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I saw a tweet by Dappered the other day linking to a story they did about “the perfect navy blazer” by Spiers & Mackey. It was a nice jacket by all accounts, a deep navy, contrasting buttons (but not gold, like mine…), and a modest price. The only issue I took with the blazer was the pictorial, which featured a bearded hipster bro in inky dark blue jeans, the blazer, and double monk strap loafers. Despite wearing jeans and a blazer, he looked like he improvised a suit as there was zero contrast in his jacket and pants. And of course I’m qualified to criticize.

Today I wore an old Brooks Brothers “346” sack blazer I grabbed on eBay a few years back. It’s labeled a “38” but it might be a short instead of a regular. However, the slightly shorter cut with a traditionally loose jacket does have a nice lengthening effect on the legs. I wore a faded pair of Levi’s 501s here to demonstrate how to wear jeans “right” with a navy blazer, but I failed to capture a pic of them. Because taking pictures in the bathroom mirror can be weird. The point is contrast: Jeans and jacket shouldn’t be the same shade of blue.

I did get a picture of these tan bucks by Bass, however. I always forget how comfortable they are, but I generally don’t wear them. Because they have laces. @theunbuttonedlife would understand.


Milk and sugar:It’s that time of year to break out the Seersucker suit.To avoid looking like a transplanted plantation owner I rarely,if ever, wear the jacket and trousers together, opting to pair the jacket with chinos and the trousers with a polo shirt.

Seersucker Suit jacket:Brooks Brothers,Oxford button down:JPress,Chinos:J Crew,Loafers:Alden.Watch:Omega

All photos of me taken by Nancy”Pookie”Tomlinson.classic
Slice of Pie - HaughtBreaker - Wynonna Earp (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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This is for @jaybear1701​ who prompted this fic to me. Just a short one shot of some young wayhaught

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“There is no way…” Thin and mousy haired, one teen nudge his friend, setting off a chain of nudges in the packed booth. “You ask her.” He had the beginnings of a mustache that only teenagers thought were fashionable and he spoke with a slight southern drawl.

His closest friend, the captain of the football team scoffed. “She’s hot… but have you seen her sister?” He shook his head, scrubbing his hand through his short cropped black hair.

“Sounds like a whole lot of excuses, if you ask me.” Mousy hair nudged him again, sending him even harder down the line of bodies.

“Hey!” Nicole shoved back just forcefully enough to appear upset when she hadn’t minded at all. Just aggressive enough to not appear weak, to keep her sacred bubble of safety and respect.

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●honey | thirteen reasons why {coming soon} 

if you can’t get the video to play press here

disclaimer: This is not meant to romanticize ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, at all. While my original character is paired with Bryce, I am not intending for anyone to ‘ship’ them, they are not mine nor meant to be anyone else’s ‘OTP’. ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ is praised for it’s innate ability to depict hard hitting, real life, issues that most are afraid to truly delve into. The fanfiction in which this video represents is no different. The original character in this story isn’t necessarily someone you’re always(for some, ever) going to like, but hopefully despite maybe not loving the idea of her you’ll engage in her story because it’s one that fits a group of people out there that are hardly ever discussed. The oc I’m writing into the 13RW universe is problematic in her own way, just like most of the canon characters(as well as real life people) and though I’m exploring her through the canon storyline of the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide, I’m also covering another serious issue that is rarely explored or covered in media; loving a monster. Again, to clarify, I am not romanticizing Bryce Walker, nor trying to lessen the severity of sexual assault but rather taking the darkness of that head on and exploring another side to it. It’s easy to say you would handle a situation like this a certain way if it were you, but is everything always so black and white? This story explores the internal struggle of coming to terms with being the significant other to someone who has done irrevocably terrible things.

The De la Cruz siblings were born exactly eleven months apart, therefore dubbed the ‘Irish twins’. Montgomery reveled in the fact he was the eldest of the two, never letting his younger sister forget it. However in the true spirit of a younger sibling Aniston, more so than anyone, knew exactly how to push her brothers buttons. Much to his chagrin, she’d constantly point out to him and anyone else that would listen, that their parents realized very early on that they got thing’s totally wrong with Monty, so as soon as the doctor gave the okay for them to start doing it again they got pregnant with her. According to her she was everything they wanted in a child and therefore had no need to have more children after her, but everyone knew exactly why the De la Cruz’s had not opted for more children. Monty and Aniston we’re truly fire and ice; between the hot head brother and the ice queen sister, the ‘twins’ were a lot to handle. Despite any negative connotations she carried however, Hannah Baker had always admired Aniston. She was the undisputed queen bee of the sophomore class, and the only other girl in school to be as widely rumored and talked about as Hannah. Unlike her though, Aniston didn’t seem to care what anyone said or thought about her and Hannah wanted nothing more than to be able to share her outlook and confidence. But sometimes the seemingly strongest of people are the most weak…

In the aftermath of her death, Hannah Baker left thirteen tapes. Thirteen reasons for why she did what she did, left to the twelve people who caused it. She started with Justin, then Jessica, who each broke her heart. Then Alex, Tyler, Courtney and Marcus, who each helped destroy her reputation. On to Zach and Ryan who broke her spirit. All the way through to tapes twelve and thirteen. The double whammy, the ‘perfect couple’, Bryce Walker and Aniston De la Cruz, who broke her soul. 

