the cake is a pi

All you anti milkers are fools. Imagine a milkless world. No cakes nor pies. What are you putting in your coffee to cool it down? Water? Appley juice? I hate all of you.

  • Blue going grocery shopping with Ronan 
  •  “Excuse me I lost my daughter, Blue can I make an announcement?” “yeah sure” “goodbye you little shit, this is what you get for not letting me buy my Mac & cheese”
  • “Gansey slow down you’re going to get us killed” “I died twice and came back both times don’t tell me what to do Adam”
  • “Gansey you’re late” 
  • “A Gansey is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to” 
  • Adam:???????????????????
  • “I slept through my alarm“
  • Ronan blasting 22 by Taylor swift when he turns 22 and everybody just looks at him like????? Ronan Lynch knows other songs than Irish and metal songs????
  • Ronan: “Gansey Can you please pass the salt?”  “Can you pass your classes?” 
  • “My goal in life is not be the best but inspire people to try their hardest and make better choices in life” “Adam you say that everytime I beat you in UNO” “Oh look at me I’m Blue and I’m the best in UNO and i don’t give my friends any chances to get the sense of acomplishment at least once in their life ” “Adam shut up”
  • Gansey wishing for Noah back every birthday before blowing out his candles
  • The gangsey and everybody in 300 Fox way gathering in Persephone’s death anniversary, knitting and baking her favourite pies and cakes.
On trauma aftermaths that don't advance the plot

The way TV shows trauma can lead people to expect every reference to trauma to be a plot point. This can be isolating to people coping with the aftermaths of trauma. Sometimes people treat us as stories rather than as people. Sometimes, instead of listening to us, they put a lot of pressure on us to advance the plot they’re expecting.

On TV, triggers tend to be full audiovisual flashbacks that add something to the story. You see a vivid window into the character’s past, and something changes. On TV, trauma aftermaths are usually fascinating. Real life trauma aftermaths are sometimes interesting, but also tend to be very boring to live with.

On TV, triggers tend to create insight. In real life, they’re often boring intrusions interfering with the things you’d rather be thinking about. Sometimes knowing darn well where they come from doesn’t make them go away. Sometimes it’s more like: Seriously? This again?

On TV, when trauma is mentioned, it’s usually a dramatic plot point that happens in a moment. In real life, trauma aftermaths are a mundane day-to-day reality that people live with. They’re a fact of life — and not necessarily the most important one at all times. People who have experienced trauma do other things too. They’re important, but not the one and only defining characteristic of who someone is. And things that happened stay important even when you’re ok. Recovery is not a reset. Mentioning the past doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in crisis.

On TV, when a character mentions trauma, or gets triggered in front of someone, it’s usually a dramatic moment. It changes their life, or their relationship with another character, or explains their backstory, or something. In real life, being triggered isn’t always a story, and telling isn’t always a turning point. Sometimes it’s just mentioning something that happened to be relevant. Sometimes it’s just a mundane instance of something that happens from time to time.

Most people can’t have a dramatic transformative experience every time it turns out that their trauma matters. Transformative experiences and moments of revelation exist, but they’re not the end all and be all of trauma aftermaths. Life goes on, and other things matter too. And understanding what a reaction means and where it came from doesn’t always make it go away. Sometimes, it takes longer and has more to do with skill-building than introspection. Sometimes it doesn’t go away.

On a day to day level, it’s often better to be matter-of-fact about aftermaths. It can be exhausting when people see you as a story and expect you to advance the plot whenever they notice some effect of trauma. Pressure to perform narratives about healing doesn’t often help people to make their lives better. Effect support involves respecting someone as a complex human, including the boring parts.

The aftermath of trauma is a day-to-day reality. It affects a lot of things, large and small. It can be things like being too tired to focus well in class because nightmares kept waking you up every night this week. TV wants that to be a dramatic moment where the character faces their past and gets better. In real life, it’s often a day where you just do your best to try and learn algebra anyway. Because survivors do things besides be traumatized and think about trauma. Sometimes it’s not a story. Sometimes it’s just getting through another day as well as possible.

A lot of triggers are things like being unable to concentrate on anything interesting because some kinds of background noises make you feel too unsafe to pay attention to anything else. For the zillionth time.  Even though you know rationally that they’re not dangerous. Even though you know where they come from, and have processed it over and over. Even if you’ve made a lot of progress in dealing with them, even if they’re no longer bothersome all the time. For most people, recovery involves a lot more than insight. The backstory might be interesting, but being tired and unable to concentrate is boring.

Triggers can also mean having to leave an event and walk home by yourself while other people are having fun, because it turns out that it hurts too much to be around pies and cakes. Or having trouble finding anything interesting to read that isn’t intolerably triggering. Or having trouble interacting with new people because you’re too scared or there are too many minefields. Or being so hypervigilant that it’s hard to focus on anything. No matter how interesting the backstory is, feeling disconnected and missing out on things you wanted to enjoy is usually boring.

