the c.i.a.âs program


Boyang Jin (CHN) || 2016 Four Continents Championships (SP | FS)

First skater to land 1) four quads in a free skate, 2) three different types of quads in a free skate, and 3) six quads total in a short program and free skate in international ISU competition. Boyang is also the first skater to land a 4Lz3T combo, first achieved at 2015 Cup of China.


(Behold! The stylization of my OCS! Including the Docs for once!

That Overwatch art by @joannekwan really inspired to draw, so here they are!)

(Side note: Presto’s cape is a dark-blue-gray because I wanted something of his to be blue to contrast his counterpart’s orange)


Top 9 Sui/Han Programs (in no particular order)

Spanish Romance | Champagne | Samson & Delilah
Painted on My Heart | Stray Cat Strut | Terracotta Warrior
Francesca da Rimini | Plants vs. Zombies | La Strada