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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.



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Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 02x07 and 02x08

Warnings: none

“Get out of my way!” You screamed, shoving at the guards who held your arms tightly. You pushed at their chests, trying to get past their tight hold on you. But no matter how hard you pushed and shoved they just didn’t let go. “Let me go!” 

“You can’t go in there.” One of the guards spoke up, staring down at you. No matter how hard you pushed, they didn’t even budge an inch. You grunted in frustration at their smug looks. Pausing in your struggles, you took deep breaths as you panted, they still continued to hold onto you as you stared up at the guard who spoke to you. “And why the hell not?” You spat.

“That meeting is strictly for members of the councils only.” 

“I don’t care,” you retorted. “Jaha came from where my father is, I have every right to know!” You screamed, though they only stared pitifully down at you. Taking a deep breath, you paused, loosening your grip on their jackets. Upon your obedience, they slowly and hesitantly let go of your arms. You sighed, brushing off your jacket and turned. The last minute, as their guard fell, you turned back, pushing roughly past them and banging on the door loudly.

“Hey!” One of them screamed, but you continued to pound on the door despite their efforts to stop you. You leaned heavily against the door as it was suddenly swung open. Because you’d been leaning against it, you fell forward and expected to feel the ground smack against your face but instead two arms caught you. Looking up, you caught sight of Jaha.

“What is going on here?” He asked, his gaze falling down on you. Upon finding your familiar face, you pushed yourself up from his arms as he smiled lightly. “Y/N Kane.” He addressed, “Marcus’s daughter.”

“Yes, sir.” You responded. Worriedly, you stared up at him. “Where’s my father?” You asked urgently. After everything he’d done, you shouldn’t even care, but after everything you’d gone through, you did not want to loose your father as well. He was the only family you had left, and you wouldn’t never be able to live with yourself if you lost another family member. You could not live with another death.

Jaha’s hands fell on your shoulder, he smiled weakly down at you; “Marcus is fine. Currently.”


“He’s still with the grounders, currently being held.” He explained to you, you nodded slowly. “But he’s alive?” You asked again, your heart speeding up with worry. When he nodded you let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding, taking a deep breath in.

As Abby stepped forward, it was the first time you’d noticed Byrne in the room. Stepping back from Jaha, you remained silent respectively. You were never one for rules and regulations but you knew this wasn’t the time, whatever Jaha and Abby had been discussing you knew was serious matters. As Abby stepped beside Jaha, you listened closely as she nodded at Byrne; “we will talk to them together. Let’s go.”

You fell in step behind everyone, respectively standing behind as you all made your way outside of the Ark. Upon reaching outside, you caught sight of Clarke and Finn. Bowing your head down, you stepped outside completely, pushing past quickly and reaching Clarke, she sent you a small smile and you nodded in return; turning back to Abby. “Chancellor?” Jaha asked.

“By now you’ve all heard the rumour, and unfortunately it’s true. The grounders are coming. We have a difficult decision to make. Thankfully, Chancellor Jaha has made his way back us, and we’re discussion all options.” Abby explained, you felt your heart slow as word of the grounders marching came to your knowledge. You’d been so busy trying to fight your way and find out what happened to your father, you hadn’t even known about the much larger, threatening doom that fell on you all.

“But to be safe… you need to pack. Now. Whatever you can carry. We may need to leave at a moments notice.” Jaha interrupted, stepping forward and in front of Abby. 

“Where will we go?”

“I don’t know, is the answer.” He responded truthfully, and you only shook your head in despair. “But I heard of a place. A city of light. It’s across the dead zone.” He explained, pointing to his left. Your eyes squinted upon the mention of ‘a city of light’, which seemed entirely too good to be true.

“What makes you think we’ll make it?”

“Because we made it here.” He responded hopefully, “I have faith, and right now, given the alternative, that’s good enough for me.” 

“Not for us.” Clarke suddenly spoke up, stepping in front of you through the crowd. You silently nodded behind her, though you hated fighting a war, giving up the only place that had given you safety was dumb. To replace it with something that seemed entirely unrealistic was even dumber. To leave your friends in Mount Weather was just disgusting. “If we leave, what about our friends in Mount Weather?”

“As your mother said… that is a very difficult decision to make.”