When others want to see your trauma as a story, their expectations sometimes expand to fill all available space. Sometimes they seem to want everything to be therapy, or want everything to be about trauma and recovery.

When others want every reference to trauma to be the opening to a transformative experience, it can be really hard to talk about accommodations. For instance, it gets hard to say things like:

  • “I’m really tired because of nightmares” or 
  • “I would love to go to that event, but I might need to leave because of the ways in which that kind of thing can be triggering” or 
  • “I’m glad I came, but I can’t handle this right now” or
  • “I’m freaking out now, but I’ll be ok in a few minutes” or 
  • “I need to step out — can you text me when they stop playing this movie?”

It can also be hard to mention relevant experiences. There are a lot of reasons to mention experiences other than wanting to process, eg:

  • “Actually, I have experience dealing with that agency”
  • “That’s not what happens when people go to the police, in my experience, what happens when you need to make a police report is…”
  • “Please keep in mind that this isn’t hypothetical for me, and may not be for others in the room as well.”

Or any number of other things.

When people are expecting a certain kind of story, they sometimes look past the actual person. And when everyone is looking past you in search of a story, it can be very hard to make connections.

It helps to realize that no matter what others think, your story belongs to you. You don’t have to play out other people’s narrative expectations. It’s ok if your story isn’t what others want it to be. It’s ok not to be interesting. It’s ok to have trauma reactions that don’t advance the plot. And there are people who understand that, and even more people who can learn to understand that.

It’s possible to live a good life in the aftermath of trauma. It’s possible to relearn how to be interested in things. It’s possible to build space you can function in, and to build up your ability to function in more spaces. It’s often possible to get over triggers. All of this can take a lot of time and work, and can be a slow process. It doesn’t always make for a good story, and it doesn’t always play out the way others would like it to. And, it’s your own personal private business. Other people’s concern or curiosity does not obligate you to share details.

Survivors and victims have the right to be boring. We have the right to deal with trauma aftermaths in a matter-of-fact way, without indulging other people’s desires for plot twists. We have the right to own our own stories, and to keep things private. We have the right to have things in our lives that are not therapy; we have the right to needed accommodations without detailing what happened and what recovery looks like. Neither traumatic experiences nor trauma aftermaths erase our humanity.

We are not stories, and we have no obligation to advance an expected plot. We are people, and we have the right to be treated as people. Our lives, and our stories, are our own.

Faery Gifts and Offerings

• Earth friendly offering dishes •

  • Eggshells
  • Acorn caps
  • Walnut shells
  • Hollowed out mini pumpkin / watermelon
  • Wide flowers
  • Milkweed pods
  • Small stones
  • Leaves
  • Shells
  • Garden stepping stones
  • Base from a potted plant
  • Buried in the earth
  • Snow shaped into a bowl
  • Mini flower pot
  • Bird’s nest
  • Bark
  • Origami box or bowl
  • Mini pastry shell

• Offering Ideas

  • Any tea (hot or iced)
  • Milk or cream (you can add honey, spices, herbs, etc)
  • Honey
  • Bundle of fae flowers or herbs (thyme, lavender, daisy, pansy, yarrow, etc)
  • Sugar (you can add flowers or scents)
  • Flower crowns
  • Butter
  • Strawberry roses
  • Apple slices with cinnamon
  • Baked goods (cakes, cookies, pies, bread, jams and jellies, etc)
  • Candy sticks / rock candy
  • Paper stars or hearts
  • Dandelion or Elderberry wine
  • Strong spices like ginger, basil and cinnamon
  • Bowl of water
  • Pretty stones
  • Art and poems
  • Candied fruit or flowers
  • Candles (don’t leave unattended)
  • Painted rocks
  • Bubbles
  • Garden decorations
  • Pretty shells
  • Feathers

• Things you should NOT put outside!

  • Chocolate: I see lots of blogs recommending this but do not leave it outside! It’s bad for any animals who could eat it.
  • Glitter: It’s basically spreading lots of tiny plastic pieces that will not decompose and will end up in water where it will be eaten by fish. Some companies like EcoSparkles make biodegradable glitter alternatives.
  • Salt: Will kill any grass, moss, and plants it falls on.
  • Jewellery: Unless it’s natural stones/shells/wood beads strung on a biodegradable thread, don’t do it.
  • Glass jars: They’re the same as if you tossed a beer bottle into your yard. If you really need to bury one, put it in a plant pot and dig it up again the next day.
  • Plastic trinkets
  • Essential oils: Strong oils like peppermint and rosemary will burn or kill plants.

