away to hide it slightly. but I knew what they wanted me to tell them.

“I got into a fight” I finally said not looking at them, I really didn’t want to tell them why the fight started.

“Mmh that’s my girl, what did she look like after? Did you rip any of her hair out?” Rhodey laughed, I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.

“He came out with a broken nose and his balls were pre puberty again.” I said, Nat laughed but Rhodey looked shocked.

“Yes, high five” Nat said and held up her hand, I rolled my eyes but did it anyway.

“Why did you do all that in the first place?” She added looking a bit conceded, I looked away. I really didn’t want to tell them cause if I did they will tell dad and he’s already so busy, too busy to worry about what’s going on at school.

“N-nothing, he was j-just annoying me and I was having a really bad day” I whispered still not looking at them.

“Y/N I’ve known you for over half of your life, I know when you’re lying. What happened? Was he an ex-?” Uncle Rhodey tried to ask but I cut him off straight away.

“No! Flash never has and never will be my boyfriend! He’s a disgusting pervert who tries to grab your arse and kiss you and-” I cut myself off this time not believing what I just said, I looked at both of them to see their mouths open wide. I tried to explain but no words came out.

“W-what do you mean?” Nat asked reaching forward to grab my hand so I couldn’t run away.

“You heard me, it wasn’t the first time time he’s tried to get me to go out with him and he’s tried to kiss me before but he took things too far last week. And I lost it, if Peter wasn’t there things would of been a lot worse for him” I said in a low voice, I couldn’t look at them. I was disappointed in myself.

“Who’s Peter? Did you tell a teacher? What punishment did he get?” All the questions came one after the other out of Nat’s mouth as she got angry, I look over at Uncle Rhodey who was looking down at the floor.

“Peter is a friend, no the headmaster found out from Flash who claimed I beat him up for no reason and I tried to explain to him what actually happened but sir said he’d take him off all the academic teams so I said I said I over exaggerated so he got off” I rambled all in one breath, again disappointed in myself for letting my soft side get the best of me.

“Why would you do that?!” Rhodey shouted, I looked away once again as I saw tears blur my vision.

“I-I don’t want to talk about it. I’m go-gonna go to my room.” I mumbled and started to walk away but I stopped when F.R.I.D.A.Y’s voice echoed through the room.

“Mr Stark is on his way down with a guest he would like you to meet Miss Stark” I sighed and nodded then started to wipe away my tears.

“Okay Friday, thank you” I called and pulled my sleeves down to hide my hands. I felt someone’s hands on my shoulders and turned me around to face them.

“Y/N, you have to tell your dad. If you don’t I will” Nat said with a serious face. I shook my head.

“No, he has too much to think about. He doesn’t need to be worried about a perv who’s tried stuff on me at my school, I have it sorted-he’s behind me isn’t it?” I said as I saw her looking over my shoulder. All she did was nod, I slowly turned around.

“How much did you hear-Peter?!” I asked in shock as I saw the dorky face of Peter Parker looking at me in shock. He was wearing one of his (adorable) geeky t-shirts which I love.

“Y-Y-Y/N?” He said walking forward slightly, “Em w-what are you d-doing here?” He questioned and scratched the back of his neck, I looked away.

“You said you had to do something with the Stark internship” I said confused, dad normally doesn’t bring people from the internship up.

“I-I have em see Tony Stark” I rolled my eyes, fuck it he’s gonna find out anyway if my dad had taken a liking to him.

“Yeah I know what my dad looks like” I laughed slightly. He nearly started to choke.

“Wait you two know each other?” Dad asked looking in between us with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, we go to the same school dad.” I mumbled, not being able to look at him knowing that he knows what happened with Flash.

“Okay how did I not realise that?” I heard him mumble to himself, I sighed and looked back at Peter.

“Dad?” He asked all I did was nod.

“No one knows, I don’t want people to just be my friend because my dad’s rich so I didn’t tell anyone. Not even the teachers know and-”

“Wait! What did you say happened at school?!” Dad all a sudden yelled, remembering the words that came out of my mouth just minutes earlier. I tried to hide behind my hair as my heartbeat increased, my breathing became ridged I really didn’t want to say it all over again.

I desperately tried to talk but all my mouth did was open and close, I looked over at Peter who sent me a nod and a smile but I shook mine and did the first thing that came to my head. I ran.

*Peter’s p.o.v*

As soon as Y/N ran towards the stairs I went to run after her but someone caught my arm.

