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Think Business

As artists and animators, we’re always looking to get better in our craft. 

I encourage you to also learn how to be better businessmen/businesswomen when it comes to having your skills used for projects. This topic doesn’t get shared much in art school (I really wish it was), where students can learn better in conducting business strategies and negotiations with clients and fellow collaborators. 

You don’t have to take business classes per se - there are plenty of business/entrepreneur magazines at your local bookstore, YouTube talks, and possibly even community events in understanding how to strike deals. You don’t want to cheat yourself the time and effort you’re putting in for someone who is willing to give you less than what you deserve. 

It will also allow you to think of other ways of creating income (no, not Breaking Bad like income, come on now! lol), so that you can have various resources while still fulfilling your passion. Continue to grow strong in your art, and in your business fellow animators! 

Three weeks later than what I originally scheduled but I’m finally done! This was a secret project I’ve been working on since end April and honestly it was so hard not to spoil it. I had such a fun time making the wedding fanzine I thought why not do an actual book for real this time so I did!

Please excuse the terrible lighting I shot this at midnight lol , and thank you for putting up with the lack of art uploads while I concentrated on finishing this project!

“It might’ve been the most I’ve ever felt ‘I’m happy to be a skater’ in my life.”

Yuzuru Hanyu’s interview after performing at Fantasy on Ice in Kobe. Please do not use my translations without my permission.

Translation starts at 0:37

I: Thank you for your hard work.

Y: Thank you.

I: You got fired up, didn’t you.

Y: It was amazing, wasn’t it? It was fun. And I was able to watch Plushenko, who I respect, perform live. It was really a show that we created while having fun.

I: And… sex bomb, right?

Y: That was fun. It might’ve been the most or second most I’ve ever felt ‘I’m happy to be a skater’ in my life.

I: You showed us your short program for a season of showdowns and blinded us with expectations.

Y: There are still many parts that I haven’t completed, as well as parts I’m not satisfied with. But I want to do my best and aim for the best performance I can give each time.

I: Please say something to your fans in Kansai.

Y: I’ll be doing my very best from now on too, and next year on Fantasy on Ice - ah, I shouldn’t say next year - from now on I’ll always using my full power in shows and competitions. I’m continuing on your support from now on.

Not too sure what happened to this spread, but it reminds me of the stickers that I give my younger tutoring students… 🐚also, why did I think that I would have less to write in my bujo in the summer?? I have SO much going on that I can hardly keep track! Thursday alone I had two interviews (one for part-time nannying, which I pretty much got on the spot, and one at Winners that I will hear back about next week)… next week I am meeting new tutoring students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, plus I recently got the opportunity to do some promotional work for really good pay but super long hours in the hot sun. At this point I’m not even sure what to say yes and what to say no to!!!

May I have your attention please ^<^ (just a smol bit)

Thanks for the Hope and Inspiration! <3

I want to thank you all, but…

I want to give a special thanks to:

@apocalypse-prevention-agency & @omgaflyingpig

Thanks for being awesome friends, for encouraging me, and caring about me as a person. Maybe life isn’t always great, but I am glad to go through it, with God, and with friends like you.

I was… actually almost planning on giving up art for good, but, thanks to you two, reminding me, that God has great plans for even my simple doodles, and making me feel like my art was… worth something ^w^. I am inspired to make great things again.

Show them some love please, we need more people that care for you, not just when it’s convenient for them, but people who really care.

in less than an hour i get to see my wiiiife

she was supposed to be in at 4 but some flights got delayed (which worked out bc my dumb ass got lost going to a hotel that I’ve been to before, in an area of a city i should know fairly well by now)

but aaah I’m dying its FINALLY HAPPENING

clearui announces

First, I’ve made a Senbura log

(I don’t know how it’s show on your screen, at least mine is like this.)

My senbura logs means to keep track on Senbura related stuff I’ve translated so far. This log was meant for personal use, but it won’t hurt that everyone can check this instead scrolling down on my blog page by page. (/)u(\)

Oh, and also…

It’s already summer break, so I decided to take a break from otome-blogging for at least until the summer break over. I’ll still be playing as usual though. You can find me lurking around in twitter (as usual) if you want to talk something. (/)u(\)

See everyone after summer break~~! (* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ マタネー♪

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afro-desis exist but they are a new ethnic mix and identity from recent relationships. What do you plan on continuing? Unfortunately you will have to make a choice. Will you marry another Afro-desi? An African? An Indian? Depending on what you choose, you're path and culture of your children will be different.

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Busy with work and busy with theatre (lol, what an excuse… But yes many shows) but there should be a new Titanic AU chapter out tomorrow and hopefully a prompt (that I haven’t chosen yet) filled by the end of Sunday ^.^