“I’m with her.” You announced, stepping beside Clarke. Glaring up at Jaha, you shook your head. “What about my father? You can’t just expect me to leave him there. What about Jasper, Monty, Miller, our friends? You’re willing to just leave them there to die?” You asked suspiciously.

“The time has come for each and everyone of us to ask; is this how the story of our people ends? Did we come all this way just to die tomorrow? Because if we’re not gone by the time that sun rises, that is exactly will happen.” Shaking your head, you rolled your eyes. You couldn’t believe the words you were hearing from your very own elected chancellor. But then again what did you expect when he was the one who helped throw you in jail?

You looked around as the crowd started murmuring in question or agreement. Taking a deep breath, you tried to steel your nerves. 

“No decision’s been made,” Abby calmed the crowd. “In the meantime, report to your sections supervisor and gather emergency supplies.” The crowd fell into action but you stayed still, standing beside Clarke as you searched around. Suddenly a body pushed into your back and a hand grabbed your wrist, turning around in panic you relaxed when you saw it was only Bellamy.

“Where have you been?” You asked, staring up at him in confusion. He looked at Clarke before his eyes fell on the both of you.

“In the drop-ship.” He explained, “you both need to come with me now.”

Walking up the ladder of your old home, you jumped in fear when a loud below came from beside you. You turned to see Lincoln and you flinched from fear as he panted heavily in front of you. “It’s okay. It’s okay.” Bellamy reassured, falling beside you. His hand fell on your shoulder, easily calming you down. “He’s been restrained.”

Lincoln continued to growl at you and you stared at shock. You hadn’t seen Lincoln since you’d held him captive in the exact same spot, but he was almost non-recognizable. 

“I can’t believe we’re back here again.” Clarke shook her head and silently you agreed with her. 

“Can you help him?” Octavia quietly asked from below you all, with sympathy you stared down at her. You knew of their relationship and how much she cared for him, pity filled your heart as you stared down at her desperate face.

“I don’t know.” Clarke whispered honestly. As she slowly stepped forward Lincoln continued to growl wildly. You stared with wide shocked eyes at his state. You stood slightly behind Bellamy, knowing there was nothing you could do to help but that didn’t mean you didn’t care, you just weren’t needed at that moment. Lincoln had never done anything bad to your people, and whatever had happened to him he definitely didn’t deserve. 

“What happened to him?” You asked, suddenly feeling guilty for how focused you’d been on yourself you hadn’t even know about the much more serious matters. Bellamy turned to you slowly as Clarke shook her head. “I knew Mount Weather controlled the reapers. I had no idea they were creating them.”

“If they can do that to Lincoln… what are they doing to our friends?”

“Clarke!” You screamed as Lincoln grabbed her, breaking free from the restraints. Without hesitation you shot forward, trying to help Clarke as Lincoln effortlessly pushed Octavia aside. With wide eyes you stared for some kind of solution. You shoved forward but his hand shot out and smacked you across the face, you stumbled back shouting in pain.

“Y/N!” Bellamy yelled running forward, grabbing Lincoln from the front of the shirt. Lincoln grabbed Bellamy by the back of the neck, leaning back and smacking him with his own head. You ran forward as Bellamy fell back, stopping just before Lincoln you searched for some kind of weapon that could help you. Without knowing Lincoln had tried to walk forward, only for him to fall forward because of the restraints on his leg. Lincoln grabbed onto you on the way, smacking you against the ground as he landed on top of you.

You grunted in pain as your vision became blurry after you’d hit your head on the ground. Lincoln snarled above you, and you stared helplessly above him as he swung his fist back and smacked you in the face. You twisted your head to the left groaning in pain. He shot his fist out again as you blink in dizziness, before he finally got off you, turning to his leg restraints.

You rolled over in pain, moving just out of the way for Bellamy as he ran forward with a shock lasher. You watched as he ran forward, Lincoln breaking the chain connected to the ground just in time as he smacked Bellamy in the head with it. You groaned in worry for him, pitifully trying to move forward and help him but faIling miserably when the pain in your head became too much. 

Lincoln continued to beat on Bellamy before Octavia managed to grab a weapon off the ground. Screaming she repeatedly smacked Lincoln in the back with it, until he fell back and off of Bellamy. Ignoring your own pain, you crawled up on all fours and gently pushed past Octavia to Bellamy. When his eyes landed on you, you stared down at him in concern. 

