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As somebody who is a huge kpop fan, and a large supporter of BTS, I’m also somebody who, as I live in the U.S. supports western artists as well. I’m extremely disappointed to see that people such as Beyonce, P!NK, Drake, people who have worked so hard for their careers, being bashed and told that they’re nothing compared to BTS.

Don’t get me wrong, I love BTS. But they’re in no way to be considered any less or anymore than the artists attending the AMAs. Please stop COMPARING them. BTS has many things to be proud of, but they’re not American. They’re not US citizens. They’re kpop idols, and that in itself is such a proud title.

American artists should not be downgraded, or raised on a pedestal. Please try and consider them to be equals.

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November’s overview (っ´▽`)っ
Can someone catch the slight stranger things reference hurhurhur honestly when I thought about lights that’s what came into my mind.

Productivity hack

I know that bullet journaling is the latest organisation hack but not even for a million bucks will I shift my ass from Google Calendar.

First of all it’s supported by all OS so you can use it on an android phone + iPad + browser… and it syncs INSTANTLY, I SHIT YOU NOT. You can add an event in your phone and watch it pop up on your browser in ONE SECOND. No sync errors ever.

If you’re going on holiday and you want to scedule everything, you can even choose the TIMEZONE for your events, so when your phone clock changes timezone, the events will still show the correct time

If your plane / train / hotel reservation comes into your gmail inbox, it can sync dates and time and schedule automatically for you

Also you can invite people to events using their gmail address

You can make several calendars and make them visible or invisible

You can colour code events (there’s like ten whole pretty colours), set reminders which pop up as notifications and you can tick them done, set goals (like exercise more, read more etc) and it will be scheduled every day/week for you. You can choose to get notifications for events one day before, one hour before etc or no notifications.

You can schedule an event at a certain time for a certain number of days, or set an event to repeat weekly / monthly / yearly etc. Endless flexibility

If you get a task or homework, open up the app straight away and input a reminder for 9 days from now when you will do it. Voilà, no forgetting! / if you have a meeting next tuesday at 2, open up the app and check your schedule, and add the meeting so you don’t forget - you will never have to worry about forgetting things

You can choose for it to automatically show yearly holidays in your country (easter, may day, christmas etc) and sync birthdays from your google contacts.

Since Google maps exists, thank God, you can even sync an address to an event and just tap it to open and get directions in the Google Maps app

You can attach a file like pdf to the event etc.

You can always work offline perfectly

There is literally so much GCal does for me, nothing is lacking and my schedule is always within reach no matter what device I have

And if you want to go analog, it makes it easy to print out your calendar

And like a bullet journal, you can still go back and see what you did on what days, even years past, but without having to worry about carrying a solid A5 sized notebook around

I recommend it for everyone, especially students. And you can download it even on an iPhone! If you have iCalendar you can migrate it to Google calendar too! The possibilities are endless! And just a note that I personally am more of a paper person (a hardback not a kindle type) and even with GCal you can still write your schedule or to do notes on paper if you’d like, but 1) you won’t worry if you lose or forget it 2) you can’t schedule all the way into 2020 on paper but with GCal, yes you CAN 3) you can access it literally anywhere and edit it offline - it genuinely has no cons


20.11.17 //  I’m getting quite sick of studying for this final, but I had a nice quiet Monday morning listening to a podcast with some tea and shortbread biscuits before jumping back into revision. 3 days til my exam and then FREEEEEEEDOM!!!! (For this year.) I can’t wait to have free time to read, and bake, and make videos, and not be stressed. 

(And yes, I did post this a day late. I was too lazy to add tags yesterday, lmao.)

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I couldn’t sleep last night so at 3 this morning I found myself on Marty’s Instagram and went all the back to like 2013. I found some absolute gems that I thought I’d share for those who haven’t seen them.

oh hey Finn!

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new studyblr :-)

Brian: Hi! We’re just two losers who are new to the studyblr community and this is our shared studyblr account. Our names are smol trash and brian :-))

Smoltrash: I’m pretty new to the whole aesthetic notes trend, so bear with my crappy calligraphy ;v; I don’t post that often so expect a lot more posts from brian. Anyways, here are a few things we’d like to share about ourselves!

why we made a studyblr (brian)

i mostly made a studyblr because i wanted to be a part of such a hardworking and inspiring community! I also really wanted to make some new friends through this account :-)) smol trash basically wanted to co-own a studyblr account so we agreed and here we are today.

Hobbies and Interests (smoltrash)

  • Food
  • Cooking
  • Gaming
  • Doodling
  • Sewing
  • everything cute
  • steven universe

extracurriculars (brian and smoltrash)

  • table tennis
  • math council
  • chaplaincy
  • CLG
  • GirlUP
  • Science Club
  • Cardboard Boat Race

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11.20.17 / 12:49pm / “sorry not sorry” by demi lovato

“there’s so much hate in this world. you have to rise above and never say sorry for who you are.” 

i’ve already screamed a lot about bts, but demi, hailee, and alessia killed it last night on the amas. i’m still not over how fierce these women are.

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Punch (Matt Jackson Drabble)

“Did you just punch me in the face?”

A/N: Matt is so cute ^_^

Requested by Anon

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A new week started! A few weeks ago, I made a spread inspired by Aurora Aksnes, my favourite singer. This time, I decided to make a spread inspired by Troye Sivan ! All the quotes in these two pages are from his songs! Check him out if you don’t know him 💙
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This week’s playlist: Blue Neighbourhood

Good lord I hope all of the Bullet Club boys (and other ROH/NJPW guys) legit stay away from WWE. They’re so much better than this shitty writing. Sorry. Not Sorry though at all. ROH and NJPW are better. And I still like WWE but fuck man. This is out of control how bad the storylines are.