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*pulls up to drive through window* yeah can i get uhhh cute mutual jokamu pining with a cute ending *slaps down 5 dollars*

One mutual pining fic, no angst and a side of happy ending coming right up! Please pull around to the next window.


The butler stood in the kitchen, mindlessly drying the dishes he’d just finished washing. He worked with the speed of a seasoned professional, wicking away the remaining water from their surfaces and stacking them neatly in the cabinets. His eyes were closed as he worked, listening to the delicate melody that his master was playing from the ballroom. The song was light and peaceful, with a somber, crooning undertone. It was quite like her, in a way; content but hiding pain below the surface. Her skill was impressive, she rarely played but when she did he was utterly captivated. He loved to sit and watch her as she pulled the notes from the keys, however, she was dreadfully self conscious about her music. She created most of her melodies herself and hated to have others hear them.

Though always efficient, he worked twice as fast today, hoping to be able to catch a glimpse of the lovely young woman before she stopped playing. With the last dish settled into its place, he left the kitchen. Slowly and quietly he traipsed down the hall, avoiding the old wooden planks that he knew would squeak beneath his weight. He nudged one of the intricate double doors open, peering into the room. She sat her piano, red hair tucked behind her pointed ears, her long fingers dancing across the instrument. Her eyes were closed as she played, swaying to the rhythm. Her passion was intoxicating. He leaned on the door watching his master, his chest fluttering as his mind raced with thoughts of her.

Her song began to wind down and he began to applaud softly. He knew she’d hate that he’d watched her, but he couldn’t help it, she was as incredible as her song had been and she deserved praise.

“Jakob!” her cheeks burned a blazing crimson, her ruby eyes locking on to the white haired man watching her “How long have you been here!?” Her heart raced in her chest, he meant well and she knew that, but his presence alone was enough to fluster her.

He smiled as he walked toward her “Two minutes maybe. Your song was lovely, milady. One of your own creation I assume?”

“Yes… but you know I hate when you watch me play. I’m no good at it.” she turned her head away from him as she pouted, spilling her red hair down her back and shoulders.

“Nonsense! You’re fantastic, princess. If I could play half so well I’d be thrilled. Alas, music is one pursuit that escapes my grasp.” he lightly tapped one of the keys, summoning a high pitched note as he spoke.

The princess twisted on her bench, turning her face up toward her butler “… I could teach you.”

“You needn’t worry yourself over me, milady.”

“Oh stop that. You always teach me things, now let me show you something. Sit with me.” She scooted down the bench in a very undignified manner, patting the space she’d made for him.

He couldn’t deny her, he’d never been able to. Jakob slid onto the wood beside her, feeling her warmth radiating toward him.

“Okay, first you-” she paused as she watched her own hands, trying to explain something that came so naturally to her “Okay, hold them like this.” she lifted her splayed out hands toward him, giggling as he clumsily copied her.

“Like this?” he asked, displaying his very poor attempt to mimic her.

“No.” she laughed “But you tried. Here, sit still.” she stood quickly and moved behind him “Hold your hands over the keys.”

He did as instructed, barely hovering his large hands above the piano.

“Okay, now-” she leaned in, pressing her chest to his back and wrapping his arms around his chest. Her hands holding his, maneuvering his fingers into the correct positions. Her cheeks burned as if there were a fire beneath her skin, holding his hands in this way summoned a hundred thoughts that she knew better than to think.

He was extraordinarily thankful that she couldn’t see his face from this angle. His cheeks were flushed, her warmth and her body pressed into his back sent his heart racing. Even her aroma was tantalising, sweet and warm like a confection fresh from the ovens. Jakob cursed himself for not paying attention to her lesson, but how could he when she was holding him so.

“Think you can manage that?” She teased, drawing him from the haze of his daydream.

“Oh. Uhm, yes. I can” He stammered.

“Good!” She chimed, a brilliant smile growing across her pink tinted cheeks. The princess slid into place beside him on the bench, reveling in the sensation of his presence so near her.

“I’ll play and then when I nod at you, just tap the note I showed you.” she instructed as she lifted her dainty hands into place along the keys.