Bellamy grabbed your bloody and bruised face, that looked much worse than it actually was, searching for any serious injuries. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” You panted, nodding down at him. “I’m fine.”

“Oh, thank god, we’re Clarke?” You looked up as Finn appeared above the drop-ship door. Your eyes immediately fell back down to Lincoln as you placed the wet cloth softly over his face and anywhere else he had wounds. 

“Trying to stop a war.” Finn replied and you shook your head. Turning, you handed the wet rag over to Bellamy who accepted it and dropped into the bowl of water. You nodded your head at him, before clasping your hands and turning your attention back on Finn as the rest climbed up. Abby appeared and you smiled, she was probably an even better hope for Lincoln then Clarke was. You saw her skills with Raven, so you knew she could possibly save Lincoln.

Abby hesitantly stepped forward, immediately falling into work as she inspected him. “Pupils are unresponsive,” she observed. “Tie one of his arms. Tight as you can. Thanks to the supplies your brother found, Lincoln might survive.” Abby explained to Octavia, falling into focus.

You sat back, open if they needed help but otherwise staying out of her way. 

“What’s that?” Octavia asked as Abby prepared some kind of medicine.

“It’ll bring down his fever.” She reassured, leaning down to inject Lincoln. As she pressed the needle against his skin, he reacted violently as he shot his hand out. He began struggling ruthlessly and as Abby yelled to keep him down, you shot up, placing your hands on Lincoln’s chest and pushing down. 

You stared with worry as Lincoln began convulsing and shaking violently. Despite being worried of his wild strugglings you did not let go and continued to hold him down. You bit your lip as Lincoln suddenly stopped moving, falling still. “What’s happening?” You shouted in concern.

“Why isn’t it working?” Octavia bellowed in fear.

You watched with wide eyes as Abby pressed down as his neck, “his heart stopped.” Abby began compressions and you fell back, giving her space. You bit your lip in worry as you shook your leg, praying that he’d wake up. As Abby continued to do compressions she turned her gaze up to the healer; “you’re their healer?” He responded with a simple nod. “Tilt his head back. Pull his chin down and open his airway.”

You stood up, knowing you were no longer needed and fell beside Bellamy. Looking up over at him, you shook your head in stress. He tried to reassure you but failed as Abby sighed in frustration. Your eyes fell back on Lincoln, and you faintly heard Abby whisper; “come on.” Then she suddenly stopped, and you took a deep breath knowing exactly what that meant.

“You’re stopping. What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry.” Her voice came out in a faint whisper. With despair, you turned around, your hands falling to your head as you shook it repeatedly. This could not be happening. Not again. Not when you had a chance to prove yourself to the grounders. “He’s gone.”

“No, it’s not possible. You’re wrong.” Octavia whimpered, her voice raising in refusal. You bent at the knee, shaking your head repeatedly. “God damnit!” You grunted, staring at the ground. It didn’t matter that you didn’t know Lincoln that well. It didn’t matter that he was a grounder. Ever since you’d landed on this God forsaken ground everything had gone to shit. Nothing ever worked. 

“Octavia.” You heard Bellamy whisper. She began crying softly and you shut your eyes tightly; “come back.”

You jumped when the drop-ship door opened. You turned as Clarke made her way up, and you watched as her face fell upon seeing the state Lincoln was in. Shaking your head at her as she looked at you, you shrugged defeated. A woman with brown hair made her way up, and upon her attire you identified her as the Commander. 

Another grounder stepped up, followed by more and looking over at Clarke you saw her share a look with Bellamy. Your eyes fell Bellamy’s hand as he slowly reached for the gun beside him. Looking around you, you realized in terror as you had absolutely nothing to defend yourself.

“I’ll kill them all!” One of the grounders screamed in fury. Suddenly there was a stand off, and you paced by yourself as you held your hands to the side. A grounder shot their knife near you, directly in front of your throat. You watched with guarded eyes as your eyes shot between the grounder himself and the knife. He snarled at you wildly, staring at you with what could only be describe as pure joy. He probably couldn’t wait to kill you, you thought despairingly.

“Please, you don’t have to do this.” Clarke pleaded. 