“Parker, what happened at school with this boy?” Mr Stark asked whilst turning me around to face him. I sighed knowing it’s the best to tell him.

“This guy called Flash Thompson has a thing for Y/N and em he asks her out all the time but she hates him. He also bullies me a bit and she doesn’t like that either but anyway he’s like grabbed her arms before but she always pushes him off. And apparently at homecoming he tried to kiss her but she pored punch over him, again sorry off topic from the question sorry-” I rambled but Mr Stark gave me a certain look which made me nod and cut myself off.

“Right sorry. Well earlier that day when we were walking to school as soon as we reached the gates Flash turned up and asked her was she doing with me. Or Penis Parker cause that’s my nickname but she just told him to get lost in a different choice of words. Then we said bye to each other cause our lockers are in different corridors. Sorry off topic again, but yeah Ned and I went to my locker whilst she went to hers.” I took a deep breath as I continued to ramble, trying to give them a whole back story in the quickest way.

“And well Ned and I were just talking then we heard a scream, I thought someone was hurt so I ran to where it was coming from and I then saw Y/N shouting at Flash who was like bending over in pain. She said something like 'don’t touch me like that again you bastard’ then she punched him like really hard. Now as much as I don’t like Flash I didn’t want her to get into trouble so I grabbed her and she calmed down. Then she ran to the bathroom and I followed her, she told me what happened. She told me what he did as he tried to ask her out and then started to lower his hands towards em her lower em body so she lost it.” I finished, I looked over to Mr Stark who was red in the face.

“Em Mr Stark, can I erm go after her?” I asked nervously, scared he’d say no and chuck me out for net letting Y/N beat up Flash even more. All he did was nod as he pulled out his phone.

“I need to sort some things out, excuse me” He said and walked over to the lift and went up without me.

“Guess I’m taking the stairs, where do you think Y/N will be?” I asked the other two.

“Ask Friday” They both said. I nodded and started to run up the stairs.

“Hey Friday, where’s Y/N?” I asked whilst running up the stairs, jumping two steps at a time.

“Hello Mr Parker, Miss Stark is in her room. She seems to be crying, would you like me to direct you to her?” She asked, her voice coming from nowhere.

“Yeah please!” I shouted not knowing if I was loud enough for her, I’m guessing it’s a her, to hear.

“Okay Peter, please stop using the stairs when you see the next door.”


Thank you for reading. Please tell me if you want me to continue x

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Katja: Why are you like this? If you’re crying obviously something’s wrong, and as your wife I wanna help you as much as I can!
Stacie: Oh NOW you remember you have a wife! You can’t do shit! The best thing that you could possibly do right now is getting lost, so GET LOST! I bet Mirella is waiting for you to call her!
Katja: Stacie, please calm down-
Katja: Sta-

Day 2: Summer Camp

Thanks to my awesome girlfriend @kaidence-elyse for helping me :)

Summer Camp - Day 2 Bechloe Week

“Dad, I don’t get why you’re making me go to this stupid camp! Why can’t I just stay home? Aren’t these things supposed to be for band geeks” Beca groaned.

“Actually, no, Beca they are for everyone! It’s to get you out of your room all summer and go outside, meet new people, do activities. Come on. It creates character,” Beca’s dad said enthusiastically.

Beca rolled her eyes as he left the kitchen. When the doorbell rang, she ran to it before her dad could. She opened it to find Jesse standing there.

“So, I got an urgent text for me to come save a damsel in distress,” Jesse chuckled.

“Whatever let’s just go,” and they made their way to Jesse’s car.

“So, coffee?” Jesse asked.

“No way. My nerves are already shot,” Beca said.

“Oh come on! It won’t be that bad. At least I’ll be there too!” Jesse grinned.

“Yeah, but I’ll be stuck with preppy ass girls who don’t care that I exist,” Beca sighed.

“Hey come on! I’ll bet you’ll win them over with your sarcastic humor and scowl” Jesse laughed while Beca smacked him on the back of his head.

They pulled up to a diner to eat. As soon as Beca walked in she saw a beautiful redhead sitting with a blonde. She watched every movement the girl made not taking her eyes off of her.

“Um, Beca,” Jesse nudged her.

“What?” Beca asked still staring at the redhead who was laughing at something the blonde girl had said.

“Wanna wipe the drool off your chin? You’re being super obvious,” Jesse laughed.

“Shut up!” Beca’s cheeks burned.