• Things faeries don’t like as offerings

  • Man-made mirrors
  • Clothing (not cloth)
  • Bread (some fae are fine with bread, others it offends)
  • Metals (excepting silver and gold)
  • Tomatoes
  • Money

On Consistency: I’ve seen lots of people saying you must always leave gifts at the same time, but you don’t need to worry or feel guilty about this! Just do it when you can, and refresh things when you remember.

Faery blessings! 💜

anonymous asked:

I had a really emotionally exhausting week, can I have a fluffy Batfam headcannon?

Of course! And if you need to chat about anything, feel free to message me (I don’t judge, I promise)

-Whenever there’s a really long stakeout or patrol, everyone gets really tired right? So it’s commonplace to find all the kids piled up on a couch, completely passed out. Dick calls it a “cuddle nest” but nobody aside from Steph will call it that. Alfred definitely has a photo of it

-Jason and Duke have learned that they both really enjoy cooking, so they’ve negotiated with Alfred to take over the kitchen for one day ever week or two and they’ll make pies, cakes, various savoury dishes, whatever. And then some of the other kids (Dick, Steph, Tim and Cass usually) will come in and pretend to be fancy food critics even though they have all eaten two week old pizza they found at the back of the fridge

-Bruce has a keepsake chest for all of his kids with all major (and minor) accomplishments in them; there are drawings, sculptures made in elementary school, writings (Jason totally went through an angsty poetry phase in middle school), the first tooth that his kid knocked out of a villain’s mouth. You know, the important stuff.

-Sometimes they all go down to the arcade (Kate occasionally joins them) and challenge each other at DDR or karaoke (Kate is really good at the oldies on the machine, and always tries to get Bruce to sing with her because she remembers them singing to the songs when they were kids. She does not appreciate them being called the oldies because “like hell I’m old. I’m just gracefully aged, like a fine wine.”)

-Damian and Cass have weekly colouring sessions where they grab all the colouring books they can find and spend the whole day colouring and snacking (providing they don’t accidentally get marker anywhere or spill crumbs as per Alfred’s request)

-Every year on Father’s Day, everyone gives Bruce a gift (typically not a great one, seeing as he has eight bajillion ties from many years all with hideous patterns). But they also get Alfred something really heartfelt and thought out that he’s obviously going to love (he always gets a bit flustered when they give him his gift, even when they say that he’s the best grandad they’ve ever had)

🎃Samhain 👻

Ancestors Prayer:

Blessings to those who have gone before.

I call to the ancestors who lived and died before I took breath,

to all the mothers and fathers who created life,

who created life,

who created me.

Walk with me tonight.


I call to the ancestors who lived and died in my lifetime,

my beloved dead, my family, my friends.

Those who made me laugh and shared in my tears,

who shared this journey with me,

who shared their journey with me.

Visit with me again.


My breath is your breath.

My bones are your bones.

We are all relations.

I drink water for you.

I take in food for you.


Together we light the beacon…

Together we stand in the doorway…


We call to the recently dead.

We offer your names to the air.

We offer your names in prayer.

All of my ancestors,

all of our relations,

wait to greet you.

Safest passage to each of you.

You are loved,

you are remembered.


Be at peace.

(Sarah Lyn, 2014)

Samhain Foods:

Pork, potatoes, corn, pumpkin, turnips, gourds, nuts, mulled wine, cider, cheese, colcannon (bubble & squeak), cakes, mushrooms, rice, pasta, grains, spices, curry, soups, stews, pies, ham, beetroot, apples, toffee, oranges

Samhain Colours:

Black, orange, brown, red, yellow, gold

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Carve some pumpkins, or if you’d prefer to be more traditional, turnips
  • Light a candle in honour of your ancestors and say a prayer for them, or leave them a food offering
  • Have a bonfire
  • Prepare a Samhain feast
  • Bake Samhain cookies, cakes, bread or pies
  • Go on a nature walk and appreciate the beauty of the season
  • Decorate your home with Samhain inspired decorations and seasonal symbols
  • Create an ancestors alter, gather images of your deceased family/friends and light candles for them, speak to them and tell them how much you love and value them
  • Learn about family history, reminisce about old times with family and friends
  • Visit a grave site of a loved one and leave and offering of flowers or food
  • Use tarot, runes or oracle cards to give guidance on the year ahead
  • Make a toast for your ancestors, use cider, mulled wine or punch
  • Hold a séance to commune with the spirits of your ancestors – be sure to do so safely
  • Find ways of using seasonal herbs and spices in your home and in your cooking

Blessed Samhain to all!


My friends wanted to make Halloween-themed characters (we know it’s only September, hush) so here’s mine! Her name is Anise and she’s a witch who runs a cafe/confectionery with her wife, Clove. She specializes in raising the pumpkins used in a lot of the pies/cakes/etc and casting luck or happiness charms on them. She also does food-based divination readings, but is super bad at it. Actually, she’s pretty bad at most magic, but it doesn’t stop her from trying.

