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Harlem in the 1920s & 30s, as the circuit parties of their day, the drag balls provided a startling glimpse of the national scope of gay life. Men traveled from across the country to attend the Hamilton Lodge Ball and other cities’ signature balls, and partisans trumpeted the virtues of the New York ball over its rivals in Chicago, New Orleans, and Berlin. Those who couldn’t attend the balls were treated to detailed accounts of them in the black press and Broadway gossip sheets. 


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▪ Family crest is on his left clavicle
▪ Cloak color is Arctic
▪ Literal ‘Prince Charming’
▪ The softest of the 17 brothers
▪ Always has a smile on his face
▪ Constantly comforting people
▪ Enjoys helping the servants
▪ Laughs at everything tbh
▪ Doesn’t like being a Prince
▪ But doesn’t ever complain about it
▪ ‘I should be thankful for what I have’
▪ Literally too precious for this world
▪ Likes to cook
▪ But can’t
▪ Has to be at least 20 feet from the kitchen at all times
▪ Tried once
▪ Almost burned down the entire palace
▪ ‘I literally have no idea how I did this’
▪ Very down to Earth and humble
▪ Doesn’t like talking about his problems
▪ Because he doesn’t like burdening others
▪ Gets along well with everyone
▪ The favorite sibling
▪ Enjoys sleeping in the library while Haechan reads
▪ Loves reading books about the stars
▪ Paints on his wall
▪ His bedroom is a literal art museum
▪ Galaxies
▪ Stars
▪ Constellations
▪ He really loves space
▪ Not exactly observant
▪ But not entirely oblivious
▪ Most Princesses find him too ‘shy’
▪ Doesn’t really mind
▪ ‘But, I don’t want to marry just some girl.’ - Him
▪ ‘That’s how this works, Mark, I’m afraid you have no choice.. Who knows? You may fall in love with whoever our parents have for you.’ - Taeyong
▪ ‘But.. ‘ - Him
▪ ‘No buts, this is life. We must deal with it.’ - Taeyong, sadly, because he hates it, too.
▪ Sulks for a few days after the conversation
▪ Eventually speaks to their mother about it
▪ ‘Do I have to marry someone of a royal family..? That I don’t know?’ - Him
▪ ‘Not necessarily, Sweetheart. Your father, and I just want what’s best for the Kingdom.’ - Her
▪ ‘What if I fall for someone who isn’t a Princess…?’ - Him
▪ ‘Do you think we believe all of our sons, all seventeen of them, would end up with Princesses, Mark..?’ - Her
▪ He doesn’t respond
▪ ‘Of course not. Some of you will, and some of you won’t. As long as the Kingdom is on stable grounds, then do as you please. With war going on beyond our land, you just need to be ready to rule.’ - Her, patting his head.
▪ He eventually shakes off the thoughts of it
▪ Goes about his life

- Lover -
▪ You, are a thief
▪ Not because you enjoy it
▪ Because you’re an outsider
▪ A rivaling kingdom
▪ The village didn’t accept you
▪ You have nowhere to go
▪ He caught you one night
▪ Sneaking around the Palace garden
▪ Stealing fruit
▪ ‘It’s not very safe sneaking onto the Palace grounds.’ - Him
▪ You would freeze
▪ Knowing you were about to die
▪ ‘Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be the one to tell on you..But, you can’t simply just eat fruit forever.’ - Him
▪ You stayed quiet
▪ Eventually apologizing for trespassing before vanishing into the forest
▪ He never stopped thinking about you
▪ Until he was in the village
▪ And you were being dragged by the guards for stealing
▪ He stopped them
▪ You ran away again
▪ But he followed without you knowing
▪ Watched you for a little while
▪ Drawing you
▪ When night falls he finds you asleep on a pile of leaves
▪ Covers you with his arctic colored cloak
▪ Falls asleep leaning against the tree by you
▪ You panic
▪ He eventually brings you to the palace
▪ Gets you some food
▪ Clothes
▪ ‘Why did I just know this was going to happen?’ - His mother
▪ You’re both in his room, and jump ten feet in the air at her voice
▪ Panicking
▪ ‘Please don’t put her awa—’
▪ ‘I wasn’t going to, Mark. I’m not upset- Just take care of her, I know you will.’ - Her
▪ You remained his
▪ Becoming a Princess when you wed
▪ You often help him in the village
▪ Doing small things around the palace
▪ A cliche
▪ Romantic
▪ Cute couple

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If you had to design a crown/some kind of jewelry at Burn's request (getting a art commission from your favorite character amiright?), what would it look like? I could totally picture Queen Burn building herself a palace of bones over her lifetime. Some pieces she'd commission, but most she'd make herself. She'd love something like Sedlec Ossuary, which is covered floor to ceiling in arrangements of bones. Oh no, I just thought of Burn making a monument to her mom out of her own bones.

what an interesting idea!!! she could have some pretty funky crowns made for her!! (ft skywing horns, walrus tusks, longhorn steer horns, prongs from caribou/deer, teeth, some funky bones from a snake, etc….)!!! 

idk ive always kind of enjoyed the idea that she doesnt wear or need a crown..or an extravagant one, at least. i feel like shes such a figure (and knows it too) that some kind of assertion of status is unnecessary to her. 

but i doodled up some concepts anyways because i can never pass up an opportunity to draw my fav <3

(fancy little crown, probably dug up from the treasury for kicks; a bone one + a matching necklace. nice; and a plain drab one, bc why not :3c)

Lance: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.


