the cake smells amazing


Sent by my friend. He stole her phone to take the picture before they got kicked out. He totally made her entire year. Annnnd she got a piece of cake from Danai

Ps: apparently he smelled and sounded amazing. I think she needs to be hosed down
how to- Smell Like a Cupcake Goddess (on a budget)

Smell Like a Cupcake Goddess (on a budget)

- use those Forever21 Exfoliating Gloves ($1.90) with Caress Exfoliating Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash ($4.00)

-for those days you want to look extra glowy mix coconut oil, white sugar, and vanilla extract and make a scrub. this shi will leave you so soft and glowy oh my godddd

-when you hop out of the shower slather Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Cream ($5.00) all over your body it smells like heaven( this also is a great face moisturizer)

- you can also mix coconut oil and vanilla extract together to make a lighter body lotion

-since I’m extra and all my products need to go together you best believe my deodorant is Secret Va Va Vanilla ($6.00)

-now this is the priciest product but this is what gets me the absolute most compliments Coconut Passion Body Mist ($18.00 but there’s always online sales for $6) from VS is a staple for me. I’m constantly told I smell amazing.

-this is just random but Cake Batter by Chapstick is a nice lip balm and it smells 😍😍



If you’re anything like me, you’ve nearly wept a few times while passing carnival food stands and smelling funnel cake frying. Today my amazing boyfriend (hi @toppedoffbystarstuff !) made me funnel cake and I ate a whole two of them. Maybe don’t eat two. That was a mistake. But you do you!

2 cups of all purpose gluten free flour (he used Bob’s Red Mill)
¼ cup gf baking powder
2 eggs
2 cups milk
1 tablespoon vanilla

Mix together (add more milk if needed to maintain batter as a liquid) and put into a condiment bottle. We used one from Wegman’s that was a dollar, and snipped the tip short for a wider pour.

Heat oil in a pan on medium (less than an inch of oil necessary.) You don’t want it to cook too too fast, or it will disintegrate. Drop a few drops of batter in to test if you’re unsure.

Draw a circle kind of slowly in the oil, then squiggle some more over it in a vaguely crisscrossy shape. When the bottom starts to turn golden and the top looks a little firmer, carefully flip with tongs. When golden all over, remove from oil, put on a paper plate, dust with powdered sugar, and try not to burn your mouth!

( @vaspider )

Character cakes available at Amorette’s Patisserie located in Disney Springs.

Surprise Party - Johnny Cade Imagine

A/N: It feels so good to be back writing, even if I’m not feeling great still! I plan on getting all requests and ships done over the next two weeks and then opening requests again!

Word Count: 533

Warnings: None

Pairing: Johnny Cade x Reader

“Streamers, balloons, a cake and red napkins are all that’s left.” I look up from my little shopping list and make sure Dallas puts the right things into the blue and black cart. We’re shopping for my boyfriend, Johnny’s, birthday. Dally only agreed to come because he adores Johnny (even if he won’t say it) and wants him to have a great day.

“We should make Steve blow up balloons,” Dally snickers, throwing some napkins and a package of balloons in the cart. “He’ll look like a monkey.” I can picture Steve with puffed out cheeks and his ears sticking out a little.

Giggling, I nod and grab a package of gold metallic streamers and some Scotch tape to hang them from the ceiling with. “Cake’s the last thing.”

“We ain’t buying a cake,” Dally informs me. “Darry’s making one right now.” With everything crossed off of our list, we go pay for our decorations and drive back to the Curtis’ house to prepare for Johnny’s surprise party.

Inside, the heavenly smell of Darry’s amazing chocolate cake wafts through the house. Dally leaves again to get (steal) a present for Johnny, leaving Steve, Soda and me to began setting up decorations. “We’ve got about fifteen minutes,” Soda announces.

Nodding, Steve and I blow up the last of the balloons. Two-Bit, Ponyboy and Johnny are out at the movies, so we still have a bit of time. We hang up all the balloons and streamers, then set up the kitchen table to look nice and festive. Darry frosts the cake and puts on sprinkles, setting it just as Pony, Two-Bit, and Johnny walk in.

Johnny’s face practically lights up when he sees everything. “Woah! This looks awesome!”