“You lied.” The Commander spat, glaring at Clarke. “And you’re out of time.” Abby suddenly shot around, using the shock-lash she’d grabbed and pressing it into Lincoln’s chest. You panted heavily as his body reacted slightly.

“Hit him again.” Clarke ordered and Abby listened, pressing down. Lincoln suddenly gasped loudly and you let out a breath of relief as he began panting heavily. His eyes opened slowly as Octavia immediately fell to his side. He looked over at her as her hands fell to his face; “Lincoln…” She whispered.


“Open the gates!”

The gates opened as Clarke stepped through them, back from her meeting with the grounder Commander. Finn ran forward as Clarke fully entered, immediately asking if she was okay. You rolled your eyes upon his concern, before turning back to Clarke in question.

She’d just come from a meeting with the grounders, she had intel that you all needed to know regarding whether you all still needed to leave or not. “Shut the gate.” Clarke ordered, grabbing Finn by the arm and pulling him away. You watched her whisper something against his ear, something you couldn’t quite make out. You turned your gaze to Bellamy in question who only shook his head.

You walked forward with Bellamy as Clarke and Abby shared a hug. Reaching them, you turned to find every one of the Ark citizens staring in wonder. Turning back to Clarke, you asked; “what did she say?” 

“Is there a chance for a truce?” Abby followed your question, leaning back from the hug as her hands fell on Clarke’s shoulders. Upon the look on Clarke’s face, you knew there was something wrong. After your limited but long time of knowing her, you knew her expression when something is wrong.

“Yes…” She hesitated, and a collective of breath of reliefs echoed about. 

“What’s wrong?” Finn asked, and you nodded beside him. It seemed as if the two of you were the only one’s who’d noticed Clarke hesitancy to say yes. 

“They want you, Finn. If we want a truce, we have to give them Finn.” You froze, unsure if what you’d just heard was true. You opened your mouth to say something but found you just couldn’t find the words. After everything he’d done, you hated to admit it, but the grounders had every right to want revenge after he so ruthlessly murdered one of their villages. But he was one of you, and looking over at him you couldn’t help but feel pity.

Even after everything he’d done to you, you refused to give him up just to be killed. And at the hands of the grounders, you knew it’d be the least bit merciless.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Raven asked suddenly. 

“That’s their offer.”

“That’s not an offer.” You shook your head, looking up at Clarke.

“It’s punishment. For what happened in the village. Blood for blood.” Finn stated, and you let out a breath. Crossing your arms, you leaned back on your legs, you couldn’t believe this…

“That’s insane.” Bellamy commented, and you nodded in agreement.

“What happens if we refuse?”

“They’ll kill us.”

“I say we give him to them!” Someone shouted from the crowd, you turned around in shock. Your mouth falling open in indignation upon what you were hearing. You narrowed your eyes upon those you’d called your own. More shouts of agreement sounded about, and you turned back to Finn in fear.

A man stood forward from the crowd, stepping closer to you all. “Give him to the grounders.” He ordered roughly, threateningly.

“Back off.” Raven shouted at him, shoving at his chest. The crowd around you seemed to tighten and jumping, you turned in shock as one swung their fist out at you. You easily blocked the punch, pushing him away without actually hurting him. The crowd fell into a riot as Bellamy and a few others tried to push them back. 

“Nothing is going to happen to him,” you heard Clarke reassure Raven. “I promise, okay?”

“I’m not dying for him,” Griff announced. “Spacewalker burned three months of oxygen on the Ark. He should’ve floated a long time ago.” Before you could stop her, Raven shot forward and punched him. Byrne stepped forward to stop her but Raven only punched her as well. As the crowd fell into panic once again you tried to yell over the crowd.

“We don’t just float people anymore!” You screamed. “stop! Everybody!”

Guards hauled Raven away, “let me go!” She shouted as they pulled her away, you stepped forward, trying to help her but a guard stepped in your way. You recognized the guard as the same one who’d stopped you from speaking with Jaha earlier. You glared up at him, him smirking himself and you scoffed. It wasn’t until you noticed the shock-lasher he’d turned on in warning did you step away.

Turning to Bellamy who held a gun against the crazed citizens, you shook your head. “They’re crazy,” you announced. Catching Bellamy’s eyes, you two shared a look and he nodded in agreement. He leaned down, so he could whisper something against your ear and listening intently, you kept watch of those around you. “Whatever we do, we can’t let them get to Finn.” You agreed without another word.

