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Let me explain my reasoning. However, before I begin, let me warn you that I’m not all that great with words; especially when it comes to describing my thoughts and feelings. And take note that I came up with this theory within the span of around five minutes, but it took much longer to write it all out so that I could get my thoughts across properly. Without further ado, let me explain.

Since the release of Infinite’s theme, I’ve been analyzing it and theorizing what each line could mean, and how it could explain Infinite’s backstory and or reasoning as to why he’s helping Eggman. One of the things I came up with was that Infinite used to be a good guy, but slowly realized how twisted everything is, and thus gave up hope of ever fixing anything, and started embracing the destruction of everything. That’s just the first thing that made me believe that Fist Bump could be talking about Infinite. However, I can’t say much about Infinite’s true origins. That remains a mystery.

The second bit of evidence I have to go off of is this picture from “Enter Infinite”:

Doesn’t it seem as if the Custom Avatar is trying to give Infinite a Fist Bump?

What if I told you that the song Fist Bump could actually be about getting Infinite to help the heroes, rather than opposing them? Let’s take a look at the lyrics of Fist Bump finally.

“I can’t do this alone, even though I am strong”

“Need something more than me”

“Someone to push me to victory”

From the Enter Infinite video, we can see that Infinite is more than Sonic. What do I mean by “more” exactly? Tails said it himself- Infinite is faster than Sonic (even though that was a poor observation, seeing as he only sidestepped and Sonic wasn’t even at his top speed). Infinite was able to easily take down Sonic, even though Sonic is strong. “More than me” could mean “More powerful” than Sonic. 

But what exactly is doing “this”, as stated in the song, if not defeating Infinite? Maybe, it could be making the world a better place. After all, where there is light, there will always be evil, right? And it would surely take a lot of effort for one guy to keep that darkness at bay, when his strongest point is his speed. Speed alone can’t fix everything, but maybe Infinite can, as he has more than that.

“Let’s see what we can do”
“Together, me and you”
“Can’t be afraid to try”
“Kiss your fears goodbye”

The first half of those lines sound a bit like Sonic is trying to convince Infinite to at least try making the world better along with him, seeing as how as I earlier stated, I believe that Infinite had given up hope of that.

The second half is basically Sonic saying that it’s better to try than not to try at all. He’s also trying to tell Infinite that no wrong can come from doing good, so he should leave his fears behind and try. 

“No looking back”

“You and I, we’re on the attack”

“Full speed ahead”

“Run into the sunset”

“No looking back” sounds like it’s referring to forgetting the past and anything that may have made fixing the world seem hopeless. The rest of the lines seem to be embracing the ideas formerly established.

“Such a different feeling”

“Both of us believing”

“We can make it better”

The first line in this set implies that believing in the world is a new idea, which is what made me feel as if the song couldn’t be about singing to the Custom Avatar. However, this idea only came into my head after Infinite’s theme came out. Though, his theme really does fortify this idea that this line could be referring to the idea that Infinite isn’t used to believing in the world; even less, believing in making it better. These three lines go together so perfectly to make it seem as if Infinite really is the one being sung to here.

“Together, we can show the world what we can do”

“You are next to me and I’m next to you”

“Pushing on through until the battle’s won”

This seems as if Sonic is trying to get Infinite to imagine a life of fighting to save the world with the assistance of Sonic, once more fortifying the idea of how much easier it would be to help the world in a team. 

“No-one’s gonna give nothing to us”

“Into each other we put our trust”

“Standing united”

“After the fight”

Here comes the idea that nothing comes easy, so of course, no matter which direction Infinite goes, there will never be a simple solution to anything, so he may as well trust Sonic and try to help. 

The second half implies that Sonic has won over Infinite and brought him to his side, but only after all of the fighting, which gives an idea of how the end of the game would be. Finally, they have united, and the fighting has ended. 

“All alone, we will never be”

“The two of us are holding the key”

“We’ll see today, a world we couldn’t see”

“Before I say goodbye to you”

“One more last fist bump”

So apparently, it takes the both of them to clean up the mess and ruin of the world. Sonic and Infinite, when their powers are combined, can make the world better than it has ever been. Or at least, that’s what’s implied here. 

What I find extremely interesting is this line: “We’ll see today, a world we couldn’t see”. Remember how earlier, I said that I believe that Infinite saw the world as an incurable mess? Well, this is basically saying that if Infinite helps Sonic, he will see the world as much more than what he has made it out to be.

Now, the last two lines. They can be interpreted in two different ways if I want this theory to work. The first way is that Sonic could mean saying goodbye to Infinite’s old self, which would be his evil self in this context, thus being the introduction to Infinite’s new life as a good guy. Though, I don’t see why Sonic would want to fist bump the evil version of Infinite.

The second interpretation could be that yes, Infinite was changed to the side of good, but rather than teaming up with Sonic, he decided to go his own way, and fix the world with his own methods. Maybe he believes that splitting up would cover more ground, and thus be more efficient? Who knows? And that’s why Sonic would be saying goodbye to Infinite. And the fist bump is the ultimate symbol of friendship and trust. Sonic has made a friend out of Infinite.

So that’s just my theory and interpretation of Fist Bump that was the result of five minutes on the toilet at midnight. It all makes sense in my head, but may not make so much sense when written down. Again, I usually have trouble explaining my thoughts; especially when I’m passionate about the topic. However, if it somehow managed to make sense to y’all, then that’s great.

Though I doubt this interpretation is actually correct… It would be mind-blowing to me if it actually is, because it’s so obscure and so far-out, and a lot of small connections need to be made and a lot of blurry dots need to be connected….

Eh, I wouldn’t mind if this was true.

So tell me what y’all think! Feel free to reblog with your own thoughts and opinions, and feel free to correct me if anything seemed way too off! 

Thank you, and goodnight! 


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