“How could you justify it?”

Take It All Back

Part Four

Summary: Jensen and Journey attend his ten year high school reunion; a flash of memories clears up some things for Jensen.
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 1865
Warnings: Inference of pregnancy loss. 


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anonymous asked:

Summer, i see open prompts :3 i really love all of your stories, they are products of thorough thinking and consideration, i really admire you. Can i request a short fic in which yoongi meets jungkook's parents to ask their son's hand in marriage. It's tense at first for jk is only 19 but one way or another yg finally convinces jungkook's parents :)) thank you!!!

!!! oh my that’s young to get married min yoongi what are you thinking

this wasnt exactly the prompt fill but i hope its ok!!

accidentally - 
sugakookie; 1k words? 


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Parring: Dean Winchester X Reader(yes, another one)

Word: 1045

Warnings: There is swearing, some reference to smut, but no details or something like that. Bad relationship, is that a warning?

Summary: Dean is hurt, emotionally, and he seeks your help

A/N: I wrote this in 40 minutes, but i have had the idea for so long, i just never got to write it. Dean is a bit of a jerk, sorry. Tell me what you think!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Dean did a poor job of hiding the pain. Everyone around him could see how his drinks became a little bigger, his smile a little smaller, and his eyes a little sadder. Everyone could see how he had turned down woman after woman, man after man, and everyone knew why. Everyone but you.

You had meet Dean just two weeks after it had happened. You had meet him while you were on a case, a case his brother and he were working on. You had quickly taken a liking to the tall, broad shouldered man with the green eyes, and the night after you all three had finished the case, you had finally said fuck it, and kissed him.

It was a pleasant surprise when he kissed you back. It had been soft a few seconds, sweet, innocent, before Dean decided to turn the kiss more aggressive and passionate, carrying you to your bedroom.

You woke up alone at that time, your hand thrown over the cold and empty site of the bed. You had smiled weakly by the thought of the night, before you decided to get ready to leave the motel the same day. You had expected to say goodbye to the Winchesters that day, but Dean proposed that you should go with them to help them hunt, and who were you to turn down that offer?


“Good morning” You whispered, snuggling closer to the warm body behind you.

“‘morning” Dean mumbled into your hair. You had held his hand in front of your chest, but now you turned around, facing the man.

You couldn’t help but smile by the sight of him. His hair was a mess, his eyes was barely open, and his chest bare. You leaned in to give him a sweet kiss on the lips, a kiss which was far too short for your liking.

You watched as Dean got dressed, holding the covers up in front of you. It only took a few minutes before he left the room, probably to go take a shower. You considered joining him, but decided against it.


“Anything, Sammy? “You asked as you sat down by the table with your sandwich. It was lunch time, and you hadn’t eaten anything the whole day, so you had made yourself a sandwich before joining Sam.

“Eh, not really” Sam answered, not looking up from his computer. “There’s a boy who disappeared, but there’s nothing supernatural about it”

“Come on, Sammy” Dean said, sitting down beside you, taking a bite of your sandwich. “We need a case, we need some action! “

You chuckled, not seeing the look Sam shot at Dean, or the way Dean lifted an eyebrow to questioning his brother. The silence conversation flew between the brothers without you noticing anything.


You all decided to watch a movie that night, and you ended up agreeing with Dean on what you should watch, leaving Sam to sigh, and say he was going to make popcorn. You stole a quick kiss from Dean before Sam came back, and you started the movie.

You wanted to cuddle with Dean under the blanket, but he said he was too hot, so you settled for holding hands, but ended up with your head on his shoulder anyway.

“We’re out of Popcorn” Dean said halfway through the movie, and you looked at the bowl, only to discover he was right.

“I’ll go make some” you said, and kissed Dean’s cheek before leaving the room.

”Should we pause the movie? “Dean yelled after you, but you were already out in the kitchen, and couldn’t hear him. He shrugged, turning to the movie.

“Dude” Sam said, and Dean looked at his brother. “Pause it! “

“Sorry! “Dean said while holding his hands up, before he pressed the button. When his brother didn’t look away, Dean turned his head to look at the younger man. “What? “

“Seriously Dean, what are you doing? “Sam said, leaning in while lowering his voice, so he was sure you wouldn’t hear it.

“I don’t know what you’re talking ‘bout” Dean said, turning away from his brother, trying to ignore him.

“Of course you do! “Sam insisted. “You’re taking advantage of Y/N, and it’s because of Cas! “

“Don’t say his name! “Dean snapped, looking sharply at his brother. Sam had not dared speak the name in almost two months, aware that Dean would snap like this, as soon as he brought it up.