“Raven.” You called, stepping through the cellar doors. “Raven!” Your eyes snapped everywhere, searching for her anywhere. You caught sight of Jaha but paid no mind to him, he’d gotten himself thrown in here rightfully when he tried to control the rightfully appointed chancellor. 

“Y/N!” You heard Raven respond, and turning you smiled upon finding her. You jogged lightly over to her, your hands falling on her arms as you searched for any injuries. “They didn’t hurt you or anything?” You questioned. You hated to admit it but hitting Byrne was a dumb thing, which surprised you considering how smart Raven normally was.

But you knew these guards, those they considered a threat they were the least bit kind to. You had experienced their harshness back up in the Ark. “Yes.” she replied, shaking her head and she made you focus on her eyes. “How’d you get in here?”

“Waltz through.” You shrugged confused by her question. Your face fell serious as you glared pointedly at her; “Raven that was about the dumbest thing you could’ve done in that moment.”

“Look, I know okay?” She snapped, her hand falling to her forehead in distress. Your eyes softened when you saw her despair and taking a deep breath you bit your lip. “I’m sorry,” you apologized. “Listen, this whole thing… it’ll be fine. We’re not gonna let them have Finn. I won’t let them have Finn.” You softly reassured, wanting to help her in anyway. If anything, the reason you were so adamant on not allowing the grounders have Finn was because of Raven. Even after everything he’d done to her, you knew she cared for him.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

Suddenly footsteps echoed, and turning with panic you found Abby. Her confused eyes fell on you when she noticed you in the room. “Y/N? How’d you get in here?”

“Walked in.” You stated, crossing your arms. “You’ve got lousy guards. And i’m not leaving, not until you let Raven out.”

“Abby,” Raven called. “Let me out of here, please.” She begged and Abby sighed, grabbing ahold of Raven similar to how you had before. She shook her head, annoyed as Raven continued trying to explain herself. “It was stupid…” she hesitated; “i’m sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

“He was about to throw Finn out the gate.” You defended, glaring at Abby. She turned to you, fixing you with a glare that told you to shut up. Reluctantly you fell at ease, leaning back on your feet as you crossed your arms with a disappointed shake of your head. With careful eyes, you watched Abby place her attention back on Raven; “you think i’d let that happen?”

Raven paused, and you watched her face twist with uncertaInty. “I don’t know.” She admitted, pausing again before sighing; “no.”

“The only way we’re gonna get through this is if we trust each other.”

“I’m trying.” Raven whispered and your tenseness fell upon seeing her lose her facade. Dropping your arms, you stood straight when Abby raised her voice; “she’s free to go.” Abby announced, nodding her head at you. Respectively you returned the gesture, turning to Raven you grabbed her upper arm in support, quickly picking up your pace as you both headed out.

“If you do anything like this ever again, you will come back here and you will stay here.” Abby stated before you both made your way out of the room. You both stopped, pausing as you turned around to look at her. Her eyes fell on Raven; “do you understand me?”


“Where’s the boy?”

“Where’s my father?” You asked unimpressed, staring up at the two grounders as they easily ignored you. You backed down when Bellamy looked back at you, shaking his head in a warning not to cross them. Nodding embarrassed, you took a step back. 

“We’re not giving him up.” Abby announced, her voice high and determined. “We’re ready to fight, if that’s what it comes to.” The grounders said nothing in return. Instead they turned, picking up speed on their horses as they rode off.

“Watch the woods! Watch for movement!” Bellamy ordered to the other guards. You turned, unsure what to do as they only thing you really could do was wait. You went to walk back into the Ark when Bellamy grabbed a hold of your wrist and rather tightly tug on it. Confused, you furrowed your brows as you turned towards him. Bellamy didn’t look to you though and rather only looked straight ahead. Your gaze fell on the grip he held on your arm; “Bellamy?”

His hand let go of your wrist, pointing upwards. You followed the direction of his finger and saw a figure. Stepping forward in confusion, you squinted trying to see who it was. “Don’t shoot!” The voice called and your mouth fell open in shock as your father stepped past a tree. You couldn’t find anything to say as the world seemed to freeze.

