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I visited London MCM Comic Con in October and I was asked to participate in this awesome CMV by Cabbage Man Productions

I had to make a few gifs ^_^

Katara cosplayer | Yue cosplayer | Sokka cosplayer

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what are your favorite pet names?

In French we don’t say “my dear” or “honey” we say “mon petit chou” which means “my little cabbage” and I think that’s beautiful

petit dejeuner aujourd’hui.


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that’s certainly a face. look at that face. doing all those face things. faaaace.

i tag @your-bucky, @notabadjoeinharlem, @decayingliberty, @wanttodrawmothsfrommemory, @poise-and-grace, @todaysgonebi, @unseeliecosette, and anyone else who hasn’t done it and wants to! tag me in your selfies so i can see your beautiful faces you cuties

In Italian, Minestrare is a verb meaning to “hand out” or “to distribute.” This signifies a custom where the head of the family would hand out the the meal. A staple of cucina povera (the kitchen of the poor), Minestra is a dish known through out all of Italy. The ingredients are not set in stone but always begin with the basics, leafy greens, beans and sometimes leftover meats served atop day old bread or pasta.

1 half of a Savoy cabbage, cut into chunks (if it is smaller in size, you can use the whole cabbage)
1 Rutabaga, cut into chunks
1 Spanish onion, cut into chunks
4 to 6 spicy Italian sausages, casing removed and broken into bits
2 cups of elbow pasta
10 to 12 cups of chicken or vegetable stock
1 can of Cannellini beans, rinsed
2 tbsp of Olive Oil
Sprigs of fresh thyme

In a large pot, add the olive oil and heat it gently. Brown the onion and add the sausage mixing well to break up any large chunks of meat. Add the cabbage and rutabaga mixing everything well. Add the chicken or vegetable stock and the sprigs of thyme and bring to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn down the heat, cover and let simmer for 30 minutes. Add the pasta and beans and cook for 8 to 10 minutes more (until pasta reaches desired doneness).

*Note: This recipe makes quite a large amount so it’s great for crowds! It also lends itself well to work week or school week lunches! For more easy recipes like this one check out Oreo’s cookbook available via:

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パスタもの三景 - Pasta 2015-2016

Picture 1 & 2: オータムポエムのクリームパスタ、トウモロコシの醤油バターグリル、ポークリエットのサラダ、白ワイン。 - Autumn Poem(Nanohana-Like Green Vegetable) Creamy Pasta, Grilled Corn, Pork Rillettes Salad & White Wine - November 2015

Picture 3: アンチョヴィとキャベツとニンニクのペンネ。 - Anchovy, Cabbage & Garlic Penne Pasta - January 2016

Picture 4 & 5: ペンネのクミン風味スープ(フードプロセッサーでタマネギとニンジンとレンコンとクミンを粗挽きにしたあと、ちゃちゃっと炒める。冷凍しておいたスモーク・スペアリブの骨で取ったスープと鴨肉の脂を加え、適当にスパイスをふりかけて、暫く煮込む。別鍋で茹でておいたペンネをあわせ、塩で味をととのえ、スープ皿に盛りつけ、最後に上から、ガーッと胡椒をひいて完成!)、ピクルスとオリーヴとピーカンナッツのサラダ(ドレッシングは無し)、赤ワイン、それにメキシコのすっとんきょうな鳥さんたち(ペネロペとロドリゲス)。 - Penne Cumin Soup, Pickles Salad & Red Wine feat. Mexican Funky Birds - October 2016

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@cabbage-patch-witch tagged me to do 6 best selfies of 2016 but ive only had this phone since late august so all my photos are from september and out

i tag uhhh @mon-d-i-e-u @anescapistatheart @bottlesandbarricades @lel-moriarty @sassytimemachine @its-better-than-an-opera whom were the people at the top of my head, and everyone else who wanna do it bc i have absolutely no idea who have dome this already

oh hey frida look, my iconic gay cap is in three of these pictures and im breaking and entering in one of the photos (dont worry its my own house)

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I hope all your stresses are lifted from your shoulders,, and that you bloom into a beautiful petit cabbage 🍀i love you so much

I’m sorry I can’t bloom into a petit cabbage bc this message turned me into complete jello ahhhh!!! So sweet my knees are weak palms sweaty– I mean!! Thank you so much!!!! ily TT v TT