They sat down to eat and while Jesse was rambling on about some movie Beca couldn’t help but watch the other girl. Her eyes were so blue and lit up every time she talked. The scar on her forehead was so cute. She wished she could ask the girl how she got it.

“- and then the girl dies at the end can you believe that?” Jesse finished before stuffing his face with fries.

“Um yeah. Unbelievable.” Beca nodded pretending she knew what he was talking about.

“Okay. Are you going to ask her for her number or should I do it for you?” Jesse smirked.

“Don’t be insane! There’s no way that girl is straight. She’s so perfect she wouldn’t be into me even if she was gay.”

“Am I hearing you right? You’re describing another human being as perfect? You hate everyone” Jesse laughed. “That’s it I’m going to give her your number” he said as he stood up quickly.

“Jesse get back here right now!” Beca yelled at him.

As Jesse approached the table Beca covered her face not wanting to be in this situation at all. She looked up slightly and saw the ginger looking at her with a smile on her face. The girl gave Jesse a piece of paper before he made his way back to the table.

Jesse grinned from ear to ear. “You’re welcome” he handed her the paper.

Chloe. What a perfect name.

The next day Beca got everything packed and put her stuff in the trunk. While waiting for her dad, Jesse walked over.

“Ready for an exciting summer?” Jesse laughed as Beca scowled at him.

“There’s the infamous scowl that will attract many new friends!” Beca hit him in the chest. “Oof” rubbed his chest.

“Stop being a douche,” Beca rolled her eyes.

“So, did you text Chloe?” Jesse smirked.

“Are you insane of course I didn’t. She probably thinks I’m a freak”

“I don’t think so. After all she said you were cute” Jesse said while putting his bag in her dad’s car.

“She did?” Beca asked.

“Yeah” he smiled.

Beca’s dad came out and they made their way to the camp.

When they pulled up, there were several teens their age gathering together. Beca sighed loudly.

“Come on, Beca. At least try to make friends and participate please?” Beca’s dad said as Jesse and her got out of the car.

“Yeah whatever” Beca rolled her eyes as she walked away from her dad.

“Bye, honey!” He shouted loudly causing Beca to wince. Jesse tried to hold back a laugh but failed miserably.

“Why is he so embarrassing?” Beca groaned.

“Oh come on he’s not that bad. At least your dad cares about you,” he shrugged.

As they walked up to the camp, Beca noticed all the girls and guys were going into separate groups.

“This is going to blow” Beca grumbled.

“See ya later” Jesse grinned.

Beca sighed and sat on one of the chairs they had placed out. She got her headphones out to plug into her phone for the time being. As she was scrolling through her music, she felt the seat beside her move a bit. She looked up to see Chloe.

“So, weren’t gonna text me then?” Chloe’s smile was infectious.

“Wow I didn’t know you’d be here.” Beca said while shocked.

“Well, maybe if you would have texted me you would’ve known.” Chloe winked while a blonde girl pulled her in another direction.

“Text me now so I’ll have your number!” Chloe called to her.

Bec: so that chloe girl is at our camp

Jess: omg really see this summer is going to rock little lady

Bec: why the fuck do you talk like that.. anyway gotta go see who I’m rooming with and who my supervisor is.

Jess: same. Peace out.

How old could Chloe be? Beca thought. No way she’s younger than seventeen. Beca turned around to look at who she was rooming with. Some girl named Fat Amy, Cynthia Rose and Stacie. Damn. No Chloe.

“Everyone go to your bunks and unpack we will be having lunch at 12. You have an hour.” Someone said through a megaphone.

Beca was spinning in circles trying to find Cabin B. All of a sudden Jesse snuck up on her. Causing the small girl to jump.

“Dude what the hell!”

“Sorry I couldn’t resist. Are you rooming with Chloe?” Jesse smirked.

“No. Unfortunately. I’m not even sure how old she is.”

“Can’t be older than 18 right?” Jesse asked his eyebrows furrowed searching through the crowd for red. “There she is!” Jesse shouted.

Beca had been busy looking at her map but then her head shot up as soon as Jesse spotted her. Beca looked her up and down. She was standing next to the blonde she was with earlier. She was wearing a gray tank and pink gym shorts. She was also wearing a white hat with the camp name on it and a whistle around her neck.

Jesse and Beca looked at each other. “Omg you’re hot for teacher!” He laughed.

“Okay first off she’s not a teacher, and second you’re stupid.” Beca rolled her eyes.