Her fingers began to prance along the ivory, drawing forth a splendid array of notes and melodies. Jakob watched her, the sun glinting off her crimson eyes and flaming red hair, the gentle way she nodded at him to play the somber note she’d assigned. She was lovely and beautiful but more than that, she was pureness and kindness, a soul unmarred by the hate and anger that dwelled within him. She was his light, his savior and the woman he loved; the woman he’d die for. In these small moments with her, nothing else mattered. His mind drifted further and he wasn’t sure if he was playing in time anymore, he truly would hate to disappoint her but drawing his eyes from her wasn’t in his power.

She could feel his gaze on her, warm and intense, stirring a fire within her. No one but him made her feel this way. He was he best friend and her butler. The classes dividing them meant nothing to her, it was wrong she knew, to think of him this way and yet she refused to stop. He was so kind and devoted, the moment she’d met him when he was only a small, frightened child, she’d felt a connection to him. In the years that had passed since, that connection had blossomed into a hidden love for the young man. She would lie, for his sake, and say he was a friend and nothing more, but she couldn’t lie to herself. She loved him. She had always loved him. In her mindless state, her graceful fingers fumbled and her song snagged.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered as she pulled her hands from the piano, twisting them nervously in her lap. Here in the dimly lit, cavernous room, only inches from her butler, she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Her heart thundered at the intimacy of it all, at the idea that her lips were only inches from his own… she could cross the distance, if she were brave enough she could kiss him.

“Don’t apologise milady. It’s quite alright, I’m afraid my playing was rather poor anyway.” he said quietly. His hand rested on the bench, the tip of his small finger lay against her thigh, he knew he should pull away but he didn’t want to, and she didn’t object to his proximity. He couldn’t think of what to say to her, he’d never had trouble speaking to her, but it was all he could do not to pour his heart out to the girl.

“I should get back to work. Gunter will have my head if he-”

Corrin gripped his hand, closing the space between him and cutting him of with a kiss. He hesitated, he wanted this more than anything, he wanted her touch, her kiss, her affection; all of it. But he was a butler and she a princess. He was the model of proper servitude in all regards but his love for her, it was wrong, it was brazen, it was a crime. And yet, he couldn’t stop himself, none of that mattered when she kissed him, when she touched him, when she looked him with those glimmering eyes as if he were the sun itself. He loved her. It took him only a moment to overcome his fear, quickly returning her kiss.

“I’m sorry.” she whispered yet again as she pulled back from him, her face glowing as red as her eyes.

“Don’t apologise, milady.” Jakob muttered, a delighted smile lingering on his lips. He ran his fingers through her hair as he studied every minute detail of her lovely face.

“Can I kiss you again?” she asked so softly he’d had to strain to hear her.

He leaned in slowly, cupping her chin his hand as he pressed into her soft lips “My dear, you can kiss me as often as you like.” he whispered as he pulled away.

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Reverse of the Maid AU. Jack is a butler for a rich Rapunzel.


The white haired man paused in mid stride, his white sleeves were rolled up, shirt untucked from his pressed black pants. His mouth was open, trying to sneak a pastry in before going back to shining silverware. He tucked the flaky goodness behind his back and turned a heel, looking into the door way.

Inside the rather large coat closet was the lady of the house, Mrs. Corona was always busy with fundraisers, dinners, and city hall that she rarely was seen in the house. Mr. Corona, the major of city, was much the same. Usually he forgot when they were actually home. He gave a charming white smile,

“Yes, Mrs. Corona?”

“I’ll be heading out for my flight, please do make sure that Rapunzel gets her dress for the ball tomorrow night and that she does actually attend this time.” The woman said with a sigh, gathering her coat and placing it over her arm. Jack gave her a nod,

“No problem.” He replied.

The woman gave him a smile and a pat on the shoulder before walking past him. He watched her walk away with a sigh. He had been working for this family for three years now. His step father, North, was a good friend of the mayor and the go to man for all the construction in the city. When Jack needed a job, the mayor had the perfect one for him: being a butler for their rather lonely daughter.

Rapunzel went to all private school her entire life, even now she went to the most prestigious college in the city. She had wanted to go to London to study but her parents wanted her close to home. The twenty year old was only a year younger than him and had the life experience of a ten year old. But…

Jack walked down the hall, chewing on his stolen snack as his eyes drifted through the large window to the gardens. He stopped, couldnt help but stare out at the beautiful girl sitting on a little wooden swing. Her feet were bare, her long golden hair fell down her back and swayed with her movements. She wore a summer dress with no shoes. She often spoke to him about her dislike for footwear, preferring sandals or nothing at all. Her big green eyes looked down at her romance book, smiling to herself.

