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1/3Regarding Sherlock’s pause before “If it’s true just say it anyway”. I agree with Anon, that was such an amazing moment and it was a turning point for me as well. His energy changes palpably when he hears her say “it’s always been true”. It’s like time stops and everything else disappears for a moment. It was somehow such an intimate moment. To me it was as if he is (and we are) taken from the dimension of a task to be performed while time is running out to a completely different plane where

2/3 it is just the two of them and where performing a task successfully, even if it is saving her life, is not what it’s actually about. Something just gives way in him, like he can’t play the game any more. Her amazing sincerity in that moment, her refusal to continue playing games and the way she embraces vulnerability – these are her quintessential qualities, this is actually her strength and it is what I think he is drawn to in her, even if he doesn’t know it. When she says it, he can’t

3/3 go on as before, he is changing right before our eyes. He seems, for a moment, helpless against her sincerity. And that is their relationship right there. In that moment, something just stops, but then after a moment it’s also as if he is thinking: Oh God, Molly, not now, please, please just continue playing so I don’t lose you. I cannot believe this whole scene. I could write a book about it.

The Call...

The wind shifts, rustling my feathers, bringing with it the scent of change.

I am afraid, though I fly forward, knowing what I must do for the sake of my kith and kin.

I hear Them. They whisper our names, calling us to be who we are.

They warn us. They tell us to fight for what we hold dear.

The Earth. My family. My people. The very wind in my wings.

I fight for them.

I hear the Call.

I am afraid, though They empower me.

Cernunnos, Cerridwen, Dagda, Brigid, Lugh, the Morrigan;

I heed Their Call. I fly forward, borne on the winds of magic.

I am a witch, and I shall fly onward in the name of the Strength of Love.

I am a witch, and Their Call melts my fear.

I am a witch, and Their Call empowers me.

I fly, I teach, I weave, I craft, I love.

For I am a witch, and I hear Their Call.

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I watched the ILY scene again and I know most people are talking about Molly's pain, but to me she also has a strength about her, she's hurting and she's fragile but standing in her own energy somehow. Sherlock on the other hand is just fucking breaking down, and especially at the bit where he says „Molly please“ – look at his eyes!!! Like all you want to do is just tell him omg babe it's gonna be ok, don't worry, and give him a big hug… My heart just broke for him.

I can see what you’re saying but my heart just breaks for both of them in that scene equally.



With the month long hiatus of SWR (Why hath thou forsaken us, Dave? Why?) I figure these little vids might fill the void somewhat.

These are all of Chopper’s scenes from The Honorable Ones, Homecoming and the Call amassing a full 4 and half minutes…which just goes to show a little Chopper per episode goes a long way.

Also the videos are now vailable on Twitter: #CH0Ptalk

As always reblogs spread the video better than likes and I live for comments. Thanks.

Next clips from “Twilight of the Apprentice”


Help, I’ve fallen down another rabbit hole. I do this thing, where I find an actor or actress that I like and then I end up watching as many things as I can find that they have ever done…So, my current rabbit hole is Canadian actor, Michael Eklund, seen above as Bobo Del Rey in Wynonna Earp. Wynonna Earp is fantastic by the way, I highly recommend it.

Then I watched Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective agency, which I had wanted to see for a while, but the realization that Michael was in it tipped the balance over. So, then I was treated to Martin of the Rowdy 3.

After some searching through IMDB, what did I ever do before IMDB? I found a few other movies to try and search for at the library. Today, my local library was having it’s quarterly big sale and I found two movies and the fourth season of a tv show that Michael featured in. So, I am now the owner of Mr. Right and The Call and the 4th season of Continuum which is the only season he was in.


“The call” - [Sebastian Stan / Tom Hiddleston - Extended imagine].

Based onImagine: Having a one-night stand with Tom, and him calling you the very next morning, asking to see you again.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Can i just say that i’m proud because for the first time in like half a year i was actually able to write something shorter than 3 pages? 


“Uh… it’s me. Again. Your best friend who you’re supposed to have breakfast with today, remember? I’m right outside your door, J. Pick up!” Sebastian said with a long exhale leaving yet another voicemail.

He stood before the apartment door, knocked for the fourth time and waited, but when no one answered he pulled out his cell phone again and dialed. His eyebrows furrowed when a familiar ringtone echoed in the hallway, and at last, his friend showed up, and she seemed to be in a rush.

“What happened? I thought you overslept”, Sebastian complained.

“Yeah… sorry”, was all she said, looking nervous and struggling with her keys.

Sebastian eyed her suspiciously as they finally walked in.

“Where were you?” he asked.

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