the bunny speaks

Sometimes when I’m thinking about Garnet I can’t help but think about how selfless she is and how much she loves love because even with her future vision and her ability to prevent Rose from ever meeting Greg, she let it happen, even if it meant losing Rose Quartz.
Sometimes thinking about Garnet makes me sad because I find her a bit self-sacrificing.

greytune asked:

"i still don’t understand why everyone likes that fic so much" it's bc she pushes him up against a wall and he wraps his legs around her. just accept your fate on this one. u're doomed to be known by that one single fic forever

….. @mirthalia is responsible for this

that is all i can say

she doomed me with that one damn idea


So today at school was pretty decent. I’m thinking that I’ll really like my physiology/anatomy class and trig seems really confusing. I have one issue though, I just really wish my ex and his girlfriend wasn’t in my psychology/sociology class. The subject is super interesting so I’m not gonna drop it, I’ll just have to deal with it.

So today was the second day of school and I’m already ready for summer break to return. Uff. I’m really happy though cause I have 2 classes with my best friend Lindsey!!! And there’s a possibility my other best friend Devon will transfer into one of them :D I also have some classes with a few of my other friends but mostly it’s just people I don’t know .. But oh well, I’ll get over it. Can’t wait to see how things turn out :)