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Why It Took MTV So Long To Play Black Music Videos

Music TeleVision (MTV) hit America’s airwaves with a sonic boom 25 years ago. The pioneering cable television network also received a deafening tongue-lashing from a super ticked Rick James, who publicly declared it “blatant racism” when MTV refused to air his Super Freak video and other videos by Black artists because they didn’t fit the network’s rock-dominated format.

“A lot of Black asses are going to come together and explode on MTV,” James said in 1983. “There are no Blacks on MTV’s program list except for Tina Turner, and she stopped being Black about 10 years ago. MTV puts on little White punk groups who don’t even have record deals. Blacks are missing exposure and sales.”

Modeled after Top 40 radio, MTV’s video playlist had a meager few Black videos in 1981. Most of its early videos came from England where music videos were already common.

Eddy Grant, Musical Youth and Joan Armatrading were some of the Black artists from that country whose videos were shown during MTV’s inception. Tina Turner, Jon Butcher Axis, The Bus Boys and Donna Summer were some of the other Black artists whose videos were shown because their music fit the format.

James, whose music helped define “punk funk,” fought for two years to have more Black videos shown on MTV. ABC’s “Nightline” featured his much publicized crusade. But the outspoken performer, who died in 2004, became agitated because it seemed as though he was on the battlefield’s front line alone.

“I’m a crusader without an army,” James said. “All these Black artists claim they’re behind me, but when it’s time to make a public statement, you can’t find them … They’re going to let me do all the rapping and get into trouble and then they’ll reap the benefits.”

❝ Yeah let’s have fun baby ❞

-Min Kyunghoon

Come Drink A Little More Wine
saatanoshimo Baby O o o o
Come Spend A Little More Time
kanjennimo Crazy Wo o o ow
Give A Little Red
Give A Little White
Give A Little Love Wo o o ow
Come Drink A Little More Wine
dareyorimo Baby O o
You Drive Me Crazy


Reaching almost 3000 majetes, but this had to happen soon or later ...

I was on Tumblr since 2012, and in my old blog (@redworld96) there was EVERYTHING I HAD and I was about to post someday in the future ….. 

But when you’re someone that makes things that maybe Tumblr doesn’t approve, it’s just matter of time that you pay the consequences.

I will try to get back my old blog (I think it’s impossible, but I will try anyway). Meanwhile Redworld96 will stay in this new tumblr.

Dear fandom, I have always said to you that I didn’t need any kind of reward for helping you with the episodes, clips and news. 


I need you so spread the word, reblog this post and announce in the #tmnt2012 and #tmnt2k12 tags that @redworld96 moved to @redworld-96 because the old one has been deleted by Tumblr. 

Of course I don’t have any control on all the messages, asks, those I followed them, clips, videos, promos and episodes I had from many TV Shows anymore, and in this moment 

I don’t have ANY IDEA what I am going to do. 

I’m feeling …. really sad and angry right now. 

Please if someone asks where did I go, answer them that now I am here.

And guys …. I’m sorry

- Reddy

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Netflix and Chill

Request: a suho cuddles during ‘netflix and chill’ for movie night fluff? really liked your kai one shot it was amazing

Originally posted by sefuns

genre: fluff and maybe some smut

word count: 1278

pairing: suho x reader

admin k: i’m glad you liked the kai one shot! hopefully my suho one can live up to your expectations as well x

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BULLYING CELEBRITIES (The Case of Yeng Constantino)

Very recently, Yeng Constantino got attacked on her Instagram page for showing so much care for a pet she dearly loves, Julia the kitten.

Those who follow her would know that she is a cat person.  But, only recently did she really get a cat to personally take care of.  

Yeng treats it like how a Mom would treat her own kid.  (Yes, she even video chats with it.)

Why am I even spending time to do this?  To answer the attacks being thrown at her because:

1)  She is a FRIEND, a true one.  She helped me when I was battling CANCER in more ways than one. 

2)  She may not be perfect but she is a GOOD PERSON with a BEAUTIFUL HEART.  She AGREED to work on a project to help an 8-YEAR OLD BOY fighting a RARE BONE MARROW DISEASE for FREE.  She doesn’t even know the boy.

3)  She is an EXAMPLE of how it is to be a PET OWNER.  While some would only go as far as buying them and have someone else do the rest, she personally makes time for her own.