This wasn’t the first time you’d been separated from him, and before for a even longer period of time. But something changed, you weren’t sure what. Maybe it was because you knew what the grounders were capable of and the fact that he’d been in their captivity scared you. Or maybe it was because you were just tired of everything, of death, of fighting and you just wanted to be loved by your father again and if he died you’d never have the chance to make things right again.

Whatever it was, it was enough to drive you forward. Your feet ran faster than they’d ever before and you didn’t care of the consequences you very well could pay for being a bother to your father. You faintly heard Bellamy call your name in urgency and him tell you it wasn’t safe for you to run out on your own, but you ignored him, reaching your father. Your feet carried you to your father, shocking him as you leapt into his arms. You hugged him tightly, relieved. It was a few seconds before you felt his arms around you, and honestly you hadn’t even expected that much. 

It was awkward. Odd. Unfamiliar. You hadn’t basked in the warmth and safety your father could offer in forever. 

Then suddenly something clicked and you remembered exactly the state of the relationship you had with your father. You pulled back, his hands easily letting go of your own. You dared to look up into his gaze for a moment before your head fell and you whispered; “sorry. I-I ju-”

“It’s fine, Y/N.” He responded. You snapped your head up, shocked to hear the softness of his voice. You pulled back completely, stepping behind him as he began walking towards the camp. You followed behind him, careful and as soon as you reached past the gates Bellamy’s hands immediately fell on your upper arms, pulling you into him.

You were slightly dazed, unsure if what had just happened really had but when you looked up and saw the concerned expression Bellamy held, you knew it was. “Jesus, Y/N. Do try to be a bit more careful when we are at war.” 

You suddenly smiled, the brightest you had in days, weeks even. “Yes, sir.” You mocked, saluting him. He rolled his eyes as your childish behaviour, shocked by the behaviour he’d never seen come out of you. And he pressed you against his side, you said nothing as he did, only leaning into it as you focused back on the reality of the situation.

“Can’t be out in the open. We need to get somewhere safe.” 

Your father smiled and you were almost frozen with shock as he lightly chuckled; “it’s safe for the moment. Come on, we need to talk. I managed to buy us sometime.”

“Y/N!” Turning your head, you found Bellamy coming towards you. You smiled lightly when you saw him, stepping back from the fence you’d been keeping watch from. You walked towards him but you immediately turned concerned when you saw his tense face. “Bellamy?” You called softly, he didn’t stop until he was directly before you.

Leaning down, he reached so he was by your ear; “you need to come with me.”

“Where are we going?” You asked, confused. His hand once again fell on your wrists, tugging you along as he looked around him constantly. You took a deep breath allowing him to pull you along. You weren’t so much worried on where he was taking you, you knew that if he seemed this urgent and careful that it was serious. You were more concerned for him. 

You immediately noticed him heading towards a secret exit, going through underground. You squinted your eyes, knowing that he was taking you out. He stepped through first, letting go of your hand and turning back when he’d made it safely through. You looked behind you, making sure no one was looking and headed through accepting the hand he held out to you.

As soon as you were in the woods, safe enough from the grounders you decided it was time to speak up. “Bellamy, where are you taking me?”

“To the drop-ship.” He said, continuing to march through the woods. It was the first time you’d noticed the gun in his hands and though it made sense for him to have a weapon when you were quite literally walking through grounder territory it only made you more confused. Why were you even walking through grounder territory in the first place?

“What, why?”

“Finn wasn’t safe there anymore.” Bellamy explained, stopping as he turned to you. “The people were starting to turn on him and quick.” 

That made sense, what didn’t make sense was him bring you. “Okay… but why you’d take me? I mean… i’m willing to help but…” You trailed off in confusion, staring up into his dark eyes for an answer. You noticed how he faltered slightly, pausing in his words.

“If they were that willing to turn on him, there’s no saying what they’ll do to those who are willing to fight for him.” He explained quietly and your mouth fell open in realization. You’d known Bellamy cared for you, after everything the two of you’d been through it only made sense and Bellamy had a big heart. But you hadn’t known he thought that much for you. 

You notice his uncomfortableness and wanting to avoid teasing him, you nodded walking forward. “Well let’s go then.” Behind your words, and you were sure he caught onto it, there was a hint of gratefulness.