“Well this took an interesting turn. Have fun and text me all the details” Jesse said and left to find his cabin.

After Beca found her cabin she dropped her stuff off and headed to eat. She was starving after all.

“Where’d you think you’re going? I’m coming with you!” She heard someone call after her.

The girl was out of breath from running so she was bent over panting. “Names. Fat. Amy.” She wiped the sweat off her palms and went to shook Beca’s hand.

“Beca” she said shaking the aussie’s hand.

They started walking towards the cafeteria. Beca was beginning to realize Fat Amy is an interesting person.

“So my dad thought this was a fat camp. Guess that makes things more fun now that it’s not.”

“Yeah I’d think so.” Beca mumbled. She was looking for the redhead.

As they ate, Beca wasn’t saying much just looking around.

“Oi! So did you hear we got lucky and Chloe is our supervisor?” Amy asked.

“No. I didn’t hear that” she couldn’t stop the grin forming.

“So everyone it’s time for our first activities. Which you’ll be able to interact with the guys during this time. But no funny busy or may your vocal cords be ripped out by wolves!” Aubrey shouted.

“So yeah, that’s the one we could’ve ended up with” Amy said while Beca’s eyes widened.

“Everybody in the pool!” Yelled Chloe.

Beca got out her headphones and sat down listening to music while everyone else swam. She glanced up after a moment and saw Chloe taking her towel off revealing her bikini. The girl then proceeded to apply sun screen. She watched as Aubury rubbed it onto Chloe’s back where the red head couldn’t reach. Beca’s face flushed. The redheads eyes closed as the blonde rubbed her back. Then her eyes opened and stared at Beca then winked.

“Hey short stack how’s it going?” Beca jumped. “This is CR and Stacie. They’re rooming with us.

“Hey” Beca said trying not to focus her attention back on the redhead.

“Well aren’t you guys getting in the pool with me?” Stacie called out while stepping into it.

“You guys go I’ll catch up” Beca said. Then she grabbed her phone to shoot the ginger a text.

B: So you didn’t tell me you were a counselor here. How old are you anyway?

C: 18 and well you never really talked to me ;) xx

B: guess that’s true.

C: you look hot in your black bikini ;) xx

Beca gulped and her palms were getting sweaty. She watched Chloe strut towards the hot tub.

C: well aren’t you going to join me? xx

Beca could not believe what was happening to her. She obviously wasn’t going to turn this opportunity down though. So she got up and headed toward the hot tub.

“Hey” Chloe’s eyes twinkled.

“Hi. I’m Beca by the way” Beca gave a small wave.

“I know. Coming in?” Chloe arched an eyebrow

Beca’s breath hitched then she took the two steps down into the hot tub. Which felt extremely good. Chloe motioned her to sit down next to each other.

“Are we allowed to do this? Like you know hang out? I mean since you’re my counselor?” Beca asked curiously.

“There’s no rules saying we can’t hang out. And we aren’t doing anything” Chloe winked at she trailed her fingertips over Beca’s arm causing the younger girl to shudder.

Beca didn’t know what to do with her hands so she continued to let the older girl travel her fingers all over Beca’s body. Chloe then slid her hand on Beca’s thigh up to the bottom of her bikini. Beca’s eyes were closed shut her head falling back from the slow torture. As she felt Chloe cup her over her swimsuit she almost died. She hadn’t been touched like this by a girl ever. And she needed more.

She went to grab the back of Chloe’s neck to bring her into a kiss.

“Becs, wait.” Chloe’s eyes were heavy. “We have to go somewhere private. Meet me in cabin C. That’s mine.” Chloe got out and grabbed her things.

Beca sat there shocked for a minute. Then she finally snapped out of it and all but ran to grab her stuff and meet the girl. She knocked on the door. Chloe let Beca in and then pushed her against the door after it shut. She leaned down and kissed Beca’s lips gently. Beca sighed into the kiss and opened her mouth to deepen it. Beca’s hands were rubbing the small of Chloe’s back and Chloe had her fingers in the shorter girl’s hair.

Beca boldly moved forward eventually leading them to one of the beds. The back of Chloe’s knees hit the bed and she sat down. Beca unhooked the top of the bikini. A huge smile appeared on her lips as she took in Chloe’s bare chest.

“You can do more than just stare,” Chloe whispered seductively.