I’ve known Yeng, since Pinoy Dream Academy.  Her looks and style might have changed a lot, but her head, heart and soul have remained grounded and humble.

I might be older than her, but I am not even a bit embarrassed to say that I look up to her.  I continue to learn from her - from the way she moves on-stage to how she keeps herself passionate and make sure she’s excellent with her craft; the way she helped and took care of her family at a very young age; the way she treats her fans; and the way she’s grown with God.

And to reiterate, no, she is not perfect.  But she finds ways everyday to be a better person.

This blog doesn’t just go out to Yeng, but for all the celebrities out there.  At times, we fans are quick to judge without really knowing the person inside because all we see are the things showbiz reveal about them.  

And let me end with this, before you say anything bad about anyone, showbiz or not, THINK. If that’s not enough, look for the word, “RESPECT” in the dictionary.  Maybe that would help.

*I do not own the photos used in this blog. Photos were taken from the net including photos from wheninmanila.

Marry me - Taehyung fluff

Warning: Fluff very fluff.

Words: 793

Member X Reader

Originally posted by cmtae

 It was your birthday of 3 years dating. You had been planning that for weeks. It was a really special date for you and you thought that it was for Taehyung, too. But simply, he had gone to work too early and didn’t even let you a note with a “happy birthday”. Had he forgot? No…besides, he had been so fucking weird to you. So “far”. You didn’t have done anything!

 You woke up just to find yourself in an empty bed. You looked for him in the entire house. The only note he left: Gone to work. He never did that. Work so early and on your birthday? Was he serious or just testing you? Was he that unconcerned about you?

 You had prepared a lot of things for that special morning: breakfast in bed, followed by a romantic morning sex. Cuddling… But he ruined everything by getting out without even warning you before. You started to remember your moments together. Your first kiss, the first time you had sex, when you started dating. Had he forgot everything? Was he thinking about breaking up?

The afternoon was even worst. It was almost evening and he hasn’t arrived home yet. You were about to finish your birthday far away from each other. Suddenly your cellphone buzzed. “Lover” was texting you. Yes! He didn’t forget, you thought. You opened the message just to get disappointed again.

*Dress anything. I am gonna pick you up for a dinner. I am fucking angry, so don’t be late or I’ll go without you. K.T*

You could not contain yourself any longer. Tears started falling down your face. That could not be happening. But okay. You got dressed quickly and waited for him.

 “Taehyung?” he asked as we drove to the restaurant.


“Don’t you want to tell me anything?” you asked blushing.

“If I do, I would have done” he said. You felt your tears almost falling again but contained yourself. You breathed heavily.

When you got to the restaurant, you realized where you were. It was the one where he had asked you to date him. It was a really expensive restaurant.  


When you were about to choose a table, Taehyung stopped you.

“No. Come on” he said as he grabbed your hand.

What was happening?

You reached the terrace. You lost your breath. You had never been there. There was a single table with two chairs. You looked at the sky, which was uncovered. It was wonderfully drawn with stars. The table had candles on it and flowers in the middle. The view was a lake, with the moonlight reflected on it. You tried to say something but you could not say anything but sigh.

You sat down and Tae too. You were sitting in front of each other, only separated by the table. The waiter did bring two bowls of wine, which you drink in one second.

He grabbed your hands that was on the table and looked into your eyes.

“You thought I had forgotten?” he whispered.

“Hum?” Hum?

“Y/N” he said, tightening his grip on your hand. “I would never forget our birthday. I brought you here as a surprise. I had been out the entire day preparing all this” his speech was almost a breath.

“Tae, what are y-“you started saying but were cut off when you saw him grabbing a little velvet box from his pocket. You felt your heart stopping. You felt everything stopping

Oh. My. God.

“Y/N. I’ve been by your side for 6 years. 3 of these I spent dating you. You gave me the most perfects moments of my life. You did show me how to love and how to be loved. I never loved someone as much as I love you. I promise you I will always take care of you. I will always be here for you, being your lover, your friend, your Tae. Being yours. But baby…I need your help to keep up my promise.” He said as he opened the little box, which contained a fucking gorgeous diamond. You gasped. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

You froze and started crying. You could not believe.

“Yes” you breathed.

“What?” his eyes widened.

