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Our Little Secret-Part Five

Summary: You and Dean figure out how to tell Sam. Later the two of you try something that Dean hasn’t really done


Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Face Fucking for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4300

Warnings: Smut, fingering, oral, rough sex, squirting, language

A/N: I’m sorry. I was going to wait until tomorrow afternoon to post this, but I couldn’t help myself. Thank you so much for reading. I absolutely love writing this series and sharing it with you. Any feedback is always appreciated.

“You want to tell Sam?” He’s got that crease on his forehead, “I thought you didn’t want him to know.”

You smile, stretching your neck, kissing right below his ear, “But you do.”

“You’re okay with it?” He’s confused, “You’re sure?”

“Yeah,” you nod, “I’m sure.”

You’re not sure, not at all, but you kinda need to take the chance.

Dean pulls you up, pressing his lips against yours, kissing you deeply before breaking away.

You giggle, “I guess it will be easier too, we won’t have to come up with excuses for getting a different room.”

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A kind man and a kind woman let me take these photos of their amazing food purchases

Left: triple decker cheese burger with Krispy Kreme donuts as buns

Right: fried chicken sandwich with ice cream and a Krispy Kreme donut as the bread topped with fruity pebbles


Burgers, ice cream sandwiches, acai bowls and tarts - all #VEGAN 👅 Please do tell me how this lifestyle restrictive 😩 So bloody good, thank you once again @themarketshed
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Instagram: @annietarasova

Childhood Crush // Carl Gallagher x Reader

*not my gif 
Summary: You and Carl have been best friends ever since you guys just little kids. The two of you became best of friends that you couldn’t live a day without Carl. And when you and Carl finally grew up as a teenager, you then found out Carl is falling for you.
A/N: Sorry!! I know was suppose to post this story a few days ago! but here it is now! Thank you so much for being so patient and reading all my stories. Your feedbacks make me so happy! Hugs and kisses xo P.S this one is a request! :) 

It’s summer vacation and Y/N is at Gallagher’s household to have a mini pool party. Y/N is at their house every single day. However, the family didn’t really care because they treat Y/N as a family since Carl and Y/N are best friends. The two have known each other since they were just 8. “Who wants burgers?” Kevin shouted as he flips some patties on the grill, “We do!” Everyone said, smiling as they have so much fun. “Here you go, burgers for everyone.” Kevin smiled, giving them their food. “Thanks, Kev.” Y/N smiled, giving it a big bite. Y/N gave out a sigh on how amazing the burger tasted, “This is a-okay, dude!” Y/N said with her mouth full.

 "Of course, I made it. And this last burger is for Carl. But where is he?“ Kevin asked, "Oh, his inside the bathroom.” Lip said, standing up from his seat, “I’ll go get him, just wait for a sec.” He then walks inside his house from the back door and knocked on the bathroom. “Hey, your burger is waiting for you, pal,” Lip said, putting his hands on his hips. “I can’t fucking do it,” Carl said, behind the door. “What do you mean you can’t?” Lip asked. “I can’t tell Y/N that I like her.” Carl sighed as he opened up the door. 

Lip saw how disappointed Carl is to himself, he knew how Carl felt because when Lip was in love with Karen, he was so scared to admit to her or to anyone. He was at the same position as Carl when he was just 16. “Man up, dude. Or just don’t tell her yet, keep it to yourself for awhile if you think today is not the right time.” Lip said, playfully pushing his little brother’s shoulder. Carl then had a smile appeared on his face, pushing Lip back and started to playfully punch each other as they leave the house, laughing. “There he is!” Fiona chuffed. “Your burger is cold now,” Kevin said. 

“It’s alright, I could eat this little shit face’s burger.” Carl joked as he took Y/N’s burger and ate it all. “Says the dickwad himself.” Y/N said punching his arm as Carl laughed at her. Veronica awed and admired Y/N and Carl’s relationship as best friends. Carl and Y/N looked at Veronica looking all dreamy, “What?” Carl asked. “You guys grew up so quickly.” She said. 

“We did but we still feel like we’re just some two little kids doing dumb things.” Y/N explained as she looked at Carl. Carl became so speechless when his crush looked at him like that. He started to think how beautiful and amazing Y/N is. “Have you guys ever thought about of dating?” Fiona joked, making Carl so serious and looked at Fiona. 
“Yeah, like have a little picnic at the park! Oh, and star gazing!” Debbie squealed, making everybody laugh.

“No way. I would never date Y/N, this fuckface can never have all of this!” Carl said as he touched his whole body. Y/N rolled her eyes at him and laughed, “It’s true! I would never have that body because I don’t go for guys like Carl.” Y/N laughed, Carl lost his smile on his face and he felt his heart crushed into tiny little pieces. “I’m kidding, whenever I’m with Carl, I always feel like I’m on a date with him.” Y/N smiled. 