Types Of Friends When A Boy Fucks You Over (PT.3: The Finale)

The Blac Chyna- Funds the money for the make-up line you have been wanting to get started so, you can focus on something positive and productive. The two of you settle on the name ‘FuqBoí’ for the brand. For being a form of inspiration she sends your ex a check. The check is made out for ‘$00.01″

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The Vivica A. Fox- Verbally annihilates him using nothing but SAT words at his new girls pool party. Takes a bottle of Patrón and CÎroc from the bar and makes her exit. Comes to your house and gets you turnt with the bottles and gives you a play by play of everything that happened

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The Ciara- Tells you to block his number and block him from all social media. Has her hair stylist make you a wig like hers and has you working out with her in the gym five days a week. A few weeks go by and she photographs you in a boudoir shoot and posts them to social media. Ends up getting you noticed and you get booked for a music video

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The Patti LaBelle- Comes over to your place and bakes you a cake and two pies. Prepares enough food for you that could feed the whole family at the reunion. Has your ex come to your place so you can have closure, plus she has a few words for him. He gives you an apology and explains his actions. When he’s done, she catches him eyeing the food and says to him “I know your behind not thinking about fixing a plate. Ya bettah think about fixing that attitude of yours before you get bust upside the head”

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The Solange- Some random person sees her beating up your ex and starts to record it. It is posted to vine and goes viral

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The Keke Palmer- She never liked your ex in the first place. Lowkey wants to flatten his tires and break his arms but, focuses on you instead. Enrolls the two of you in hip-hop dance lessons

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The Diana Ross- Tells you that you are far too fabulous to concern yourself with an uncultured buffoon like him. Books the two of you a trip to New York City. Has you shopping for eye catching ensembles from thrift/costume shops. Takes you to hit up the underground club scene and everyone there loves your outfits and wants to take pictures with you.Ya’ll end up trending online

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The Gabrielle Union- Infiltrates your ex’s family and ends up dating his brother. Sabotages any potential relationships your ex could have. His brother goes along with it because she got him sprung

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The Missy Elliott- Is a popular youtuber. Makes a dope music video about how weak your ex’s dick game was based off of what you’ve told her. Innuendos are all over the place. Choreography is fire. The song gains mainstream popularity and his mama now has it as her ringtone whenever your ex calls her

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The Trina- Spams all his instagram pics with the comment “fuckboy”

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The Amber Rose- Instafamous. Tells all her instagram followers not to fuck him cause he’s a bitchass. Your ex goes through a sexual drought

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The Lynn Whitfield- Runs his car off the road at 9 and casually drives to her brunch meeting at 10

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The Octavia Spencer- Knocks on his front door. He let’s her in, they walk into the kitchen. She tells him there are no hard feelings and gives him her “special” pie

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The Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes- Will burn his house down

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The Aaliyah- She runs into your ex at the Foot Locker. Tells him how she is so incredibly disappointed in his actions and that he needs to take a look at what kind of path he is taking in life because, he can’t go around hurting people that love him unconditionally. He feels so bad he starts going to church every Sunday to build a relationship with Jesus

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The Lupita Nyong’o- Takes you on a trip to Spain so you can clear your mind. She’s not even worried about your ex

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The Joseline Hernandez- Uses permanent spray paint to write “PENE PEQUEÑO” on the windshield of his car

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The Brandy- Sends you a text telling you to stop “sittin up in your room”. Picks you up and ya’ll have a beach day. She catches the owner of the bar two of you are at on the water eyeing you and encourages him to talk to you. Takes a picture of the two of you talking and sends it to your ex from your phone

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The Zendaya- Your ex contacts her first because he knows she will send him a 3000 word essay in MLA Format with an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion, with direct quotes and a bibliography page to go with it. She doesn’t care what he has to say and goes with her usual formula anyway

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The Tamar Braxton- Bumps into him in the produce section at the grocery store. Makes the loudest cackle because she has been ready to run into your ex. Goes the hell off and he tries to tell her to calm down cause people are staring. Responds with “Whatchu mean calm down? What you worried about them for? You don’t know them! What you needed to be worried about was your relationship!” Wraps up the whole encounter with “You lucky I am a child of God”

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The Pam Grier- Shoots your ex then, takes you dancing later

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The Jackée Harry- Roasts your ex. I’m talking FATALITY  level roasting. He ends up deleting all his social media accounts and moves out of state. Even at his funeral she’s still dogging him and even the pastor slips out a chuckle

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Dragon Offerings

Use this list of possible offerings as a guideline, but be creative, follow your intuition, and try to learn the personal preferences of any dragon you work with.