“Yes, Tae, Yes!” you said, standing up with him. He took you on his arms, soon grabbing your face and pulling you for a kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and grabbed the ring. He put it on your finger.

“It fits perfectly, Y/N” he was almost crying with you.

He kissed your finger and soon his lips found yours again.

“I love you, Kim Taehyung”

“I love you too, Y/N”. You stared at each other, your eyes telling you everything words couldn’t, realizing how much love you felt.

Imagine You're an Undercover Cop Pregnant With the Crime Boss' Child...

You knew the risk when you took the assignment, but you never expected things to play out like they did. Running your hands over the swell of your full-term form, you are pulled between your duty to the force and your duty to the father of the child which now kicks inside your womb: the head of the Tomasi crime family….

Your Sicilian blood and steel nature made you the perfect candidate for the assignment: get close to Polito Tomasi, head of the Cinquemani crime syndicate, and help the DA bring the whole operation down. Dangerous for sure but before working under cover you were a successful hostage negotiator and have an uncanny ability to read people: you’ve quite the reputation at the weekly police poker nights! Now you’re playing for the highest stakes imaginable and folding is not an option.

You first attracted his eye at the annual benefit gala for the museum. Polito, or Lito as he was known, was a devoted patron to the arts as well as patron to various illegal activities and always made a show of donating to the museum’s foundation. Walking the floor in a chic yet simple black dress, your black hair in a classic updo, you made sure to act aloof and uninterested as you felt his eyes upon you. He was the youngest crime head in the city, and though you weren’t interested in romance, you could see why any woman would sell her soul to be the arm candy to a powerful mobster. Lucky for you he was beginning to fall into the trap you and the PD had set for him; out of the corner of your eye you watch Lito slowly walk over to you. You’ve been studying a painting of Titian, the famous Venus of Urbino on loan from the Uffizi, when he finally speaks.

“ This painting was a gift from the Duke of Urbino to his young wife before their marriage, most likely to help ‘instruct’ her of the act of love…or so they tell me.”

“ Must not have worked,” you reply, eyes remaining on the painting, “as the Duke didn’t have any children until his second marriage.” His eyes light up with your knowledge of both art and Florentine history.

“So…you know a little about painting…”

And with that you begin your seduction of the city’s most powerful crime lord.You keep him at a distance at first which only drives him to pursue you with more passion. Your disinterest in his power and wealth makes him weak for you. Of course, being the object of the mob boss’ affections runs its risks but your superiors have concocted such an elaborate history and alias (Mia Greco, an archivist for a small, private university museum) that none of Polito’s men can find any hint of your true purpose. You are the perfect informant. Finally, after months of pursuit, you allow Lito into the modest studio apartment you call ‘home’ and give him what he wants.

Only…you want it as much as he does: apparently during your months of disinterest and courtship you have fallen in love with your dangerous and handsome Polito. You know that you cannot continue this rouse much longer and try working on a plan to somehow get out of this mission, but your feelings for Lito are too strong and you continue your relationship with the man. You become close not only to him but to his closest and dedicated men: they’re more and more like family to you than any of the Force. In fact, it’s the first thing you’ve ever had that feels like a family. The only child of a loveless marriage, you never knew life could be this sweet…even if organized crime is the glue that holds this family together! You agonize over your dilemma and finally realize there is only one true solution: tell your superiors that you have grown too emotionally involved and then resign from the force. You’ll move far away from the city, from the Tomasi family, from Polito…

Then it happens. You’ve been feeling ill for the past weeks. When you miss your period, you are filled with dread: you already know before the test confirms it: you’re pregnant with Polito’s baby. Your mind races as you frantically pace the studio apartment: you can’t have this baby. What would your superiors think? Polito? You freeze: Lito! He’s due to come over any moment. If he sees you like this he’ll become suspicious. You pull yourself together and decide to contact the PD later. Afterwards you’ll do what must be done and terminate the pregnancy. The though tears your heart into pieces but you cannot bring a baby into the mess you’ve created and you begin to feel the tears sting as the intercom buzzes.

“Come on up,” you say as you buzz in your lover. Taking a few breathes you wipe the tears from your eyes and compose yourself. A moment later you hear the freight elevator gate open and prepare yourself as Lito enters.

“ Lil’ Miss Poker Face,” he says as he wraps his arms around you. After a passionate kiss you murmur into his ear “You still owe me twenty bucks from last week’s game, Lito.”