Beca’s eyes flickered to Chloe’s then back to Chloe’s breasts. She began to massage one of them, and teased the nipple on the other. She then got brave and used her mouth. Chloe sighed out of pleasure. Then Chloe reached around and undid Beca’s bikini causing it to fall to the ground. They both stared at each other for a moment. Then Beca slipped out of her bottoms and pulled Chloe’s off her. Beca pushed the older girl down on the bed gently. She then straddled the redhead and leaned down to kiss her. There tongues danced in dominance and Beca was getting greedy, touching every inch of Chloe she could. She kissed her neck, her collarbone, her stomach.

Then she got on her knees on the floor so she could taste Chloe’s sweet spot. And she was one hundred percent certain it tasted really sweet. She swiped her tongue across the bundle of nerves which caused. Chloe to gasp and grip the sheets. Beca has never done this before but she could tell she was doing it right because Chloe was becoming a quivering mess. Beca swirled her tongue over and over and decided to add a finger. She could tell the redhead was starting to get close by how loud she was getting and how she would tighten her ab muscles. The brunette shoved a second finger in.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. “Chloe, can I come in?” They heard Aubrey call.

Beca smirked and shoved her fingers in and out fast. “I’m coming!” Chloe yelled out.

“Oh, okay!” Aubrey yelled back.

“Well, that was fun” Beca grinned.

“Definitely,” Chloe panted.

“Guess I’d better go..” Beca said putting her bikini back on.

“Don’t worry it’s your turn next time” Chloe kissed the girl softly.

Beca went out the back door toward her cabin.

J: becaaaaw where are youu?

B: sorry Jess. Been busy.

J: think you’re gonna like it here?

B: this summer is gonna be awesome :)

J: Wow an actual smiley face!

anonymous asked:

do you have any nicknames?

amy calls me ginge or literally just the name of any famous ginger person, sometimes stacie calls me beagle, flo calls me red or roja, and the rest of the bellas just call me chloe, chlo, or beale

Four, tres, two, uno

[Will I Am]
Listen up you all, ‘cause this is it
The beat that I’m bangin’ is delicious

[Verse 1 - Fergie]
Fergalicious definition make them boys go loco
They want my treasure so they get their pleasures from my photo.
You could see me, you can’t squeeze me.
I ain’t easy, I ain’t sleazy.
I got reasons why I tease 'em.
Boys just come and go like seasons.

[Hook 1]
Fergalicious (so delicious)
But I ain’t promiscuous.
And if you were suspicious,
All that shit is fictitious.
I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
That puts them boys on rock, rock.
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (it’s hot, hot)
So delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
So delicious (they wanna slice of what I got)
I’m Fergalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

[Verse 2]
Fergalicious def-,
Fergalicious def-,
Fergalicious def- [“def” is echoing]
Fergalicious definition make them boys go crazy.
They always claim they know me,
Comin’ to me call me Stacy (Hey, Stacy),
I’m the F to the E, R, G, the I, the E,
And can’t no other lady put it down like me.

[Hook 2]
I’m Fergalicious (so delicious)
My body stay vicious
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness
He’s my witness (oh, wee)
I put yo’ boy on rock, rock
And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (it’s hot, hot)
So delicious (I put them boys on rock, rock)
So delicious (they wanna slice of what I got)
I’m Fergalicious (hold, hold, hold, hold, hold up, check it out)

Baby, baby, baby,
If you really want me,
Honey get some patience.
Maybe then you’ll get a taste.
I’ll be tasty, tasty,
I’ll be laced with lacey.
It’s so tasty, tasty,
It’ll make you crazy.

[Will I Am]
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty, T to the A to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, hit it Fergie

[Rap - Fergie]
All the time I turn around brother’s gather round always looking at me up and down looking at my (uh)
I just wanna say it now - I ain’t trying to round up drama, little mama I don’t wanna take your man.
And I know I’m coming off just a little bit conceited and I keep on repeating how the boys wanna eat it.
But I’m tryin’ to tell, that I can’t be treated like clientele
'Cause they say she…

[Hook 3]
Delicious (so delicious)
But I ain’t promiscuous
And if you were suspicious
All that shit is fictitious
I blow kisses (mmmwwahhh)
That puts them boys on rock, rock
And they be lining down the block just to watch what I got (got, got, got)

Four, tres, two, uno.
My body stay vicious,
I be up in the gym just working on my fitness,
He’s my witness (oh, wee).
I put yo’ boy on rock, rock,
And he be lining down the block just to watch what I got (four, tres, two, uno)

So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
I’m Fergalicious, t-t-t-t-t tasty, tasty
It’s so delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
So delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye)
I’m Fergalicious, t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t (aye, aye, aye, aye)

[Will I Am]
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty. T to the A, to the, to the (four, tres, two, uno)
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the, E to the, L I C I O U S, to the
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the (four, tres, two, uno)

T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty
T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you’re tasty. T to the A, to the, four, tres, two, uno
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the
D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, to the, to the…..