“Happy birthday, babe!” I grin and pull him into a hug, enjoying the warmth he radiates as he wraps his arms around my waist.

Kissing my cheek, Johnny smiles. “I love you too. You guys really did this for me?”

“Of course, we did!” Steve puts a birthday crown on top of Johnny’s head, but not after ruffling his hair a bit.

Soda pulls out a chair and sits Johnny down. “Let’s cut up some cake!” While Soda divides up the decadent cake, Dally saunters in with his present.

“Hey, Johnny!” Dally hands Johnny his gift and pushes the gifts everyone else got Johnny towards him as I help Soda hand out plates with giant slices of cake on them to everyone. “Open your presents, man!”

Johnny beams as he pulls gifts out of bags and rips the paper off of presents. A new jacket, money for the movies, sunglasses, a Bob Dylan record, and a small silver ring. The ring, a gift from me, is something I’ve been nervous about. Usually, girls don’t give their guys rings. I bite my lip as  Johnny slips it onto his finger. “You guys, this is all amazing. And Y/N, babygirl? I love this ring.”

He stands up and hugs me, then hugs each of his friends, flashing white teeth at us the whole time. “We love you too,” Soda beams.

Stucky things to consider
  • Bucky is a little shit and hogs all the blankets at night
  • He and Steve end up getting into kicking fights over the blankets, and they always end up tiring themselves out so much that they fall asleep without any blankets
  • Sometimes Bucky will put his freezing feet on Steve’s stomach/back, just to listen to him shriek
  • Steve loves to bake during his spare time or when he’s feeling stressed out. The kitchen always smells amazing, because he’s almost always baking something. Sponge cakes, cookies, bread, brownies… He doesn’t eat much of what he makes, so he always ends up giving the rest to Bucky.
  • Bucky has no self-control and tells himself he’ll only eat one brownie, but then he’ll end up eating like five in one sitting because they’re so good. He eventually gets a little chubby and blames it all on Steve, who just gives him the most innocent, can-do-no-wrong look.
  • Bucky sneezes like a kitten.
  • Steve likes to endearingly poke fun at him for it. The Winter Soldier, the world’s deadliest assassin and the fist of HYDRA himself, sneezing like a tiny kitten. Really, Buck?
  • Steve’s sneezes aren’t much better.
  • Not long after getting Bucky back, Steve knitted a sleeve for Bucky to put on his arm when he couldn’t stand to look at the thing. Sometimes, Bucky will wear it just because it’s cute.
  • They have pun wars.
  • JARVIS locks them out of the Tower whenever there are signs of them starting a pun war.
  • When Steve starts feeling lonely when Bucky’s out, he’ll borrow and wear some of Bucky’s hoodies around the house.
  • Eventually, he’ll fall asleep wearing them, and Bucky will come home to find him all bundled up in his ratty old sweatshirts. So instead of waking Steve up, Bucky will lay down right behind him, and go to sleep right there.
  • Stucky

For the first item in my Thedosian cooking series, I made some Dalish cuisine, the recipe from The Whole Nug: Culinary Treasures of Thedas. The smell of the hearth cakes alone is amazing, and the taste is akin to a sweet pancake. I can’t wait to have one for breakfast maybe with some jam or peanut butter. Overall score: 10/10, praise Sylaise. 

The next dish I’ll be making is Nordbotten Fruit Stew, native to the Anderfels..

Renruki week Day 1: Childhood and Happy Birthday, Renji! 

I actually went with teenhood, but that’s kind of in the childhood category…? Anyway here it is! Hope you like! :D ~ @renrukiweek ~

Also on AO3 here ;)

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A box appears for Russel, with a lemon buttercream cake inside. Perfectly sized for one, with a note. "Happy Birthday - try this instead of alcohol.You're a good man, despite everything that's happened, and Respawn's too touchy to risk you." -L


Russell looks rather delighted when he opens the box. The cake looks and smells absolutely amazing.

He then reads the note and a soft smile creeps across his face.