“Please,” he jests, raising his arms in mock defense, “ I’ll have your money next week, just don’t break my knees!” You both laugh and then kiss more in the foyer. Suddenly Lito stops and looks at you with concern. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” you lie, “ Why, should there be?”

“You’re shaking, Mia,” He draws you closer, “ You haven’t been threatened, have you?! Yuri’s soviet bastards been around?”

“ No, Lito, nothing like that!” You bury your head into his chest as you feel bile rising in your throat. You’re going to be sick.

“…the police? That bitch DA again?” You push him away and run into the bathroom, vomiting what little remained in your stomach until its nothing but painful dry heaving. Lito kneels beside you with a damp wash cloth and wipes your face and you cough and spit into the bowl. Wordlessly you lay your head onto the cool tile floor and close your eyes. You feel trapped. You decide to confess everything to him and put your fate in his hands.

“Lito…” you weakly begin, “ I haven’t…been honest…”

“…I know, Mia.”

Your body turns to pure ice as you hear those words. You begin shaking again, this time more violently than before, and your chest locks up in panic.

“Mia…oh Mia!” Suddenly you’re in his arms as he kisses your face. Tears are running down his face as he beams at you with joy. “ Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Wha…?” You look at him in confusion. How could he be happy over the fact that his lover is an undercover cop?! He lifts the pregnancy test up: dear god, he must have seen it in the waste basket while you were throwing up! You try to find the words to explain but instead you begin to sob.

“ Mia,” Lito rocks you as you bawl, “ Mia, it’s going to be all right! Can’t you see? You have made me the happiest man on Earth: a real family!”

If only he knew…

A few days later you make contact with your superiors. You agree to meet with them on the grounds of the university where you 'work’. It’s a blistery day in late October and you anxiously pace the quad as you wait. Now that Polito knows, you’ll have to tell the force as well. Perhaps they’ll force you to quit the mission, but then what? You curse yourself for agreeing to this mess and you curse yourself for being so weak.

“ Are you sure you’re pregnant?” Your contact asks. You wordlessly nod as you both walk by the ivy-draped campus. He sighs.

“Well…this changes things.”

“ That’s putting it lightly.”

“ In fact…This actually works in our favor. We could use this a leverage against the entire Tomasi syndicate!”

You stop and turn to face the man. You don’t like the direction this conversation is headed.

“ This…my child,” you begin, “ is not a pawn!”

“ You agreed to the rules of the game when you accepted the job, officer.” he steps closer and lowers his voice. “ Remember whose side you’re on. This is a dangerous game and you’re in a very…delicate position. It would be a shame if…things were to go awry…”

Back in your office you lock the door and silently sob at your desk. You gave your life to your job: the Academy, the Force, the badge: you devoted your life to the ideals of law and order. Now the 'family’ you held dear is using you, and your unborn child, as bargaining tools. You realize in the grand scheme that you are nothing to your superiors: should you resist they’ll only be too pleased to sacrifice the both of you for their purposes. You contemplate confessing everything to Polito, but his loyalties lie with the Family and if he found out you had betrayed his love and trust…it’s death either way.

At least he views you and the baby as people and not objects. Perhaps it’s time for you to re-think what side you’re really on….

…to be continued.


The ‘Smartwatch’ era is coming!

Since its launch in June, GEAK Watch, the first “Smartwatch” by Chinese tech company iGeak, has become the bright spot in China’s hi-tech industry. Used independently from the mobile phone, the new ‘second-screen’ is likely to get tech-lovers buzzing.

Meanwhile Motorola Mobility’s Moto 360 smartwatch is also due for it’s official launch. After several tease previews and a guest appearances at Google’s I/O developer conference in June, the ‘smartwatch’ will get a proper debut on September 4.

Still, Motorola has picked a busy period for its launch event. It comes a day after Samsung’s splashy, three-city Unpacked event, with Samsung expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 4, a virtual reality device, along with another smartwatch.

The week after, Apple is also expected to unveil the new iPhone6, while online rumors on the iWatch say its release date could also be in September.

However these Smartwatch models will not be the first of its kind to be released. The device’s debut actually dates back to 1977, when HP launched the world’s first smartwatch, the HP-01, which had functions including calendar, calculator, calculagraph and basic data storage.

(Photos via internet)