Skype Hijack

I was just gonna post the link but everything’s being stupid so here’s the whole thing.

The first time it happened it was a coincidence. Beca had come into their room and asked Chloe if she could go with her to listen to a mix she wanted to use for regionals. She must have forgotten about her weekly call with Aubrey, but she left her computer on her bed, on and unlocked. When the incoming skype call ringtone started, interrupting Stacie’s homework, she stood up and walked over to Chloe’s bed to shut off her laptop, her hand hovering over the keys when she saw who it was.

She sat down on the bed and accepted the call, smiling when Aubrey’s face appeared on the screen.


“Hi.” Aubrey looked surprised and a bit confused, but she managed to smile. “You’re not Chloe.”

“That is correct.” Stacie smirked. “Beca needed her to listen to a mix so she left, I’m sure she’ll be right back. How have you been?”

“I’m fine, thanks. How’s school?”

Stacie exhaled dramatically. “Hard. I’m taking way too many classes this semester.”

“You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. You always do.”

“But I don’t have anyone who’s willing to sit in the library with me after practice anymore.” Stacie pouted.

Aubrey chuckled. “I miss you too.”

Stacie couldn’t control the huge smile that took over her face. “You should come visit more often, you’d miss me a lot less.”

Aubrey rolled her eyes but she was still smiling. “I’ll think about it.”

The door slammed open and Chloe rushed back in. “Did I miss Aubrey?”

“Nope, I was keeping her entertained. I hope.” Stacie waved her fingers. “Bye, Bree. Come visit us.”

Stacie got up, letting Chloe take her spot and went back to her own bed, throwing one wistful look at the computer before going back to studying.

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The day I became a SCAMMER

So today is the first scam I have every accomplished. October 17, 2016 is when I officially became a true scammer. An ex-friend (we will call her Stacy) tried to finesse me. Here’s the story…I accidentally dropped her already broken phone and the light in her phone didn’t work anymore. Of course, being a good friend, I offered paying for the damages that I caused. So we looked up how much it would cost to fix the light in her phone (btw her phone was an iPhone 5c) and it ranged from 30 to 50 dollars, which wasn’t all that bad. I thought the most I had to pay was 50 dollars which was fine but as you may have guessed, it was not fine. Two weeks later, she snapchatted me asking for 300 dollars!!!!!!! Yes, 300 DOLLARS! Stacy explained thats how much the “people” charged her to fix her phone. I wasn’t buying it, so I told her I couldn’t pay that much. Then later on that day, she told me that she found ANOTHER person to fix the phone for only 200 dollars and asked if I could give her that. I found it slightly suspect that she was able to find another person so quickly but I told her I couldn’t pay that much. After that conversation, I did some research. The iPhone 5c is literally worth about 100 dollars. You can literally buy one online for about 100-120 dollars. So where is she getting the 300 or 200 dollars from???? So Stacy snapped me again asking me to pay 100, which was supposedly half of what it cost to fix the phone. I told her it would just be cheaper to buy a new iPhone 5c and proceeded to show her screenshots of places who sold it for under 130. Then the finesse happened. She said that it would take too long to ship and that she needed a new phone today, EVEN THOUGH it had been two weeks since the incident even happened that she started demanding crazy amounts of cash. So I told her, I will pay half on the phone that she would buy thats under 130. She said that was fine. Two more weeks passed and Stacy asked me if she could get her stuff from room. I said sure, just come by whenever and pick up your stuff. I kid you not, she came to my door with her roommate with a mean mugging me and asking in a rude way where is her stuff. I ignored that and proceeded to give her all her things. Then she asked one of the dumbest things I heard in a long time. She asked me for a pen. A specific pen that said Elizabeth City on it. She kept asking me to look and give her the pen(I didn’t have the pen and honestly I didn’t really know what pen she was talking about). So she left, without saying thanks, being rude to me, and it left me confused. After that incident, Stacy messaged me things like “Where’s my money????” and “My $60??? Where is it?????”. I got tired of the foolishness and thought of petty ways to get back at her. So I decided to give her the 50 dollars (not sixty because she ended up buying a new phone which was an iPhone 5s which was not what I agreed to pay half on) in one dollar bills, but that was too simple. Then I thought of giving her the 50 dollars in quarters, but it still was lacking something. Then it hit me. I was going to give her 50 dollars using a mixture of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. It was genius. I didn’t distribute them evenly so she would not be able to roll them up and give it to the bank. She would most likely use a coin machine which would take some of that money so she would not get the whole 50 dollars (Yes, I thought really hard about this). So on this faithful day, I got all my change ready and put it in two Kroger plastic bag. I wanted it to be a surprise so I put the bag of coins in my purse. I texted her the place I wanted to meet to exchanged the money and she agreed to come and get it. I was sitting down waiting at the location with my purse and the bag of coins while I was on the phone with my gf. So finally Stacy walked up to me at 6:30 pm and asked “Where’s my money??” in a rude way of course. Then I told my gf to hold on as I proceeded to pull the Kroger bag out of my purse and hand it to her. Stacy looked super confused and asked “ What is this?!??” and I explained that it was 50 dollars in quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. My gf, still being on the phone when this all happened, bursted out laughing when she heard this going down. Mind you, she was on speaker so when Stacy heard the laugh she was shook, like SHOOK. Then Stacy slightly yells “We agreed on 60!!”. I explained that there was an agreement that was arranged but you did not follow so I paid the default amount which was 50 dollars. I got up from my seat and told her not to spend all the money in one place and walked away laughing with my gf all the way back to my room. I had instantly became a scammer and it was invigorating. I finessed the finesser (maybe that is not a real word) but I finessed her. Now I live to scam another day. Let’s chat later. 