In general having a shrine or altar space dedicated to any spirit or spirits you work with a good idea. If only to have a place to leave offerings. A shrine may take nearly any form. Simply a flat surface on which to place significant objects.

Gems, Crystals, Statues, Etc.:

Once you have a shrine, you need things to decorate it. Make offerings in the forms of statues, drawings, and otherwise images of dragons. Offer crystals, gemstones, jewelry, shiny things and valuables of all kinds. Obviously gold is a favorite.

Obviously all such offerings may be left in place permanently on the shrine.

Food Offerings:

Dragons tend to think with our stomachs. Food is always a suitable offering. Anything you have will do, but there are always certain favorites. Sharing your own food is a nice gesture. A bit of your meal set aside on a shrine, and/or burned in a fire.

It should be understood when making a food offering to a spirit that they take the psychic energy from the food. It should be later disposed of according to your preference. Most commonly this means taking it outdoors somewhere and leaving it to be taken by scavenging animals, though this method should not be used with chocolate or anything else which may be toxic to wild animals. Some choose to simply eat such offerings themselves, but many find that the taste has changed and become unpleasant.

Meat is a safe bet. We are predators, after all. Cooked or raw doesn’t matter. Red meat especially.

Most dragons also have a sweet tooth. I myself begin the day often with straight cream and raw honey. Dark chocolate and honey is divine. Pies, cakes, cookies. Honey cakes are a very traditional offering to dragons.


Incense is a standby offering for almost all spirits. Notably it is not as commonly offering to chthonic spirits, with specific exception of certain necromantic herbs, but that is another topic.

Any incense is a suitable offering to a dragon, but the irony of dragonsblood incense is enjoyable.


An offering of wine or other drink may also be well received. I do believe I am not alone among dragons in my strong preference for sweet drinks, so consider things like dessert wines and mead.

If you don’t drink alcohol, then tea or coffee, or even fruit juice, is just fine.

Creative Works:

Some of the most profound offerings can be what you create yourself. Paintings, poetry, music, dedicated as an offering to a dragon is a precious thing.


This is a bit of a departure from other kinds of offerings, but most dragons have a fondness for stories and information. So talk to them. Share something you know or a story that speaks to you.


Light a candle as an offering. Dedicate oil or wax in a diffuser to a dragon. Play some music, even better if you can play an instrument yourself.

You may also offer to help them with magic, rather than the other way around. 

You’d be hard pressed to find any spirit who wouldn’t appreciate the gift simply of your energy. This can be a way to form a very close connection with a spirit.

Once again, as you get to know the individuals you work with, ask about their preferences.

so let me indulge myself a little bit:

• andrew minyard has cute lil dimples that only neil sometimes get the privilege to see when they’re alone and all soft and happy

• andrew ditches his armbands when he gets his arms tattooed – simple, no colors, just a bunch of flowers on his forearms and then a switchblade tattooed on his bicep

• he buys himself a huge bookcase and makes a fucking awesome rating/organizing system for his books + has the most hilarious and amazing reviews on his goodreads account

• he also picks the habit of cooking when he’s feeling too much (or nothing at all). it’s a form of therapy bee suggested once. andrew bakes pies and cakes and cookies and kevin fucking loses it

• after graduating, andrew plays exy for a few years so he can keep close to his idiot of a boyfriend but after sometime he resigns and works as a social worker — the most badass social worker ever (to say andrew’s middle aged co-workers are scared of him is an understatement; but the kids worship him and it’s all the matters really)