“Thanks, Lazare, ehehe, I’ll definitely enjoy this, ehehe,” he said then, “I really gotta find him and thank him in person later, eheheh…”

Happiest Place on Earth

Title : Happiest Place on Earth

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,963

Prompt: After the team gets a call to Disney World, they are given on free day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

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“Y/N!!” Sam climbed off the bus before you, his eyes hooded with annoyance. “Can you please stop singing for one second?”

You stuck out your tongue at him but you fell silent. You had been singing the Lion King all day. Well, you actually had been singing any Disney song you could think of for the past three days.

“Sorry, Simba, but you don’t get to go to Disney World every day.”

Sam rolled his eyes and put on his shades with a frown. “Why am I Simba?” He asked tiredly, pulling out his ticket and yours, handing it over to you.

“Because.” You smiled brightly, taking the ticket from him. “You have his hair.”

You grinned and stepped out of his reach as Sam let out a groan of exasperation and sidled into a line of people building up at the front of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As you slathered on sunscreen on your shoulder blades and nose you looked around.

This was honestly a dream come true for you. You had always wanted to go to Disney World, but you had never had the chance. But when you got a call telling you that the Tower of Terror was haunted, you jumped on the opportunity like a mad woman. The case itself turned out to be less than entertaining; an old man had a heart attack on the ride and died in the hospital the next day, so you burnt the body and everyone was good.

And now, you and the boys had an entire day at Disney World.

Needless to say, you were a little more than just excited.

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  • JM: So I was walking past his trailer with really long hair, and Ian went, "James, James, do come in. James! Mr. McAvoy?" And I came and I sat—
  • MF: [Imitating McKellen] Jaaaaames?
  • JM: And then Patrick was inside and Ian was sitting. And I sat on the steps just there, and they said, "Would you like some fish cakes, James?" And I said, "No, I'm all good for fish cakes, thanks." Anyway, so I sat there and I had a chat with them. And they were lovely—they've always been really lovely to me. But Ian just put his hands on my face . . . and kept them there . . . for a loonnnng time. And just stroked my face for about two and a half minutes. [Fassbender laughs] And I let him. I was just like—
  • MF: He's a knight!
  • JM: He's a knight, man, and he's Gandalf, and he's fuckin' Magneto, and he's amazing! And I could smell the fish cakes sizzling, it was all going on as he's stroking my face. And Patrick was just being quiet. It was weird.
  • MF: They punked you. [Laughs] They totally did. You left the trailer, and they cracked up.
  • Source (2014):
Darry and Two-bit fight over you

You, Two-bit, and Darry were all hanging out. Everyone else was at school or work and since it was raining Darry had the day off, you had the day off, and Two was too lazy to have a job. So, you all decided to hang out at Darry’s. When you walked in the smell of a fresh baked chocolate cake came out of the oven.

“That smells amazing.” You went into the kitchen.

“Thanks (Y/N), we can have some ones it cools off.” He grinded, Darry was always down for some cake. You both went to the kitchen and all three of you sat on the couch with each boy on each side of you.

“Hey, can I talk to you in the kitchen?” Two-bit got up.

“Yeah.” You got up and followed him.

“Look, (Y/N) I really like you, and I want to take you out.” He started.

“Hey, looks like it’s cake time.” Darry walked in put his arm around you and pulled you over to the cake.

“Darry! Really? You knew what I was doing?” Two-bit glared at Darry.

“And that’s why I’m in here.” He smirked. “(Y/N), lets go out on a date tonight.”

“Guys… How do you expect me to pick between you two.” You looked at them. “You know I care about both you two so much!” You looked at them.

“How about you let us both take you on a date, then you can decide after that?” Darry asked.

“Sounds fair.” Two agreed.

“I guess.” You sighed a bit. You couldn’t imagining picking between your two best friends.

“But I’m first.” Darry smirked.

Happy late birthday! 

itzmorenamolina  asked:

Can you pleaseeee do an scenario of reader surprising Mark on his birthday by going to Korea without him knowing (ofc Jackson helping) and planning a surprise party for him? Thanks~


Sorry I took a bit, but school. anyway, here you go!

6 am and you were at the airport dressed in simple black jeans and a red t-shirt Gripping your passport which held your plane ticket to Korea, You waited to go through security when you got a Kakao message.

