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Coming To My Senses

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Anonymous Requested: I have this idea: Bellamy and the reader were very close but they fought about his mission in Mount Weather and she was super angry at him but she was hurt in bombing in Tondc and she was in coma for couple of days. And when she wakes up she is very desorientated but it’s the moment when everyone are back. So some emotional reunion, angst and stuff? Thanks!

Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Warnings: none.


You felt yourself snap awake, as if you’d woken up from a nightmare. Your body burned with pain and the memory of where you were was gone. You blinked, staring up at the ceiling before in dazed confusion. Slowly, you set your hands beside you and pushed up groaning out in pain. Your eyes felt heavy but it felt like you’d been asleep for hours, days even. Finally you sat straight up and surveyed your surroundings, despite your confusion you knew enough to know you were in your bedroom on the Ark.

Your eyes fell to the person sat beside your bed, who was asleep and recognized him to be Bellamy. Your eyes widened in surprise, the memory of him last flooding into your mind and the last conversation you’d ever had with him had been when he told you he was going undercover into Mount Weather. Your head hurt as you thought about the argument that had befallen between the two of you, and how exactly he was beside you right now.

“Bellamy?” Your voice somehow seemed to snap the boy right awake, and with a jerk he sat up to face you. Bellamy’s face fell with a mixture of surprise and relief and the sight of you and without thinking his hand reached out to grasp your own. With narrowed and confused eyes, you stared at the boys darker ones. “Bellamy? What’s happening? How- How are you here?”

“You were in a coma.” Bellamy slowly explained and you felt your body freeze - what? “Back in TonDC, a bomb went off… Octavia found you in the rubble and you hadn’t woke up since then.”

“A bomb…” Slowly the memory of that flooded in and your eyes widened; “is everyone else okay?”

A smile slip upon Bellamy’s lips as he nodded; “everyone else is okay.” You nodded and silence fell over you two, the unspoken both on your minds. “Y/N,” Bellamy finally spoke. “We won - the battle against Mount Weather, it’s over.”

“And our people?”


Silence fell again as you stared at the side Bellamy’s face, unsure of what to say. It seemed though, you both knew what you wanted to say as you both turned towards each other. Letting out a soft laugh, you scoot forward the best you could, Bellamy helping and pressed a kiss against his temple. “I’m sorry. I should’ve never gotten mad at you like that - you were doing what was best for our people… for me.”

Bellamy smiled gently at your words; “you had every right to be upset.” He squeezed your hand, “I didn’t want to leave you too. Just in case… you know-”

“But you didn’t,” you smiled, “you haven’t.”

wade is a retired elite four member, he still specializes in fairy type pokemon, which is why he’s made it his life’s mission to meet the most powerful fairy type pokemon to exist, xerneas

back in his time as an elite four member, wade was known only by his masked persona, no one knows what he actually looks like

wade’s first pokemon was an eevee, he got eevee from the pokemon professor that had lived in his childhood town, his own preference for fairy type moves soon had eevee evolving into sylveon

his second pokemon was a mime jr, the same one that got caught in the fire that almost killed wade and left him with horrific burn scars across his body, the mime jr had safeguarded wade from the worst of the fire and kept him alive long enough for help to arrive, mime jr hasn’t left wade’s side since, it soon evolved into mr mime, the pokemon retained it’s own burn scars after evolution and has come to haunt the dreams of children ever since, it looks creepy as fuck

mimikyu was the one who really adopted wade, when wade vistited a local pound to pick up his mime jr who had run away to cause mischief and got caught by the local pokemon control, he saw a little mimikyu cowering in the corner of it’s pen, wade noticed that it was trying to hide a tear in it’s costume, so he gave it one of his spare masks to wear while it got a new costume, he smiled at mimikyu when he gave it a mask and said “now you look like me”, mimikyu grabbed onto wade and wouldn’t let go, he had no choice but to adopt the pokemon on his way out, mimikyu refuses to wear anything but wade’s masks ever since

wade is always very out and proud about having a diancie, he actually stole diancie during his time as an elite four member, the pokemon museum of natural history had been displaying the sleeping pokemon after it had been discovered in the far north, wade waltzed right in and woke the pokemon up, challenged it to battle, and won the battle and diancie’s trust, the pokemon historical society hates him and the museum has him on a lifetime ban, but nobody challenged him because who the fuck is going to go up against an elite four member, he’s working on hunting down a mega stone for the pokemon

keldeo is a special case, it’s the only pokemon in wade’s team that isn’t fairy type, he actually woke the poor thing up when he was poking around kalos ruins, looking for information on xerneas, it got understandably mad and challenged wade who beat keldeo soundly, since then it started following wade around and challenging him again and again, eventually they came to an agreement and keldeo joined wade in order to become stronger

togepi is the newest addition to the team, wade found an egg abandoned at the daycare center when he came to pick up sylveon and adopted it because he wasn’t sure who else would, somewhere along the way togepi hatched, wade doesn’t care that togepi is becoming a spoiled brat because of how much he coddles it, togepi has a lot of potential and could become very strong if wade actually made it train, he’s setting them both up for failure

