the cadence

punk Luna to be paired with the punk Celestia picture! Ugh so much black. We get it, you’re sad.

Might make the other princesses too, lemme know if you guys would like that

好花啊😳  - All Wallpapers -


The result of today’s stream! I once again focused on the Guardian!AU, this time with the character “refs” of Luna in her suit and Cadance. Luna, being the first successful Guardian, is pretty large but she’s actually the smallest Alpha series Guardian to exist; even Twi’s a tad taller than her in this AU as a Guardian. That said, her height doesn’t make her any less dangerous, and her appearance was especially tailored to mimic that of a dragon and a knight merged together.

Like Rarity, Cadance is thinner than what she’d normally be thanks to the Tantabus within her, but she’s healthy enough and not anyone to mess with. Rarity may have more magic potential but Cadance has better endurance, which allows her to use more magic without exhausting herself. She’ll be great supportive figure when Rarity finally meets her. Also! Remember inthis AU actual alicorn as a breed don’t exist, so Cadance is a pegasus here.

I’ll type more later but I really gotta get off the computer for a while. Feel more than free to ask any questions if you have any! ^.^