Lance: FLOOR IT?






Coraline has nightmares. Sometimes her parents run into her room to wake her up, finding her thrashing, slapping at the air screaming “get off me!” Sometimes they wake up and find her hugging them tightly, skinny arms locked around their bodies. Sometimes they wake to find her patting their eyes, making sure they don’t have buttons, she says. Sometimes she goes outside and checks the garden, smiling when she sees that the flowers have still wilted from the heat.

When her mother drums her fingers on the counter, Coraline shivers and begs her to stop. She doesn’t go into the drawing room anymore, as a rule of thumb, unless the cat is there, and when they do, they both stare at the little door with the brick wall behind it like it might explode.

When the buttons on her jacket popped off and her father fetched the button box to sew it back on, she jerked back like he had tried to hit her. Zippered jackets became the norm.

With her own money, she bought a new cover for the well, strong and heavy, and put rocks on top for good measure. She declared it should be safe when she was done, and nobody wanted to ask why.

She considers burning down the Palace one day, but the thought of there being no door alarms her more than the thought of the door itself, so she quickly scraps that idea.

Her parents get concerned, wondering if somebody had hurt her one day when they were out. They get her help. She denies it all, sticking to a story about another family in the wall with buttons for eyes who ate the souls of kids. Nobody believes her. She doesn’t expect them to. She’ll keep them safe anyway.

  • The Jedi Council: Obi-Wan, are you sure you are still able to give an objective analysis of Anakin's adherence to Jedi principles?
  • Obi-Wan, from where he is lovingly braiding Anakin's hair and adorning it with daisy chains: Sorry, what?
Peasants' Revolt: The time when women took up arms - BBC News
The Peasants' Revolt of 1381 has always been believed a male-dominated affair, but new research shows the role of women.

On 14 June 1381, rebels dragged Lord Chancellor Simon of Sudbury from the Tower of London and brutally beheaded him. Outraged by his hated poll tax, the insurgents had stormed into London looking for him, plundering and burning buildings as they went.

It was the leader of the group who arrested Sudbury and dragged him to the chopping block, ordering that he be beheaded.

Her name was Johanna Ferrour.  

In court documents she was described as “chief perpetrator and leader of rebellious evildoers from Kent”. She also ordered the death of the treasurer, Robert Hales.

As well as leading the rebels into London, she was charged with burning the Savoy Palace - the grandest townhouse in London at the time - and stealing a chest of gold from a duke.

Johanna Ferrour did nothing wrong

DEAR FRIENDS: “you inspire me more than you think”


dear friends “fuck the old generation
start something new”

we’re about to release a new documentary about east bay punk rock.. it’s a document about a time in our lives of being young. trying new ideas. and singing along together.. but just remember that this is the past.. if you get anything out of a documentary it should be to start something new and blaze a new trail. do not listen to any so called elder statesman’s opinion about what YOU are doing.

most likely if it doesn’t make sense to the previous generation then they are too old to get it. and they allowed time to get the best of them.. and they have not earned your respect .

I never want to be an elder statesman or royalty of anything.
most likely that palace burned to the ground many years ago.. the future punks and poets are the ones that create something new.

if there are young kids practicing in the garage, turn that garage into a gig and invite all your friends.

if you have a microphone and GarageBand or a cassette tape. record it and make it your album.. if you get sick of reading about opinions and bands you don’t like, start your own fanzine and speak your truth.

if someone tells you your not good enough. tell them they were never invited and do it anyway.

many people have a war story but most of them have never seen war.. just be true to yourself. as I know you do.. I love all the green day fans because they have passion and desire to live life on their own terms. to be weird and loud and create something new that some people just don’t get. and therefore you inspire me more than you think.

eternal gratitude
rage and love

last lines meme

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Cite the final line of five of your fics – your favorites, or the most recent ones. Tag five writers who should do this next.

1) Her hammer was brought forward by one of her attendants and she used it, the sound resonating loudly in the silence of the room.
“The Law is hard, but it is the Law.”
sed lex dura lex, shadowhunters, gen, canon divergent, alec lightwood-centric

2) There are ghosts in Whitehall Palace.
the ghosts of whitehall palace, the tudors, character study

3) They are still protecting the kingdom, the King, the Queen. It is their sacred duty. They won’t fail at it.
of peaches and feathers, the musketeers, character study

4) He is prey to the flames – the homely fire that attracted Catalina and Anne, that attracted him too.
A burning pyre he will let himself being surrounded by, if that’s the last thing he ever does.
He cannot stay away from the Sun.
of homely fire and burning pyre, the tudors

5)  Perhaps it is time for the Dauphin to have a little brother, Louis muses. He will have to wait a little before Anne is comfortable sharing her bed with him again, probably a matter of days, but it should be done anyway. For France, and for the House of Bourbon.
deliver us from evil, the musketeers, canon divergent

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After watching the trailer I remembered the visions Rey had.. Luke an artoo witnessing something burning and the knights of ren shot raining.. and now in the new trailer Luke sees like a palace burning and if you look closely it seems that it starts raining.. do you have any thoughts about that?

uhm it seems to be the same scene? i know a lot of ppl thinks that part is the past but there’s also theories that rey havent seen the past but the future even tho it’s raining and that scene where knights of ren appears (and it looks like that scene is past) it’s also raining.

if it;s the past it’s prob kylo ren killing luke’s students (and i think it’s rey’s  force vision again or luke’s) and we will finally see what happened and how. i mean we know kylo killed all of them etc but we will see what happened.