The butler always thought that the daughter was pretty. He knew that the fact that she was rather beautiful, a little naive and the only child were some of the reasons the Coronas kept her as safe as possible. Jack’s breath caught in his throat when green eyes met his through the window. There was a moment before she gave him a smile and a small wave. With pale cheeks a bit pink, the boy waved back before walking out of sight. How embarrassing.

Hours were spent cleaning dishes, shining silverware, collecting clothes and running errands. He didnt mind his job. It paid well and his bosses were all nice. Not to mention he usually had a set time to arrive and leave everyday with the exception of special events at the mansion. The sun had set and he walked up the large master staircase to the blondes room, her mother had left for the week and Mayor Corona was gone as well on business. He knew that she usually locked herself up in her room at night so he carried the new finely hung dress bag to her room. He was dressed in his best slacks and white button up shirt, only this time he wore the black vest and tie with it as well. He wasnt a fan of the jacket so he usually just rolled up the sleeves when the parents were away.

“Rapunzel?” He called, giving a soft knock on her door. He sound of rustling along with soft taps on the hard wood floor made his brow furrow. His hand went to the knob and turned one of the french doors. “Punz, I grabbed you dress for– what are you doing?”

The blonde was dressed not in her pajamas but instead in pink party dress that hugged her figure, her silver heels in her hands and her hair curled in soft gold waves. Her green eyes were wide for a moment before she gave him a nervous smile.

“Umm…going out?” She answered, grabbing a purse off her vanity and putting it over her shoulder. Jack stared at her for a moment, his masculine tendency to be in awe of a girl like her. When she opened the window, everything snapped from her soft skin and cleavage back to the present situation. The butler moved to the window and looked her in the eye as sternly as he could muster,

“Whoa, princess, you can’t go out. Your mom has me driving you to appointments all day tomorrow to get ready for the ball at Dunbrochs.”

Rapunzel rolled her green eyes, “I’ll be back in time,” putting her heels on the window seat.

“Where are you going anyway?” He asked.

“To Han’s place for a party,” she grinned dreamily, “he actually invited me!”

Jack felt something constrict in his chest, imaging the blonde beauty in another mans arms, some spoiled brat who cared more about his designer shoes then another person. The last thing he wanted was his-no not his- innocent Rapunzel drinking and letting her guard down around some snotty college boys. Who was going to look out for her? No one, that’s who.

The white haired butler moved in front of the window, blocking it as she reach for the panels again. The girl looked at him and pouted, a flash of irritation in her eyes.

“You’re not going. The entire staff was told to make sure you kept to your studies and got ready for this ball.” Jack couldn’t believe the words coming out out of his mouth, the same mouth that used to smirk at the idea of getting in trouble. The mouth that used to be able to talk himself out of any situation he ever got in. God, he was turning into North and it was all because of some girl. Jack crossed his arms to make his point that he was not budging.

Rapunzel frowned, “Come on Jack, you can’t be serious!”

“Dead serious, princess.”

“It’s just one party!”

“Not happening.”

“I’m twenty years old, I can make my own decisions.” She argued, her hands on her hips.

Something about the fire in her eyes intrigued him, the way twin pools of emerald green flashed brightly. She was petite, only coming up to his shoulder; her pink dress shimmered in the light of her room and complimented her slim figure. Jack tilted his head and gave her a look that clearly read his disbelief.

“Well, your parents pay me to make sure you don’t make bad decisions. This would be one of them.”

Rapunzel threw her hands in the air with a cry of frustration. She spun around, putting her back to him with her arms crossed, “This is so unfair.”

Jack sighed, feeling guilt creep into his gut. If he was honest with himself, the only reason he wasn’t allowing her to leave was because of his own jealousy rather than his instructions from the Coronas. This was ridiculous. She was his boss’ daughter and some blue blood heiress. He should just let her run around because he shouldn’t care. He looked at her as she refused to look at him.

“If it was my call, I’d let you go but I’d like to keep my job. Hell, I’d be scheming to get the f-heck out of here too.” He confessed, “but if they found out I let you leave–”

Rapunzel turned to him, her bottom lip pursed with her disappointment. Her eyes were filled with sadness and her shoulders heavy with defeat. Well, now he just felt like shit.

“I have only been to dances and events my whole life, never an actual party like normal college girls. You know how they try and keep me here to ‘protect’ me but I’m not some investment that needs to be watched. I’m a twenty year old woman who hasn’t even had her first real kiss yet!” The blonde gushed, hands animatedly moving with her indignation.

