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Pretty baby Niko from OneShot and a little friend you can meet in the latter half of the game. They protect beautiful fur babes :)

I found the game by watching @markiplier‘s play through and decided to play after seeing the first episode and LOVED IT
10 outta 10 would recommend!

Will post more fan art!
I don’t own characters obviously and you can buy the game on steam.

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Is everything losebetter said about MEA's queer romance true? I was looking forward to playing that... I guess I owe my friend a beer. She kept telling me not to get my hopes because of dragon age. Because they have different writing teams. I should have listen to her, now my heart hurts but at least I let her talk me into not pre-ordering. So I'll be buying a better game, any thoughts on what I should buy?

Yes, unfortunately it is true. I was right there and watched him play through it, and it’s just as bad as it seems. The whole situation is fucked.because.. from a technical standpoint, the game is fantastic. The way they handled queer representation is grossly abhorrent, and if that’s something important to you, you’re going to get burned. Sorry :(

Edit!: You asked about other games to consider - Masquerada: Songs and Shadows is a beautiful game with amazing writing, story, music, visuals, and respectful queer representation.

Buy this game, don’t believe the haters. It’s fun, the characters are soooo perfect, here’s a list of my favorite things
-tons of things to do
-good story so far
-great graphics (sometimes glitchy, but worth it
-Krogan Grandpa
-kallo jath is adorable
-space kitty
-space hamster returns ^^
-terrifying your crew while driving the nomad
-random dialogue while I drive the nomad
-Vetra’s voice
-Vetra Nyx O///O ♡♡♡
-Vetra’s emails
-Crew mail, couchessss innnn spacccceeee
-movie night
-love triangles you put yourself in
-running over giant space bugs while you crying “speed bump”!
-Kill… me… now… (failing at flirting with Suvi)
-Suvi’s accent

That’s just the beginning people!!!

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are the expressions as consistently funny in the game as they are in the videos? if they are i might buy the game now instead of waiting for a sale/crack.

honestly, while the animations are the best, i don’t really even pay much attention to them! i’m enjoying the characters and new adventure so i’m just letting that occupy what i notice!

y’know buying a Playstation 4 with Persona 5 as one of the primary reasons was a good idea.

it kept getting delayed so i had to keep buying games and franchises i never had before to get my money’s worth for the PS4 and I ended up finding a lot of great stuff I liked

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“this is the week of me barfing up andromeda critiques at anyone who…”

please tell me why to not buy this game

here’s something wild: im not actually gonna tell u not to buy it? i think if u wanna play and make ur own opinion thats good. its also still a mass effect game so even if u just wanna play to see some of ur favorite aliens or get to know the new characters thats good. i also have friends who are enjoying the game more than i am so its rly a matter of personal preference/taste. 

that being said, heres a long long LONG list of my Andromeda Opinions, under a cut for major spoilers. some are big things and others might seem nitpicky to u. keep in mind that i havent finished the game yet! but i have completed a good bit of it and i think im close to finishing the main storyline. i may add more to this list as i play more or as i remember more so maybe check back in a couple days for edits?

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Skyrim New Water Edition™ may not be confirmed for Nintendo Switch©, but you know what is confirmed? Me pulling the pin if you don’t pre-order my game. Buy my fucking game right now. We spent over 6 months on New Water. Elder Scrolls 6? I can’t hear you over the sound of the voice telling me to pull this fucking pin. Remember le Skyrim Shuffle? My family is starving. Please just preorder.