good things about the prequels
  • liam neeson
  • omg so many robots
    • literal war hero r2d2??
  • ewan mcgregor
    • the fact that he couldn’t stop making light saber noises
    • is he supposed to look so jesus-y or is it just a beautiful coincidence?
  • the literal one scene in phantom menace without any CGI
  • the music
    • @ john williams haters: FIGHT ME
  • “lost a planet, master obi-wan has. how embarrassing.”
  • christopher lee’s voice
  • “good call, my young padawan”
    • a line that was made to be giffed
  • yoda’s “i fuckin told u” face every time anakin does something dumb
  • hayden christensen’s hair, once he gets rid of that dumb braid
  • the complete lack of subtlety in character names
    • “count dooku” is the most evil name i have ever heard
    • “general grievous” and “lord sidious” are tied for second
    • “darth plagueis?” are you kidding?
  • that part where r2 screams and runs into the wall
  • like 5 whole seconds in revenge of the sith where everyone is happy
  • obi-wan abandoning cloaks wherever he goes
  • sometimes you just need a lil’ angst in your life

I seriously miss my beautiful crispy boy so much! I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from Honest Hearts when I first played it, but it is still definitely one of my most favorite game DLC’s of all time!

I don’t even know how many years it’s been, but I’m still recovering from it not being canon to take him with me as a permanent companion. Graham, how could you hurt me?? D: 

(Had to reupload. Something went wrong last time.)

Two years difference 💙 There is no easy way, there is no secret 💙 It’s gonna take hard work and sacrifice 💙 You will want to give up, you will cry, you will probably think you can’t do it 💙 But you can 💙 Never give up on yourself because you are capable of so much more than you think 💙 DO NOT GIVE UP 💙

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One thing about the company Roosterteeth that makes me super happy is the diverstiy in body image throughout their casts and crew. And nobody is shamed or looked down on for not being society’s idea of normal.

You’ve got people like Blaine, Aaron, James, Bruce, and Alan who are all in really good condition, physically fit, and workout often. And then you have the guys and gals who have recently started to improve themselves like Michael, Ryan, Meg, Josh, and Zach. And nobody told them to do it, they did it for themselves. Burnie talked a lot about his process to lose weight,and did a damn good job of it. Look at him five or six years ago as opposed to now. Goddamn. Hell, three of the five I’ve mentioned made a show about it, and happily encourage others advice and support if the community wants to work alongside them.

Not all of Roosterteeth is fit though. Obviously, not everyone wants to be super toned, drink protein and watch their carb intake. (Not that any of that is bad, I do it myself.) There’s a huge array of body types at RT. Many of them are happy with who they are, comfortable in their own bodies, and are proud of themselves. Sure, Jack gets lots of shit for his weight, but he takes it stride, and laughs and jokes about it himself. That man is the living embodiment of sunshine, large or not. Don’t forget Lindsay, who takes more than her fair share of insults about her weight and looks. But she’s one of the nicest and happiest people I’ve ever seen in camera. And as I mentioned before, Zach Anner, a disabled man has incredible self worth. Incredible. He takes his disability in stride. And still seeks to improve himself.

Nobody at RT is the same. Every single person is unique. Several of the people at RT have awesome hair colors, tattoos (looking at you Geoff), or differing seuxalities than their peers. And they’ve never shown anything but support for their fanbase regarding those things.

Got tattoos? Great. No tattoos? Awesome. Red hair? Green hair? Pink Hair? No hair? Perfect, get to work. Like girls? Boys? Both? None? Cool, come watch this new video we put out. Thin? Not thin? Muscular? Come help set up this new stunt that Blaine’s gonna get naked in.

Nobody is made fun of because of their weight, ability to workout, or lack thereof, hair color, or sexuality. At the company or in in the community. Are there people in the community that are assholes? Absolutely. But these people I watch nearly every day of my life have taught me a lesson. You can look however you want. Be whomever you want. And be happy with yourself.

And I have to thank the Roosterteeth company for teaching me not to hate the fact that I’m not perfect. That with a little bit of work, I can be who I want to be, or just even just be me.

Why drink infused waters?

1. Green tea, mint, and lime - For fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.

2. Strawberry and kiwi - For cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

3. Cucumber, lime, and lemon - For water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion

4. Lemon, lime, and orange - For digestion vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn, (Drink this one at room temperature)

Infused waters are good for detoxification energy and hydration. Put as much fruit in water as you like and let the water sit for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

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2013 vs. 2017. When you look at the difference between these two pictures it’s quite dramatic but there were dozens of in-progress pictures between these two! This doesn’t happen overnight. My biggest tip is to not let one bad day or meal ruin your week. Progress is inevitable if you stay consistent. You don’t have to be perfect but you have to learn to bounce back from set backs! The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new ❤

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Dean didn’t even question it. He drove straight there because it’s Cas. He burned his body and he still didn’t waver when he heard that voice. Only in his wildest dreams did he think he’s ever see Cas again, then he heard his voice, and now he’s standing before him.

So sorry, Dean “I don’t believe in anything” Winchester. You love that fool, and he loves you.