the buttercup center


To @norbertsmom for all of the funny hijinks our pets do so does Katniss and Peeta’s beloved Buttercup.  Based off this picture a little Fluffy ‘G’

PS: un beta’d all mistakes are mine…enjoy…

Nothing in the house seemed right. Katniss pushed the chair to the side in the baby’s room. She stood back and looked at the nook. Her hands settled on her hips. Her nose wrinkled, she wanted a sitting area in the room, but no matter where she put the chair it didn’t sit well with her.  

Katniss put her back against the chair and moved across the room near the window, and then moved away carefully considering it, she took a small table and pushed it across the floor next to the chair. She pushed her hair away from her face, “Mother of pearl!”

It still wasn’t right. She rubbed her back, her belly was huge. She was in her ninth month and the urge to clean and move furniture had finally kicked the paralyzing fear she carried with her when she felt her baby move.

“UGHH,” Katniss muttered, her ire building, she’d changed the entire house.

Her fingernails tapped on the pant leg of her overalls. These days nothing fit except and absolutely nothing was comfortable except for dresses or Peeta’s painting overalls.

The clock in the house rang. It was five in the evening, Peeta was due at any minute and she had to get this right if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. She cocked her head to the side, she wanted the chair and table to face the window before Peeta got home but she couldn’t get it right.

It drove Peeta crazy to move the furniture around, but he didn’t complain because he knew she’d do it herself.  If he found her moving furniture again, she was sure her patient husband was going to blow a gasket.

The problem was Katniss couldn’t help it. She couldn’t stop cleaning their home, Katniss tried to explain it to Peeta but he was firm on her resting.  All because of one doctor who said she needed to make sure she stayed healthy due to not having a spleen. He didn’t want her to use the heavier cleaning products for fear the overexposure would cause her harm. But she’d found a way.

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You can hear Peter telling MJ to  “Muscle up, Buttercup!”  in a fitness center, and let me tell you, he’d be pissed if some new modeling agent told her even the slightest pudge in the waist is problematic and has to go. Anne Hathaway, ScarJo, a slew of body rocking vixens with bigger than average rumps, bosoms, or legit curves barely put themselves through any hell to look good for a role or a mag spread, and neither should Mary Jane. Though he does love seeing her toned elsewhere besides just the abdominal area. When your hubby lifts two tons, you gotta be able to at least curl a 40lb dumbbell for like twenty repetitions, so you can display the closest you have to superhuman strength when you pin him down in the sack. Also, her tricep game turns him on.