Jacks eyes widened. He knew how sheltered she was, he was her driver and constant companion for awhile now. She told him about her childhood and the constant need to get away from her over bearing family. He never knew just how sheltered she was. They probably expected her to marry some equally wealthy law student, keeping her away from the 'riffraff’. He had to stop himself from rolling his eyes at his own thoughts.

“I dont want to be the 'mayors daughter’. I just want to be normal.” She mumbled sadly, walking past him to the window once more. Only this time she held herself lightly and stared out at the night sky.

Jack watched as her dress shimmered in the moonlight, her gold spun hair shone like a halo around her. If he was honest with himself, he could admit that he had always been attracted to her. He would have to be blind to not be. But it was more than that. There was something about her that he wanted to protect, something about her that made him want give her the world but shield her eyes from the bad parts. God, he sounded like a sap.

“I’ll show you.” He said suddenly, his mouth working before his brain caught up.

The girl turned, her eyes met his and her head tilted to the side. Curiosity bloomed around her and she raised an eyebrow at him, pursing her lips.

“Show me what?”

Jack ran a hand through his messy white locks, “I’ll show you everything you’ve missed, all the things that you’ve been protected from. If I’m there, there’s less of a chance I’ll lose my job.” He gave her a smirk.

It was like watching the sun come up, a child on Christmas Day. Her eyes lit up and her lips widened into a beautiful smile. She practically glowed with excitement. Even in her pink dress she hopped up and down, looking like a blonde bunny. Jack chuckled before he was attacked. Her arms went around him and pressed herself against him in a hug that he was lucky she wasn’t that strong. She giggled,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She cried, pulling away to back up toward the window. She sat on the window seat and grinned, “We can go to parties and bars! Oh, maybe a club? What about sky diving? I could get a tattoo, well not one my mom would–”

“Whoa, whoa slow down there, princess.” Jacks head spun with her words, imagining the amount of shit he was going to be in if Mayor Corona or North ever found out he was helping Rapunzel rebel. The butler walked up to her, looking down at her to try and seem stern, “We have to be discrete, so one thing at a time. You need to learn to be sneaky or this isn’t going to work.”

Rapunzel nodded enthusiastically, “Got it.”

Jack raised an eyebrow at her, “you’re gonna get me fired aren’t you?”

Rapunzel giggled, moving so that she sat up on her knees, closer to his height standing up. She held out her pinky to him innocently,

“I promise not to get you fired, if you promise to show me the world. Deal?” She offered. Jack looked at her small pinky. Inwardly he couldn’t help but find her adorable but on the outside he crossed his arms and gave her a suspicious look. With a bat if her eyelashes and a small smile, he sighed and raised his pinky to her. They wrapped their little fingers around the others.

Her eyes met his and there was a look he couldn’t place.

“First request?” She said softly.

He didn’t say anything but moved closer to her. With a tug of his little finger, her lips touched his own softly. His eyes widened for a moment, yet she didn’t pull away. His heart raced and he closed his eyes, pressing his lips against hers as well. He knew he shouldn’t being doing this. He was taking her first kiss, for Gods sake. But his mouth moved without his consent, lips moving against hers. He knew that she was following his lead, her movements were hesitant, copying the way he opened his mouth a bit to take it deeper.

She tasted like cherries.

He took a step forward, his body moved towards her, never wanting to break contact. He brushed his tongue over her bottom lip and felt her gasp. He liked that sound. Lips moved, sighs and gasps came from her as if he choreographed it each time when his knees hit the window seat, he leaned forward to capture her lips again…

Wait, lean forward?

Blue eyes opened just as the blonde pulled out of the kiss. He found himself leaning over the window seat and almost to the open window. His eyes met mischievous green. With a smile and a small wave, the blonde beauty made quick work of the lattice fence piece under her window, hoping down the ivy covered wood then jumping onto the soft grass. Jacks mouth was open in shock.

“…” He stuttered, leaning out the window.

Rapunzel smiled and picked up her shoes she had tossed out the window. The butler watched her as she bowed. The entire kiss was a distraction. She had backed out the window without him even noticing.

“So I’ll work on my sneaking when I get back, okay?” She said with a Cheshire smile and a skip in her step as she turned and headed off the property.

The butler scowled, pale cheeks pink, “Spoiled brat.”


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