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Italian Pidge (shitty)headcanons

- Both Colleen and Sam are italian/american (Sam’s mom is italian from Rome,  Colleen’s mom is italian from Cosenza /my city, lol/)
- Pidge and Matt spent a lot of time with both their grandmothers and they understand very well both italian and the dialects their grannies spoke, but picked up Cosenza’s dialect curse words most cuz Colleen’s mom was more keen to swear in front of them (Colleen wasnt happy). Also, Sam doesnt understand most of calabrese dialect so they could whisper curses under their breath and get away with it for the first year.
- Matt speaks italian more, he went to visit his italian relatives a few times for holidays and summer vacations.
- Pidge rarely speaks italian, but knows all the cursewords. And she will use them against teammates and enemies.
- Shiro learned some swears due to being Matt’s friend.
- Pidge: PORCO CAZZO ( literally pig dick, but used as holy fuck)
Shiro: *stern look of disapproval* i know enough italian to be disappointed.
Pidge: oh cmon, did my dad influenced you too with his no curse policy?
Shiro: swear jar.
Pidge: sigh
- Seriously, she’ll insert cazzo or minchia (same thing, but more typical of south italy) in any sentence if shiro isnt around.
- Something goes wrong:*deadpan* beh, vaffanculo. (well, fuck)
- Coran picked up some swears and Shiro is SO DONE.
- Pidge: Ci vidi? (can you see?)
Galra enemy:???
Pidge: E vid’ i tinni ji affanculu (then see if you can go fuck off)
- Pidge: *dead tired* Gesù Cristo perché (jesus christ why)
- Pidge: *computer frozes* ‘nculacchitem- (fuck you and your dead ancest-)
Pidge: You cannot know this one too!
Shiro: Matt used to swear a lot, i know all of your curse words.
Pidge: uggh not fair
- Pidge:*punching an enemy in the face* piglia e porta ara casa e diciacc’ a mammata ca su cirase. (take and bring it home, and tell your mother its cherries)
-Pidge hacks galra’s computer to say “Aru Cu’” (up your ass) when they infiltrate into any facility.
- Pidge:*breaks into galra ships* Senz’essari chiamati simu vinuuuutiiiii (without being called we came here/ its a traditional song usually sung during christmas time, but we sing it as a joke any given time when we visit someone with short notice)
- teammate does something really stupid: *shakes head* Cchi cap’i minchia. (what a dickhead/ its affectionate in this case tho.)
- Pidge:*neck deep in research papers but not getting a thing out of it* Ia a Santu Nente (curse Saint Nothing /we have the bad habit to curse saints but some prefer using this sentece cuz its not actually a saint. Yeah i know, strange.)
- teammate is being annoying: Mo m’ha popu rutt’ i cugliuni (now you really pissed me off/ but more vulgar, literally “you broke my balls”)
Pidge: ugghhh i keep forgetting you know
- Pidge:*unconsciously humming under her breath while working* Ohi ca muaru, ca muaru, ca muaru ppi na gulia c’all’uartu ci sta. (oh i’m dying, i’m dying, i’m dying to eat a delicacy in my garden/another traditional song)
- When she was little, Matt convinced her of the existence of the Monachieddru (little monk, a trickster spirit) and she tried to catch him.
- Due to spanish and italian having roots in latin, sometimes Lance kinda of understands what she’s mumbling. They do a game where one says a word in spanish and the other find a similar word in italian and find out the differences.
Lance: yo pidge, pass the aceite
Pidge: *passes vinegar*
Lance: i said aceite
Pidge: yeah i gave it to you!
Lance: thats vinagre
Pidge:…??? Oh right. *passes oil*
(aceite is oil in spanish, acit’ is vinegar in cosenza’s dialect)

Here  it is all that i can think of. Dont take it seriously, im just having too much fun with this thing!


The teeth in our mouths
Covered in her blood

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Olivia Brown plays in the first Miami Vice as
the friend of the detective Ricardo Tubbs.
Don Johnson became a superstar as Sonny Crockett.
He is wearing a stubbly beard, but no socks.
Philip Thomas plays the detective Ricardo Tubbs. 
Before that he studied theology.
Saundra Santiago resides as policewoman, Gina Calabrese, 
with her former colleague Crockett.

anonymous asked:

Can you list, or point me towards a list, of Ed's favorite things? Simple stuff, random stuff, whatever. I need it for an art project! Thank you!!!!

Hi! I’m not sure such a list exists… and probably if you like Ed enough to want to do an art project about him then you know as many of his favorite things as I do! Here are a couple I can think of right off: 

  • Animals: midget cats, Scottish folds, fennec foxes, tigers
  • Movies: Goodfellas, Cool Runnings, Primal Fear, Shrek, James Bond, most Disney (particularly Lion King, Hercules, Finding Nemo), Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Forest Gump, School of Rock
  • Books: Harry Potter, His Dark Materials
  • Foods: Heinz ketchup, Aldeburgh’s fish and chips, Gregg’s sausage rolls, sausages in general (the kind that are shaped like a hotdog, not like a hamburger), Nandos medium, the Calabrese from Pizza Express, barbecue, tacos, sushi, dessert for breakfast (but he thinks of pancakes as a type of dessert), steak, Ben & Jerry’s (he used to like Phish Food best but now his favorite kind is just chocolate), Oreos, Doritos, Monster Munch (flaming hot), cucumbers, cheese (he used to have a cheeseboard and wine after every show), peanut butter M&Ms, Milka and Lindt chocolate
  • Drinks: peach flavored Robinsons (really any Robinsons besides lemon), ale, red wine, tequila with passion fruit
  • TV Shows: Simpsons, Game of Thrones, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Recess, Malcolm in the Middle, The Wire, Friends
  • Guitar brands: Martin for acoustic, Fender Stratocaster for electric

Hmm, what else? His favorite color is blue but sometimes he says orange because of the whole ginger schtick. His favorite tattoo is the Matisse on his right arm. His favorite board game is Monopoly. :) 

Just for fun, some things Ed really doesn’t like include: rudeness, arrogance, kale, broccoli, wasps, alarm clocks, Hershey’s chocolate, and being in a large crowd of people he doesn’t know. Also, recently: Twitter.

If anyone wants to add something that Ed likes, feel free to comment! :D


polpette di melanzane alla calabrese da Andrea Michienzi
Tramite Flickr:
Calabrian eggplantballs