• neil is the most love struck boy ever

Nightmare Before Christmas Starters

  • “Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?”
  • “Aren’t you scared?”
  • “I am the ‘who’ in the call ‘who’s there?’.”
  • “I am the shadow of the moon at night, filling your dreams to the brim with fright.”
  • “Wasn’t it terrifying?”
  • “There are few who deny at what I do I am the best, for my talents are renowned far and wide.”
  • “I have swept the very bravest off their feet.”
  • “I have grown so tired of the same old thing.”
  • “Since I am dead, I can take off my head to recite Shakespearean quotations.”
  • “The frame and praise come year after year, does nothing for these empty tears.”
  • “Oh, [Name], I know how you feel.”
  • “That’s twice this month you’ve slipped deadly nightshade into my tea and run off.”
  • “I’m restless! I can’t help it!”
  • “But I don’t want to be patient.”
  • “I’ve got the plans for next Halloween!”
  • “I can’t make decisions by myself!”
  • “What’s this?”
  • “I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreaming!”
  • “Absolutely no one’s dead.”
  • “This looks like fun!”
  • “The monsters are all missing and the nightmares can’t be found.”
  • “The smell of cakes and pies are absolutely everywhere.”
  • “This is a thing called a present.”
  • “There’s something here that you don’t quite grasp.”
  • “There’s got to be a logical way to explain this Christmas thing.”
  • “You’ve poisoned me for the last time.”
  • “These dolls and toys confuse me so.”
  • “I’ve read these Christmas books so many times.”
  • “Am I trying much too hard?”
  • “Just because I cannot see it doesn’t mean I can’t believe it!”
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “The job I have for you is top secret. It requires craft, cunning, mischief.”
  • “We’re his little henchmen and we take our job with pride.”
  • “[Name], listen to me. It’s going to be a disaster!”
  • “Just follow the pattern. This part’s red. The trim is white.”
  • “I have every confidence in you.”
  • “Won’t the children be surprised?”
  • “You don’t look like yourself, [Name], not at all.”
  • “Hold on! Where are we going now?”
  • “Haven’t you heard of peace on earth, and goodwill toward men?”
  • “Well, well, well, what have we here? [Name], huh? Oh, I’m really scared.”
  • “So you’re the one everybody’s talking about?”
  • “If you aren’t shaking, there’s something very wrong.”
  • “Release me fast or you will have to answer for this heinous act.”
  • “There go all of my hopes. My precious plans, my glorious dreams.”
  • “I sense there’s something in the wind that feels like tragedy’s at hand.”
  • “They’re thanking us for doing such a good job!”
  • “I’ll get you out of here!”
  • “What have I done?”
  • “But I never intended all this madness.”
  • “Why does nothing ever turn out like it should?”
  • “I just can’t wait until next Halloween!”
  • “But they said you were dead!”
  • “How dare you treat my friends so shamefully?!”
  • “I’d like to join you by your side, where we can gaze into the stars.”
  • “It is as plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”
Just Friends//H.S. Imagine//

Written from this request:  Maybe something about best friend harry and how he treats you like his girlfriend because he loves you but doesn’t have the guts to tell you so he just acts like it or something? Does that make sense? 

Sure lovie! I love this request, I sorta got carried away with it, but I love what I’ve written and I hope you do too!

As Harry stared at the door in front of him and wondered if he should go through with this. It’s not that he didn’t want to, but he had heard that you can’t trust your decision making when you’re in love. The door in front of him was a bright cherry red, he couldn’t think of a better color to be plastered on your door. It was the color of happiness in his eyes. He had remembered painting that door with you, it was summer and the cherry popsicles you two were eating inspired you.

Your lips were tinted a reddish color, outlining the smile that went all the way up to your eyes. You were riding in a cart (an activity your found very fun) while Harry pushed you towards the paint isle. Dark blue jean shorts covered part of your legs and a yellow tee-shirt that ended just before the jean shorts covered your top half.

“Harry! Go that way.” You giggled, your pointer finger angled in the direction of the painting supplies.

“Hey! Who’s driving here.” Harry pointed out.

“Shush up and help me get out of this cart!” You extended your hand towards Harry and he hesitated, earning an annoyed look from you. He grabbed your hand and helped you stand, then held onto your waist and helped you out of the cart. You were a few inches shorter than him, so you had to look up, but he didn’t miss the look you gave him. There was love behind your gaze, he wasn’t sure what kind of love, a friend love, the kind of love he felt for you, or an average love. In his long friendship with you he had learned that you loved most things, one of those things being painting. You tended to find the good in everything. You snapped him out of his daydream, “Come on! Maybe that guy can help us!”

You were excited most of the time, sometimes he thought he could hear the exclamation points in your speech. You latched onto his hand and guided him toward the man in question. He seemed to work there, he had a shaved head and was just a bit taller than you.

“Excuse me,” You asked, “Do you think you could help us? We want to find paint to add some color to my front door.”

“Sure, young lady.” The man said, he began to walk ahead. Harry noticed he was walking toward a wall covered in paint sampling strips. He knew you would go crazy over the many options you had. As you all were walking, your fingers still laced with his pulling him along, the man began to make conversation.

“So, are two dating? A lot of couples come in here wanting to do a paint job together, I guess it’s a common activity these days.” He questioned.

“Uh, no, but we are the best of friends, we might as well be dating.” You turned around and gave Harry a playful wink. Little did you know that made his heart skip a beat. He couldn’t help but wonder if you meant it.

Harry remembered coming here with you a few weeks ago to buy art supplies. You had wanted a canvas and some water colors, so you could paint a landscape. Your apartment walls were covered in paintings, some you had made, some Harry had gifted you. It became a sort of tradition. Sometimes you would even sell your art to some gallery’s local to you and Harry.

“Here you go, little lady. Just pick a color and I’ll help ya find the paint to match.”

“Thank you, sir!”

You turned to Harry, your eyebrows scrunched together in a half serious, half playful manner. “What do you think, Harry?”

