the burger challenge

Take aim with the Triple-Action Burger Blaster and challenge opponents with ultimate beef! It’s the fastest bun in the west, unleashing 6 condiment squirts per second! It comes with 25 pickle chips that fire up to 90 feet (27 meters)! Press the acceleration button and take your food fight to a whole new level.

from BURF™

I’ve wanted to do one of these for  /FOREVER/, and i finally got up the courage to actually tackle this challenge!

I really wanted to pick styles i liked, and styles that inspire my own style!
This was so damn fun, and i had a blast working out these. I learned so much, and i really want to put some of these techniques and styles into my own work from now on!

I’d love to know which is your personal favorite! /mine is the YuGiOh, my 10 year old self would be so happy to finally be a YuGiOh character! /

My last bit of art therapy before I get back to the art work.

As always, I am on top of the trends! The style meme was, what, like 6 weeks ago? Yeah, well… life and all that.

Doing my own was probably the toughest. Do I go with loose and sketchy, clean and cartoony or lean on the realism? Then it hit me like a derp, my style is ultimately to open a blank canvas and see what takes shape. It was fun. Even though I cheated a lil since two were already done.

God, I fucking love Dazzler.

persona leader headcanons

Minato: avoidant of his problem’s, does not know whats going on half the time due to loud music always playing, gets into fights over having his headphones in during important conversations. likes his friends regardless of arguements. wanted to be a mechanic after high school yet here we are

Minako: would rather NOT being in deep shit with death but here we are. has trouble telling a guy no when they say they love her, hella ace but wants romance. is down with chilling with death forever becouse Fuck This.wanted to run a fast food empire after high school but here we are.

Yu: Why are all his friends attractive yet so, so stupid? biggest soft spot for kids and will cut a bitch if his kids are messed with, but on that same note will ditch half his party at the bottom of a dungeon to deal with shadows alone with no healing items and no way out without him.once smacked a gass station attendant for no known reason. originally wanted to be a doctor but became a detective after all was said and done.

Akira: Team Mom, has seven ish jobs to support team, always tired, would be in comma without coffee, breaks what breaks? is going to fucking feed his team even if he has to eat a big bang burger challenge and die every night of the week. will do the shadiest shit for his friends, has like three parole officer’s watching him trying to keep him from doing even shadier shit for his friends.carries tampons. honestly being in momentos is the most relaxing thing for him even bathing is a chore to increase his charm.If he could attach everyone to baby harnesses to keep them out of trouble he fucking would. becomes a doctor after all is said and done and does a lot of house calls.