“They’re not moving any closer.”

“Staying out of range.”

You paced, back and forth. Biting at your lips, you worried over what would happen. The grounders were playing you purposely, they wanted Finn and they would stop at nothing to get revenge on those they so ruthlessly lost. And though you were against everything he’d done in that village and though you were haunted at night because of it, you knew he regretted everything he’d done. 

“Probably waiting until dark.”

“If we hit them now, at least we’d take them by surprise.” Murphy strategized, walking back into the main of the drop-ship. You fell beside him, staring up at him in agreement. Nodding to yourself, you spoke up; “I hate the thought of killing them, but Murphy’s right.”

“We don’t even know how many of them are there.” Clarke argued, shrugging her shoulders desperately.

“I’m not hearing any better ideas, Clarke.”

“We give them something,” Raven suggested, nodding to herself determined. “All they want is Finn.” Bellamy reminded.

“Finn wasn’t the only one at the village.” Your eyes fell open in shock and you stared hurt at Raven before you saw her gaze on another. Falling on Murphy, your eyes lit up in indignation, “Raven!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Raven, you better be kidding me.” You glared over at her, shocked that she would even suggest a thing. You knew she wanted to save Finn but to give someone innocent up, someone who’d tried to stop Finn up, was just insane. It was not Murphy’s, nor your, fault that Finn had gone insane.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” Murphy suddenly called, staring at Raven in shock as well. “Raven I came here to protect him. You were the one who wanted me to come-” He fell silent as realization dawned over him. Was Raven really that desperate? “That’s why you asked me to come along.”

“Enough grounders saw him at the village. They’d believe he was the shooter.”

“Y/N was there too.” Murphy spoke up and your gaze fell on him, stunned. You knew Murphy could do rash things, but you’d thought that day at the ledge had changed the both of your guys views on each other. You’d even stood up for him… Betrayal filled within you as you listened to his next words, expecting him to want to give you up instead of himself. Everyone fell silent upon his words, fearing what he’d suggest next. You felt like a deer caught in head-lights, stuck in the middle.

“Murphy.” Bellamy growled, stepping in front of you as he held his gun threateningly towards Murphy. Murphy made no reaction, turning to you and his eyes turned soft upon finding your afraid ones. “You wanna give her up too, you sick bitch?” He spat at Raven. You let out a breath you hadn’t known you been holding as Bellamy fell at ease, dropping his gun.

“Raven,” Clarke interrupted. “You don’t mean this.”

“You know what they do to prisoners.”

“They want a murderer,” Raven’s voice shook as she turned towards Murphy. “We’ll give them one.” She cocked her gun, pointing it at Murphy, “drop your gun.” He surprised you when he stepped forward. “Go to hell Raven.”

“Put it down, Raven.” You ordered, “like it or not, he’s one of us.”


“Stop!” Finn yelled, interrupting all of you. You turned to him, falling silent as he shook his head in disappointment. He stepped forward, in front of Raven’s gun as she reluctantly lowered it. “We’re not doing this. They’ve got us surrounded. The only thing we can do is stay and defend this place.”

You nodded along side Bellamy, “i’m with you.”

“Murphy?” Finn called, who weakly responded. “Go upstairs, watch the rear. I’ll take the lower level. You three, take the front gate and Y/N…” His gaze fell on you and you turned to him, “i’ll come with you.” You stated, crossing your arms. There was something fishy about him, and you hadn’t trusted his motives entirely since the grounders had declared death on him. You knew he felt guilty and you knew that he hated how every one of you were risking your life for him. You knew he felt like he didn’t deserve such protection and that’s exactly why you weren’t about let him go off on his own.

He opened his mouth to argue but you shot him a look, shaking your head and he fell silent. “Okay.” You clapped your hands, “let’s go.”

“I know what you’re trying to do.” You announced softly, stepping up so you were directly beside Finn. He’d been radiating nervous energy ever since the both of you had stepped off alone, “and i’m not gonna let you do it.”

“You don’t know anything, Y/N.” He snapped back at you, turning to look at you. Your eyes fell and you felt your stomach twist, shaking your head you stared up at Finn. Ever since you’d met him you two had never really gotten along, except for maybe at first. You weren’t sure why. Maybe it was because you two had very different views on things. Maybe it was because he plain didn’t like you and you plain didn’t like him. But none of that mattered now.

