the butler's escape

  • Ciel: sebastian what the fuck
  • Sebastian: sorry young master i couldn't help myself
  • Ciel: that 'your parents are smoking hot' joke is way too overused idiot
  • Sebastian: with all due respect my lord, a pun that good could never get old
  • Ciel: yeah but you sure as hell got old u fucking grandpa how long have you even been alive


It is a period of Civil war rebel spaceships striking from a hidden base have won their first victory against the Galactic Empire. During the battle rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the empires ultimate weapon; The Varelsi Star. An extra dimensional space station able to swallow whole stars. Princess Phoebe races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore order to the galaxy…

She stores the stolen plans in her R2-Ultra unit and leaves him in the care of her trusted robot butler C3P-Marquis . And escape her starship just as Darth Rath boarded the vessel with his army of Storm Mike units. They crash land on the planet Ekunar to find the lost Jedi master O'Boldi wan Kenobi (Boldur)

Emperor Palpakleese has ordered that the R2 unit must be found so they send they’re best bounty hunter Bene Fett (Benedict) to the planet Ekunar

Upon finding Obuldi he promises to help the rebellion believing that Phoebe is to become the Jedi of prophecy. He will train Phoebe in the ways of the Force after they escape Ekunar and it’s hostile Tusken Foxtrots.

The team travel to Mos Eisley in search of a pilot. There they meet Reyna Solo and her unusually large and hairy friend Chewtana, crew of the Millenial Valkyrie. With the promise of a large reward Reyna agrees to deliver the crew back to the Rebel base on Bliss…

Sorry it was so long! I couldn’t think of a better way to do this. Oh and I omitted Luke because my mom really wanted Leia to be the Jedi of prophecy. Plus I couldn’t think who’d fit him anyway!