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I’ve been spending the last week assembling my very first herb witch starter kit!

My friend gave me this fantastic cubbyhole box and as soon as I saw it I knew what I’d be using it for. 

This is my first attempt, so I don’t have everything I had my eye on yet, but it’s as complete as it’s going to be for the time being.

I have 54 herbs and resins in my kit, some that I purchased and others that I pilfered from my parents spice cabinet, or my own. 

- Blessed Thistle         - St. John’s Wort         -Vervain

- Mugwort                   - White Horehound     - Juniper Berries

- Lady’s Mantle           - Motherwort               - Damiana

- Red Clover               - Calendula Petals      - Gardenia Fruits

- Agrimony                  - Mullien Leaves         - Licorice Root

- Honeysuckle             - Nettle Leaf               - Dandelion Leaf

- Ground Ivy                - Buckwheat Herb      - Jamaican Dogwood

- Lavender                  - Chamomile               - Hibiscus

- Neem Powder          - Rose Petals              - Pink Himalayan Salt

- Jasmine Flowers      - Linseed                    - Fennel

- Black Salt                 - Paprika                     - Chilli Flakes

- Safflower                  - Cardamon                - Tumeric

-Cinnamon Sticks       - Thyme                      - Oregano

- Rosemary                - Parsley                     - Basil

- Mulukhiya                - Chives                      - Nutmeg

- Ground Cumin         - Ground Ginger         - Cayenne Pepper

-Ground Chia             - Dammar Resin         - Amber Resin

- Vatican Mix              - 4-Star Resin             - Frankincense 

You can probably tell which ones came from my kitchen and which ones I bought. I’m having a lot of fun reading up on elixirs, spells and teas you can make with these herbs as well as planning out my herb grimoire. If anyone has any tips for a baby herb witch send them my way please, I have so much to learn!  

jo-harvelle  asked:

hi! first off i love your stuff, it's absolutely gorgeous. i was just wondering how you got your linen cabinets in the hampton's getaway bathroom set to look as though they're built into the wall? thank you!

It is quite simple actually. I made the cabinets in such a way that they are the exact height of either the medium or short wall heights. To make them look built in simply make an area of 1x1 with walls on 3 sides then place the cabinet ½ tile in. They voila! It looks built in. You can see how i did it here:

How Cabinet #1 should have ended
  • <p> <b>Washington:</b> / Son, how many times i have to tell you!<p/><b>Alex:</b> / being nice to that french-cunt (even tho he's not)<p/><b>Washington:</b> / Son, watch your language--<p/><b>Alex:</b> / bITCH PLS DAD-- I WENT AND SAY HI TO HIM HE FUKIN' SHAKED MY HAND AND I WAS RELIEVED AND THEN THE CABINET BATTLE STARTED, THERE HE STARTED TO BE THE LIL' ANNOYING SHIT HE IS--<p/><b></b> *jefferson slammed the door*<p/><b>Jefferson:</b> / HOHO BITCH PLS--<p/></p>

We have done everything together, like Jill said, partners in crime. I was probably not the best influence on you when we were really young.
Because I would always come up with the bad ideas and be like: “Why don´t you follow me and like we´re gonna go and colour on the kitchen cabinets.
I remember that was one of the big, big things that we did. Permanent markers, Mum was gone… But I know that once you started to get a little bit older, you really encouraged me to do the right thing.
And I remember thinking: Man, if I could just be a little bit better, just be a little more like Jinger. Even though you were younger than me I always thought you were one of my greatest role models and so… *starts crying*

That was such a cute moment between the two. I maybe even shed a tiny tear but I swear somebody was cutting onions right next to me. (Annie)

succulents-witch  asked:

Happy Saturday! I'm doing well today, just relaxing before I work the evening shift tonight at my work. The weather is quite sunny here in Florida right now. I didn't join in on the ritual last night myself even though I really do not like Trump or this cabinet. But I did do a protection spell on me and my family because I had a bad gut feeling. I hope you have a wonderful day!! :D

I think a protection spell is a smart move! I have seen so many people talking about feeling weird after/during it!

alien--stranger  asked:

1) a really nice dress 2) an owl plushie 3) a drawing tablet 4) roses 5) BBS merch...did I do it?

You know me so well ;o;

Yes and you will be forever haunted by me c: 

I’ll be chillen in the food cabinet <3

Don’t know what to do with myself esp. since it’s ‘that time of the month’. I’m sore. I took Ibuprofen but it hasn’t kicked in yet. I wanted to rearrange my desk and file cabinet plus a few other things around the house but my back is hurting. Need relief soon. 

according to this textbook, because president hayes, elected 1876, was elected as the result of several disputed votes, he was sometimes referred to as “his fraudulency”. and i sincerely love that

“your fraudulency, the cabinet is ready”

“jim i told you not to call me that”

“sorry, mr perjurer. i mean mr president”



“A game of chess, where France is Queen and Kingless”

”Enough. Hamilton is right”

“But sir, do we not fight for freedom?“

that “which teammate would make the best president?” video reminded me of this picture

let’s not forget about President Holiday, her VP Rodriguez and the rest of her cabinet. The USA goverment the world really needs and deserve


“And who, I wonder, is Quill when she’s free?” - “I am war itself.”

Okay but think about

a Rap Battle between Angelica and Jefferson, about female suffrage. Every time I hear the line “…and when I meet Thomas Jefferson…” I just think about this. Can you imagine how FAST that rap would be? Can you imagine the SAVAGERY oh my god. The tempo would just increasing as the arguments progressed and they both get angrier. At first Jefferson would probably be really patronizing and go deliberately slow to make a show of dumbing it down for her but then she’d just completely destroy him in the first round and he would get increasingly frustrated as she kept matching/outwitting him and just

It would be really awesome is what I’m saying