“You can’t ignore the fact that he’s dead, Dean” Sam said, reaching out to touch his brother, who only moved away. “I get it, you’re sad, you loved him, but that doesn’t give you right to take advantage of Y/N”

Dean didn’t say anything. He was staring right out in front of him, an angry expression painted on his face. Sam didn’t know what he was talking about, with Cas or you!

“She loves you” Sam said when Dean ignored him, but if he had hoped for a reaction he got disappointed. “You know how much, and yet you keep doing this to her? What is wrong with you! She can’t replace Cas! “

“Of course she can’t! “Dean said. “I know that, and I am not trying to replace Cas! “

“Popcorns ready! “You yelled, before stepping into the room with a smile and two bowls full of popcorns. You gave one to Sam, and sat down beside Dean, placing it in his lap. You pressed the play button, unaware of the silent conversation that was going on over your head, as you snuggled closer to Dean.



Dean hit the bed beside you, leaving your body missing the heat from his. The only noise in the room was your heavy breathing, and you closed your eyes, enjoying the moment.

You couldn’t help a small chuckle to escape your lips. You rolled over, and snuggled closer to Dean even thought it was far too hot to lay so close to anybody. Your hand was spread across his bare chest, one leg over his, and your face buried in his neck.

”I love you” you whispered, breathing heavily out on Dean’s neck, before you fell asleep with a smile on your face, completely unaware of the storm raging inside of Dean.

buckshot1130  asked:

Alright Jan, I'm just asking this in the hopes of an actual answer to a question that's been bugging me for bloody years. Mrs. Mash's name. Her first name. What is it? Granted, I believe her name to be Elania. It was revealed in a live stream. Way back when AND the pony-Licious video. It's not a 'fan speculation' as you have said. THAT was her revealed name. Why you are denying it is odd. What are you hiding and why? You gave Button's 'brother' a name. So why not give us her full name?

There’s a bit of controversy about Button’s Mom’s real name, but I can debunk that her name is Elaina or any other name that you can find out there in the fandom.
Although it is true that the name Elaina was mentioned by ShadyVox in a livestream, that still isn’t her real name as nothing at the time was 100% established (partly the reason why her name isn’t mentioned in the first episode). Let’s just say fans have taken ShadyVox too literally at the mention of her name, as he simply said something around the lines of “I like Elaina as a name for her”, but again, that wasn’t it.

When it comes to characters, I like to give them a bit of mystery, so I thought keeping her name a secret would’ve made her more interesting. Her name however WAS planned to be revealed in episode 10 (the mini-series final) but again, it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the internet as far as I’m aware.

Hope this clears it up!

hotdamnj2  asked:

Something I was thinking about was Jared's shirt choice. No undershirt? No scarf? No beanie? Just a plain button down like his "brother" Jensen? Not his usual MO. Any theories?

Hello, darling!

I apologize for the late response. To clarify to anyone reading this, we are talking about Phoenix con J2 panels that happened on 11th of June.

I was delighted to see they had chosen to wear similar outfits! It reminded me of the bombastic panel at L.A. con in 2011. Someone had mentioned their matching during the photo-ops and they addressed the “issue” on the main panel right after welcoming the fans.

Wow, that was awkward. They call each other to talk about the colour of their shirts? How come I’m not buying any of this - not the call nor being bummed by the shirt choices? Especially since they stayed in Phoenix until Monday. You would think they both had something other than two or three black shirts packed. Neither of them were wearing a black shirt on the photo they took with fans the previous night.

As for Jared’s lack of accessories, I’m thinking he must’ve succumbed under the circumstances. It looks as if it was a really hot day - 38 C (100 F) being the peak during the afternoon. They did mention the heat and Jared appeared to be shimmering with sweat even without the extra layers.

Gold panel (FangasmSPN)

Afternoon panel (FangasmSPN)

It’s unclear to me whether he shed the undershirt, but it would make sense if he did. So, apologies, I don’t have a lot of theories on the clothing, but it’s interesting that they denied picking up similar shirts on purpose. ;) I guess we were not supposed to notice, or at least not to mention it… Thanks for the message, dear! I hope your weekend is going well.

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I’m so happy about the way my brother treats his 5 five year old son. My brother and I grew up in a pretty closed-minded, small town. He took his son (Sam) to the store and let him pick out a toy. Sam picked out a stereotypical “girls” toy. It was a little girl doll, in a purple dress, with a microphone, that sang when you pressed a button. My brother gladly bought it for him. The following weekend, Sam wanted to play with my mums lipstick. So my brother sat down and put mascara on him, too. We all told him he looked beautiful and he looked all shy and ran away. I like that my brother realises that his child likes toys regardless of what gender they were “designed for”, because these are just toys, and will not make his son more or less “masculine”. I like that he sees his son interested in make-up, and doesn’t make a big deal out of it. There were no comments about gender or sexuality. He just treated it like he should: a child being curious about the world around him. It makes me so happy that my brother is better than the environment that we were raised in.