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do u have like... a list of all songs Brendon has been in that isn't by panic!??

there is one somewhere but idk where that is so i’ll just.. try to name as many as i can remember off the top of my head..

sing until your lungs give out: when you feel like screaming the world down, but while still being emo trash.

01.  This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race - Fall Out Boy // 02. I’m Not Okay (I Promise) - My Chemical Romance // 03. Ready to Go [Get Me Out Of My Mind] - Panic! at the Disco // 04. Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used // 05. Novocaine - Fall Out Boy // 06. Ain’t it Fun - Paramore // 07. Mama - My Chemical Romance // 08. Jack You Up - Mindless Self Indulgence // 09. One of THOSE Nights - The Cab // 10. Liar Liar (Burn in Hell) - The Used // 11. American Idiot - Green Day // 12. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy // 13. Misery Business - Paramore

Moriarty’s death: The Hallucinogen

Here I am again, concocting theories with my brother. And we finally came up with a somehow solid foundation to prove how Moriarty faked his death: hallucinogens. 

Season 2 was all about establishing who Moriarty  was and what he was capable of doing. However, The Hounds of Baskerville was made to appear as if it was out of the storyline, with Moriarty only appearing at the end. The entire premise of THoB was the use of hallucinogens to cause extreme fear, trauma, and of course, hallucinations. 

So what if:

The hallucinogens used in THoB were in those candies or wrappers in TRF and it was only made to seem/taste like mercury. That was the reason why the children were scared of Sherlock. Not only did they see a look alike, but everyone who carries that exact same demeanour will have the same effect on them: fear.

Sherlock licked the candy wrapper and that night in the cab, he saw Moriarty as the cab driver. What if it’s not really Moriarty, but just one of his henchmen? What if Moriarty was just testing if after watching that video in the cab, would it be possible for Sherlock to actually see him face to face as an effect of the hallucinogen? Was it that powerful?

Knowing that it would work, of course he was always one step ahead: planting the image of death by a gunshot in Sherlock’s head. How? That same night, Sherlock was saved by that convict and in return, the detective took his hand. At the contact, the convict was shot. Before Moriarty shot himself, he took Sherlock’s hand and that could’ve triggered the effect of the hallucinogen. At the act of Moriarty seemingly shooting himself, the gun only omitted more hallucinogens to make the effect last a wee bit longer.

So let us know what you think! Is Moriarty dead or alive?

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This weekend, one of my best friends got married, and when I got home Sunday night, I found out another best friend was newly engaged. I was at a party with several friends (all married or in committed relationships), and I started crying – tears of “I love you so much, I’m so happy for you!” quickly turned into public, ridiculous, unmitigated sobbing that continued through the cab ride home and into my apartment. 

At the time, I chalked up the tears to exhaustion and general life stuff, but after a good night’s sleep, I’m forced to admit their true nature: They were “I’m never getting married so my life doesn’t mean anything” tears. 

I’m one of those perpetually, irrevocably single people. I question the patriarchal nature of marriage, whether a long-term relationship would even be right for me, whether I’d want to raise children with a partner or on my own, and I question giving up my freedom to travel and make my own choices and pour my time into my work and writing to focus so much energy on another person. 

And yet. And yet. And yet. 

There’s this gnawing feeling that a single life isn’t real because no one sees it. No one bears witness to your day-to-day triumphs and agonies, your lonely slog, your days and years slipping by. No matter how proud I am of my accomplishments, everything can feel like a failure when viewed through the lens of whether it’s good enough to make up for the fact that I never spent any time trying to get married.

I’m not saying anything here that hasn’t been said many times before by other writers (see? other writers said this already! should have just gotten married), but I’m feeling it so acutely that I wanted to make a couple of resolutions – hell, maybe I’ll get sentimental and call them vows:

1. To remember that an unmarried life can be just as full of love as a married one, just as fulfilling, just as bountiful, just as joyous. To give love freely and generously, in the spirit of one who can. 

2. To see my own life. Not to ignore it or turn away from it, but to give myself the honor of believing that my days mean something, even when they’re sucky or a little bit boring.