They returned home, exhausted from all the events of today. Straight away Melody rushed to their room to phone Stacy. Caleb and Stacy were out on a run at the time.

*on phone*

Melody: Hey! Stacy, is now a bad time?

Stacy: No! Not at all, Caleb and I were just out on a run in Myshuno Meadows. What’s up?



*hangs up*

Stacy: *squealing* Melody and Avery got engaged!!

Caleb: Oh my god I knew it! He was acting so weird, asking for ‘pretty locations’ for a ‘date’. Crazy dude. This is so amazing, I am so pleased for them both. I wonder when the wedding will be?

Stacy: Hopefully after this little one is out so I can actually look nice and not like a whale at the wedding!

Stacy: Skip called me “bro”!

Kathy Alva: Skip called you “bro”?

Stacy: Yeah, he said “bro”!

Kathy Alva: No, he didn’t.

Stacy: Yes, he did. He said “you look hungry, bro”.

Kathy Alva: He said “you look hungry, bro”?

Stacy: Yes, totally!

Kathy Alva: Skip Engbloom doesn’t call anybody “bro”.

Lords of Dogtown (2005)

Andy Biersack Imagine
(This gif is NOT mine, 100% credit goes to maker of gif, if this gif is yours and you don’t want me to use it, please message me and I will gladly take it down.)
(Probably my last imagine for a while. I’m kinda nervous to post this….😳)
You look down, your head pounding as loud music fills your ears. The smell of sweat, alcohol, and shame fill the room. People are grinding on each other and stumbling through the crowds.
Why did you think this was a good idea?
You had decided one to go to a bar that everyone of your friends had been talking about.
You felt so awkward, just sitting, trying not to attract any attention from the weird creepy drunk guys, eyeing the girls like they were candy.
It disgusted you.
The bartender smiles. She was very tiny, with brown hair in a messy bob, wearing a vest with only a bra underneath.
“You okay?” She asks, wiping the spot beside you.
You nod. “Clubs aren’t my thing.”
She chuckles. “I can tell, all you’ve ordered is water and you’re not like every other girl here showing off their ass.”
You laugh lightly.
“Defiantly not me.”
“Stacy!” You hear a guy call and you and the bartender, Stacy turn your heads to see a group of guys.
They all was wearing black and looked kinda scary.
The one who yelled had one a black shirt with a leather jacket, black jeans and boots.
He smiled and waved her over. She quickly looks at me.
“I’ll be right back.”
You watch her as she walks over and kneels down. He says something and she looks back at you. You quick look down at your glass, stirring it won a straw. You quickly look back to see her shrug and he points over near where you are, giving her pleading eyes. She rolls hers and walks back over to me.
“Sorry about that, they’re regulars here.”
“They look kinda scary.”
She laughs. “Andy and his friends? Nahhhh, they might look it but I swear they’re all a bunch of teddy bears. Especially Andy. So tell me Hun, what’s your name?”
“It’s y/n. I’m assuming your Stacy.”
She smiles.
“That’s me, and I like that name. Well y/n, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Or you a single girl?”
“Oh, I’m single. I tend to not attract anyone really.” I sadly chuckle and she smiles.
“Don’t say that, you’re a pretty girl! Any guy would be lucky to have you.”
“STACYYYYYY.” You hear a similar voice followed by laughter.
Stacy rolls her eyes. “Once again, I shall return.”
She goes back over to Andy’s table as you see him talking and her laughing.
You see him grab a piece of paper and pen, scribbling something and handing it to her with a dorky smile. She shakes her head but slips the paper in her pocket, grabbing the empty bottles from the table and hurrying back.
She cleans up and leans over to me.
“So Andy over there…” She points and you look to see the other guys pointing at him as he shakes his head laughing.
