the byrne notice


Room stylist Fiona Byrne walks us through her signature look in this episode of TVOOTD >> 

So I was watching the background in the Behind-the-Scenes Video with Pj Byrne, and I noticed two familiar looking forms.

The further figure in the back looks like Opal to me, while the closer one looks like either Bolin or Wing and Wei.

Unless this is just a black and white still that we’ve already seen, it looks like Opal is wearing a darker outfit with a gold collar. Just my observations!


The Byrne Notice- Second Anniversary Party

Last year around this time Coco Rocha invited me to the first anniversary party for fashion/lifestyle blog The Byrne Noticewhere I met its creator, the talented, Fiona Byrne. I had such a blast last time that it’s only natural that I went again this year for the second anniversary party, where I brought from friend David Watkins with me. 

Aside from the delicious cocktails that always grace these parties, they had a cute little photo booth set up with blonde “Fiona” wigs and kissy lips on a stick. Needless to say I spent most of my evening putting on a photo shoot of my own with photographer Ben Lovosky from the Billy Farrell Agency. Can’t wait for next year.

All photos by Ben Lovosky of the Billy Farrell Agency.