“I dunno, love. Maybe a blue? Or even a yellow? You love yellow.” Harry remembered going house hunting with you and how you fell in love with the bright yellow walls of the office. He had helped you turn it into a reading and art room.  He remembered the yellow comforter you had on your bed, birds scattered along the sides of it. He remembered the nights when you would fall asleep and he would whisper things to you, things he didn’t have the guts to tell you when you were awake. From the outside, it would look odd that two best friends would constantly cuddle each other and trade secrets like they were dating, but to Harry, it was the closest he could get for now. He was more than willing to take everything he could get.

“What about that one! It looks sorta like the popsicle I ate. It reminds me of a fresh picked cherry. That’s get that one.”

Harry glanced at the mail slot situated right by your door and another sweet memory came to mind. A few months ago, you had been dating someone, you were so passionate about everything you did he was worried you would get your heart broken. And in the end, you had.

“Harry, I don’t understand. What did I do wrong? I-I just wanted him to l-like me.” You cried. Harry’s blue button-down shirt was wet from the tears flowing from your eyes. You had called Harry in a panic, at first, he couldn’t decipher your words. You were crying so hard that he just decided to come over and comfort you. About a half an hour later, you were still devastated. You couldn’t see what you had done wrong. Harry expected to be happy you were now single, but instead he was sad for you, he would rather see you happy with someone else, than soaking his shirt because you were so heartbroken.

Harry had slept over and cuddled you until you fell asleep. Your head lay on his chest, his heartbeat soothing you. Harry had been thinking of ways to make it better, he didn’t ever want to see you so upset, he was worried you didn’t know how great you were. So, over the next week he wrote letter after letter after letter with countless reasons why you were the best friend a guy could ever ask for. Harry had put them in a trash bag and driven to your house while you were gone. He put the letters in the mail slot and hoped you would read every single one. You had called him again that night, sobbing the same way you had before. But this time, it came from a place of happiness.

Harry smelled the flowers he held in his hands. He planned on giving them to you to help his confession along. They were bluebells, and odd choice of favorite flower, he thought, but he remembered the day you told him you loved him.

You had woken up bright and early that morning to assist Harry at his bakery, he owned one in walking distance from your house. As you walked up to the small bakery you felt a pang of excitement, you couldn’t wait to see Harry. The bell on the door rang as you walked in, it smelled of cakes and pies and breads and cupcakes and pasties and oh did it remind you of Harry. Alerted by the bell, Harry came from the kitchen entrance and peaked to see who had come in. It was than he spotted you wearing a long, spring dress. It was littered with daisy’s and it went down to your feet. He admired the simple tan flip flops that made your red painted toes pop.

“Hiya, rosebud.” Harry had called you rosebud since you two had become friends, the first time he ever saw you was in a meadow by his childhood home. You were picking roses to draw inspiration for a painting you were doing. You had cut yourself on a few thorns and he had helped you clean your cut using supplies he quickly gathered from his house. You began to meet there on occasion, then it became less of a coincidence and you would schedule days to meet. It took off from there and you two had been inseparable ever since.

“Hi Mr.Baker. Nice outfit you’ve got there.” You laughed, he was wearing a black apron covered in flour and he was sure some had made its way to his dark jeans. He had some frosting on his face and you were not about the ruin the fun and tell him either.

“Hey! Did you come here to insult me or help me fill the display?”

“A bit of both.” You winked at him and went to the back to grab an apron.

Once the bakery closed you and Harry locked up and started walking to your apartment, you were going to attempt and cook dinner together. You had learned that either Harry cooked amazingly, or burned water, there was no in between. You glanced at a flower shop as you passed it, the display caught your attention.

“Harry, aren’t those beautiful.” You exclaimed, Harry looked up from his phone. He had been in mid conversation with Niall, he was just about to tell Niall how breath taking you looked. You were crouched down in front of a blueish, purple flower that reminded him of cow bells.

“Yes, petal, they are. What kind are they?” Harry meant the nickname he used for you to be somewhat of a pun, but the amused look you shot his way let him know he could probably do better.

You looked at the tag dangling from the flower pot, “Bluebells, I love it!”

“If you love it, I love it too.”

“Harry, I think they may be my new favorite.”

As Harry stared at the doorbell, he was absolutely, positively sure he was in love with you. He couldn’t stop thinking about how many more sizes his heart would grow if you loved him too. In fact, he didn’t want you to love him, he wanted you to be in love with him. He took a deep breath and raised his hand to the doorbell, pressing it. Harry didn’t normally pray, but right now he prayed you would open the door, and make the thing he dreamed of the most, a reality.

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Foodie Friday: Chocolate Souffles!

Servings: 2-4

-1/3 cup sugar, plus powdered sugar for dusting
-5 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped
-3 large egg yolks at room temperature
-6 large egg whites
-Pinch salt

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (Fahrenheit). Generously butter a souffle dish and sprinkle with sugar, tapping out excess.