“Wanted me to give you this, he said he’d like to get to know you but he’s too nervous to ask you himself, which isn’t like Andy so he must really like you.” She laughs, handing you the paper.
You grab it and read over the messy handwriting.
“My names Andy.
I hope I don’t sound like a creep or anything, but I couldn’t help but notice you sitting alone and I’d like to get to know you. :)”
You can’t help but smile and out of the corner of your eye you see Andy staring at you.
“Thanks Stacy, I think you’ll be seeing me here a lot more often.” She smiles and waves me on.
“He paid for your drink, so go get em tiger.”
You smile and you slowly start walking over to him. They all stop talking and stare at you.
You awkwardly push a piece of your hair out of your face, smiling.
“Hi, I’m y/n.”

Hope you liked! :)

  • friend: ...
  • me: ...
  • friend: ...
  • me: four, tres, two, uno. listen up y'all, 'cause this is it. the beat that i'm banging is delicious
  • friend: again? i didn't ask for this
  • me: fergalicious definition make them boys go loco. they want my treasure so they get their pleasure from my photo. you could see me, you can't squeeze me. i ain't easy, i ain't sleazy. i got reasons why i tease 'em. boys come and go like seasons. fergalicious (so delicious), but i ain't promiscuous. and if you were suspicious, all that is fictitious. i blow kisses (mmmwwahhh). that puts them boys on rock, rock. and they be lining down the block just to watch what i got (four, tres, two, uno). so delicious (it's hot, hot). so delicious (i put them boys on rock, rock). so delicious (they wanna slice of what i got). i'm fergalicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty). fergalicious def-, fergalicious def-, fergalicious def-def-def-def-def-def-def, fergalicious definition make them boys go crazy. they always claim they know me, comin' to me call me stacy (hey, stacy), i'm the f to the e, r, g, the i, the e, and can't no other lady put it down like me. i'm fergalicious (so delicious). my body stay vicious. i be up in the gym just working on my fitness, he's my witness (oh, wee). i put yo' boy on rock, rock. and he be lining down the block just to watch what i got (four, tres, two, uno). so delicious (it's hot, hot). so delicious (i put them boys on rock, rock). so delicious (they wanna slice of what i got) i'm fergalicious (hold, hold, hold, hold, hold up, check it out). baby, baby, baby, if you really want me, honey get some patience. maybe then you'll get a taste. i'll be tasty, tasty, i'll be laced with lacey. it's so tasty, tasty, it'll make you crazy. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty, T to the A to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, hit it Fergie. all the time I turn around brother's gather round always looking at me up and down looking at my (uh). i just wanna say it now - i ain't trying to round up drama, little mama I don't wanna take your man. and i know i'm coming off just a little bit conceited and i keep on repeating how the boys wanna eat it. but i'm tryin' to tell, that i can't be treated like clientele. 'Cause they say she delicious (so delicious), but i ain't promiscuous and if you were suspicious all that is fictitious. i blow kisses (mmmwwahhh). that puts them boys on rock, rock and they be lining down the block just to watch what i got (got, got, got, t-t-t-t-asty, tasty, four, tres, two, uno). so delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye), so delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye), so delicious (aye, aye, aye, aye). i'm fergalicious, t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t (aye, aye, aye, aye). T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty. D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, T to the A, to the S T E Y - girl, you're tasty to the, to the, to the. D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the. D to the E, to the L I C I O U S, to the D, to the E, to the, to the, to the, to the, to the.....