3. To cry buckets if I fucking need to, and also maybe eat a burrito. 

If you’ve read this the whole way through, what can I say? Congratulations! Message me and I’ll send you a prize of some kind. You’re the best.

smooches, ksl

I was tagged to do this by @xofemeraldstars ♥ :D

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

Spotify it is, then. Though my list of favourites there isn’t that long because I had a different account first and I always forget to add songs lol

1 - I only wanna be with you by Volbeat

2 - We won’t stop dreaming (feat. Benji Jackson) by Pinkzebra & Benji Jackson

3 - Demons by Chris Daughtry

4 - Move Along by The All-American Rejects

5 - Come on get higher by Matt Nathanson

6 - The brave and the bold by Disturbed

7 - Gives you hell by The All-American Rejects

8 - Suantraí Meisciúil by Janet Devlin

9 - The Reason by Hoobastank

10 - One of THOSE nights by The Cab

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"I'm pregnant, Jack."

(y/l/n) = “your last name”


You and Jack have been together for about two years, and you have talked about starting a family, but you were never entirely serious when it came to those conversations. You have slept together, but you weren’t ready to shy away from condoms and other contraceptives when having sex.

Until one night.

You and Jack were out at a party, and you knew that you both were drunk. Afterwards, you and Jack took a cab back to his apartment and you spent the night there. You plop down on the sofa and slip your shoes off.

“Come on baby. Please?” Jack pleaded. He had been pestering you to fool around the entire way home. You hated having sex while you were drunk, because it didn’t feel like making love. It was just sex and nothing more.

“Jack, not tonight.” You protest.

“Pleeeeeease baby. For me?” He said as he nuzzled his head between your chin and your shoulder, lightly sucking on your neck. You let out a small moan.

“Mmm, you know I can’t resist when you do that to me.” You say. He jumps up and leads you to his room. He lays you down on the bed and you started undressing. He stopped kissing you long enough for you to catch a breath and get a condom out of the nightstand drawer.

“Jack, wait…” Your say grabbing his arm. He looks at you.

“You sure?” He asks, with a puzzled look. You nod slightly. He pounces on top of you and kisses you all over.

“I love you (y/n).” He says.

“I love you too.” You say as he slips himself inside of you.


A few weeks later, you noticed that you haven’t gotten your period for the month. You set a doctor’s appointment, without Jack’s knowledge because you wanted it to be a surprise, if you did turn out to be pregnant. At the doctor’s office, he tells you exactly what you want to hear.

“Congratulations Mrs. (y/l/n), you’re about three weeks pregnant.” You smile when you hear the news. He hands you your ultrasounds and you leave the office. You call Jack from your car.

“Hey baby, are you busy?” You ask when he answers.

“I’m always free for you. What’s up?” He asks.

“You wanna meet for lunch? I’m buying.” You say.

“Free food and time with my girl? I’m down. Our spot?” He asks.

“Our spot.” You say. Your “spot” was a small cafe on the edge of the city were you and Jack had your first date. When you get there, you see Jack on his phone at your table.

“Hey baby.” He says getting up to hug you. He kisses your cheek and you sit down.

“I’m glad you we’re available because I have something for you.” You say.

“Oooh, I love surprises.” He says.

“Oh, its a surprise all right.” You fumble around in your purse, pull out the ultrasound picture and slide it across the table.

“What’s this? Who’s baby is this?” He asks.

“Read the name.” You say. You see his eyes flick to the top. His mouth drops and he looks up at you.

“This says your name.” He says. You nod.

“I’m pregnant, Jack. We’re gonna be parents.” You say as the tears start to fall. You look at him as he processes what you just said. After a few seconds, the widest smile spreads across his face.

“(y/n), we’re gonna have a baby. I’m gonna be a dad. You’re gonna be a mom. We’re gonna have a family.” He says excitedly. You nod and more tears stream down your face. “Oh my god. We’re gonna be parents.” Jack says, slightly choked up. He comes over to your side of the table and gives you the biggest hug. “How far along are you?” He asks.

“Just a few weeks. Baby Gilinsky should be here in October.” You say smiling. He smiles back at you and starts listing things you needed to do like coming up with names, putting together a nursery, getting registered for the baby shower.

“Babe, this means we can finally move in together. You can move to my place, or I can move to yours, what ever is easier.” He says.

“Jack, whoa whoa whoa. Slow down. I just found out I was pregnant. We need to announce it first.” You say.