Jackson: Yo! When are you landing?

Y/n: At about 7pm, I am about to go through security.

Jackson: ok we have practice until 6 so I will get some of the boys to keep Mark busy while the rest of us set up the dorm room. Also, your boyfriend will not stop saying things like “Wow, I wish Y/N was here today, I miss her” and after he blew out the candles on his cake this morning he said “ Ah, Y/N being here is my birthday wish” You got that boy wrapped around your finger.

You couldn’t help but blush that Mark was missing you so much. You couldn’t wait to be with him.

Y/N: Lol. See you later!

You went through security without a problem. You were seated waiting for your plane to start loading when your phone went off again.

Mark<3: Hey! It’s a wonderful day right?

You decided to pretend you forgot so he will be more surprised when he sees you.

Y/n: Yeah, The weather is nice here.

Mark<3: Is it? But today is special!

Y/n: Why? Did you get a day off?

Mark<3: No…

Y/n: oh, well tell me later, I have to go! I have school until late today! Love you~

Mark<3: Ok.

You felt bad about lying to him, but it was for the sake of the plan. You heard your plane announce they were starting to board so you went to the line to board.

~~~after landing~~~

Stepping into the big lobby of the Seoul airport, you turned on your phone and a Kakao message came in.

Jackson: Hey. I am out front in the van when you get here.

Y/n: Ok

You stepped outside and found the van easily. Getting in, Jackson started talking.

“Oh my lord, Mark would not stop talking about how you forgot his birthday, he is so upset! I almost told him it was a joke!” He complained.

“Awe, poor Mark, I hope he isn’t mad.” You say

“Oh don’t worry, the lump will be all smiles when he sees you.” Jackson said teasingly. You blushed at the light teasing. The rest of the short drive was spent pre planning decorations.

Once you got to the dorm, Jr, Yugyeom and BamBam helped bring in decorations and set them in the living room. You direct them on where to put things while you started baking a cake. You could here them argue once in a while about what should go where, how something would be better over there and so on. You laughed a bit at their little banter as you watched the cake finish up in the oven.

“The cake smells amazing Y/N!” Bambam walked in, complimenting as you were taking it out of the oven.

“I bet it will taste even better!” Yougyeom nudged Bambam with a smile.

“Ok, guys, let her decorate the cake, we can text Jb and tell him we are just about ready and to start heading home.” Jr spoke from the living room.

“Thanks guys! I hope we will all enjoy it!” you said excitedly as you put on frosting

~Little time skip because I don’t want to fill in all about the waiting~

You can hear JB and Youngjae telling Mark to cheer up as someone was putting their keys in the door. You were hiding in the kitchen with the cake. You hear the door open and the rest of the boys pield on Mark as he walked in and you tried not to laugh loudly at the struggled sounds of your boyfriend. The candles were all lit as you hear mark speak.

“I think I am just going to go to bed, it’s been a long day.” He sounded defeated and that when you decided to go out of the kitchen and into the living room where everyone now was. Marks back was too you and all the other boys were facing you. They all noticed you and Youngjae was the first to start singing and the others all joined in quickly. Mark just sighed, obviously one with the birthday show and turned around. He stopped in his tracks as he saw you.

You were just as stunning as he remembered, the way your hair fell and your eyes twinkled as they looking deep into his. He felt the world slow around him and the sound of the boys off tune singing was faded in his main as you were the only thing he was concentrating on. How could you be here? You were at your home weren’t you? This had to be a dream.

You joined the boys for the last line of the over sang birthday song, smiling at the shocked face Mark had. He just stood there astonished for a few more seconds before you spoke up.

“Are you going to blow out the candles or will they just melt on to your cake?” you joked lightly.

“Is this real?” He asked breathlessly

“Of course it is,” you stepped closer “now blow out the candles so I can put down this cake and kiss you.”

He quickly walked towards you and blew out the candles. He then cupped your cheeks and kissed you passionately. You felt so in your own world whenever he kissed you. The world around faded out forgetting about the 6 other boys in the room.