2. Melt chocolate in a metal bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring occasionally until smooth. Remove bowl from heat and stir in yolks (the batter will stiffen).

3. Beat whites with a pinch of salt in a large bowl with an electric mixer at medium speed until forming soft peaks. Add 1/3 cup sugar, a little at a time, continuing to beat at medium speed, then beat at a high speed until forming stiff peaks. Stir about 1 cup of the whites into the chocolate mixture to lighten, then add mixture to the remaining whites, folding gently and thoroughly.

4. Spoon into souffle dish and run the end of your thumb around the inside edge of the souffle dish (this will remove any sugar particles on the inner edge, allowing the souffle to rise evenly). Bake in middle of oven until puffed and crusted on top, but still giggly in the center, 24 to 30 minutes. Serve immediately, with a light dusting of powdered sugar.

Magical Ingredient

There’s no denying the power that chocolate has in our day-to-day lives. At work, my coworkers have often laughed as I’d turn down candy, but happily accept chocolate with the reminder that “chocolate is not candy, it is its own food group for which we have a separate stomach: the chocolate stomach.” From ice cream to cakes to souffles, just about anything sweet that can be flavored has a variant which includes chocolate, and it’s used in nearly every holiday celebration throughout the year in addition to its frequent appearance in romantic occasions and post-romantic occasions.

Kitchen witchcraft often conjures the image of a witch with a rolling pin, baking pies and cakes. So it should come as no surprise that chocolate - an ingredient frequently used in baking - would have its own place in such delectable witchery. And how could it not? There’s no denying the fact that chocolate can help ease depression and sadness, and that it can brighten anyone who isn’t allergic to it (and in the media, look no further than Harry Potter, in which chocolate is the immediate cure after having a run-in with a dementor - the manifestation of true depression).

Chocolate, of course, doesn’t immediately come as that creamy sweet bar that we can buy at the front of the grocery store or in a gas station. In its purest form, it is the cacao bean. Historically, cacao beans were used as currency in Central and South America in addition to being made into a frothy beverage. The fruit of the cacao tree was also consumed frequently, and when the Spanish arrived, the tree was being cultivated for its fruit and seeds.

Chocolate became a luxury item in Europe afterward, and its popularity (unsurprisingly) grew quite quickly. Today, most cacao is cultivated in West Africa for worldwide consumption.

In terms of magic, cocoa is easily linked to prosperity and luxury. Its use as money in Central and South America adds to this, and its popularity among the nobility both in the Americas and in Europe further reinforces this notion. But I would argue that chocolate goes beyond prosperity and money magic. Of course, there are sweetening spells, in which chocolate can easily be incorporated, as well as love and lust magic which can most definitely involve chocolate. I would say that chocolate can be used in health and healing magic.

There is, of course, the fact that dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, but I’m specifically referring to spells pertaining to mental health. It’s excellent for calming nerves for those suffering from anxiety, lifting the mood for those suffering from depression (keep in mind that depression isn’t just feeling sad… it’s losing all feeling, to the point where you just can’t feel emotion), and bringing joy to those who need it. Even when feeling physically sick, a cup of hot cocoa can help bring a bit more life to someone who is unwell. (When I had the flu last week, what was my hot beverage request made of my boyfriend? Hot chocolate!)

Incorporating chocolate into magic is fairly easy. Add it to foods such as baked goods and candy, or even to some more savory foods (chocolate goes particularly well with chili’s and pairs excellently with red wines). As an offering to deities, chocolate works well for deities linked with love or strong emotion or wealth.

Play around with ways in which to incorporate chocolate. It doesn’t have to be the candy bar, either. In a spell for self love, consider using cocoa powder as an ingredient. In sweetening spells, powdered hot chocolate can be incorporated easily!

To to cap it all off, chocolate is a food whose origins are linked to royalty, money, and prosperity. It’s grown to become a food linked with love and romance, but can also be very helpful in spells for mental health. Consider different ways in which chocolate impacts your life, and see where it’s magic can take you!

And may all your meals be blessed! )O(

Grantaire’s kind of art is not painting, it’s baking. Cinnamon rolls, croissants, muffins, cupcakes, macaroons, mazarins, fruit tarts, éclairs, berry pies, pretzels, cakes and chocolate chip cookies. Anything he can get hold of a recipe of. He bakes to wind down whenever his feelings become too much to handle; when he is worried, when he is stressed, when he is sad, when he is angry, when he is hurt. All the amis know this.

And every time he and Enjolras have had a particularly rough quarrel, one of the tables on the top floor in the Musain is always covered to the brim with sweet pastry of some sort the next evening, with no sight of R anywhere. And every time, there is a sting of guilt in Enjolras’ chest.