the cake smells amazing


Character cakes available at Amorette’s Patisserie located in Disney Springs.


For the first item in my Thedosian cooking series, I made some Dalish cuisine, the recipe from The Whole Nug: Culinary Treasures of Thedas. The smell of the hearth cakes alone is amazing, and the taste is akin to a sweet pancake. I can’t wait to have one for breakfast maybe with some jam or peanut butter. Overall score: 10/10, praise Sylaise. 

The next dish I’ll be making is Nordbotten Fruit Stew, native to the Anderfels..

Darry and Two-bit fight over you

You, Two-bit, and Darry were all hanging out. Everyone else was at school or work and since it was raining Darry had the day off, you had the day off, and Two was too lazy to have a job. So, you all decided to hang out at Darry’s. When you walked in the smell of a fresh baked chocolate cake came out of the oven.

“That smells amazing.” You went into the kitchen.

“Thanks (Y/N), we can have some ones it cools off.” He grinded, Darry was always down for some cake. You both went to the kitchen and all three of you sat on the couch with each boy on each side of you.

“Hey, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Two-bit got up.

“Yeah.” You got up and followed him.

“Look, (Y/N) I really like you, and I want to take you out.” He started.

“Hey, looks like it’s cake time.” Darry walked in put his arm around you and pulled you over to the cake.

“Darry! Really? You knew what I was doing?” Two-bit glared at Darry.

“And that’s why I’m in here.” He smirked. “(Y/N), lets go out on a date tonight.”

“Guys… How do you expect me to pick between you two.” You looked at them. “You know I care about both you two so much!” You looked at them.

“How about you let us both take you on a date, then you can decide after that?” Darry asked.

“Sounds fair.” Two agreed.

“I guess.” You sighed a bit. You couldn’t imagining picking between your two best friends.

“But I’m first.” Darry smirked.

Happy late birthday!