“Ew, when I picked her up at the airport, I knew you would be happy, but can you stop making out over the cake?” Jackson said in disgust, causing Mark to pull away and bringing you both back to reality. You both were blushing and mark was looking you in the eye.

“Happy birthday Mark.” You whispered.

“Happy birthday indeed.” He smiled and kissed you again, earning more groans and complaints from the boys.

~ sorry for all errors! I am not the best at writing.~


Much A-dough about Muffin

[Fenris/Hawke Baking Contest AU]

The clock said it would take five more minutes. Five more minutes of nervous sweating, anxious lip-biting and a very elevated heart rate. Five more minutes until the moment of truth.

Wait… five minutes? That didn’t seem right. Hawke squatted down in front of the oven, wiping her sweaty hands on her apron. (Her siblings had given it to her when she’d graduated from culinary school. It was pink and said They see me rollin’ - they hatin’ with a picture of a rolling pin underneath. It was lovely.) The sponge cake she was going to use for her layers looked fine, but did it look too fine? Would five more minutes be too much? These were the kind of life-or-death decisions Hawke had trouble making under stress.

Where did Varric even get the absurd idea that she should be the one to represent Once Upon A Pie in this contest? Clearly, she was not made for it. She just wanted to be back in her own kitchen, with her favourite songs playing in the background and to be alone.

Hawke shot a vicious glare over her shoulder at the only other person in the room - the guy who entered the contest for Slave to the Cake. He was crouching in front of his oven as well, trousers black, shirt black, apron black, hair black. All black like the pit of despair growing in Hawke’s stomach, except for his white tattoos. He was stupidly hot but she really couldn’t focus on that right now.

Two more minutes to go and she decided fuck it and took out the cake. It smelled and looked amazing! Hawke let out a sigh of relief and shut the oven door with her foot. Her movement might have been a bit too enthusiastic  - she lost her balance and… oh no… OH NO! The cake landed on the floor.

For a moment, Hawke stood frozen on the spot, staring at the cake. The cake on the floor. Her precious cake. That she wanted to turn into a three-layered chocolate-raspberry wonder. Slowly, she sank down on her knees, her eyes filling with tears at the sight of her precious creation broken and useless. Her hands hovered over the pieces, not sure if attempting to salvage it was even worth it.

“Did you just throw your cake on the floor?”

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rowan-of-ren  asked:

Hey! Quick question; what are cauldron cakes?

These are Cauldron Cakes ~ They smell and taste amazing!!!



½ tbsp ground cinnamon

1 ¼ tsp ground allspice

½ tsp ground nutmeg

¼ tsp ground ginger

¼ tsp ground anise (you can buy star anise and grind down yourself)

¼ tsp ground fennel seed (if you can only find whole, grind down yourself)

¼ tsp ground cloves


canola oil spray

150-160g of pitted dates

1 ½ tsp of the spice mix

½ tsp almond essence

½ cup white sugar

2 cups plain flour

½ cup (115g) butter, room temperature

¼ cup water

icing sugar for dusting


  1. Preheat your oven to 175C/350F.
  2. Mix together the spice mix and place in a air tight container. You’ll only be using a bit of this mix for this recipe.
  3. Spray the food processor with the canola oil so the dates don’t stick.
  4. In batches, heat up the dates (in a small microwavable bowl) in the microwave for 10-15 secs to soften.
  5. Place in the food processor and blend, then repeat with the rest.
  6. By hand, mix the 1 ½ tsp of spice mix and ½ tsp of almond essence into the date mixture.
  7. Set aside.
  8. In a mixer, beat the butter, then add in the sugar.
  9. Beat for a few minutes until creamy.
  10. Add in the flour, then the water.
  11. Turn out onto a board dusted with plain flour.
  12. Roll out relatively thinly, and cut out circles.
  13. Spray your cookie tray with canola oil spray.
  14. Place one circle into a cookie hole.
  15. Take a small ball of the date mixture, and press with your fingers into a flattened circle.
  16. Place into the cookie tray on top of the dough.
  17. Place another cookie dough circle on top.8Press the middle down, then press the edges together.
  18. Repeat, then place in the oven to bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden brown.
  19. Remove from the oven, use the back of a large spoon to gently press the centres (to keep the indentation), then set aside to cool.
  20. Dust with icing sugar and serve.