“You’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry.” He says. He kisses you again and you enjoy lunch together as you talk about the baby.

cuddle me please☁️🌙
{a playlist for those nights}

bring me the night//sam tsui ft. kina gr
kiss me slowly//parachute
beside you//5 seconds of summer
18//one direction
starry eyed//you me at six
iris//sleeping with sirens
can’t help falling in love//twenty one pilots
if these sheets were the states//all time low
a daydream away//all time low
blue lips//regina spektor
you found me//the fray
tenerife sea//ed sheeran
somewhere only we know//keane
goodnight moon//go radio
i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie
all my heart//sleeping with sirens
sweater weather (acoustic)//the neighbourhood
drop in the ocean//shawn mendes
six feet under the stars (acoustic)//all time low
scene two - roger rabbit//sleeping with sirens
oh, calamity!//all time low
all about us//we is he ft. owl city
fireflies//owl city
you’re beautiful//james blunt
fix you (acoustic)//coldplay
all of the stars//ed sheeran

Brendon Urie

Name: Brendon Boyd Urie

Nicknames: Beebo, BrennyBear, Bden

Birthday: April 12, 1987

Birthplace: St. George, Utah

Family: Boyd Urie (father), Grace Nani Urie (mother), Matt Urie (brother), Mason Urie (brother), Kyla Urie (sister), Kara Urie (sister)

Instruments: Vocal, accordion, piano, bass, drums, trumpet, keyboard, organ, cello, guitar

Relationships (in order): Audrey Kitching, Fabiola Gatti, Sarah Orzechowski (wife)

Labels: DCD2, Fueled By Ramen

Featured In: Keep On Keeping On - Travie McCoy, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” - Fall Out Boy, What A Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy, Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet - Fall Out Boy, Clothes Off!! - Gym Class Heros, One Of THOSE Nights - The Cab, Love In The Middle Of A Firefight - Dillon Francis, Pretty Melody - Butch Walker

Trivia: The only songs Brendon wrote by himself on Pretty. Odd. were Folkin’ Around and I Have Friends In Holy Spaces

The only remaining member of Panic! At the Disco

Claims he is straight, though has experimented with men

recurring fate; // cover credit

this glorious fic actually inspired me to make the mix and ship those two, go read it if you didn’t already you won’t regret it c’:

Get up Johnny boy, get up Johnny boy,
Get up ‘cause the world has left you lying on the ground
You’re my pride and joy, you’re my pride and joy
Get up Johnny boy because we all need you now

no one ~ kimura hideakire & ena | no trace ~ ms mr | one of those nights ~ the cab | been there, done that ~ memphis may fire | memories of a broken heart ~ crown the empire | this town, your grave ~ innerpartysystem | fly on the wall ~ thousand foot krutch | one look ~ lvther (feat. mammals) | last train to paradise ~ kdrew | all you need ~ amely | i’m not the one ~ 3oh3! | hold tight ~ goldfish | johnny boy ~ twenty one pilots

i’ll spin for you like your favorite record used to [listen here]

favorite record – fall out boy // 18 – one direction // 2009 – katherine and eden // 2022 – katherine and eden // all about us – owl city ft. he is we // angel with a shotgun – the cab // check yes juilet – we the kings // doubt – twenty one pilots // fine by me – andy grammar // dreamlife – the royal // gold – owl city // gone gone gone – phillip phillips // happy little pill – troye sivan // i wouldnt mind – he is we // irresistible – fall out boy // latch – sam smith // luck – american authors // oath – cher lloyd // one of those nights – the cab ft. patrick stump // see you again – wiz khalifa ft. charlie puth // smile – r5 // so obvious – runner runner // still into you – paramore // the kids aren’t alright – fall out boy // thinking out loud – ed sheeran // toxic remix – melanie martinez // toxic – a static lullaby // vanilla twilight – owl city //

Unreleased videos of Panic! At The Disco "A weekend at Pete’s Rose - Fall Out Boy" "Panic! At Butch Walker’s" "One Of THOSE Nights - The Cab" "Clothes Off!! - Gym Class Heroes" "Open Happiness"

Signs as my all time favorite songs

Aries: Highway to Hell//ACDC

Taurus: Riot//Three Days Grace

Gemini: Riot Girl//Good Charlotte

Cancer: All My Love//Led Zeppelin

Leo: Killer Queen//Queen

Virgo: One of THOSE Nights//The Cab

Libra: New Perspective//Panic! at the Disco

Scorpio: The Ocean//Led Zeppelin

Sagittarius: Teenagers//My Chemical Romances

Capricorn: Mama//My Chemical Romance

Aquarius: Ballroom Blitz//Sweet

Pisces: Only the Good Die Young//Billy Joel

all in my opinion