the bump!

I know next to nothing about d&d, but I wanna play a neutral good thief character that’s shit at stealing “good” things that would net lots of money, but she tries. Her dexterity is reasonably good, so she swipes yarn and knits her party members sweaters or mittens and is basically the Squad Mom who has snacks in her pockets at all times that she stole because they were just lying there and “you know our barbarian has hypoglycemia and needs to eat, what was I going to do, not look after him?”

She also gets little sleep because she sneaks out to fuck shit up for rich people who don’t treat the poor in whatever city they’re visiting, but no one suspects the sweet, innocent looking person who can knit while walking and not really look at her project but still make really cool sweaters with dragons or her party members’ favorite monsters on the sleeves or on the chest.

I see your “Jyn or Cassian appearing in the Han Solo movie” and raise you a “Jyn AND Cassian appearing in the Han Solo movie and narrowly missing each other.”