the bullfight



drunk yuuri is a careless yuuri

double yuri’s dance battle

yurio looks so angry and outraged by this hole situation

those moves….

is that breakdance, yuuri?


and then comes the strip

is yuuri only wearing boxers?

damn, those legs…

damn, son… though honestly, because it’s Christophe, it doesn’t surprise me a bit

this, on the other hand, does…

and then comes victuri… they have some history (ah… see what I did there?)

they already know how to dance together…. from here to a pair skating routine is a tiny step…

from their movement I’m guessing that the song was Spanish themed

victor here kind of reminds me of a bullfighter (???? don’t know if that’s the correct word… but the term we use in Portuguese and in Spanish is “toureiro” - a man that is facing a bull in an arena and rile him for show)


figures skating, anyone?

I just realized that Victor and Yuuri are dancing flamenco, a typical spanish dance.

Or Yuuri dances and Victor tries to imitate him. Does he learn this with Minako?

Besides, They imitate la corrida de toros (Spanish-style bullfighting in english), Victor is the torero and Yuuri the bull.

In this year I believe that the Grand Prix wasnt in Barcelona, But look them!! They are excited about Spain!!!