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Is it just me, or are foxes cats in disguise? I will fight anyone who disagrees. The gifs and videos tell the truth. I knew it all along, our cat army has more members in disguise. Prepare yourself zen we're comin


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in disguise 

or at least they’re just as cool 


We saved another cat today.

My mom heard meowing, thought it was our cat but was outside. This little lady was on the porch. Very affectionate, very tiny. After a few hours she hadn’t left, so @stephariffic took her to check if she’s chipped. Isn’t, so now she’s at nephews dads for now while we put up fliers to see if anyone is missing her.

We’re calling her Sweetie cause, well, she’s a sweetie! Obviously had a loving family until not long ago. She’s a few years old, underweight, and I don’t think the cooler temperatures last few nights agreed with her.

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Name: Sarah

Nickname: ……Sarah

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 156 cm

Orientation: Straight

Nationality + ethnicity: Egyptian

Favorite fruit:  POMEGRANATE FOREVER  ❤ and حرنكش (called physalis but nah)

Favorite season: Winter

Favorite book: too many to count, but let’s just stick to The Fall by Albert Camus and Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre

Favorite flower: none, hate them all equally

Favorite scent: *بتشمر* Paris Hilton Heiress - Dupont Blanc - Victoria’s Secret Crush /// Body Fantasies White Musk - Fruttini Passion Fruit

Favorite color: honestly none

Favorite animal: CAAAAAAATS.. all animals really, anything NOT human tbh

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: mint tea \o.o/

Average hours of sleep: 8+ and NOT ashamed -.-

Cats or dogs: C A T S  ❤

Number of blankets you sleep with: currently none, but could go up to 4

Dream trip:  RUSSIA! or any place cold af

Blog created: the old one 2015, this one like a month ago or so

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caaaaaaat!!! vampire and siren~~

adriiiiiiiiiii!!!! i love u.

vampire: do i take an offer of immortality? yes because i fear death.

siren: if i could make anyone do anything, i’d make me put more effort into shit so i could get that 4.0 i will never have again lol. i’d also make us live closer together. 



i found u in cat form! u both have the same voice lololol


She’s so precious~~ My mum named her Sprite after the computer term. Fitting right along Pyxel!! But yeah Pyxel is a grump rn. She’s like “How /dare/ you bring another cat here.” like Sprite is so precious how can Pyxel not love her o.o

omgomgomgomgomg i wanna give her kisses and pets ;_;

lol sprite and pyxel!! those r gr8 names - 100/10, best cat names. tho i hope her and pyxel get along better soon. maybe she’s just jelly at having to share attention lolol;;;