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hi! can I have a spell if you are still doing those? I would like one for cleansing if that's possible! mostly to cleanse my body of any extra energy or bad stuff, one that I could do on a weekly basis to bring myself back? it would be cool if it didn't have any herbs that wouldn't normally be in a cabinet (like mugwort or stuff like that)!! maybe bay leaves if anything? I have things like salt, rose petals fire, acorns, incense, candles, etc, but it would be cool if there were some others too

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ofc! flower cleansing spell

  • light a candle and get a bowl of water. the best colors would be white or yellow! and i’d personally use sun water. then set it aside for a bit. (while you’re at it, you can ring a bell or play some chimes, even on your phone. it will definitely help.)
  • gather your rose petals. in my experience flowers are always so good for positive energy! if you have petals from other flowers feel free to add. 
  • mix a little with salt. sprinkle some on the pile and shake them up with your hands. it’s okay to be messy. this spell is to free your energies. you can add other things to mix it with, like cinnamon, which is for purifying your energies. even add glitter!
  • slowly put the pile into the bowl. with care, dip your hands into the bowl and slowly move around & crush the petals. let them bring clarity into your energy and light something in you. you can spill. if the water in the bowl overflows, even better. then bring them all together at once & squeeze as firmly as possible—then inhale once deeply, exhale quietly, and blow out your candle.

custom mini spells

A Headcanon (Kinda...)

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Rafael Barba is the type of dude to appear in front of your door at 2 AM, disheveled, slightly exasperated, and eager for some satisfaction. And before you can speak, he declares firmly, “No questions,” before pressing one, or two, intense, hot-blooded kisses against your lips. “I just need a drink. And you, of course.”

“My liquor cabinet ain’t full,” you reasoned, “but I can provide the latter.” 

Words are unneeded. Instead, all Rafael craves is the salt on your damp skin. And, of course, the guidance of your hand, leading him into the bedroom, where the furtive business is usually done.

His eyes never abandon you; not even during the unremitting rounds of lovemaking…

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YIKES will keep that allergy in mind! No need to kill the bean. <__< *takes note, then goes on safari to double-check digital pantry and cabinets*

*snorts* yeah please don’t murder me with peanuts. I often can’t trust baked goods or just can’t eat certain places at all because of peanut oils or just there are foods there with peanuts that I can’t have.

why do i keep seeing posts about Pidge struggling to reach things on high shelves… have you never met a short person… we’re masters at climbing up things and coming up with inventive ways to reach high shelves like are you kidding me with this

banners by race

also known as alec lightwood Does the Most to make sure everyone feels welcome
(from left to right)

warlocks also known as, lilith’s children, symbolized by a spellbook and circular motifs reminiscent of magic circles

vampires also known as the night’s children, symbolized by a stylized star emanating light

shadowhunters also known as nephilim or children of the angel, symbolized by angelic rune and celtic patterns

seelies also known as faeries, symbolized by an arrow and vines

werewolves also known as children of the moon, symbolized by the moon

This or That: Hamilton Edition

‘Helpless’ or ‘Satisfied’??
‘What’d I Miss’ or ‘Guns and Ships’??
'Wait For It’ or 'My Shot’??
‘Stay Alive’ or ‘Stay Alive Reprise’?? 
'Story of Tonight’ or 'Story of Tonight Reprise’?? 
‘It’s Quiet Uptown’ or ‘That Would Be Enough’??
‘Burn’ or ‘Take a Break’??
‘Cabinet Battle 1′ or ‘Cabinet Battle 2′ ??
‘Right Hand Man’ or ‘Room Where it Happens’??
‘Adams Administration (Original)’ or ‘One Last Ride (Original)’??
'Congratulations’ or 'Let It Go’
‘Alexander Hamilton’ or ‘Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story’

that “which teammate would make the best president?” video reminded me of this picture

let’s not forget about President Holiday, her VP Rodriguez and the rest of her cabinet. The USA goverment the world really needs and deserve

can’t believe it’s taken me this long to draw our favorite troublesome twosome

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Hi friend! May I ask for a small Jeffmads comic where Alexander insults Thomas then James suddenly gets angry and starts shouting at Alex? Thank you! xx

This was the best possible cooldown. Thank you so much for sending this in.

(Lyrics from the omitted Cabinet Battle 3)

Edit: it just now hit me that you probably wanted something more sweet and sincere but I have the worst sense of humor and you got this instead. I’m sorry

Subtlety, thy name is Marinette.



While the girls in the class might think they’re sneaking off for a secret makeout session, the boys know better ¬‿¬