“So right now?” Carl asked. Y/N nod her head at him and laughed. “That’s so gay!” Carl laughed harder making Y/N very annoyed.“I was just being nice, Carl Gallagher.” Y/N said, rolling her eyes again. 

“So how about that one time, you can’t stop talking about Y/N during dinner?” Kevin asked. Carl quickly looked at Kevin and widen his eyes, signing him to stop it. “Yeah, and the day when I was working out, you came up to me for some advice on love and you even said you ‘kinda’ have a girlfriend. Was that Y/N?” Ian asked him. 

Carl then started to feel so embarrassed and he became very red. “And you came inside my room saying you miss Y/N so much,” Fiona said, mocking Carl. “Isn’t it right, Carl?” Fiona laughed.

Carl became angry, making everyone quiet. “Fuck you guys,” he said, walking out in front of them and walking straight to the house. “Carl…” Fiona said, frowning. Carl slammed the door, walking back up in his room.

“We should’ve done that, I’m sorry Y/N for doing something childish.” Kevin apologized, as she just nods her head at him. “I better talk to Carl.” Y/N said standing up and walked to Gallagher’s house.

As Y/N entered the room, she started to call out Carl, walking up the stairs. “Carl?” She said, opening the door to his room. She saw Carl in bed, with headphones and his eyes closed. “Carl.” Y/N called out once again. Carl ignored her. 

She then walked towards Carl, taking off his headphones. His eyes opened just to see Y/N in front of him. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be with them?” Carl asked her, standing up from his bed. “Yeah, but I wanted to be with you.” Y/N said, brushing her arm with her hand. “But it’s boring here, you should go back outside,” Carl said, as he walks towards his drawer to get some comfortable clothes for him to wear in bed. “Hey, Carl.” Y/N quietly said. 


“I like you too.” Y/N said as she looked down to her fingers. Carl’s eyes widen and turned around to look at her. “What did you just said?” Carl asked again. “I said I like you…” She said quietly again. Carl started to smile and he once again pretended not to hear it. “I really can’t hear you, shitface.” Carl smiled. 

Y/N looked up at him and had a grin on her face. “I said I fucking like you too.” Y/N said, smiling. Carl grabbed Y/N’s face and kissed her and Y/N put her hands on Carl’s head. “You don’t even know how long I wanted to this to you, Y/N” Carl said, looking down at her lips. “This is probably the first time you called me by my name.” Y/N laughed. 

“Well, I think I should do that more often now that you’re officaly mine now,” Carl said, grabbing her waist. 

4th of July - Daddy’s Little Lovebug

Word Count: 1816

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: Unbeta’d. All Mistakes are mine. Gifs aren’t mine. Credit to the owners. 

Daddy’s Little Lovebug Masterlist

“Daddy stop!” JoJo’s giggles could be heard throughout the bunker and you made your way to the source, trying to find out just how Dean was torturing your daughter to elicit that kind of laughter. “Daddy!”

“What?” He questioned, a smile of his own lighting up his face. “I’m trying to get you to wave it right! Now go!” He grabbed her arm that was holding a tiny American flag and shook it violently, waving the flag every which way making her whole body shake. You couldn’t resist snapping a picture of them playing before making your presence known.

“You really love torturing her, don’t you?” You stood in the doorway, crossing your arms over your chest and leaning against the doorframe, completely enthralled in watching them battle one another. “And what are you even wearing?” Dean Winchester before JoJo would never have been caught dead in a red, white, and blue star necklace and a sequined 4th of July hat, but damned if he wasn’t wearing one now.

“It’s patriotic, Y/N/N. Where’s your 4th of July stuff?”

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Dating Archie Would Include...

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

- Having to be approved by B and V first

- Betty especially but she is happy for the both of you

- Watching him play his guitar and write notes and lyrics

- Often being the first person to hear any of his songs

- “Are they any good?”

- “They’re amazing, babe”

- Treating him to milkshakes and burgers at Pop’s

- Late night conversations are a common thing

- Singing loudly and off key as you two dance weirdly around your room

- Watching him at football practice

- Also cheering very loudly during the games

- Getting hit on by Moose and Reggie on a occasion

- If looks could kill, Moose and Reggie would’ve dropped dead the instant Archie saw them

-Reminding him and everyone else in the vicinity that you love him when you initiate a long kiss and hug

- Him being afraid of losing you because he’s beginning to think he’s bad at relationships

- Constantly reminding him that you’re not going anywhere

- Being there for him when Fred gets shot *cries b/c neither Archie nor Fred deserved that*

- Helping him figure out everything

- Making sure he doesn’t overwork himself

- Both of you being the shoulders for each other to cry on

- Telling each other ‘I love you’ as little as possible so it was very special when you did