“Finn, don’t treat me like a child.” You chastised, “this isn’t the way to go. We will figure something out.”

“That’s all you keep saying!” He suddenly shouted, catching you off guard as you stepped back from fear. He calmed when he saw your reaction, his shoulders falling as he stared at the ground, and you noticed his gaze on his gun. You said nothing as he gestured it over to yourself. You crossed your arms, setting your lips in a thin line. “Take the gun Y/N.” He sighed, still you refused. “Take the damn gun Y/N.”

“Why?” You asked, “so you can go send yourself to your death?”

“I won’t let anyone of you die for me.”

“That isn’t your choice, Finn.” You reminded, “we’re choosing this, not you.”

“I killed eighteen people…” Finn mumbled to himself, shaking his head at disappointment towards himself. Your arms fell as you were reminded of that haunting day and you found you could find no words to reply with. Because told the truth. “Eighteen innocent people and the grounders have every right to want revenge on those they lost.”

“Don’t lie, Finn. That’s not why you’re doing this.”

“What ar-”

“You’re doing this to protect Raven, Bellamy, Murphy, Clarke. Hell, you’re maybe even doing this to protect me.” You scoffed lightly, chuckling to yourself despite the moment. “I get that. I just don’t know why you did it in the first place.”

He froze, stunned by your question and you knew you’d caught him off guard but that was intended. You needed to know. You needed to know why that despite everything you’d done to try and stop him, you just couldn’t. Then, when long agonizing seconds went by, he answered. “I was blinded by desperation. I wanted, no- needed to find Clarke and that made me do things I didn’t even know I could.”

You nodded, accepting his answer and then, pausing, you asked; “tell me, how come we never got along?” He seemed confused by your question but it was just want you wanted, to confuse him enough that you could make a getaway quick enough to alert the others of his plan. When he paused you took that as your chance to swiftly turn, heading towards the ladder; “Bell-!” Before you could even finish calling his name and even place a foot on the ladder, there was a pain in the back of your head as the butt of the gun hit you.

You moaned in pain, feeling your vision blur and your hands loosened their grip on the ladder. You fell back, arms catching you and the reversed view of Finn’s face came into view. You opened your mouth to say something but found you couldn’t. He set you down gently, mumbling; “I have to do this.” And then he was gone and as you felt your strength disappearing you heard him call; “I wish we had.”

What felt like forever but was only probably a few minutes, hands suddenly had fallen on your face, shaking you. Faintly you heard a voice, someone calling you and when you blinked your eyes open you saw a blurred figure before you. After a few seconds you discovered the figure to be Bellamy, staring down at you concerned and then everything flew into memory.

Startled, you sat up but Bellamy held you in placed, helping you up rather. You didn’t need to ask to know the answer of Finn when you saw Bellamy’s face. Your bottom lip jutted out and you felt despair hit you as tears welled in your eyes. “I-I tried…” You whimpered.

He nodded, “I know.” And then his arms wound around you, pulling you against his chest. You let out a sob. Finn had never been special to you but it was just another dead one to add to the list and that crushed you. 



Room stylist Fiona Byrne walks us through her signature look in this episode of TVOOTD >> 

So I was watching the background in the Behind-the-Scenes Video with Pj Byrne, and I noticed two familiar looking forms.

The further figure in the back looks like Opal to me, while the closer one looks like either Bolin or Wing and Wei.

Unless this is just a black and white still that we’ve already seen, it looks like Opal is wearing a darker outfit with a gold collar. Just my observations!


The Byrne Notice- Second Anniversary Party

Last year around this time Coco Rocha invited me to the first anniversary party for fashion/lifestyle blog The Byrne Noticewhere I met its creator, the talented, Fiona Byrne. I had such a blast last time that it’s only natural that I went again this year for the second anniversary party, where I brought from friend David Watkins with me. 

Aside from the delicious cocktails that always grace these parties, they had a cute little photo booth set up with blonde “Fiona” wigs and kissy lips on a stick. Needless to say I spent most of my evening putting on a photo shoot of my own with photographer Ben Lovosky from the Billy Farrell Agency. Can’t wait for next year.

All photos by Ben Lovosky of the Billy Farrell Agency.