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BTS (Extended Interview) with The New Music Buzz

Sometimes I want to forget all about BAP.. Just to discover them again and get my mind blown and soul destroyed into tiny pieces all over again. The excitement and the shortness of breath that this group brings with it’s eargasmic songs and eye candy visuals, I want to feel it over and over again, like a new BABY.


5 ingredients 😋😋😋 That wasp got all up in my frame 🐝🤣 🔻1 avocado 🔻2 eggs 🔻protein powder 🔻 coconut flour 🔻cacao powder 🔻chocolate chips (optional)
Bake for 15 mins @ 190 !!! Get in ma belly 😋😋😋

Artificial Love

A/N: I’ve finally managed to post a smut after so long! I’m terribly so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for their requests to be fulfilled! This smut is dedicated to the lovely anon who requested a long time ago. On a side note, thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback and support I’ve been receiving for my moodboards. Look forward to more in the future ;) As of now, enjoy some Sub! Jongdae x

Pairing(s): Chen/Jongdae x Reader

Warnings: Light bondage, Submissive Chen

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Jongdae teases you with videos of his cane-grinding skills in ‘Artificial Love’ so you decide to teach him a lesson when he comes home.

Word Count: 3445

Originally posted by etherealchen

It’s been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend Jongdae due to the touring he’s been undergoing with his band members. However, despite the never-ending distance between the two of you and the time zone differences, Jongdae never failed to drop you at least one call or text message a day. Even if it is to complain about how exhausted he feels or a ‘Hey baby, miss you lots’ message, your heart swells up with unconditional love whenever you catch a glimpse of his contact name popping up on the screen of your phone.

It’s no easy feat to live your life normally when Jongdae always plays at the back of your mind, teasing you with the promise of his return. You could be washing dishes and the thought of him would invade your mind, reminding you of the playful memories of when the two of you would flick liquid detergent at each other while doing the dishes after a meal.

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